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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse- The Open Sea, Day 22



  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    The troll bites at Oak, and the shifter only growls back, pushing the troll back off of him. He lines up another strike, bringing the sword up in a slashing motion across the Troll's chest.

    Geth, roll 1d20+5 for Attack Troll C
    Geth, roll 1d10+5 for Damage

    Attack Troll C:
    1d20+5 20 [1d20=15]
    1d10+5 7 [1d10=2]

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    [OAK *CARVES* into the Giant’s chest with his sword, exposing the bone and organ beneath!]

    [DM Note: Throwing the current condition of the Trolls and the current map on the new page]
    Troll A- Dangerously Injured

    Troll C-Dangerously Injured

    Troll D-*DEATH’S DOOR*

    Troll E-Heavily Injured

    Troll F- Untouched


  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "This one is for Creeper!"

    Geth roll 1d20+5 for stab troll D
    Geth roll 1d4+3 for no regeneration

    stab troll D:
    1d20+5 24 [1d20=19]
    1d4+3 5 [1d4=2]

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    [ARNO *stabs* into the Forest Troll with the dagger...the force of the blow *rips* through the creature's hip, and suddenly, grotesquely, it's leg slides off. The Giant topples to the side, landing in the mud. As the Giant thrashes and growls, his severed limb kicks out feebly a few times, before going still...]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "woo! Killed it. I think, trolls are weird, give it a minute."

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
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    Jack looks around, the field either covered in dead goblins or, in the distance, running goblins. Huh. They might actually get through this one.

    He watches Arno down his troll and fires another arrow at his own 'nemesis', "They sure can take some punishment, huh... hey, dummy, I'm still here!"

    Geth, roll 1d20+7 for Longbow shot at Troll E
    Geth, roll 1d8+3 for Longbow Damage

    And another Goading Attack if that lands.

    Geth, roll 1d8 for Extra damage on hit

    (([edit] Well at least I'm conserving my resources by constantly missing... 8-) ))

    Longbow shot at Troll E:
    1d20+7 10 [1d20=3]
    Longbow Damage:
    1d8+3 5 [1d8=2]
    Extra damage:
    1d8 4 [1d8=4]

    Glal on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    [As URIXES prepares another magical assault, The Fox Gang clashes with the Forest Trolls! The Giants *BELLOW* and *THRASH* as their battered comrades are cleaved and destroyed!]

    Suddenly, the uninjured Troll to the South stops his assault and cocks his head sideways, as though listening to someone. After a few moments, he cups his hands around his mouth and *SCREAMS* something at his companions (ARNO can make out something about “her calling” in garbled Goblin-ese). The surviving Trolls, dripping ichor and missing heavy chunks of skin across their bodies, swivel their head at their mate’s call in unison. Soon, the Trolls are shielding their faces with their hands and arms as they backpedal away from your weapons, fleeing back to the East just as quickly as they’d run in.

    Fiver the Lapine *tsks* between his front teeth, chiding the poor form of the Trolls. “…Really? They’re just...leavin’?”

    Shin the Kitsune examines a sinister looking bite mark on his arm. “Yeh, that’s…that’s probably for the best, really.” Bluury flops face-first into the mud in agreement, letting out a heavy sigh before then moaning in terrible pain. Ril lands next to Fiver: both look disappointed about the lack of fresh targets.

    [The Battle of the Elwood is over! Everyone advances to Level 4-please update your sheet on D&D Beyond or send me a new one. Thank you!]


    [It’s been about ten minutes. Your companions, captor and captive alike, mill about the battlefield, taking in the devastation and piles of bodies. The Fire Line has eventually died down, and things are quiet for now. But they probably won’t remain that way for too long: you’ve overheard from Rax and the Chameleons alike that it would take the Trolls and the Goblins both over an hour to get back out here, and only if they hustled. Meanwhile, there are people nearby who would like to have a word with you…]

    [ Feel free to rest, RP, and check in amongst the rest of the Wild Bunch first and foremost. There are four conversations to be had here during your Short Rest after the Battle of the Elwood. When you’re ready, choose the one you feel best suited for/feel the group would most benefit from you being the representative, and *YANK* at those plot threads. It can be assumed your character can overhear any conversation that isn't being currently whispered, so you're not strictly limited to participating with just the one individual]

    [RAX] sits among the wrecked chests and carnage, drinking gulps of rum from a salvaged cask. His missing hand is pink and bleeding slightly, and he bandages it back up using his teeth and holding it underneath his arm. Members of the Fox Gang lay about him, taking what rest they can before proceeding. As Rax wipes the drink off his lips, he sees a member of the Wild Bunch nearby make eye contact. He jerks his head up at you to get your attention, and he awkwardly produces something from inside his pouches: the Red Skull of Villam, the hilt entrusted from the Chief, that you were sent out here with. “Looking for zis?,” he asks. “…wanted to make sssure it wasss kept sssafe. You did well back zere…better zen I would’ve expected. You and I, haven’t had a chanccce to jussst talk, have we?” Rax the Respondent says, before taking another swig of the liquor. He smiles at you, with the look of someone who knows he’s not to be believed, and has accepted it and goes about his days. Sardonically he says, “I figured…you might have sssome quessstions for me…*HEH*…before you all charge off in sssome direction to die…”

    [ILMATER] walks among the bodies, saying prayers and closing eyes. He is still barefoot and poorly clothed, having recovered nothing of his own from the chests. As he hushes a few mumbled words over a crushed Worg, he looks his head up and smiles sadly before turning back and seeing you there. “…I saw you give me that same look during the battle. You think I should’ve done more. I’m…sorry. It’s hard to be…well, you understand better than most, don’t you? I…lose myself in here, sometimes…” Ilmater shivers, as though having a vivid memory. He stands up and turns to you smiling, eyes glowing and genuine. “I…feel I’ve done you a disservice here today, although I wouldn’t have done anything differently. But you…them…you’ve suffered much pain today, and there will be more before it is over.” Ilmater looks up at you earnestly. “Is there anything I can do? To ease the burden?”]

