[Othercide] - What's black and white and red all over? (TBS/Roguelike)

jungleroomxjungleroomx It's never too many graves, it's always not enough shovelsRegistered User regular

Othercide is a game that has seem to come out of absolutely nowhere and gotten a fair amount of praise. It's a turn-based strategy game like XCom, but it's a roguelike which means you're going to be dying a lot. You get shards which let you activate bonuses before each playthrough to continue to progress.

The core loop is kill dudes, get resources, make Daughters, kill more dudes.

Each loop is made up of a "day", where each Daughter can take part in a mission once per day. You have to finish at least 1 mission to proceed to the next day.

Healing your guys means sacrificing one daughter for the other, but you just can't use some level 1 scrub to keep your Star Player up and running, nope: To sacrifice and heal, the sacrificial daughter needs to be the same level as the one getting healed, or higher.

It's a really interesting mechanic and the game, all told, is tense with a really unique art style and implementation. I think it's worth a look:



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    shoeboxjeddyshoeboxjeddy Registered User regular
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    Some gameplay that was interesting if you want to see this game's really excellent visual style.

    And IGN's positive review.

    I wish this game well, but don't know that I'd be able to enjoy it, with all the harsh, punishing (on purpose) mechanics on tap.

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    SpawnbrokerSpawnbroker Registered User regular
    Is very stylish. I played a couple of hours, it's got that tactical XCOM goodness with a dash of weird horror.

    The fact that there seems to be no healing in the game except through sacrificing daughters is a...very interesting mechanic that definitely makes it hard to keep them healthy. Getting hit is BAD, but there are tons of tools in your toolbox to stop it from happening. Most of those tools seem to cost % health, though :rotate:

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    jungleroomxjungleroomx It's never too many graves, it's always not enough shovels Registered User regular
    Managing the timeline seems to be priority #1 here, as opposed to just positioning.

    Once I figured out that Blacksmith skill, man my shield bearers were just mopping up.

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    LilnoobsLilnoobs Alpha Queue Registered User regular
    Finally grabbed this game and I wish I got it sooner!

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    furlionfurlion Riskbreaker Lea MondeRegistered User regular
    This is a great game and the platinum was fun to earn. Really hope the studio has enough resources to put out another game of this caliber. Hopefully the next one gains more traction.

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    borrowfemaleborrowfemale Registered User new member
    It's an interesting mechanic that the only way to restore health is by sacrificing a daughter. I really hope that the development team is able to fund another game of this caliber. Perhaps the following one will be more successful.

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