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Best tabletop/card games for ages 5 to 12

No Great NameNo Great Name FRAUD DETECTEDRegistered User regular
Hi all, looking to get some input on some good tabletop and card games for this age group, as I have a summer camp that will still be running with social distancing practices. So we'll have a lot of inside time on nice days and a ton on bad weather days.

I know of some things like ticket to ride first journey and ghost fighting treasure hunters. Seeing if anyone has experience with other games they can recommend

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  • [Expletive deleted][Expletive deleted] The mediocre doctor NorwayRegistered User regular
    @No Great Name I´ve had good luck with Lotus and Alhambra with my nephews (6 and 9).

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  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    I'm not sure how board games would be played with social distancing in place to be honest.

  • No Great NameNo Great Name FRAUD DETECTED Registered User regular
    It's annoying but it's doable. It's very game dependant though.

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  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Codenames - Pictures?
    Maybe if you can project the board up on a wall, then the two teams wouldn't need to be at the board itself?

    Jackbox games would be good too, if all your kids have a mobile, and you have a TV setup that they can stand back from.

  • [Expletive deleted][Expletive deleted] The mediocre doctor NorwayRegistered User regular
    Tsuro. I gave it to my nephews for the oldest's birthday. Easy to learn, quick to play, fun, appropriate (thematically and complexity-wise) for all ages.

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  • TastyfishTastyfish Registered User regular
    edited June 2020
    If you can find a copy, we've had great fun over a few generations with Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs.
    They pop up on ebay occasionaly for around £40 and it'd be relatively easy to make your own version if you needed several copies - particularly if you wanted to do a big/'garden' sized version to make distancing a little easier.
    I also expect there's probably a newer game that does a lot of the same kind of things.

    It's very easy to learn, as it's just draw a card do what it says and then move your figure the distance rolled on a dice. The theme is great but it also teaches a lot of fun mechanics and gets the players to think differently than they would with a more traditional board game. When playing with nieces and nephews, we found that even younger players (3-4) who struggled to read the text were able to pick it up fairly quickly when they recognised the pictures on the cards.

    There's a lot of social interaction as the players move the dinosaurs to make routes to the temple more or less risky, and whether or not they act ruthlessly or co-operate when their own pieces are in danger. Do you get the Pteradon to throw a rival into the swamp in front of the swamp monster, move one of your pieces further up the board, or rescue someone else from a sticky situation (perhaps having previously been thrown in the swamp by another player) in return for them helping you out with the dinosaurs guarding the temple.

    I think they've got pics of all the components on BBG, but I can send you some as well if you wanted.

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  • DarkPrimusDarkPrimus Registered User regular
    Try out Hanabi? It's a cooperative card game where players can't see their own cards but everyone else can, and have to work together using limited information communication to play correctly.

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