    [DIKKU] still wears you pal Gary the Deckhand. The Crocodiles have transformed back, and regrouped with their transformed brethren. Dikku (Gary) gently tends to Kiko’s wounds, while the other chameleons attempt to catch their breath. Dikku comforts his friend as he tries to heal him, “…so we didn’t make it...but we bought em’ some time…they will have scattered back to the tunnels by now, and we can regroup…oh…” Dikku (Gary) just noticed you listening in. “Oh *SHIT*” The Chameleons have dropped their arms; they wouldn’t try to fight you now, even if they though they could win a fair fight. “So, uhh…” Dikku(Gary) nervously licks his lips, a trait Gary has always had. “…well, now what? Look, awful sorry mate, you see what we were up against…if we hadn’t…” He looks guiltily down. “We just want out. We just want out. We’ll do whatever you want, just…please don’t kill us.”

    [STRIKE] stares at the remaining smolder of the fire, propped against his staff. He seems strangely quiet, more so than usual: the experiences this past week seem to have made a lasting effect on him. He smiles as he sees you walk by, and nods appreciatively. “It isss you. Again, I cannot zank you enough, my friend…without your help in zere, we ALL would have…” Strike shakes his head at the thought. “I cannot help my people if I am dead. But zen…neither can zey.” He gestures over towards the Chameleonfolk. “Zey sssaid zere were ssships….zat za Keeper and za Witch know where to find ssships on the isssland. If we can find zem...my people, and the Chameleonssss...we could flee here, together, essscape together.” Strike begins to bite his nails in frustration now. “But…my people won’t lisssten to me, if I do not bring back the Red Skull from the Dark Glen… and even if zey did, how could I warn zem in time? It took usss *A WEEK* to get ziss far…” Strike looks at you hopelessly. “What sssshould I do?”

    Alright, so my brilliant idea when you guys all went down the sinkhole was to compile the entire plot of the Elwood down into one giant, Lord of the Rings scale battle. In my personal estimation…it didn’t really come off, since this battle has taken all year now. I was going for “grand and epic” and I think I landed somewhere closer to “excruciating slow and hard to follow”. I still like the *idea* of the grand scale, multi-army, Warhammer-lite style clash, personally…but I think it would work *A LOT* better over something like Discord, and I *definitely* won’t be trying it in PbP again. Thanks for playing along and letting me try something a little different!

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    Meanwhile, back on the ship, Bern Huldrason finally fits a little replica frigate he’s been working on into a bottle. With a tug on a loose knitted string, he pulls its masts upright and discards the string.

    “The Long Battle is finally done,” he rumbles, “She was a good one.”

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    Jack just sort of stands there, swaying. Is it over? Apparently it's over. Finally, he puts the weapon away, pushes the helm's mask up and whistles, waiting patiently until the micro griffon flits in from across the battlefield, landing on the proferred arm, "Well Mister Fusspot, seems we both made it out intact. Ow."

    He encourates the small beast onto his shoulder as he walks back to the others, giving Rax a wide berth and ending up near Ilmater. He listens to the man talk, looking around at the dead bodies, "I'm not sure any of us could have done much more, really. Sometimes you just need to fight and nothing short of death will stop you." Careful nudge at a dead troll with his foot, "And sometimes not even that."

    The youth examines him more carefully, having had a flicker of recognition on the edge of his mind before the situation exploded on them, "Do I know you? You look familiar, but I don't think we'd met before." Realisation, hushed voice, "...you're not actually a wolf, are you?" Sniff, "Stinky, that you?"

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    Oak growls when the trolls retreat, his legs pumping to start after them. They don't get to leave, they needed to die here. He is probably twenty feet after them when he glances back to see no one following. It's enough of a start in his head to give a brief moment of clarity from the white hot embers of his rage, a small enough sliver of doubt to give him a single question. Why?

    With that, the exhaustion of post-battle sweeps over him. He arms feel heavy, and he's distinctly noticing the bite in his arm. But, his eyes look over the group and the Wild Bunch is all accounted for, plus others.

    Oak drags himself back towards the crowd, sword resting on his shoulder. He walks past his group, a slight nod his form of greeting and validation they were safe. Passing through, he stands in front of the group that were their captors.

    He stands silently for a second as the things in Gary's skin pleaded. Finally, he lifts the sword off his shoulder, both hands wrapped around the hilt....and stabs it into the ground. "I'm not the forgiving type. But yer part of this now. We're all going to do this together, and when we finish it, you can find your way out." He stares at them for a moment, then pulls the point of the sword out of the ground and turns away. He takes a few steps before stopping again. "But..." he said loudly over his shoulder, "if you try and harm me or mine, you'll wish them trolls would have got ya first." Finally, Oak walks off to leave the group to pull themselves together, as he joins back with his companions.

