Lyte not allowing me to return 4 day pax east pass

DeiserDeiser Registered User regular
edited January 2020 in Help / Advice Forum
Due to getting a new job that will start in Florida a week before PAX East, I wanted to “return” my 4 day pass use that Lyte thing that Pax advertised on the pax east site. However, when I linked my account, it said that the 4 day pass I bought is ineligible. Am I doing something wrong?

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  • EncEnc A Fool with Compassion Pronouns: He, Him, HisRegistered User regular
    Probably want to contact [email protected] Not sure how much the forums will be able to assist you here.

  • Gabriel_PittGabriel_Pitt (effective against the Irish) Registered User regular
    There's also the specific PAX forum, which has a sub directory for PAX East. If this is something that has cropped up before, there might even be a specific conversation about it.

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