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Registration now open for the 2020 Pre-South Gametacular!

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PAX South is 6 weeks away and that means it's time to register for the best PAX pre-party in San Antonio!
This year, we'll be gathering to support Guide Dogs of Texas. All proceeds from our silent auction will go toward supporting their mission to give visually impaired Texans the freedom, mobility and independence that comes with a professionally bred, raised, trained and personally matched certified guide dog. Representatives will also be at the event so our guests can learn more about their work and ways to support their mission.
Once again this year we are using "pay-what-you-like" ticketing. This means, if you'd like to support this event financially, just add on a small (or large!) donation when you purchase your Pay-What-You-Like Admission ticket. Any contributions will be used to help fund event costs and will be very much appreciated!
This year our event will be held at Pat O'Brien's Grand Promenade event venue at 121 Alamo Plaza, very close to the convention center. Aside from any donation you may make, this event is completely free to attend with a General Admission ticket. We just want to pre-register you to cut down on paperwork at the door. Outside food is allowed, however outside drink is not. We will be providing a cash bar staffed by Pat O's staff at this event!

We have once again created a limited run of commemorative pins, with a twist this year -- WE HAVE TWO! Declare your allegiance to the Light Side or the Dark Side, or feel free to pick up both.


We are seeking sponsors for this event. If you, your business, or your wealthy aunt is interested in supporting the gaming community in San Antonio and the worthy work of Guide Dogs of Texas - please reach out to us at

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    dragnstephdragnsteph Roseville, MNRegistered User regular
    Hey folks! Just a reminder that the pins are limited edition - if you're interested in picking one of these up, the only way to ensure you get your choice is to pre-register and donate $10 to support the event. We can really use the assistance in paying for the venue, every dollar counts. We love putting this event on every year but it's not an inexpensive endeavor.



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