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Webcomic art - MUST SEE



  • UnknownSaintUnknownSaint Registered User
    edited June 2007
    I dare you. I dare the hell out of you.

    And I think we should just collectively fuck with that guy and his comic just for the fun of it.

    I mean...come on.

    UnknownSaint on
  • vascyvascy Registered User
    edited June 2007
    At least he's not this guy!

    Jesus, I just listened to his podcast, funniest thing ever!

    The joke that is the podcast just went flying over my head...

    It's a book review....

    vascy on
  • VirumVirum Registered User regular
    edited June 2007
    I'm gonna scan a pair of panties and email them to him. Then I'll wait for his next pod cast to see if he talks about it.

    Does anyone dare me?


    Make sure they're black lace.

    Virum on
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