Final Fantasy XIV Devs No Longer Attending PAX East

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Following a similar vein to Sony, Square-Enix have confirmed that several FFXIV events are canceled due to their staff not making the travel from Japan for fears of spreading the coronavirus through international travel. The planned Art of FFXIV Panel, signing session with Yoshida, and the Fan Gathering on Friday at The Brahmin have all been canceled. The panel will instead be love streamed on their Twitch channel.

Square-Enix will still be in attendance at the show and will still have a booth with the FFXIV Trial Challenge, merchandise booth, and multiple game demos.

Official release below:


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    Its really unfortunate, and while the show floor stuff is still there, it was looking like East was going to be making a return to form with bigger Developers attending. Definitely not SE's fault though. Their situation sounds a lot different (fear of spreading, since Japan is a bit of a hotspot atm) vs fear of contracting (Sony's reaction still seems odd, especially with Sony America and American-based studios having next to nothing to worry about.

    Anyone else pulls out and East is looking like the least worthwhile PAX for the second year in a row.

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