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  • emnmnmeemnmnme Registered User regular
    How do you open the trapdoor in the bottom right corner of the new map?

  • zepherinzepherin Russian warship, go fuck yourself Registered User regular
    edited November 2020
    MNC Dover wrote: »
    zepherin wrote: »
    MNC Dover wrote: »
    The fact that spending $80+ on an expansion doesn't give you all the cards is asinine. Of course, it's been like this since the beginning, so I can't imagine it will ever change unless LoR starts taking away large chunks of the HS audience. The problem is that most people are comfortable with HS and hate the idea of losing everything they've invested in the game. That and LoR requires counter-play which makes it less fast-paced and easy as HS is to get into.

    Pretty frustrating to be honest since I really think it's a better game in almost every way. But I digress...

    Almost new thread time! Taking suggestions for the next thread title.
    I mean I’m waiting for MtGA for mobile. That will pull me away, but only because I have a soft spot for magic.

    I tried MtG:A after I quit HS. Had some fun with it, mainly playing a Merfolk deck, but then felt overwhelmed with the card pools and drip feed reward system. Plus, MtG was a lot more complex than I had expected, especially coming from HS. Maybe if I'd stuck with it things would have ironed themselves out.
    I also don’t switch because I don’t particularly think that LoR is a very good game.

    To each their own I suppose. :)

    I feel like since I spent 6 years playing magic as a card game, and it was where I first learned that a 60 card deck is much better than a 120 card deck. I’ll be able to pick it up quick.

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  • YiliasYilias Registered User regular
    Snuck in another legend just in time for the expac:


    Just dummied people with Reno Priest again, 22-8 from D5 up. I'm unsure how good Palm Reading, Insight, and G'huun will be but I'm looking forward to testing all 3.

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  • I needed anime to post.I needed anime to post. boom Registered User regular
    easily the most mischievous and damning thread title is simply

    [Hearthstone Battlegrounds]

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  • The Escape GoatThe Escape Goat incorrigible ruminant they/themRegistered User regular
    edited November 2020
    you're a third-rate autobattler with a fourth-rate card game

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