I got beat up and i cant bite down my teeth are messed up

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Okay so me and my sister were partying and this grown man comes up and hits me in the face super hard twice i drop to the floor. Im only 19 he was id say 30?. At least. And i run out of the house and me and my sister leave. So now i have 3 big holes in the sides of my back teeth top row in the back and bottom row in the back. I cant even bite down cause my teeth are so chipped when i do bite down only my 2 back teeth touch. Its super super uncomfortable. I dont have insurance for a dentist. I dont know what to do i cant bite down also my cheeck is so swollen i can barely talk.


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    There may be some kind of crime victim compensation fund in your state. But it will require you to report it. What state do you live in?
    Also, you should probably try and see a doctor. To see if you have a concussion, have that swelling checked out and such.

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    I live in Missouri I'm just freaking out right now cuz my jaw hurts so bad and I can't bite down my teeth are so chipped only my back two teeth touch when I bite down I don't have no insurance I don't know what to do I don't even know the guy that hit me his name or his number

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    Police report then doctor. Something that bad, get treatment and worry about payment later - look into a crime victim's fund as mentioned above, apply for financial aid or bill forgiveness, or if it comes to it medical bankruptcy is better than not being able to eat.

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    Do you know what the ER will do for my mouth?

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    So how do I do the crime victim fund

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    If you're in the US you talk to one of these organizations and they will be able to give you better help than you'll receive on a forum.

    Regardless it will at some point involve reporting the crime to the police, which should be one of your first actions. Because being hit in the face is battery.

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    Do you know what the ER will do for my mouth?

    It depends on what's wrong, if your jaw is broken they'll wire it and refer you for a series of very important follow ups. If it's dislocated they'll reset it. If it's just your teeth they might just refer you, or they might do extractions right away and refer you for dentures. See, we're all internet randos, even if a doctor wanders into the thread they haven't examined you and can only give general ideas.

    The collections process on medical debt is generally slower and less aggressive than a car loan or credit card, though. After filing the police report, get to a doctor next (if a compensation fund will help you they'll need your bill first anyway), THEN worry about payment.

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    Hevach im pretty sure its dislocated i have every symptom if i take advil and rest with ice pack you think ill be fine to go to the ER tomm?

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    No, dislocated will not go back on its own, and you might be wrong and it's something worse. ER or at least an urgent care clinic NOW. Like, right now, you shouldn't even spend the time to answer this post.

    Quick consult from my wife, a nurse: Untreated dislocation risks severe injury to the bone and cartilage in the joint. She doesn't know jaws but does know of cases where a shoulder went untreated. Prompt treatment is a quick in and out with maybe an X-ray to make sure there's no break. Delayed treatment is a joint replacement and five years of physical therapy.

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    You only have one body, without your health you have nothing. The longer you wait for treatment the more likely you will have permanent damage or a longer recovery. Debt you can pay off. Once your body is damaged beyond repair, there is no fix with time.

    Go to the doctor.

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    If you need super discount dentistry dental colleges will usually be the place to start. If there is one in your area, it may be worth a call and tell them what happened.

    Sorry you got punched in the face.

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    Zepherin is right, a dentistry school in your area would definitely be you best bet. I just wanted to say one thing real quick (I did Dental Insurance for 5yrs), do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to a national chain like Aspen Dental, their M.O. is to get you on a C.A.R.E program, which is like a credit card for your mouth, and they will MAX it out. They will give you a treatment plan for double or triple the price of a local dentist. They prey on the uninformed, and they don't even do very good work in many cases.

    I wish you the best of luck!

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