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Role-playing at PAX Aus 2019

Once again, we have a huge team of volunteer GMs coming to PAX Aus to offer you a wide variety of RPG events!
Everything you need is provided, so whether you're an old hand at role-playing, or are interested in trying out something new, our GMs are ready for you to turn up and play. Events begin each day, from 11 am, but places are limited, so it's best to be on time - or even a little early!

How to Join a Game

Pathfinder & Starfinder Societies, D&D Adventurers League & Tal'dorei, Call of Cthulhu & RuneQuest - these games manage their own signups - please see the game coordinators at the RPG HQ tables

The Cornucopia of RPGs (including Fragged, Green Ronin, and Relics) will make use of numbered tickets to act as a "virtual queue", providing an improved chance of getting a seat at your favourite event. Tickets are available from the RPGs Enforcer, are valid for that day only, and are limited to one per person to provide opportunities for more people. When the GM of the event is ready to accept players, ticket holders will receive priority placement at the table, in numerical order, with any remaining seats open to other interested parties. Should there be more potential players than seats, individual GMs will use whichever random method they prefer to determine who gets to play - probably involving dice, since we're tabletop games!

Note: Tickets are not required to participate in a game, nor do they guarantee you a seat at the table, they simply improve your chances.

Keep an eye on this post, as some events are still being finalised, and times are subject to change.

Want to know more? Ask questions below, or come find us at PAX Aus.

D&D Adventurers League
RPG Tables 1 - 10
Friday 11am-11pm; Saturday 11am-11pm; Sunday 11am-5pm
Play Dungeons & Dragons, the world’s first and most popular role-playing game! The Adventurers League presents a selection of adventures from around the Forgotten Realms. Overcome dangerous foes, meet fascinating companions, and seek lost treasures!
Games are suitable for new and experienced players, with everything you need to play provided.
Session length: 3 hours.

Slayers in Tal'Dorei (Critical Role)
RPG Table 11
Delve Arcanum are back in three all-new adventures written exclusively for PAX 2019!
Journey together over the continent of Tal’Dorei as they brave perilous foes, find powerful artefacts and generally get themselves into a world of trouble - all while trying to make a name for themselves in a recently expanded Slayer's Take.
New player or seasoned critter alike, we welcome you to our adventures. It’s your turn to roll!

Wreckage on the Reef
Friday 3pm-5pm, 5pm-7pm; Saturday 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm; Sunday 1pm-3pm

The Slayer’s Take is expanding into Tal’Dorei and is looking for seasoned adventurers to join their mercenary band - so you’ve decided to do just that. Your first task; clear a recent shipwreck of any dangers that might be lurking, and salvage what valuables you can. A simple job for a hefty reward. Nothing unusual at all.

Challenge of the Cult
Friday 7pm-9pm, 9pm-11pm; Saturday 3pm-5pm, 5pm-7pm; Sunday 11am-1pm
The Slayer's Take has offered you a new contract; a Chain Devil has apparently attracted a small cult of followers in Kymal, much to the concern of other groups both secular and sacred in the town. You know the drill: take it out, bring back proof, collect your gold, and restore peace to the townsfolk - easy, right?

Trial in the Town
Friday 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm; Saturday 7pm-9pm, 9pm-11pm; Sunday 3pm-5pm
You’ve been sent to Ruderate, a halfling town, at the behest of the Slayer's Take. This small village is friendly to the guild, but a goblin tribe to the north is encroaching on their territory and threatening their livelihood. You’ll need to uncover the reason behind these incursions, mitigate the damage and work with the town to restore peace if you want to get paid.

Pathfinder & Starfinder Societies
RPG Tables 20 - 25
Characters sheets are available for new players, so anyone can jump in and play!
Ask about weekly Starfinder and Pathfinder Society sessions run by local community members at locations across Melbourne, throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.
We'll be running a series of short, 2-hour Starfinder and Pathfinder Quests, adventures suitable for players new to tabletop roleplaying games. Play one or more, then apply the gold and experience earned to a character of your own making at one of our weekly gamedays.

Pathfinder 2nd Edition
Friday 11am-11pm; Saturday 11am-11pm; Sunday 11am-5pm
Easier to learn and faster to play, offering deeper customisation than ever before!
Pathfinder Society puts YOU in the role of an agent of the Pathfinder Society, a legendary league of explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers dedicated to discovering and chronicling the greatest mysteries and wonders of an ancient world beset by monsters and magic.

