Penny Arcade - Comic - Club Hats 2: Clubber And Hatterer

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imagePenny Arcade - Comic - Club Hats 2: Clubber And Hatterer

Videogaming-related online strip by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Includes news and commentary.

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  • ProwlingmonkeyProwlingmonkey Registered User regular
    Hey it works for George RR, most of the time. "What is that giant ice wall called again?" "That's THE WALL. Now hurry up, it's cold in this part of THE NORTH, we need to hurry if we're going to make it to CASTLE BLACK by nightfall."

  • T-DangerT-Danger Registered User regular
    I hate to be that guy, but Tycho came up with a much better fantasy golf scenario.

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  • QuidQuid I don't... what... hnnng Registered User regular
    Yeah but he appreciates Gabe’s effort

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  • zeromhzeromh Registered User regular
    Got a good laugh from the last panel. Their relationship is beautiful.

  • AstralMuffinAstralMuffin Registered User regular
    It breaks me when they try not to be assholes to each other

  • zepherinzepherin Registered User regular
    I mean golf scoring has some names, bogey, double bogey, albatross, eagle, birdy.
    ...that's about it.

  • doompookydoompooky Wild (Let's Draw A) Horses Couldn't Drag Me AwayRegistered User regular
    zepherin wrote: »
    I mean golf scoring has some names, bogey, double bogey, albatross, eagle, birdy.
    ...that's about it.

    Which of these animals has the longest neck?

  • Zoku GojiraZoku Gojira Monster IslandRegistered User regular
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    Through this valley runs the Great Verdant Sea, which was once the floor of a mighty and tempestuous expanse of ocean that consumed ships and men alike. Their remains, piled up through the untold millennia of the Age of Heroes, make up these hills upon which we stand. Their hunger to live again, if you can call It living to walk the earth as a wight animated by some foul magic that resides in this place, is insatiable.

    Only by observing this ancient rite known as Golf can we appease these lost souls, at least for a time, with costly tribute in the form of boxes of Titleist lost in the avaricious pools which are the only remnants of that vast body of water. And which serve as their only remaining window to the world of the living.

    If we observe it not, then through these very portals will they emerge, soaked through, as surely as they are water-logged, with undying hateful envy of men who still draw breath. To drag us away, screaming, to eternity chained fast to the decks of their smashed and sundered ships. Lashed repeatedly for all time, as we try and fail to move the very earth with broken and splintered oars.

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  • TofystedethTofystedeth veni, veneri, vamoosi Registered User regular
    I'm suddenly reminded of the minigolf episode of DuckTales.

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  • shadowysea07shadowysea07 Registered User regular
    It means the world that you tried Gabe :3

  • shadowysea07shadowysea07 Registered User regular
    I hate to be that guy, but Tycho came up with a much better fantasy golf scenario."

    I honestly would play that game if it was a thing. They and other media have done golf parody games (ff7/earthbound like golf game in steven universe immediately comes to mind) that sound or look interesting.

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