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Reaction pages not working.

The first page works fine, but going to the next page afterwards gets the 'something has gone wrong' message.


Nobody remembers the singer. The song remains.
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  • TavTav Irish Minister for DefenceRegistered User regular
    I'm getting this as well.

  • klemmingklemming Registered User regular
    Near as I can tell, you just need to change the P in the url to lowercase:
    Changing: '?Page=p2&reaction=agree' to '?page=p2&reaction=agree' seems to work.

    So changing the Next/Previous links should do it.

    Nobody remembers the singer. The song remains.
  • Martini_PhilosopherMartini_Philosopher Registered User regular
    Or dropping the "p" from the URL

    I was able to move on by doing this: "?Page=2&reaction=awesome"

    Seeing as you got rid of the capitalization, something with the javascript parser looks to be screwy.

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  • klemmingklemming Registered User regular
    That just moves you on by X number of posts rather than pages.
    But yeah, it's something with the parser and the links.

    Nobody remembers the singer. The song remains.
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