    AustinP0027 on
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    "You know Raz, I feel like I've got a hundred questions, but it seems like they all boil down to...why? Why try to feed us to the island? Why did you come out here before us? Why is this related to the map? Ok, that was more of a how than a why, but still!

    No matter what, I'm glad you and the Fox gang made it through, and I hope we've made a bond. I believe in your people, and think the governor writing them off is wrong. If you are willing to support Strike's plan to evacuate, I think you will see that we are trying our best to help them all. If I'm going to let bygones be bygones after you tried to kill me...5 days ago? I dunno, time is weird here. But yeah, let's get off the island that eats people and go from there."

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC:Since we all charged off into the plot right away, can we take a moment post these conversations to circle back amongst ourselves before things move along again?

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    [As JACK sniffs Ilmater’s scent, he realizes several things at once: he has smelled this scent once in his life before; the scent is highly unique and complex, to the point where it almost burns JACK’s nostrils (it smells like this man has somehow been everywhere: the Far North, the Midlands, Deep Earth, Beyond the Stars, the Abyss…); and finally, the man seems to have splattered acid along his heels and shins sizzling slightly, which should be horribly painful but he seems not to even feel. Whoever this gentleman is, he is otherworldly and powerful]

    Ilmater’s eyes twinkle, and the usually somber man lets out a hearty belly laugh at Jack’s question. “Hahahaha…no, young Jack, I’m afraid not. The wolves of the Wood I believe you speak of…they saw this battle coming, and made sure to stay well out. Most animals have that basic instinct,” Ilmater says playfully at Jack.

    “We’ve never met, not officially…but once, on my travels…I saw a man, naked and afraid, steal a whole ham and two chickens from a tavern kitchen. We made eye contact for but a brief moment…before the nude man was caught out by the barman’s wife, who beat at the man with a broom as he ran from the establishment…” Ilmater makes somber eye contact with Jack, his eyes brimming with compassion and wisdom. “You’re getting chased by much bigger brooms *these days*, aren’t you young Jack?”

    Ilmater subtly leans in and whispers the next bit to Lucky Jack:
    ”I wish I could give you a choice, whether or not to be involved in this…but I fear it’s already far too late. These events were set in motion long ago, before you even walked on two legs, when this place was created during the Spellplague. Your group: Oak, Arno…and I believe he now calls himself Urixes…have been foretold. You are the Fabled Metamorphic, whose destiny is tied to the Twilight Expanse. The hard choices…this place, Villam…Chaff…the Expanse…will all fall on your shoulders, when the time comes. It is an awful responsibility, Jack…but...I am glad it falls to the four of you. I could not have chosen better.”

    “I tell you now two things, and ask a third. One, beware the beast- Malar the Stalker has caught your scent in this place, and may attempt to influence you through your animal nature. Two, beware of mutiny- there is trouble brewing aboard the Whispered Curse. It’s been waiting for you since you left port at Far Aeston, and it only grows worse as you leave this place. Know your friends, and watch the crew.”

    “Three. Finally, I ask….it is…MY fault, what happened to Fair William. The curse placed upon him happened because he chose to become my champion. I...ask only that you and your friends consider that, when the time comes…”

    Ilmater sees the scroll sticking out of Jack’s accoutrements. “Ah! I see you discovered the Old Library out here…if you let me have a look, I might just be able to decipher it…”

    [Ilmater is available to identify unknown magical items or offer solace (blessings). He identifies the scroll Jack possesses as the following:]

    Planar Binding
    With this spell, you attempt to bind a Celestial, an elemental, a fey, or a fiend to your service. The creature must be within range for the entire casting of the spell. (Typically, the creature is first summoned into the center of an inverted Magic Circle in order to keep it trapped while this spell is cast.) At the completion of the casting, the target must make a Charisma saving throw. On a failed save, it is bound to serve you for the Duration. If the creature was summoned or created by another spell, that spell's Duration is extended to match the Duration of this spell.

    A bound creature must follow your instructions to the best of its ability. You might Command the creature to accompany you on an adventure, to guard a location, or to deliver a Message. The creature obeys the letter of your instructions, but if the creature is Hostile to you, it strives to twist your words to achieve its own objectives. If the creature carries out your instructions completely before the spell ends, it travels to you to report this fact if you are on the same plane of existence. If you are on a different plane of existence, it returns to the place where you bound it and remains there until the spell ends.

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    Urixes brushes himself off, scowling around at the battlefield as the trolls make their escape. As his duplicates disappear and the tentacle returns to the ether from whence it came, he approaches Strike. "It seems we all still have a role to play here," Urixes says. He listens to Strike's words, his scowl softening as Strike's doubts are given voice. "I believe you are the only one that can truly answer that question, my friend. I meant what I said. I will help you however I can. But if you are going to lead your people, you must lead. The skull, the witch, the boats, the island, the glen ... what is the path that leads you and your people to freedom?"

