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younglings and ...sithlings?

barcsbarcs ireland Registered User regular
for may the fourth and may the fifth i drew my kids as younglings and as sith (sith suites them more!)
would love some feedback and critiques if you have time! thanks for looking!



  • DidgeridooDidgeridoo Flighty Dame Registered User regular
    Very cute, I love the poses! I bet your kids were thrilled to see these. Mind if I ask what your setup is (digital gear and program)?

  • barcsbarcs ireland Registered User regular
    thanks! yeah they loved it! and proceeded to have a lightsaber fight in the sitting room! i'm working almost exclusively in clipstudio paint and drawing on a wacom 12wx (old but works!)

  • zehailiuzehailiu assistant arch mage croatiaRegistered User regular
    Whoa that's sweet, nice and lively lines and colors, love the style.

  • barcsbarcs ireland Registered User regular
    Thank you! yeah i like the way everything came together on this! i sort of lost my way after some crits and comments on this, but getting back to being happy with my work! thanks for the comment!

  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    edited July 2020
    I would love to see more art please! It would be a shame if you stop

    Peas on
  • barcsbarcs ireland Registered User regular
    Peas wrote: »
    I would love to see more art please! It would be a shame if you stop

    i feel like this was something i posted years ago but it was only may last year? what is time anymore! thank you for the encouragment! i didnt stop drawing, but i went down a rendering/finishing rabbit hole that lead me away from where i wanted to be! ive gotten back to it since and i'll be posting more soon!
    thanks again!

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