Thursday night bar crawl?

bierfellowbierfellow Registered User regular
Hi all,

A few friends and I will be arriving in the early evening on Thursday. I've been checking the forums to see if some kind of bar crawl was being organized and it looks like there isn't one.

Are there any locals who can recommend a good pub for food and local beer? Be happy to meet up with folks if anyone is flying solo.


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    rwillh11rwillh11 Registered User new member
    So it sort of depends on what you are looking for. You could definitely go to the Monk's Cafe, which is as good of a belgian beer bar as you will find anywhere, all sorts of rare beers etc + good food. That's walkable from any hotels near the convention center.

    If you wanted more of a bar crawl, you could do one centered around the Breweries in Fishtown (Evil Genius, Goose Island, PBC, Fermentery Form, Mainstay) or the ones in/near Northern Liberties (Yards, Roy Pitz, Love City, and there is a new one I haven't been to that just opened). You also can't go wrong with anything on East Passyunk Ave, lots of cool bars heading down that way and the Fountain Porter is a great place to get an amazing $5 burger + a great beer.

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    chuckpaul1chuckpaul1 Registered User new member
    I am flying solo and will also be arriving Thursday in the early evening. Would love to meet up and grab a bite/beer!

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    macdjinnmacdjinn Registered User new member
    I’m also arriving Thursday around 5:00 solo. Belgian beer isn’t my main jam, but I’m up to meet folks wherever. I think my hotel is pretty close to the convention center.

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    thumpawumpthumpawump Registered User new member
    I'll be in in town late morning, so I'll be definitely looking for things to do. Be glad to hit up some local breweries.

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    GeeknsonGeeknson Registered User new member
    I'm heading in from the UK. I'd be keen to catch some Premier league soccer Thursday afternoon if there are any bars in the above comments that are sports bars?

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    bierfellowbierfellow Registered User regular
    Hi all. I'll post on here once we figure out what we're doing. After doing some research, I think we might wind up at one of these places.

    Khyber Pass Pub
    2 am

    Good Dog Bar
    2 am

    Prohibition Taproom
    2 am

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    hailtothekalehailtothekale Registered User regular
    edited December 2019
    Geeknson wrote: »
    I'm heading in from the UK. I'd be keen to catch some Premier league soccer Thursday afternoon if there are any bars in the above comments that are sports bars?

    There are definitely bars in the area that will play it, so long as it's on a channel they get. You may need to ask, but a lot of places are accommodating, especially during dead times.

    In terms of places with a lot of tvs, Bar-Ly is is right around the block from the convention center. They also have a happy hour that I think starts at 3pm. Field House is also close, right next to the Reading Terminal Market. It's recommended a lot for the location, but I'm personally not a fan.

    If you go a few more blocks south, there's a number of bars you can check out. Bru, Tradesmans, Brickwall, and Milkboy are a couple I've caught soccer games at off the top of my head. Bru and Trademans usually have a bunch of local beers available, Brickwall has darts and other bar games, and Milkboy opens around 7am, so if you're looking to catch a game even earlier in the day it may be a good shot.

    hailtothekale on
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    RappakRappak Registered User regular
    One is being planned for next year! We ran out of time and couldn't do it.

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    RandomfoolRandomfool loofmodnar Rochester, NYRegistered User regular
    edited December 2019
    Funny, I just came here for that reason.

    I used to plan the Pokecrawl and "started" the Totally Last Minute Starcrawl for the first PAX Unplugged. I missed PAXU last year but the tradition was kept alive by PeasantDave. Anyway, I'm back again and planning on crawling with anyone willing to join us. Presenting:

    The 2019 totally last minute barcrawl!
    • Field House @ 8
    • Trestle inn @ 9
    • Love city brewing @ 10
    • Bar-ly @ 11
    • Yakitori boy @ 12

    Note: All bars are tentative, I'll try to keep my twitter (@loofmodnar) updated with our current location should any of the bars become full or if the schedule goes off the rails which it probably will.

    How to Participate
    Show up to one of the bars below and say “hi”. We’ll be easily distinguishable by what ever random costumes we pull out of storage and general drunken appearance. Probably (mostly) standard issue Starfleet uniforms but we'll see what I find.

    Is this star themed? Do I have to dress up?
    Maybe? You don't need to dress up but I encourage you to wear something ridiculous.

    Will we still collect money for Child’s Play?
    Of course!

    What about challenges?
    As your Captain, I'll have a collection of missions available to any crew members who wish to form an away team to volunteer for them.

    Randomfool on
    I do Pokecrawl things. Professor Team Instinct, Hufflepuff supporter.@loofmodnar

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    PeasantDavePeasantDave Jersey ShoreRegistered User regular
    Let me just grab some light sabers...

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    smorggiesmorggie Boston, MARegistered User regular
    Hello! I work closely with the Pokecrawl. A group called Pint Sized Pub Crawls that formed within the past year has taken over the organizing of the East, West, and South crawls. We didn't have time to make a crawl for Unplugged 2019, but are interested in helping organize an Unplugged crawl for 2020. However, we have a few roadblocks. First of all, none of us know the Philly area very well so we don't know what bars would be good candidates. Second, only 1 or 2 people in the group attend Unplugged every year, so we are in need of more people willing to help that will actually be there for the crawl.
    If anyone here is interested in helping make this a more official thing, we would love for you to join our Discord, where all of the planning (and lots of shenanigans) happen!

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