Recommended sites for hosting photos?

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I'm finally at the point where I actually want to share my photos for both feedback and to show off! What a difference 8 months makes. So I once again come to all of you for help.

Which photo hosting sites/services do you recommend and what are the tradeoffs? I'm willing to pay if necessary. Not sure if social features are a requirement or not; it might be nice to get feedback. I'm not a pro, and not looking to be a pro, FWIW.


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    There's a photo thread in the AC if you are just looking for a place to share. Its less active than it used to be, but its still very friendly and casual.

    I know Flickr is still around, but I don't know what the community is actually like in there these days. Instagram seems to be where my photographer friends ended up, even with the dimension constraints.

    Theres a ton of options out there, so I would think critically about what you want: if you want to show off and get likes and dopamine spikes, I would go social media, share with your friends and hashtag your stuff.

    If you want community and potential for more real feedback, advice and such, other than the forum thread I would look out for small discords or reddits. Finding good feedback in this more general social media age can be difficult! Wish I could help more directly, but I'm not a photo kid!

    Edit: Sorry, looks like you've already been in the AC thread, I hadn't looked in there in a minute.

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  • OrcaOrca Registered User regular
    It's been slow enough I thought I'd start here and branch out--I didn't want to spam everywhere with the same request at the same time. But that's a good idea to ask there specifically, so I'll go do so.

    And this is one case where I'd like to separate my identities--I've been reticent about where I live on this forum in order to be more free with my thoughts. Since I like taking photographs of places, that makes it difficult to share them without risking doxing myself if I'm posting pictures I'm taking around town.

    I just wish Instagram wasn't mobile-only. I really don't want to use my phone to upload pics!

  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    You can trick the website. Just use your dev tools to go to mobile and reload the page:

    It wont let you use the editing tools, aside from a filter (in my experience) but its a solid workaround otherwise.

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