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    Dikku nods with the same kind of “yes-man” quality you’ve seen Gary display in deference to Urixes aboard ship. “I mean…well, yessir, absolutely! We’re here for whatever you need!” Dikku stands akwardly, and gives a rather sloppy salute to Oak. “…I would ask, that we be allowed to send word back to our people…that we are safe, if it’s alright by you? It’d only take one of us,” Dikku (Gary) looks back at the four damaged lizards laying in the mud, then back up at Oak hopefully. “If you need help getting to the Glen, or need a guard getting anywhere on the island, you’ll just let the rest us know, yeah? Umm, here,” Gary’s body nervously hands over your former crewmate’s firearm and presses it into Oak’s hands. “Sign of good faith, yeah? Just let us know anything what you need us to do!”

    [OAK has received Gary’s Flintlock Pistol!]
    1d10 piercing Dex Weapon, Cost 200GP, 2lbs., Range-20/60ft, Longbarrel 16 inches. (not a sneak weapon)


    Rax gives a deep sigh, and nods glumly up at Arno before finishing off the cask of rum and then absently *hurling* the empty container over his shoulder. (“EH! Wochit!” says Fiver from nearby, as glass shatters). “Fair enough,” the Rak’Ta says to Arno, after a long pause.

    “…I tried to feed you to za island becaussse…you were competition. I mean, zatsss *at leassst* honessst, yah?...You’re sssurely ssssmart enough to have realized by now zere are zings happening behind za ssscenes in za Expanssse…a power ssssstrugle. You're innit.”

    “I wasss aboard za Sssanguine Ssseeker, sssum thirty odd yearsss ago. Uzzzers made up za crew…many, people you’ve met, ya? Ssssay…myssself….your friend, za sssomething-ssssomething Baron-Reynard-of-nowhere…za Governor Mitchum, *SSSONUVABITCH*….zere were uzzers, but I grow old and can’t remember zem all…” Rax turns and yells towards your Tiefling friend, “…*hey, Urixesss, who elssse wassss zere? Do you remember?*” The Rak’Ta cackles to himself for a while, before coughing up a bit of his rum. After a while and some throat settling, he eventually continues.

    “*I* tried to recruit Urixesss to my ssside early on again, but he wassss not interesssted….we didn't get on, maybe he hasss zum hard feelingsss….Sssshin and his cohortsss tried to recruit Oak in Far Aesssston, but he sssseemed reticent or already bought…”

    “…I knew about you from your time among za working lizardssss in Far Aeston, and figured you to be a plant from Reynard or za Governor….ssssorry for zat….did hear about you wrecking Mitchum, sssso apparently it wasssn’t za Governor at leasst, well done….and Jack here….well, let usss jussst say I have had bad luck with werewolves, *before* zis [Here Rax raises his voice loud enough for all to hear] *SSSSONUVABITCH TOOK MY HAND*!!!”

    “…ssso, yessss….I found it *very* easssy to kill za Wild Bunch, when za alternative would be dead Rak’ta, or a knife in my back from Reynard’sss hired handsss. After today...I feel sssomewhat differently...'

    “….assss to your sssecond questssion…I came out here before you in order to ssseek za Witch. I…may have…left sssomething with her the lasssst time I came through, and wisssh to claim it back. Za Dark Glen was to be found afterwardssss…but, I won’t lie, za original plan wasss to have the Red Sssskull from Chief Ukye already, and to handle both ourssselvess. Now, I believe, we may be able to help each uzzer, *if* we can trussst each other…sssay, me and the gang sssseeksss za Witch, while you ssseek out za Glen and za Demon, to reforge za sssword?”

    Rax maybe sees a hint of hesitation in Arno’s eyes. “Look, look, I get it…but I wasss brought on board for a reassson. We’ll *need* the Red Sssskull…*and* the ssssword it’sss attached to….*AND* we’ll need za Witch’sss Moon Neclace to unlock za treasure of za Expanssse. If I had anozzer week, maybe I could do it mysssself…but za Curse is jusst offshore, and needsss to leave with zese zings in three or four days…and I’ve met za Keeper before” Rax absently scratches at one of the many wounds on his face: a deep and lasting gouge going form above his eye to underneath his chin. “….I’d rather not again. It sssseemss a fair trade.”

    “Asss to your quesssstion of za map…we need za map to find za uzzer pieces of of za Expansse’sss lock, zat opensss za way to za treasssure…zere are ssssix itemssss we need: za Red Ssskull sssword, za Moon necklace, za bracerssss, za belt, za book and za candle. If you can read it... Za map can find any of zem…at *any* time…and it cannot be dessstroyed….but it isss in piecesss right now.” Rax smirks up at Arno. “Za Queen of Chaff….ssshe was also from the Sssanguine Sssseeker….ssshe bears za uzzer half of za map…I’m allowed on board more-or-lesss ssso I can obtain zis map from her. No more.”

    At Arno’s words of good will towards the Fox Gang given the previous battle, the members of the group give varying versions of a grumbling thanks: Shin and Fiver seem to be genuinely appreciative towards Arno, and impressed with the Wild Bunch as a whole. Ril seems less impressed and more standoffish. Bluurg…Bluurg sends Arno eyebrow motions that are deeply disconcerting: the Grung is either attempting to express his appreciation badly, or he is attempting badly to flirt with Arno. (Bluurg is a bit of a creep: it is known).

    Rax nods somberly at Arno’s words appreciating the Rak’Ta people, letting out a deep sigh as he does so. “Yeh…yeh, you *gettit*, don’t you?...Alright, Little Sssway…tell ya what…za Sssword unlocksss za way to za watercraft, I know zat much. Za Moon Neclace we’ll need for later….and, with za witch occupied…za Chameleons would have time to regroup and make zere way south…and sssso would za Rak’Ta, if we could find a way to tell zem.”

