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Soulborn: openworld adventure RPG ~big dreams of a small indie team~

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Hello guys, I am proud to introduce our Indie openworld RPG adventure, Soulborn:

Explore a breathtaking and mystical world where you face exciting puzzles and nasty enemies as Brynjar Townshield, a demigod who carries the magic weapon Mjölner.

Awaken the mysterious potential lying sealed in Mjöner, which only reveals itself to the true wearer and be part of creating a fantastic gaming experience for RPG fans.

So join our deep story driven adventure and safe Midgard.


Starting Monday Night,the 11th of May, a early alpha gameplay, showing first gaming basics, will be available on our Discord.

To celebrate and to thank our community we raffle off 3 Soulborn shirts, which will wear your individual Gamertag. ~raffle and alpha access~

You are interested in a mega cool shirt, take your chance and visit our gleam sub.

If not, join directly our discord for the Alpha Gameplay.

We are grateful for any criticism and would be happy to welcome you on our social media channels

Get in touch with us:

Greetings your Pixelmad Studios


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