So how does Trophy Battle work exactly?

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I usually play Arcadia, but how does Trophy Battle work exactly. I don't understand how I get the trophys. Looking at the hints, for example, one is to visit the oculus booth. So how do I get the trophy? Is there a scanner there for my badge or something?


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    RavenHuskyRavenHusky Registered User regular
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    Given that there is no QR code scanner in the PAX app this year, there will be different PAX XP stations that you will have to scan your badge on. If you shine your phone's light through your badge, there should be an RFID chip inside the badge around where the dotted hexagon is.

    Also, there's a QR code on the back of your badge that the enforcers giving out certain trophies will scan with their phone, to give you the trophy, should you earn it.

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