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    Skeith wrote: »
    Aistan wrote: »
    That's a sax.

    Sex is the company that got paid by the government for ripping off poor people.

    No, that was Goldman Sachs.
    Xaquin wrote: »
    DrZiplock wrote: »
    Sorce wrote: »
    Isn't sex just different groups inside a religion?

    No no, those are sects. You're thinking of one of those funny shaped woodwind instruments.

    No no, that's a sax. You're thinking of shorthand for Spectacles

    Nah, that's specs. Sex was a character in Gundam Wing.

    No, you're thinking of Zechs. Sex is the number of sides on a polyhedron with faces with all right angles to the adjacent faces.

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    So I got the someone messaged you on OKC I went and saw they hid it beyond paywall so yeah

    Really I gave up I really had to come to terms with the fact that site [both okc, match, tinder and such } were just making me depressed combined with work [the fact I was not happy to go back and then deal with the fact it was far worse then when I left which in itself is just sad
    That sadness where you just wallow in sadness for hours with nothing to make you happy {I feel that is something for the moods thread} as even those words do not quite describe it
    I tired and failed on those sites. The fact I had a better conversation with a woman I met on ebay than i ever did on those sites

    I really should put thought into this post as there is a lot of feelings and words but I don't know really how to talk about them

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    Rambling posts are okay, sometimes words just gotta get out.

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    Ah yes

    the "sex"

    We have dismissed these claims.

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