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Greetings and salutations, forum people. I'm here to post things on the scary scary internet. I'm trying to get better at painting/drawing for fun. I started up again around last summer when I decided damn the values, I'm gonna color something. So I googled colorful fish and copied one.


I hope it's not too old to post, but no one has seen these images. They are my secret images. This one's a man with two eyes and only one mouth:


And a dolphin from google images:


And my dog:


I also started meds50heads but I think I'm hung up on wanting each to be better than the last so I'm always reluctant to start the next one. Here's the first:


And here's the eighth, which is also the latest. For some reason I think it's simultaneously 1) not very good and 2) also better than anything I could ever do, which is an nonsense thing to think but here we are:


I draw on post it notes so I can throw most of them away. This is the most recent one:


I'd like to get better at constructing things, and actually understand their 3d form instead of trying to copy the post-projection 2d shape. Cheeks/jaws, the outer silhouette of the face in non-profile-view is a complete mystery to me, I always feel like I'm just guessing at random. I spend more time rendering than actually setting any forms or proportions up right because the former is fun and new and the latter is very hard. I've also found painting on a tablet far less frustrating than drawing, probably because I don't have to get it exactly right on the first stroke and can sort of nudge things around.

Any and all feedback welcome. Even me just posting these is probably a good thing.

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    Trying to understand water. I think the dark blob in the middle is the wave continuing to curve around behind the foreground, but I can't be sure. Also there's that little doodad that's like, a little water spout looking thing wrapping around itself? I can't tell if that's in the wave or under the wave or what.


    Light passing through more water = darker?



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    Spent all day on these eyeballs from reference. Desaturated them a lot to make sure the values were right, and it turns out they never were so I always had to go darker, especially for the iris.


    The rotation of the iris' ellipse seems real subtle and important. I've never really understood how to make an eye look in the direction I want it to look. I'm pretty sure look direction goes from the center of the eyeball sphere then out through the pupil, but I think once eyelids get involved I have trouble seeing the sphere.

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    Big ol' pair of eyes on a tiny little monkey. Wound up too dark and a lot else is wrong but I just need to stop.



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    As I was scrolling down the biggest thing that stood out to me was "darker" but you seem to have picked up on that with your eye studies! Don't be afraid to get the darkest stuff darker as it will widen your range of values so you're not working in such a small window. Be mindful that dark does not mean black, shadows still have colour.

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    The eye studies have the best range, but the last study is also nice, it maybe just needs one more pass for highlights if you want it to feel closer to the reference. It doesn't seem particularly dark to me. If it feels really hard to draw in darker ends of the spectrum, good to double check your monitors (if you are on a desktop) or make sure your tablet brightness isn't too far down (if you're on an iPad or similar)

    You're further along than most beginners who swing through wanting to pick up and draw, so it would seem you already have some study habits and resources that are working for you. What have you been looking at other than challenges like meds50heads?

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    You're right! Turns out my monitor was at 25/100 brightness and 0/100 contrast, and probably has been for years.

    Mostly I've been watching a lot of youtube videos: sinix, proko, etc. Not really drawing along, just kind of putting it on and hoping I get something out of it via osmosis. Or I'll go to twitch's art category and leave something from there on off to the side.

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    Spent more time than I intended on a frame from kiki's delivery service.


    Botched the perspective by trying to eyeball it. Screwed up the colors by forgetfully leaving the reference on a second, much yellower, monitor. I tried to fix it with color adjustment curves. Ran out of steam for the foreground and my bad perspective made it all screwy so I just cropped it out.

    On the plus side I learned how to draw a pretzel, so overall a win.


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    First time in here. Nice work! Keep going!! :D

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    Drew a lot of llamas from reference, then tried to paint one of them real quick

    Then I tried to sculpt a llama, then a head, then a skull.
    anthropomorphized mashed potatoes
    I had a 3d scanned skull for reference for this one

    Looked up some layered hair to put on that llama, came out real anime. Blue was a bad choice and I think leaned way too hard into the ribbon thing.

    Copied this from gurney's color and light, unfortunately before I got to the section on water.
    The section on peak chroma convinced me to switch from HSV to HSY' in my color selector, so now I can spin the hue wheel without the value changing out from underneath me, hopefully.

    And these were the first 8 image results for 'haircut'.
    Not a whole lot of variety there.

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    bird up
    Sorry third bird but I'm calling it here.
    Edited for jpg quality

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