Giving Away Some Crafts (Stardew Valley, Resident Evil, etc.)

ratzofftoyaratzofftoya San Francisco, CARegistered User regular
Hey all,

My partner and I are very excited to come to PAX again this year. As usual, we'll be doing our own brand of very intentionally DIY cosplay--she's going as Tofu from RE2 and I'll be an accessory zombie (a baseball player from the Raccoon City Raccoons). This year, she's gotten really into crafting game-themed polymer clay jewelry. You can find links to some below--mainly they're charms, beads, and other jewelry based on Stardew Valley and D&D. She doesn't sell them or anything but thought it would be fun to give them away to people who "find" us in costume. So if you'd like some, look for the big white block of tofu. If for some reason we run out, she'll make it known on the instagram account linked below (semi_priceless).

This also got us thinking--it would be great to plan some sort of crafting meet-up/area for PAXes to come. Where the crafters at?



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    IncreaseBlueIncreaseBlue Registered User regular
    I absolutely love the costumes you both have planned. Hope I spot you two at PAX!

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    SlowOctopusSlowOctopus Registered User regular
    Those are adorable! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for you two!

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