Friday 11am-11pm; Saturday 11am-11pm; Sunday 11am-5pm
The Starfinder Roleplaying Game puts you in the role of a bold science-fantasy explorer, investigating the mysteries of a weird and magical universe as part of a starship crew. Whether you're making first contact with new cultures on uncharted worlds or fighting to survive in the neon-lit back alleys of Absalom Station, you and your team will need all your wits, combat skill, and magic to make it through.
*Special: ask if you and your friends would like to join a bilingual Starfinder table run in Chinese Mandarin.

Presented by Chaosium Inc
RPG Tables A - J

Call of Cthulhu - Crimson Carnivale
Friday 11am-11pm; Saturday 11am-11pm; Sunday 11am-5pm
Abandoned by deserting carnies and performers, the few remaining members of the Great Romano Brother's Circus stand at a graveside. The death of the lion tamer is but one of the many blows of fate laid on the shoulders of the investigators. But is it all bad luck and misfortune? Or is something to blame? Pre-generated characters provided.
Duration: 2 hours
Suitable for ages 13+.

Pendragon - The Adventure of The White Horse
Friday 11am-7pm; Saturday 11am-7pm
This is a special year, a centennial anniversary of the foaling of Epona, the horse goddess. The Knight of the Old Way has heard that anyone who is present at the Great White Horse during the next full moon will have an opportunity to receive a great gift. Pre-generated characters provided.
Duration: 3 hours
Suitable for ages 13+.

RuneQuest - Remembering Caroman
Friday 11am-11pm; Saturday 11am-11pm; Sunday 11am-5pm
When a farmer complains that the tenant farm he was just given is haunted by a frightful spirit, the adventurers must resolve his plight. Whether they banish the spirit or take up its plea, the ancestors are watching how the clan treats their progenitors. Pre-generated characters provided.
Duration: 3 hours
Suitable for ages 13+.

7th Sea - Long Live the Prince!
Friday 11am-11pm; Saturday 11am-11pm; Sunday 11am-5pm
The Heroes are in the Sarmatian Commonwealth, a land long troubled by internal corruption. Last night, the dying King made a proclamation that could change all that, finally bringing justice to the Commonwealth. Unfortunately, a powerful noble - Marcen Sabat - does not want this dramatic change to take place. He has put a plan into place: kidnap the King’s son and blackmail the royal family into reversing its decree. The Heroes are thrown into this perilous situation. In the midst of a national revolt, they must protect the Prince of the Sarmatian Commonwealth. Pre-generated characters provided.
Duration: 3 hours
Suitable for ages 13+.

Fragged Empire Games
RPG Tables 14 - 15
  • Fragged Empire (Sci-Fi RPG)
    Every 1.5 Hours: Friday 11am-11pm; Saturday 11am-11pm; Sunday 11am-5pm
    Set in a far future 'post, post-apocalypse', four genetically engineered races seek to build a new society for themselves as they emerge from the ruin of genocidal war and back to the stars.
  • Fragged Kingdom (Fantasy RPG)
    Friday 12:30pm-2pm; Saturday 12:30pm-2pm; Sunday 11am-12:30pm, 12:30pm-2pm
    The Archdruid is dead! You must now explore and re-settle this wild and magic-scarred fantasy world of Akharon.
  • Fragged Aeternum (Gothic Horror RPG)
    Friday 11am-12:30pm, 2pm-3:30pm, 3:30pm-5pm, 5pm-6:30pm, 6:30pm-8pm; Sunday 3:30pm-5pm
    Set in a world of gothic horror, you are an immortal Tethered, a powerful warrior in the endless city of Aeternum.
  • Fragged Seas (Pirate RPG)
    Saturday 3:30pm-5pm, 6:30pm-8pm; Sunday 2pm-3:30pm
    In the sea-drowned world of Toil, where dark gods roam, adventurous captains of sail and black-powder-fed cannonade count themselves kings and queens of the horizon.

Presented by Green Ronin Publishing
RPG Table 12

Dragon Age Roleplaying - An Arl's Ransom
Friday 5pm-7pm, 9pm-11pm; Saturday 5pm-7pm, 7pm-9pm; Sunday 11am-1pm
In this beginner-friendly adventure, learn to play the Dragon Age tabletop RPG, based on the renowned dark fantasy video game series. As Darkspawn encroach upon the surface of Thedas at the dawn of the Fifth Blight, a Fereldan noble turns to a band of mercenaries to keep his family safe..

