Over ear headphone advice

Ok so I am not a major audiophile or anything. I just want some good headphones I can use for my PC while playing my games, watching streams, watching streaming services on my PC, and listen to tunes sometimes. I got a $50 Amazon gift card for Xmas and I got some cash I can put towards them as well. I also mainly want something that is going to last a bit as well.

The last set of headphones I got were some Logitech set with a mic and black/blue color scheme; they broke in November after about a year's time.

I am leaning towards wanting wired with a decent length cord because then I don't need to worry about the battery getting low/dying at an inopportune time. My other peripherals, as in my keyboard and mouse, are wired for the same reason. Learned that one the hard way by having one or both of them dying mid match.

Anyhow, thanks for reading and for any advice.

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    Sony MDR7506's are about the best headphones you'll ever buy for anywhere near $50, many folks just get a set of these and that's it for their "good headphones" shopping - they're so much of a jump up from typical headphones you can buy really cheaply that there's simply no need to go looking for further improvement. They're built good and tough, they sound clear and expressive (they're actual professional studio monitor headphones, as opposed to like 95% of headphones that claim to be such a thing), and you literally cannot beat that value.

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