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For those looking to trade board games at PAX East (board game flea market)

MaawdawgMaawdawg CT, USARegistered User regular
edited April 2022 in PAX East
Last year I put up a Virtual Flea Market over on Boardgamegeek and we ended up with a couple hundred items for trade/sale listed on it by various people on the site with many finding matches. I have just put up a list for this year so feel free to list your games or browse what other people have on offer. If you do list games please remember to note which days you will be available to meet up at the convention.

zerzhul on


  • DvlDvl Registered User regular
    Thanks for setting this up! Already eyeing a few things I might want to trade for.

  • MaawdawgMaawdawg CT, USARegistered User regular
    No problem. I had created one last year as well but didn't think to link over to it on here until after someone posted asking about ways to find game trades at East. It has also been posted it around on reddit /r/boardgames and /r/PAX I think as well. I hope we end up with at least as much participation this year as we had last year. Shipping kills a lot of the value in trading and in buying/selling used games so having a bunch of gamers in one spot able to hand things off to or pick up directly is something I am happy to have the chance at.

  • MaawdawgMaawdawg CT, USARegistered User regular
    Bringing this one back to the front page.

    There are about 160 items in the Flea Market right now, down a bit from last year (close to 250). There is still plenty of time to add in your games you want to move along, find something you are looking for, or arrange a trade.

  • DarrenGDarrenG Registered User new member
    I copied Maawdawg's format and created a virtual flea market for PAX East 2022. New members can't create links here, but if you copy the link in the first message in this thread and change the 268275 to 298058 (don't worry about the words at the end, leave them as-is or delete them, it's just the number that's important) that should work. Thanks!

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