Blue Rose - Shadows of Tanglewood
Friday 1pm-3pm, 7pm-9pm; Saturday 1pm-3pm, 9pm-11pm; Sunday 1pm-3pm
While travelling near the border of Aldis you receive a faint psychic call: "Please come, we are in need of aid... The darkness...I don't know how long..." A voice calls you from within Tanglewood, a dangerous region of the Pavin Weald. Will you provide aid?

Fantasy Age Freeport - Revenge in Freeport
Friday 11am-1pm, 3pm-5pm; Saturday 11am-1pm, 3pm-5pm; Sunday 3pm-5pm
The crew of the pirate ship Raptor were betrayed, stranded and left for dead by those they thought allies. Now they’re back in Freeport with one thing on their mind – payback! This demo game introduces players to the piratical fantasy setting of Freeport and the Fantasy AGE system, both from Green Ronin.

RPG Table 13
Every 2 Hours: Friday 11am-11pm; Saturday 11am-11pm; Sunday 11am-5pm

Relics: A Game of Angels is a unique new RPG from local developer Steve Dee.
Players take the role of angels, stranded on earth, abandoned by God and desperate for answers. The setting takes its cues from things like Dogma, The Prophecy and Good Omens. Sessions will be running all weekend, with individual GMs running different scenarios.

The Cornucopia of Role-playing!

Gateway Adventures - Adventure Isle
RPG Table 17
Friday 11am-1pm, 5pm-7pm; Saturday 11am-1pm, 3pm-5pm; Sunday 1pm-3pm
Discover ancient forests (and the monsters that live within them!), dragons, evil wizards, mermaids and ghosts, lost temples, and a city of clockwork people! On Adventure Isle, no two adventures will be the same!
Gateway Adventure Games is a kid-friendly introduction to RPGs, with simple rules, and large visual aids. Never roleplayed before? Come through the Gateway!

Powered by the Apocalypse: Apocalypse Showcase
RPG Table 18 (Fri 1pm-3pm, Sun), RPG Table 19 (Fri 7pm-9pm, Sat)
Friday 1pm-3pm, 7pm-9pm; Saturday 3pm-5pm, 9pm-11pm; Sunday 1pm-3pm
Ever wanted to be a Vampire doctor on a Spanish TV novella? Here’s your chance!
This showcase features a selection of Powered by the Apocalypse games to try: Pasions de les Pasiones, Fellowship, The Ward, Monsterhearts.

Planet Mercenary: A Little Bit of History
RPG Table 19
Friday 11am-1pm, 3pm-5pm; Saturday 1pm-3pm, 5pm-7pm; Sunday 1pm-3pm
Your mercenary company has recently been down on it's luck (what's new?!?). Can you turn things around, and make a profit in the process?

RPG Table 17
Friday 3pm-5pm, 7pm-9pm; Saturday 1pm-3pm, 5pm-7pm; Sunday 3pm-5pm
A Wizard, a Pinkertons Agent, a Street Samurai and a Werewolf all walk into a bar...
Six character archetypes, five game systems, one mission. Be the interdimensional agents of chaos you were born to be.

Dark Era
RPG Table 19
Friday 1pm-3pm, 5pm-7pm; Saturday 11am-1pm, 7pm-9pm; Sunday 11am-1pm
It is 1963, and a UFO has crashed on Earth. It is not the first to have done so. As agents of a clandestine government agency you have been tasked with infiltrating the craft, locating (and if possible, rescuing) the team of first responders, neutralise any alien threats present, and recover any advanced alien technology.
Dark Era RPG - Aussie Made, Simple System. Fight off alien monsters (and try to remain sane).

FATE Showcase
RPG Table 18 (Fri 3pm-5pm), RPG Table 16 all other times
Friday 3pm-5pm, 7pm-9pm; Saturday 5pm-7pm, 9pm-11pm; Sunday 3pm-5pm
  • Piggies in a Blanket: Prepare to enter the high stakes world of competitive teacup pig pageants at Silky Oaks Community Centre. Who has the cutest, most adorable teacup pig? Who will win the day, and walk away with the most coveted of titles: Pork Chop Grand Supreme?
  • A Pair of Boots: You have entered the dungeon and slain the dragon, now what will you do with this magical pair of boots you've looted? A game about treasure and making profit.

