[Music] Makes the World Get Down



  • BeastehBeasteh THAT WOULD NOT KILL DRACULARegistered User regular
    Anamanamanamanamanamanamaguchi are as good as I remember them

  • Crippl3Crippl3 oh noRegistered User regular
    Beasteh wrote: »
    Anamanamanamanamanamanamaguchi are as good as I remember them

    [USA] is an extremely good album

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Today’s aesthetic is ‘motorbike warriors and witch-punks chase demons from your mortal souls’.

  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade But It's Master of Puppets By Metallica5:03

  • BlackDragon480BlackDragon480 Bluster Kerfuffle Master of Windy ImportRegistered User regular
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    30 minutes of some of the best music a metal band has laid down (and one of only 2 times all of it was played in the same concert)

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  • DiarmuidDiarmuid Registered User regular
    And the website's down, obviously.

  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
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    [東方Vocal/Eurobeat] REALIZE (Eurobeat Union) 4:33

    Arrange:DJ Command
    Original:シンデレラケージ ~ Kagome-Kagome
    :狂気の瞳 ~ Invisible Full Moon
    Character Name: Reisen Udongein Inaba(鈴仙・優曇華院・イナバ)
    Album:[Eurobeat Union] EURO BAKAICHIDAI VOL. 15
    Artists:Eurobeat Union
    Publisher : Eurobeat Union
    Official Website : https://eurobeatunion.com/product/euc...
    Release Date : 31/12/2019 (Comiket 97)

    Made by:こざくら

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  • JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
    Modest Mouse has been scratching that uniquely bitter, cynical, but also groovy nihilism itch I've had for a good while.

  • DiarmuidDiarmuid Registered User regular
  • UrielUriel Registered User regular
    I need something with good drums to a wake me up and get my blood flowing this morning.

    Let's look through some older stuff... Hmm.

    Ah there we go.

    Thank you mario duplantier. Your drumming always does the trick.

  • JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
    For some reason I never listened to much Gojira but Magma keeps making it's way into my playlist because it's so good.

  • UrielUriel Registered User regular
    I like how the drums feel like your head rings like it is in a series of minor car accidents.

  • DepressperadoDepressperado I just wanted to see you laughing in the pizza rainRegistered User regular
    Now I don't suffer any more bullshit gladly, even though everything's bullshit now, here in 2019. And you can bet it's gonna be a bunch of bullshit too, out in sweet 2020 or whenever this album's released.

    good luck, everybody.

  • pyromaniac221pyromaniac221 this just might be an interestin YTRegistered User regular
    Diarmuid wrote: »
    Funcrusher plus when

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  • TaminTamin Registered User regular
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    Dawson's Christian 5:34

    I was only half-listening to this, and had assumed it was about the age of sail when I clearly heard the word 'screen' and started paying a lot more attention.

    This is a cover. The original is by Duane Elms.

    edit: google seems to think Duane's version is "another recording" of one Leslie Fish's work, but the former won a Pegasus Award for it in 1989.

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  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem But It's Time by Hans Zimmer 4:56

  • CristovalCristoval Registered User regular
    Peas wrote: »
    LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem But It's Time by Hans Zimmer 4:56

    I see this and raise

  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    saigonohanabira the meaning of love 3:51

    Lyricist: TMDC
    Arranger, Composer: M2U

  • JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
    Glass Animals is so good. It's easily like, number 3 on my favorite bands of all time list. Also halfway through the music video it turns into clips of him assembling the video set by himself and setting up a probably many thousands of dollars camera and dolley system that's operated by what appears to be a Ryobi cordless drill and some string.

