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Picking up badges

sean3047sean3047 Registered User new member
For the last few years I've always bought my PAX tickets well in advance and had the badges delivered. This year, money was tight so I didn't get to purchase them until only a few weeks ago, and will now need to pick them up.

Where do I get my tickets from though? The most detail I've seen is 'on site', but last year the line started across the other side of the Yarra. Do I jump in the same line and then need to line up again once I'm in the foyer? Or will I need to lineup elsewhere?

And has there been any confirmation that they'll be forcing everyone to lineup outside the foyer again like last year? Considering the length of the line, it did move quick, but with rain expected I'm not looking forward to getting soaked while waiting for an hour to get in.


  • branblesbranbles Registered User regular
    Someone might be able to confirm this years plan, but there's usually a counter set up in the main causeway of the exhibition centre. I'd recommend you head down Thursday evening between 4pm and 8pm which will save you at least one queue on Friday.

  • sean3047sean3047 Registered User new member
    I live in country Victoria and am driving down Thursday night, so unfortunately picking them up early isn't an option.

  • branblesbranbles Registered User regular
    I just downloaded the app and the pickup locations are on the map. Hope everything's quick and easy for you on Friday.

  • KetofolDreamzKetofolDreamz Registered User new member
    The show starts at 10 - can we pick up badges before then? I went last year and remember lining up to get in on Saturday so I feel like we can get badges before 10. Anyone know what time badges are available?

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