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A [Phalla] draws near! Day 8▶Boing!



  • LocusLocus Trust Me AlbanyRegistered User regular

    Thanks for posting your host notes. I always find it interesting to see what the host intended to do, and how they went about achieving their goals.

    I noticed in the past two games you've included a +1 vote mechanic. From a host perspective, how do you feel that mechanic is working? Or did you include it as just a sort of a "bonus" for whoever has the crown?

  • 38thDoe38thDoe lets never be stupid again wait lets always be stupid foreverRegistered User regular
    I am a pretty big fan of village or neutral +1 votes as an ability. It has nice flavor, can be used skillfully, but it is not a high impact power in most games.
    It is much stronger in the hands of the mafia who save eachother and set up ties with it.

    Additionally its nice because its a positive power vs a role block or a -1 vote.

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