  • Indie WinterIndie Winter die Krähe Rudi Hurzlmeier (German, b. 1952)Registered User regular
    carpenter brut is more traditionally known for hard, aggressive synth beats

    which translate really well to covers of 80s hits, apparently

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  • NaphtaliNaphtali Null Registered User regular

    00:10 - Hiroshi Suzuki - Shrimp Dance [Cat]
    07:07 - Ryo Fukui - It Could Happen To You [Scenery]
    11:18 - Mabumi Yamaguchi Quartet - Distant Thunder [Leeward]
    21:42 - Kiyoshi Sugimoto - I'm Blind To All But You [L.A. Master]
    24:35 - Takao Naoi - Caravan [In The Mood]
    29:10 - Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media - Breeze [Funky Stuff]

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    Carly Rae Jepsen just surprise dropped Dedicated Side B so my day is made

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  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    Time 4:57

    Time · Hikaru Utada
    Arranger: Nariaki Obukuro

  • BeastehBeasteh THAT WOULD NOT KILL DRACULARegistered User regular
    been on an 80s music bender lately

  • manwiththemachinegunmanwiththemachinegun METAL GEAR?! Registered User regular
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    So here's a question for Music nerds, what style of music would you describe Frequency, FromSoft's soundteam as? Specifically their Armored Core work. I can't seem to pin it down. While they do use some orchestral, rock and tech beats, it sounds both rawer and sadder. If anyone has an answer (har har), I'd love to hear it. I just want to know why it sounds so different to most music I've heard.

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  • metaghostmetaghost Registered User regular
    As with most music of the past 20 years or so, and especially music composed for films or games, it can't really be distilled to some absolute genre. It is everything you described it as being, one of many expressions of contemporary post-music.

    That said, those first two tracks reminded me of Japanese peers Acidman, and I wouldn't be surprised if they took some inspiration from Otomo Yoshihide's catalog (though his music tends towards ambient noise/free jazz).

    ACIDMAN - Shinsekai:

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  • el_vicioel_vicio Registered User regular
    Do you that feeling when you wake up, and you have a song in your head, but you can't remember the lyrics or the name? It's driving me nuts

    It's a really simple one, too, so it's hard to describe. It's basically a very low synth rhythm (C,2,3,4 E,2,3,4 I think), no beat I believe, and a woman singing over it, it almost blends together, until the "chorus" where her voice goes up a bit and sings a catchy melody. THAT'S ALL I GOT AND IT SOUNDS SO GENERIC ASDDSFSDF

  • BeastehBeasteh THAT WOULD NOT KILL DRACULARegistered User regular
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    some summer jams

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  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    달의하루 (Dareharu) - 너로피어오라 (Flowering) [Aiobahn Remix] 4:51

  • ChicoBlueChicoBlue Registered User regular
    Good news. Yota has a new album out.

    I like it.


  • KamarKamar Registered User regular
    I decided to try finding and listening to music the right way for the first time in...a while, and I'm coming to the conclusion that Spotify Premium is a significantly worse experience than what I've been doing for the last 15 years (YouTube to find stuff+torrents).

    Probably mostly because Spotify won't stop cluttering every playlist with godawful covers I can't block because apparently blocking songs or artists is a feature exclusive to the mobile app. It's especially bad on any mix or whatever with anime or game music in it. Whereas Youtube's algorithm seems to have learned that I hate covers.

    I guess I'd be better off with Youtube's premium service.

  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    One of my favourite bands of all time, the electrothrash/biker/punk/industrial/god only knows heroes Rabbit Junk, released a single last month which is from the EP they're working on

    I like it! And I recommend that people check them out. They're inventive, fun, have a really distinct vibe and a hugely chaotic energy I love.

  • manwiththemachinegunmanwiththemachinegun METAL GEAR?! Registered User regular
    On that note, Dance with the Dead just released a real slapper:

  • PiptheFairPiptheFair Registered User regular
    what is the best sigur ros album and why is it 'untitled'

  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    Darenimo Iwanai 4:38

    Darenimo Iwanai · Hikaru Utada

    Darenimo Iwanai

    ℗ 2020 Sony Music Labels Inc.

    Released on: 2020-05-29

    Arranger: Nariaki Obukuro

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