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There's an effing Beer Garden this year!

SweetCosmicPopeSweetCosmicPope Just Some DudeLake Stevens, WARegistered User regular
Got the merch e-mail and noticed at the bottom that there's going to be a beer garden. I know I sound like a hypocrite after saying that twitch et al took up too much floor space at PAX, but I'm super excited they're actually going to be serving alcohol now!


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    I3izzyI3izzy Nonofficial member of the F5 brigade FG, ORRegistered User regular
    It isn't technically on the main floor. I think it is down in the area they used to have open for rock band free play

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    whypick1whypick1 PAX [E] Info Booth Manager ~2' from an LCDRegistered User regular
    Nope, it's one floor below that, close to the entrance to the ACT Theater where Red Bull is.

    Is it PAX <insert nearest future PAX here> yet?
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