The First Rule of [Cook Club] (Cook-along Week 20: Omurice)

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Hello! Want to try out new recipes and cook together with other people in SE++?

Because my friends group is not at all interested in the culinary arts, and a lot of people on these forums are (or want to be), I figured this would be a great place to run a cookbook/recipe club. We don't get to sample each others' cooking, but since we'll all make the same (or similar) dish, it'll be like we're eating together!

The process is as follows:

a) We choose a dish to make
b) Discuss alterations/substitutions
c) Make the recipe, discussing thoughts about the dish, posting pics, rating the recipe(s), etc.
d) Repeat

I figured we can do this on a weekly basis. It won't be super formal or require signups. We can coordinate for cooking/posting on a particular evening (Saturday?) but if you make it earlier or later than that particular day, that's more than fine too. :D


Omurice, or omelette rice, is an example of yōshoku, western-influenced Japanese cuisine. It consists of an omelette over fried rice, usually with ketchup mixed in, and ketchup drizzled on top. It is particularly popular with kids, and a childhood staple. The dish has spread to Korea and Taiwan (the former of which devised the tornado omurice trend), and even further given the international popularity of Japanese media

Give me a classic omurice recipe
Just One Cookbook's Omurice

I don't think I can fold an omelette, let me make one where I can just lay the egg on top
Serious Eats' Omurice (Ketchup and Okonomiyaki sauce variants)

What is lacking in most omurice is cheese
Maangchi's Omeu-Raiseu

I want omurice you can cut open like that viral Kichi Kichi video, you know the one
Shintaro Okuda's Omurice Video

Give me the latest omurice trend
Cookat's Tornado Omelette

30th DATE

Saturday, August 8th!

Want to join in? Have suggestions for the next cookalong? Chime in below!

Next few weeks:

August 15: butter chicken
August 22: pho
August 29: ratatouille
September 5: three sisters soup

Some dishes on the eventual to do list: mussels, tourtière, lobster bisque, paella, _ wellington, brisket, aspic???, scallion pancakes, cassoulet, groundnut soup, souffle, jollof rice

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