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[TV] is the only parent I ever knew



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    TaminTamin Registered User regular
    Ok. Castlevania season 3 (mild spoilers)
    It starts out slow, but holy shit the last few episodes are insane.
    P.S: Definitely deserves its 18+ rating.

    I really liked it. Just hungry now for Season Four.

    Non plot spoilers
    I liked the references to other Konami games during Saint Germain's dream.

    I was wondering at those. Could you provide the references?

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    Kevin CristKevin Crist I make the devil hit his knees and say the 'our father'Registered User regular
    I'll need to rewatch the episode (six I think) but the first one was
    Metal Gear

    Steam: YOU FACE JARAXXUS| CainLoveless
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