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Console to get when you have a good Gaming PC

MosesKhanMosesKhan Registered User new member
Hey there,

So i do have a 4K HDR Dolby Vision TV now and i am looking for a Console to go wih it (if you recommend even getting one) The thing is .. the next gen is on the horizon for End 2020/Early 2021 but thats still 1-2 Years and for that time i am currious if a console would make sense for me.

My current PC features a 16 Core TR4 / 32GB Ram and a 1080Ti Lightnig Z

A new 2080Ti (and i am not "downgrading" to a non Ti) would cost way more then a console.

So the question is ... would you get a console and if so why and witch one ?

I do favor the XBox One X for the 4K / HDR stuff and the UHD HDR10 BR Drive but i do have the feeling that this would not rly make sense because i do have a good windws PC. But then i am thinking that the 4K on my PC seem to be ... not as smooth as the 4K on a Console. And i do rly would like to play Kingdom Hearts 3 but i know that this is available on both platforms

So Guys pls help me out here. And yes a Switch will be here once the new pokemon it out (because i hope there will be a special edition switch)

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