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    Strike the Rak’Ta nods quietly and assuredly at Urixes’s words. “…you’re not wrong, my friend….it izz *YOU*, and your companionsss who have given me faith and ssstrength again…but I am no warrior. I know zat, now. I am not sssstrong in za way of you or your friendssss, to defeat za darknesss…all I can do…all I *must* do…. isss try to sssshow za way, and hope zey follow…”

    Strike shakes himself off from staring at the fire, and looks back with purpose towards his former enemies the Chameleons: “…you ssssaid zere were pathsss back, yesss? Underground?” Dikku (Gary) nods, confused. “How deep do zey go?”

    “Well, uh…” Dikku (Gary) looks back at his chameleon brethren, eyes questioning: the blank faces of the lizards don’t seem to offer him a response either way. Rather torn, Dikku (Gary) turns back and responds honestly to Strike. “…I mean…all the way, man. *All the way*.”

    Shaking off his head at the disgust of this intrusion, Strike immediately follows up, “Can you take me zere? Could we get all za way back to za village?”

    Dikku looks hesitant, “…I mean, yeah, it’s possible….but it’s a*long way* in the dark at once man, and I don’t think you….”

    “HOW LONG?!” Strike demands.

    Dikku turns back to his Chameleon brethren and talks amongst them quietly: he eventually turns back towards Strike. “…Two days, best. You’d be….*DEAD*, come the other end…but you could maybe do it in two days….”

    Strike turns back towards Urixes and the Wild Bunch. “If it’sss possible…zen I sssshould go…*NOW*. You won’t misss my absssence in battle, zis I know… but I may be able to gather za Rak’Ta, za Chameleons, bring zem ziss way…” Strike looks up at Urixes. “…*IF* I know you’re waiting here to open za way. I know I have asssked much of you, my horned friend…I asssk now one more zing…will you give me ziss chance?”

    mrpaku on
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    Arno whispers "Not that I want you to insult my friend, but seeing as he's an actual wolf cursed with human form, son of a bitch is less a verbal barb and more a very accurate description."

    "Honestly, being seen as competition is a compliment, and like I said, no hard feelings for trying to kill me, not the first time. Though a little bit of hard feelings about you thinking I was bought by the governor. After all this time, I should hope it would have been obvious, I don't do anything behind the scenes."

    "Take the ancient artifact to a demon protected glen, re-forge the sword, get all the Rak'Ta and Chameleons on an armada and off the living island. Sounds like my kind of fun. Though any tips regarding the demon would be appreciated. But yeah, sounds a fair deal to me."

    "Bluurg, I'm not saying no, but it's gonna take more than a couple drinks."

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack gets a dreamy look on his face at the mention of chickens and ham. That was a good meal. He can't even remember the beating, but has no reason to think the man is lying, there were many brooms in his past.

    He listens to Ilmater's story with his head tilted, hands patting down his pockets and producing some jerky for Mister Fusspot currently trying to tear his ear off. He offers the remains to the talking man, then shrugs and puts it away, more jerky for him.

    "Be careful, got it." His brain is pretty good at summarising at the cost of, well, everything else.

    "Oh, thanks!" He glances over the identified scroll, then pockets it once more. "So, um..." He looks around, "You staying here? Kind of in the middle of nowhere, really. Could come with us, keep back when fights break out?" At this point he's switched to post-battle maintenance mode, gathering his possessions, strapping them to his body, making sure there are no loose arrows, unhooking the string on his longbow, etc.

    "Oh, did you have any stuff in the big box? I think it's over there by Rax." He gestures to the Rak'Ta, just in time for him to yell in his direction, "Err, yes. Over there. Sheesh, he keeps a grudge, you don't see me going on about my missing finger..."

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    "Send whatever word you need. But the same warning applies for your people. Don't cross me." Oak responds gruffly. He doesn't say anything as they hand a weapon over to him, just grunts and walks away back towards the Wild Bunch. He examines it for a moment as he gets further away, noting that it feels like the type of weapon that he wouldn't be as adept of using. He might need to see if there was someone else amongst his group who would want it.

    With the post-battle conversations slowly petering out, Oak finds his way over to the box of things that their captors had taken from them. He had already gotten his stuff out of it, but the rest of his crew would need theirs as well. He heads over, leaving Rax and Arno alone as he digs through and pulls out the things that he knows belong to the others. Content to watch their gear until it was claimed, he sits down on a crate and silently watches the others.

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    "Of course," Urixes responds simply, bowing his head slightly to Rax, "Go to your people. We will reforge the sword while Rax deals with the Witch. I ... remember him. I think we can trust him this time."

    He turns toward Rax, bridging the two conversations. "I don't remember everyone yet," he says to Rax. "But I remember you, now. You've changed since that voyage. So have I. The Urixes you remember is gone. I should make this clear to you: I intend to break the cycle. I care little for treasure or glory. I want freedom. As long as you don't stand in the way of that, we are allies."

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited January 18

    Bluurg scurries back to the downed chest, frantically attempting to procure something to drink.

