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[movie] thread: slam in the back of my jackula



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    This thread is a lot more interesting if people feel welcome to say why they didn't like a film, even if it's a Very Popular Film

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    I think people shouldn't act like fucking wankers just fucking relentlessly every moment of every day people are liable to think all kinds of things

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    I'll be seeing Knives Out 2 day one
    I agree, you one because you're seeing Knives Out 2day

    wandering on
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    Magic Pink wrote: »
    DarkPrimus wrote: »
    Magic Pink wrote: »
    Grey Ghost wrote: »
    Knives Out isn't actually a murder mystery

    They should maybe stop advertising it as one then.

    I had no idea you were that person who sued because the trailer for Drive made it look like a darker Fast & Furious movie.

    That is a quite a leap you're making. I guess you have not seen a single review, person or advertisement calling it a whodunnit or a murder mystery. That is heck of impressive! But not impossible.

    Please, then, to take 10 seconds to google the same and I can assure you you'll get at least 5 and maybe as many as a thousand results. Then you can continue on you pilgrimage to of how it makes ME the bad and wrong one.

    You're also being a turd with posts like these, which make me think you were aiming to annoy people as much as possible with your hot hot take, so you know, both sides.

    Sweeney TomStiltsOlivaw
  • SatanIsMyMotorSatanIsMyMotor Fuck Warren Ellis Registered User regular
    Magic Pink wrote: »
    BlankZoe wrote: »
    BlankZoe wrote: »
    I loved loved loved Knives Out and y'all are being kinda shitty

    Pink didn't like it, they thought it was gonna be one thing and didn't like what it actually was and had a bad time

    That's fine and you don't have to fuckin explain why they are wrong for feeling that way or get super condescending

    Not liking it is fine. But getting mad at a movie and calling it bad because it wasn't "as advertised" is kind of silly and just about bottom rung of the ladder criticism.

    I don't think Knives Out is even in the top 5 of the year for me but I definitely appreciate what it did with the murder mystery genre.
    That's fine and you don't have to fuckin explain why they are wrong for feeling that way or get super condescending

    Responding to someone explaining why they were disappointed because they were expecting a whodunnit and didn't get that with "you opinion is silly and bottom rung criticism" is hilariously snooty and condescending dude

    Pink's feelings are just as valid as yours and don't have to meet some invisible threshold of conduct

    Stop trying to mod the thread when you're not a moderator. I think Pink can manage their own conversation without you getting offended on their behalf.

    I think people should criticise art based on it's content. Not it's marketing campaign. I'm not invalidating Pink's criticism. I'm saying it's not very insightful or thought provoking. They're still entitled to that opinion though.

    That's a massive oversimplification and outright false interpretation of why I didn't like the film. I have specified multiple other reasons why I didn't like it besides the possible fact is it marketed as something it isn't, something I don't agree with at all.

    The only other things you've said are that it was a "carpet stain", boring, and wasted it's talent. That doesn't seem like a ton of nuance on top of what I called out.

    Those are also criticisms I can understand (even though I don't agree with them). The other criticism you offered about it's marketing is, imo, just kind of wrong though so that's what I addressed.

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    also it's time for a new thread so bye bye this thread

    geth close the thread

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    Affirmative Tube. Closing thread...

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