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Just found this useful forum tool somewhere, I'm wondering can PA add this function to forum? Below is how it works and here is the link UBB tool

*note In order to help you see how it works correctly, I just remove "/" from the testing code,
1.Transform (Replace): transform what the user has copied into UBB code.
For example:
The user is interested in the news and images on the following page and wants to post them on the forum.
Then, just use mouse to select the content as shown below:
Press Ctrl +C to copy it.
Then click Transform (Replace) key in the UBB tool to get the UBB code (as shown below) of the page.


Delicate World of Warcraft Fan Arts[color]


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    You should post this in the monkey den.

    Sorry, Tube's Circus Of Bug Reports and User Issues

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