The Inner Kingdoms
RPG Table 19 (Fri 9pm-11pm), RPG Table J all other times
Friday 3pm-5pm, 9pm-11pm; Saturday 7pm-9pm; Sunday 11am-1pm, 3pm-5pm
A game for fans of Fantasy, based loosely on the Ars Magica RPG system.
  • A Slice of Little Heaven: Little Heaven is as close to paradise as one can get in the Inner Kingdoms - if you have the hard currency to pay for it. But how does a gang of young street thieves get a seat at the table if they have no coin?
  • Small Town Wizard: Among the many young village children who learn letters, a special few are marked by the Twin Suns to learn Art - the ways of magic, the ways of wizards. But when a War of Art is declared, a Wizards War, what does that mean if you are 14 and don't yet know Magic?

Dread: Long May She Reign
RPG Table J
Saturday 11am-1pm
Three prisoners arrive at the manor of Duke Adele Verona to receive justice for their crimes, only to be caught up in a story of betrayal and blood magic.

Vampire: the Masquerade (5th ed): Make Blood Boil
RPG Table 16 (Friday), RPG Table 18 (Sunday)
Friday 1pm-3pm, 5pm-7pm, 9pm-11pm; Sunday 11am-1pm, 3pm-5pm
In rainy Manchester, UK, a coterie of vampires race against time to prevent a breach of the Masquerade that threatens the unlives of not just themselves, but the entire city.
Suitable for ages 15+

One Last Job
RPG Table 16
Friday 11am-1pm, 3pm-5pm; Saturday 11am-1pm, 3pm-5pm; Sunday 11am-1pm
You thought you were out, done with The Life, but they've dragged you back in. Join a team of hardened (and retired) criminals as you desperately try to complete One Last Job.
One Last Job is an indie RPG that's big on player agency and collaboration, setting the scene of the challenges that they must overcome, drawing inspiration from the best of crime fiction.

Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game
RPG Table 18 (Friday), RPG Table 17 (Saturday), RPG Table 19 (Sunday)
Friday 5pm-7pm, 9pm - 11pm; Saturday 7pm-9pm, 9pm-11pm; Sunday 3pm-5pm
Join the Freedom Five (and Unity) in the wake of OblivAeon as they: Try to defend Megalopolis and mystic tree Akash'Flora! Attempt to thwart a psychic invasion from another realm! Stop a nuclear empowered villain in the Siberian tundra! and Help reassemble the shattered remnants of the Prime Wardens! Will their efforts be enough? Or will whatever lurks in the shadows emerge triumphant?
Set in the same universe as the card game Sentinels of the Multiverse, each session of the RPG will link to the next in an overarching plot across the PAX Aus weekend!

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire: Bespin Vaper Caper
RPG Table 18
Friday 11am-1pm, 7pm-9pm; Saturday 1pm-3pm, 5pm-7pm, 9pm-11pm
Sky-high above the planet Bespin, Cloud City is known across the Galaxy for its high-stakes sabacc games, spectacular sunsets, and seedy shadowports. Due to its independence from the Empire, Bespin is an attractive place for you and your crew to look for whatever work might be available, as long as you can stay one step ahead...

The Sprawl
RPG Table 18 (Saturday), RPG Table 17 (Sunday)
Saturday 11am-1pm, 3pm-5pm, 7pm-9pm; Sunday 11am-1pm
In the gritty neon-and-chrome Cyberpunk future, vast multinational corporations control almost all aspects of life. As their extended assets, you operate in the shadows and amongst the criminal underground, performing tasks that they can’t do — or can’t be seen to do. You are deniable, professional and — ultimately — disposable.

Numenera: Trailblazer Trials
RPG Table 17 (Friday), RPG Table 16 (Saturday and Sunday)
Friday 1pm-3pm, 9pm-11pm; Saturday 1pm-3pm, 7pm-9pm; Sunday 1pm-3pm
The supposedly accidental death of Dermit Mabith has been the subject of much rumour and speculation, and the involvement of his sister, Gilelona, in his untimely end has been called into question. A series of trials has been called by the Viscount, to determine her guilt or innocence, and you have been directly invited by the Viscount to participate.

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