Anxiety on dental fillings



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    It occurs to me now that this thread about dental anxiety probably isn't very calming.

    This is a really good point and I think maybe I got lost in my own experience rather than getting my point across.

    That point being if you have a good dentist who listens to you? It shouldn't be bad at all. In fact it should be almost literally painless.

    My dentist for the last... mildly depressing number of years now that I do the math, has been awesome. He flat out told me if the novocaine is wearing off to tell him immediately and has listened both times that's happened. He's also the one that figured out my nerve clusters are not exactly where they're supposed to be and adjusted the injection sites and almost doubled the time it's effective on me. He managed to do a root canal and two fillings without needing to reapply novocaine because of that with virtually no discomfort.

    tl:dr Find a good dentist and you should be ok and don't let fear of the dentist keeping you from getting work that needs to be done get done.

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