    Rax growls menacingly as Arno mentions the demon. His eyes flash over at Urixes. “…Za Demon…ssshe comesss in sssheepsss clothing. Don’t be fooled. I’m bad newssss….but at leasssst I’ve alwaysss been honessst about it, yesss? Za Keeper can be charming, funny…a fine hossst…but make no missstake, ssshe’d chew you to *bitsss* and ussse the bonesss as toothpicks, if za mood hitsss her. Don’t wander her home alone, either: it’sss heavily trapped, and worse zings zen her roam the halls.”

    “One zing zat may help…him,” Rax points with his remaining claw up at Urixes. “Sssshe wassss ssssweet on him, once…or whatever demonsss conssssider to be “ssssweeet”. Za sssame ssssort of…delightssss? But…if zat Urixessss isss truly gone, I don’t know how much zat would help you.”

    Rax, with a grunt, pushes himself to his feet. As magnanimously as he possibly can (it’s honestly rather nauseating to watch), Rax the Repentant produces the Red Skull and hands it over to Arno. “I zink you’ll need zisss, yesss? Careful not to losse it on the ssswim in. Arno?” Rax extends a claw to shake. “It’ssss been a pleasssure…let’sss do it again, ssssometime!”


    Ilmater nods. “Yes, it *is* the middle of nowhere. But I’ll be moving on soon. I have one more stop to make on the island, before I leave this place. And…I’m curious as to what you will decide with Fair William. I will stay until then, then I will depart back…there is still much to do: the Twilight Expanse was but one of many calamities brought on by the Spellplague. But…I am glad to have met you, Young Jack. It lifts my heart to know the burden of struggle falls to one such as you. Be well.” Ilmater touches Jack shoulder lightly as he says this, then he turns back to giving absolution to the dead.

    [JACK has received *Ilmater’s Blessing!*]
    Ilmater’s Grasp (God of Endurance)

    - +1 to Constitution

    - +1 to Constitution to Saving Throws

    - When a player reaches 0 HP instead of being rendered unconscious, they can instead choose to call on Ilmater to give them the courage to stay in the fray, immediately regaining 1 Hit dice, and expending any Hit Dice in their hit bank they wish to gain HP immediately. This is a one time effect.


    “No sir, we won’t, absolutely!” Dikku (Gary) looks thrilled. Quickly conferring with the group, they decide to send back one of the remaining guardsman in their giant crocodile form. The chameleon nods, salutes your group, then transforms and rushes itself waddling to the West from where you came.

    Kiko looks healed enough to stand now. Him and Dikku (Gary) are having a whispered conversation with each other…there is a lot of looking back over their shoulders at Strike and Oak. Nodding finally in agreement, Kiko’s skin begins to shift sickeningly…soon, he stands again as Victor in front of you.

    Not-Victor and Not-Kiko nervously walk back over to Oak. “…alright, so we were thinking…Strike has to get to the Village ASAP, and you guys have to get to the Dark Glen, yeh? Well…how’bout we send *these* two guys to show the tunnels to Strike…three would move faster than five anyway…and then me and Victor…I mean, Kiko here can get you to the Glen *nice and quick*, watch the place for you until we can find those ships? Seems like the least we can do after…you know…everything. We owe you our people’s lives…plus, we’re headed that direction anyway…so…?”


    Strike’s eyes shine up at Urixes and he gives you another toothy smile. “Zen…I ssshould go now. Urixes…Wild Bunch…” Mister Fusspot chirps, and perches atop Jack’s head. “Yesss, you too, little one. I owe you much. I will…ssssee you all on za udder ssside.” Strike bows, then departs with his chameleon guard, looking back once wistfully as he goes.

    Rax laughs as Urixes says he’s changed. “Changed? Heh…I ssssuppossse. I’ve gotten older…we ALL have…excccept for you,” Urixes can’t tell if Rax is jealous, or if he feels some sort of pity for you.

    Urixes words of “breaking the cycle”, followed by “caring little for treasure and glory” cause Rax to nearly sputter with incredulity. “….ssso you really *don’t* remember, do you? I…we…zere isss no time. We haff much to disscusss when we get back to za ssship, you and I…” Rax goes to grasp Urixes by the shoulder, then hesitates and backs off. Leaning in instead, the Rak’Ta hisses into Urixes’s ear:
    ”I don’t know if we end up on different sssides of ziss one, again…but I do know *zis* is za one zat breaks za cycle. You'll see when you get to za Glen. Watch out for za Demon, ya? Ssshe’ll try to break you, especially if sssshe ssssees you like ziss. Or make you her puppet. Or torture your friends. You may even…well, haff sssome of it coming. Ssshe hatesss me, but sssshe loved you…”

    Current Map-

    [DM Note: Rax and his comrades begin to sort out their equipment from the chest and prepare to depart to the East (Bluurg has finally arrived back with what looks to be some sort of cooking sherry, and he appears crestfallen). Dikku (Gary) and Kiko (Victor) stand awaiting your response, or are ready to provide directions to the Dark Glen. When you’re ready, the Wild Bunch will be headed Northwest for a little while through the bog, before traversing a bit of the rough woods, and eventually hitting the ravine to the East. You guys haven’t had a chance to just interact and RP between the four of you for awhile, so let’s say you reach the ravine (and within sight of the rope bridge leading to the Dark Glen) by nightfall, uneventfully. Once you guys are camped and ready for a Long Rest, I’ll roll for camp events and weather, but take your time!]

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Okay guys, looks like we have a destination and a goal. But right now, we need to put our heads together and make a plan, because we have some serious decisions to make.

