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Speed Builder Open Beta

TubeTube Registered User admin
We're opening Speed Builder up to the public and we'd like to invite you to jump in on the action early. Give it a go and let's see if you can beat the beta - can you survive 500 meters?

Trailer -

Click on the following links to download:

IOS (you will be prompted to first download testflight):

Android current (os 9/API 28):

Android older os (please be aware, you will not be able to play the game on older operating systems when it comes out, sorry it's a Google thing):

We don't have an exact launch date yet so we're going to say "launch hopefully in October/November" and keep following the site for news.


  • 4EverPlayer4EverPlayer Registered User new member
    Thanks for sharing,
    I really do enjoy this type of games from time to time,
    Is there any versions coming to the PC soon?

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