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    Chapter 2 in this DLC, the one with like four waves after the first batch of enemies, only the fourth wave is the Death Knight? That would be an amazing chapter except it's a bit too long. Whew

    I gotta say: I really appreciate everything having specific uses and setups. Edelgard isn't getting the most experience, but this DLC seems crafted around making it vital for you to have a Defense-based tank, so she's been my MVP in a few fights even if the game doesn't agree with my assessment. Dimitri's the other one—even with all these stairs, having a really hard-hitting cavalier with decent defense has been a huge boon. Even Claude isn't doing as well as these two, since he can't hit as hard and is pretty fragile

    Having set battalions is also very good. Everyone has a specific role and niche that they fill. Maybe in the future they could make a whole game like this, where each character has a set battalion that follows them? Like, Edelgard having the Supreme Armored Company as her only battalion, while also making her an unstoppable tank (against both physical attacks and magic) would be great.

    And, uh. I just got to the part where we bring Constance outside, and. Man. They really tried to have a Maribelle-style ojou-sama and a.... who's a character that behaves like sad Constance? She's not really like Marianne; Constance is just really down on herself instead of suicidally depressed and afraid. But, anyway, they tried to have both in one character and the result is so goofy

    Yuri seems like he might be a real character—even if that character is "Claude again but two degrees more sinister"—but Hapi and Constance and Balthus all have like two personality traits each. It's like they were left over from the Fates or Awakening casts and got shoehorned into this game because the producers liked the designs too much. Claude and Dimitri being like "??????" at them while Edelgard goes "I have been down here for forty-five minutes and I am already sick of you people I HAVE WORK TO DO" feels about right

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