    So obviously, Oak you would be our bass. From what I can tell, Jack seems to be more of a tenor. And I'm flexible for being a lead or baritone, but I'm not sure where Urixes falls. Most of his "Hrmms" sound a bit baritone, but I feel like he could pull of a lead. And of course, we're going to need to pick our shanty. We can't let the Fox gang be the only group singing a synchronized song in the heat of battle. Any suggestions?"

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack watches Ilmater quietly for a bit, then shrugs and puts him out of his mind. Complicated matters aren't worth stewing over. Or worrying about. Or thinking about, really. What was he doing again?

    Having gathered the laast of his belongings he mills about until everyone is ready to depart, more than happy to join in Arno's banter, "Ooooh, we singing'? I love a good shanty." He clears his throat and starts blasting, not waiting for a prompt.
    He's not half-bad, really. Maybe a bit off pace, but his pitch is good and, when he doesn't stop, it becomes clear he's accumulated a lot of songs over time.

    Spotting the Fox gang he transitions into their song, then bumps Oak's shoulder in a come-on-join-in! way and walk-hops backwards in front of him, singing at him with a grin.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak chuckles softly at Arno, and shakes his head at Jack, shooing him away. "Not a singer, that I can promise ya."

    He sits cleaning his sword, ensuring that any nicks from the Troll fight were worked out and that it still had a keen edge. "You did good today lads. Was a rough fight, but we all passed through with flying colors, something to be proud of." Oak doesn't bring up the fact they were all captured, after falling through what was essentially a whirlpool, being marched towards an unknown destination, and then fighting a combination of trolls and goblins, he felt it was fair to focus on the fact that they were still alive as a success.

    He glances up at Jack as the younger man continues singing. He doesn't join in, but after a moment, his hand does tap in time against his leg.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "Hmm," Urixes smiles, somewhat uncharacteristically, "You know, I tried to be a bard once. I didn't go to one of the colleges. Thought I could be self-taught. Didn't really work out, although I suppose that's probably obvious. I almost drowned an entire audience, and set half of a tavern on fire. That was a long time ago though. I don't think that tavern exists anymore."

    After staring into the middle distance for a while, listening to Jack sing his song, Urixes speaks up again. "I'm sure you've all pieced it together by now but, this isn't my first time here. Well, in a sense. I've been on that boat before, I've been to this island before. Hells, I've probably camped in this very spot before. But the Urixes that did those things died. Dozens of times by now. Maybe more. My memories are fractured and faded so it's hard to keep track. I wish I could remember better, to help us get through this. There's so much shadow."

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited January 19
    You guys are awesome :D Inspiration all around!

    The Wild Bunch is left to mull over Urixes’s confession as they travel. Jack and Arno continue to polish their two part harmony, as Oak keeps the beat, and Urixes remembers fond fragments of former selves: memories of simpler times, but for a change, happier times... lightening his usually weary soul. Times like these will be hard found on the journey, for all of the Wild Bunch...

    The moving is easy-going, considering all that had come before in the Elwood. You are soon out of the Bog, and the wood that follows (through as dense as ever, and in places you’re forced to hack through the brush) is open to the fresh air and sunshine. The sun starts to descend out of sight to the East just as the wood opens up into a deep, vast ravine, cutting off the Eastern from the Western portions of the island. The ravine is 200 feet across, at its most narrow, and the surrounding edges on either side of the chasm are heavily sloped, and prone to crumbling soil and loose rocks. Over the edge, you can see what must easily be a 350 foot fall to bottom, where a small creek trickles aggressively among jagged rocks.

    You continue South at a safe distance along the edge of the ravine, keeping lookout for the rope bridge you had been told was the next marker of your journey. You’re just losing the last of the sunlight when you sight it in the distance. It’s less than a mile away. Having had a long day since the cages…an INCREDIBLY long day…the group decides unamimously to stop for the night, and have a Long Rest.

    As you’re setting up camp, the Weather suddenly changes…
    Fog: Whether in the form of a low-lying cloud or a mist rising from the ground, fog obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. Creatures 5 feet away have concealment (attacks by or against them have a 20% miss chance).

    That night, as you prepare to rest before the final leg of your journey to the Dark Glen…


    Arno experiences a sickening, painful *THUMPING* inside their stomach. Maybe it was something you ate or something you drank recently, but at the moment you don’t feel good at all

    (Arno, roll Constitution Save to fight the parasite inside your system (DC 13) )


    Jack is nearly asleep when he thinks he can smell something in the Fog. He sits up (disturbing Mister Fusspot, who chirps angrily up at him). The condensation sits over your campsite like a heavy blanket…

    (Jack roll Wisdom Check to see if you can pick up the scent(s) through the soup of fog (DC 13) )


    Oak has taken watch when he hears a voice come into his head for the third time in nearly as many days. The experience hasn’t stopped being disconcerting. But, it's a familiar voice, at least. Hugo, (the Doctor aboard the Whispered Curse) whispers to Oak and Oak alone, “Where are you? Need to leave, three more days- Captain fears plot for ship and map before Gray Maw- Needs people she can trust”

    (Oak can respond to Hugo in under twenty-five words. Only he will hear your message)


    Urixes tosses and turns this evening. Despite unburdening himself to his friends bringing a temporary moment joy to his spirit, he still felt anxious…restless. Now that the memories were slowly coming back, they came sometimes unbidden, skeletons emerging from a locked closet…

    (Urixes remembers something this evening: a Past Life comes to greet him for a moment in the dark and fog. Urixes, which of the following do you catch a glimpse of: the Binding Eternal (Your First Cycle)? The Demon Days(Tyrant of the Seas)? The Sanguine Seeker (Rax’s Former Shipmate)?

    mrpaku on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    There's a cadence to Jack's quiet snoring that is cut short as various wolf neurons fire off, interrupting his sleep. The black wolf lifts his head, fighting the urge to return to his human form as he pokes his snout out the tent flap and gives a deep sniff, ignoring the chittering Fusspot in the helm beside him.

