How sleep?

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Hi, I'm sleepy, tired, and would like to sleep, but I've got a thousand malformed ideas running through my head, and they're all fun and very interesting, and I'd like to pretend I'm on stage doing stand-up comedy and explain my silly, stupid, and frankly quite diplomatically incorrect ideas, but I know I should, and want to, sleep instead.

what do

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    Write them down.

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    My mind racing and getting caught up in playing with ideas is also a problem I've had. A big thing to focus on is that if it continues for more than five or ten minutes then you should get out of bed and do something, anything else for a bit. Break the habit of your mind racing when you are physically in the bed.

    Other stuff I've found that helps is to have some sort of noise in the background. I often have audiobooks running, ones that I've heard a million times and won't really hold my attention but I can mentally focus on for a minute or two to interrupt a train of thought that is gaining momentum. That may just be me being weird though.

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    I use science podcasts for the same reason. Its harder to get lost in your imagination if you've got someone explaining how the hoover dam was built, or something equally innocuous. The also are more bite sized, so if I fall asleep in the middle Its not like I missed half a book.

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    ASMR is a good way to get your brain to shut the fuck up. if you are susceptible to that.

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    Yep. For years and years I had a hard time sleeping. Over time I perfected the sleeping environment for me that leads to good results. Everyone is different so try different things but my setup is:

    -Blackout curtains over windows, no light sources in the room. Completely dark.
    -Rain noises or similar ASMR. Google home devices have a default rain sound that loops on the hour, it's perfect for me.
    -Weighted Blanket, didn't even get a heavy one but even slight pressure is good
    -perfect temp, I need a cooler room to fall asleep

    If I can get some or all of those things, I sleep really well usually. It also helps to put the phone out of reach.

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    Also pay attention to what you do prior to going to bed. Move activating tasks like exercise, computer or game use, dinner, snacks, and especially soda or coffee earlier in the day. Sleep hygiene habits are the most sustainable way to get better sleep, but if they aren't working and you want to take something like melatonin, take it earlier in the evening, regularly, and in low 1-3mg doses. I wouldn't use medications until after giving a fair trial of non-pharmacologic methods, and know that the best medications for sleep are for underlying issues rather than what we call Primary Insomnia.

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