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[Apex Legends]: New Season Next Week!



  • CampyCampy Registered User regular
    Well I'm already seeing a shift in how folks play, way less crazy hot drops with much more cautious play generally. So the changes are definitely working how respawn intended.

    Really interesting how it affects fights just before the 10 team mark. Everyone is so fucking cagey 😂

  • ForarForar #432 Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRegistered User regular
    I find it hilarious how the game just slows to a crawl the moment there are 12 or 11 squads left. It's so close, everyone can taste it, nobody wants to eat a wipe and get a pittance in RP for whatever kills they managed up to that point.

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  • mRahmanimRahmani DetroitRegistered User regular
  • SanderJKSanderJK Crocodylus Pontifex Sinterklasicus Madrid, 3000 ADRegistered User regular

    Even discounting Bronze IV (and Rookie) for people that have not played enough matches, Currently Bronze 3-1 is ~40% of players, Silver 4-1 is 38% of players, Gold is 20% of players and Plat IV+ is 2% currently

    Compare to the end of last split:


    If you disregard Bronze, Plat IV is actually the "Average" rank.

    I know it's only 5 days in but currently Bronze I matches are played more serious than Gold I last season.

    I like the matches, but this is causing a new issues where it must be daunting for the lower half of players, since they're bunched with so many people better than them. There's a reason I never pushed beyond Plat IV myself, and it's because I get outshot so much that I can't compensate for it. I know how unfun it is to be in a lobby where you can expect to lose 80% of all 1 v 1s.

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  • BlazeFireBlazeFire Registered User regular
    Where are those graphs and their underlying data from?

  • SanderJKSanderJK Crocodylus Pontifex Sinterklasicus Madrid, 3000 ADRegistered User regular I understand they can just access data off an API but I have never looked into it.

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  • CampyCampy Registered User regular
    Already games with people trying to ape it are in the vast minority. Very cool!

    I suspect that the tuning of the point spread is intentionally heavy handed, and will be reduced once Respawn are sure that the meta has changed for good. CleverGirl.jpg

    Also, with the new more cautious play style, I can definitely see long ranged weapons like snipers becoming much more utilised. Although I'm not sure rushdown load outs will ever truly go away.

  • ForarForar #432 Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRegistered User regular
    I've gone from Bronze II to half way to Silver III with a little casual play over the last week. It's still early, but I'm heartened to see how people seem to have gotten the message. Spreading out, finding a POI with 1-2 teams, looting up and picking a fight is way better (to me) than suicidally hot dropping half the lobby into one place.

    You don't progress swiftly without making some kills, but (hopefully) gone are the days of the Diamond trail random on my team hurling themselves into a woodchipper to get two solo squad wipes before being murdered in 17th place and disconnecting when their banner times out.

    I wouldn't call it perfect, but I'm glad they're at least trying. As someone who will fight and stay to the bitter end every time, it was always frustrating to watch players who are objectively better than I am throw any hint of team work or commitment to us all doing well out the window just because they felt confident they could down enough players before they got third partied into the ground to come out ahead.

    I'm sure it won't stop some, and I suspect this season will be a substantial challenge just to get out of Gold (and if I'm honest, higher silver might be more trouble than I'm accustomed to), but hopefully it all settles out by the end of the season.

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    schussMortal Sky
  • SanderJKSanderJK Crocodylus Pontifex Sinterklasicus Madrid, 3000 ADRegistered User regular
    I agree that the games are more fun, but the math needs some adjusting. I'm currently Silver IV, still seeing 5 teams with diamond trails in my lobbies on average. Just had a game with 2 kills and 7th place, that's +17, but if we had lost an early 1 v 1 it'd be -27. So I need my good games on average to be better than that, just to stay in silver. I just think that for up to (and probably including) gold there needs to be more leeway on the scoring mid. ultimately you want something like 25% bronze/silver/gold 20%plat 4.5% diamond 0.5% master/pred

    There are competing goals here. You want ranked to be fun, but that includes playing against people of your own skill level. Right now the smush is so bad that you don't know if the team pushing you is a newbie or someone that is going to 2shot with wingman crits.

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  • ArteenArteen Adept ValeRegistered User regular
    edited May 16

    I'm never gonna play it, but the mobile version looks good. This shows off the new mobile-exclusive legend, too.

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