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I am wrapping up a new pc build for a friend who has 8 and 10 year old boys. They love minecraft, spore, and subnautica, and mom is working on getting the latter two of those right now (they've played them on xbox previously). I was going to try and load up some of the free stuff on steam (or elsewhere!) but I really have no idea what's child appropriate for their age range, and I was hoping some of you gamer parents could weigh in on suggestions? If not free, stuff that's super cheap?

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    Swing by the Steam Thread in G&T and we may be able to help you out there! -

    But as an uncle to an 8-year-old, I can say that she's really been into Roblox lately- of course, we've locked it down as much as we absolutely can- no chatting, no friends, as walled garden as we can get it for her.

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    Planet Explorers on Steam. They broke multiplayer after the game was released and are uncommitted to fixing it. Because of that the games rating have tanked.
    BUT single player is still fully functional and they made it FREE TO PLAY.

    Alien dinosaurs and robots on a colorful planet. Craft and build, a bit similar to minecraft.

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    LEGO games. All great and while some build on say Batman or Star Wars they are certainly also kid games and since they are already gaming they will not be too hard.

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    I know you want free, but GOG has a pack of The Incredible Machine games for $2.50 which is a steal.

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    Shadowfire wrote: »
    I know you want free, but GOG has a pack of The Incredible Machine games for $2.50 which is a steal.

    This is close enough to free to be free :P

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