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Hope Urahonky doesn't mind me snagging this from the Switch thread, but I thought there might be room here to expand upon the topic beyond just the Switch:
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Can you guys suggest some "chill" games on the Switch that I could play? I very nearly had an emotional breakdown yesterday and am looking for something comforting to play. I'm pretty open to all genres but what are your games that you suggest that make you feel good when you play?

Here's a few that come to my mind:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - I don't really know how to describe this one, amusingly, as I'm still playing it daily, and I don't know -- things are just usually pretty chill for that hour or so, so long as the wasp nests don't fall where I can't quickly net them (or scorpions see me).


Pilotwings Resort - I should pick this back up again, but I really enjoyed this 3DS launch title. It's got some challenges, sure, but the free flying modes you can get, where you can fly around the island for a fixed period of time during day, sunset, and night, are just really nice. Sadly, though, I don't think Nintendo ever added it to the eShop, so you'll have to hunt this one down. On the upside, it's probably cheap, since everyone took a massive dump on the 3DS's launch slate. (On that note, also see: nintendogs + cats.)


Golf With Your Friends - I've not had much luck with this game living up to the "Friends" part when it comes to online, but it's basically mini golf, and some of the stages are just kind of nice and chill. I was in a bad mood when I first played it for a review, just to kind of get myself set up for later, but I ended up glued and feeling a lot better by the time I was done that night. Not every course is chill, but the ones that are do it nicely.


Forza Horizon - Specifically the ones I played, 3 and 4. Basically, it's sort of like Pilotwings Resort in this regard, but with cars and day/night cycles that happen on their own in an open world. There are a lot of challenges, events to partake in, races to join and win, but personally? I just like to drive. No limit on gas, and few limits on where you can go. Hey, that hill over on the horizon (no pun intended) looks interesting, let's look at that. Then you just veer off the road and start driving towards it. And its handling and physics lean a little more towards arcade-style, meaning you don't have to worry about damage and things like that so much. I quite enjoy it. (Now, if I can just get my personal music playlist to work again...)

I could probably name more, but I figure why hog everything now?

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