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Pre-reg process for groups of friends

bierfellowbierfellow Registered User regular
Hi all,

When the pre-reg goes live on 11/15, will we be able to register for DnD events as a group easily? Or do we have to each register individually for the same event and hope we get in?


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    GundabadGundabad PAX East & Unplugged Tabletop Manager NJRegistered User regular
    You will need to register individually, but what you are registering for is 15 simultaneous tables of that D&D module. As per the event listing: "Pre-registered players should proceed to the D&D Pre-Reg Queue in RPG Hall (Hall G) at least 15 minutes prior to the event, where player groups will be formed and assigned a table number."
    So basically get there a bit early so the D&D Hall staff can check you in, and place you into a group of 6. If you are with a group, they will 99.9% of the time be able to accommodate your request to stay together. In rare cases it might mean needing to add a 7th player to the table.

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