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Lost SDD at PAX WEST 2019 OFFERING up to $100 reward if found

CelebnaurCelebnaur Registered User new member
"I am completely destroyed... all of my photos have taken the past several months are gone. I don't have enough money for a secondary backup cloud yet... but I was working and researching one. I was walking around the first floor of the westin looking for a restroom and when I took my bag off, and saw the main zipper was open. All my big equipment is there still, and I thought just my charging cords were gone, but it turns out whoever opened my bag got my SDD too. I put my photos on that dedicated SSD. ....I was working currently work on photos in light room. I still have my SD cards as they were in another pocket. I don't know how much I can recover from what were on those... "

All of my photos are gone!
I need it back. Badly!

The SDD is a: SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD - USB-C, USB 3.1 - SDSSDE60-1T00-G25
You can see what it looks like ongoogle search

The drive was gone on Friday night Augest 30.
I will give $100 to the person who is willing to give it back to me and give me back the drive.
No questions asked. I just am really heartbroken and want it back.
It will have photos of pirates and people in armor on it.
I will need to the check the drive that those are on there before giving reward.
So we would need to meet up.
[email protected]

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