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Console/Handheld Tournament Schedule, when?

DarkMeshDarkMesh Registered User new member
A few gaming communities are getting worried that they won't have time to organise teams or know if their favorite games will have tournaments at PAX this year.
Does anyone know when they list of events/times will be going live?


  • DoctorMarioDoctorMario Registered User new member
    Been waiting for this to come out as well, I dunno what's going on since everything was up on the schedule long before this for last year.

    Looking like I'll just have to bring my controller and drop by the console section first thing when I get to pax each day if no form of console tourney schedule comes out within the next week and a bit.

  • AbsconditusVoxAbsconditusVox Registered User new member
    Looks like the schedule is up now, disappointed there appears to be no MK11

  • Neo KaiserNeo Kaiser Registered User regular
    Of course there wouldn't be an MK11 tournament. It's illegal for R rated games to have public viewing events. It's why RE2 was walled off last year and only viewable to 18+ people.

    What I'm disappointed at is that there's only 2 Halo tournaments this year.

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