[Knights Flying Crown] A Randomly-Generated Beamsaber Mission



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    (No rogue AIs please.)

    Geth, roll 3d6 for ambush!

    (Man I'm so good at rolling dice. Surely this will continue forever.)

    3d6 13 [3d6=5, 6, 2]

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  • NipsNips Luxuriating in existential crisis.Registered User regular
    (Note that I've marked Fine Holoprojector under Vehicle Gear.)

    Mentalist flips several console switches, and the cockpit of The Hidden Agenda goes dim. In front of her, at a slightly oblique angle as her 'mech is under cover, there appears to be a pair of building collapses to each side of the path ahead of the convoy. A moment later and the dust settles to reveal the collapse has blocked the path of the convoy.

    From behind the 'collapse', The Hidden Agenda's upgraded holoprojector works overtime to produce the convincing display.

    It's only gotta stop them for a moment, then Holdout's scramble will do the rest. Mentalist thinks to herself.

  • CheeselikerCheeseliker Registered User regular
    The convoy stops at the sight of the collapse, and then the scramble hits.

    The communications and sensors of the Hachetmen are overwhelmed by the electronic attack, blinding them.

    --"Sensors are overloaded, can't see anything, can't identify the vehicle we saw"--
    --"We're sitting ducks out here, let's move!"--

    The convoy moves, Hatchetmen AWV's rushing forward, APC following behind. They are moving right into position for The Hidden Agenda's ambush...

    @Nips @discrider
    You're in a Controlled Position as the convoy moves in. What do you do?

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    "Click, click, click"
    33's fingers dance across the panel coaxing the beast back to life.
    The Guardian hums as the internal motors start spinning up again.
    33 tugs at her braid and checks the various indicators a second time.
    Satisfied, she prepares the cabin, swinging the art tray back to its position against the cabin wall and locking it tight.

    The Guardian explodes out of the ground as the convoy attempts to zip through the graveyard.
    All four hands grasp the APC and the bulk of the mech pins the other machine in place.
    33 shifts the mechs weight and fingertips start piercing through chinks in the APCs armour.
    A high pitched whine starts up, and the straining industrial arms threaten to permanently remove its cargo bay from its husk.

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    Doing the risky thing.
    Minion roll 4d6k1 for Great/Desperate with undodgable consequences

    (Also realised that I get abnormal strength when pushing... I think that applies to my Mech here, if so we could look at Great/Risky instead of what I've rolled, or I don't know what
    Actually, this is superhero ability when pushing, so maybe 33 keeps her paints upright?)

    Great/Desperate with undodgable consequences:
    4d6k1 4 [4d6k1=[4], 4, 2, 1]

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