How to deactivate PA account and purge all info

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HI all. Have had a really good look about, can't seem to find the instructions anywhere. How do I deactivate my PA forums account and purge all information? There isn't a self option to do this, and I can't find any privacy policy, link to email etc..


  • BahamutZEROBahamutZERO Registered User regular
    Try sending a private message to the administrator, Tube. Seems like something he'd have to handle directly, if it's possible.

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    This seems like you are asking folks for a lot of work for a thread from 2012 with 9 posts.

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    Not to cast altspersions, but that makes me think there's a different account they're looking to purge.

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    Message Tube.

    @Enc this sort of request has been pretty normalized by gdpr and similar policies, even when the content doesn't actually fall under whats protected, doesn't seem like snark was called for.

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