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What is your Expo Hall Musts?

MarshwiggleMarshwiggle Registered User new member
I hope to see everything in the expo hall, but i wanted to know what people are considering a must. list the booth and why. Feel free to include events/first play/demos and from any day. Also, no need to limit to only 1

ill start off

Restoration Games Booth: Return to Dark Tower Demo & Unmatched: Jurassic park (hopefully)
Dice tower: Want to stop by to say "Great Job!"
Math Trade/Virtual Swap meet: Otherwise there will be many upset people


  • Chaotic IgnoranceChaotic Ignorance Registered User regular
    I haven't looked too in depth at the offerings of the expo hall, but what I did see is that Leder Games will have their new game Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile. I'm not sure what exactly they'll have, or even if demos will be offered, but as a massive fan of Leder Games, I'll buy anything they make. It sounds like a twist on legacy games, in possibly a better direction. We'll see.

  • zmullszmulls Registered User new member
    My two favorite game purchases last year were MICHAEL STROGOFF from Devir, and a couple cooperative games from Tim Fowers (BURGLE BROS and NOW BOARDING). So I will definitely stop at those two.

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