    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Wisdom Check

    Wisdom Check:
    1d20+1 13 [1d20=12]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: Come oooooon Inspiration!))

    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Wisdom Check

    Wisdom Check:
    1d20+1 19 [1d20=18]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak's watching the area silently when the familiar voice of Hugo interrupts his thoughts. The third time this has happened, it doesn't startle Oak as much. He listens carefully, then takes a moment to think of what reply he can give that will help Hugo understand. The pressures on the captain were mounting, and the Wild Bunch was needed to help secure the future of the ship, but what they were doing here was equally important, and somehow he needed to convey that.

    "Headed to Dark Glen. Need to kill a Demon. Be back soon."

    OOC:While maybe not fully accurate, it just feels right that Oak has 25 words he is allowed to use, but uses half that.

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Ugh, what is going on."

    Geth roll 1d20+1 for con
    Geth roll 1d20+4 for medical knowledge, what the heck.

    1d20+1 3 [1d20=2]
    medical knowledge, what the heck:
    1d20+4 7 [1d20=3]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Geth roll 1d20+1 for inspiration

    1d20+1 20 [1d20=19]

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    JACK, wolf senses preternatural even in this heavy mist, can pick up three distinct scents through the fog: Worg and Goblin (and a heavy concentration of it) zig-zagging back and forth through the thick woods, as though the creatures were combing the area for something recently but stopped a couple hours ago. The other scent is fresh, distinctive, and nearby: from somewhere close in the Woods, you make out the sickeningly sweet scent of clove smoke

    OAK receives no response, but doesn’t expect any. Thoughts of the Whispered Curse at the back of his mind, the boss of the Wild Bunch continues his watch in the heavy fog, wondering what fresh dangers tomorrow might bring

    ARNO hunches over, as they struggle against the *awful* wrenching feeling in their intestines. Reaching down to compress the area, Arno feels a sudden and violent twitch underneath the skin, as an alien protrusion reacts noticeably to the pressure from Arno’s hand…before immediately retreating back. Taking a deep breath, Arno closes their eyes…focuses against the pain. After a long while, the feeling stops, and everything feels fine…for now…

    [Arno believes they’ve contracted a Tapeworm or Parasite of some kind. They are almost certain they contracted it while on the river. It seems to be a particularly aggressive parasite: it’s probably only Arno’s steady diet of good berries that has kept it at bay until now. Arno has managed to suppress the creature for now, but you sense it’s trying to grow, which could lead to some serious problems in the near future. Best to get it treated as soon as possible (possible treatments would include: Lesser Restoration, visiting a Doctor, ingesting an Anti-parasitic)]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Arno casts lesser restoration before going to sleep.

    "Note to self, ask if anyone else is having tummy trouble. To bad I couldn't pass it another way, I imagine one from this part of the world would be interesting to see. Gross, but interesting."

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Hmm. He's not surprised he can smell old goblin and work all around, but that fresh scent is... familiar. Try as he might he's just too drowsy to recall it and, with a yawn, shifts to human and clambers out of his tent wearing very little.

    "Psst! Oak!" He hisses quietly, not wanting to wake everyone, "I smell clove nearby. Can you remember who smelled of that before?" He nods in the general direction the scent is coming from, then yawns once more. He just wants to curl up and sleep.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Urixes grimaces and scowls in his sleep, at once remembering and reliving his time with Rax and the Sanguine Seeker. He was quite used to never having true peace from his past lives, but this dream-memory was so much more vivid than usual...

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited January 21
    [Urixes usually finds himself haunted by his dreams, but tonight is different…as he sleeps, a wave of suddenly remembered joy comes over him, which soothes the soul and bathes him in pleasant nostalgia…]

    Urixes stands aboard a very familiar, and yet different ship. Under his feet, the Sanguine Seeker *rocks and sways*. Villam is (again, somehow) coming into sight over the Western Horizon.

    The group assembled around him are all laughing (good naturedly) at Urixes…but for some reason, he doesn’t mind, or even feel bashful. He almost feels *relieved*, somehow. Urixes in his dream state looks around, expecting to see the faces of the Wild Bunch…instead he sees different faces, which are still no less familiar to him (and in the way of dreams, the past becomes the present, and Urixes slips easily back into his old self…)

    Cardan Byrne, the Half-Elven Bard, nods appreciatively as Urixes finishes his vocal solo. “…not bad….really...not bad at all.” Urixes can’t tell if Cardan is trying to make you feel better, or if maybe he’s genuinely challenged by your talent: the Bard begins to scratch his chin, and fiddle with his Hurdy-Gurdy, a thing you’ve noticed he does when he doesn’t want to engage with someone directly. It’s strange to think, Urixes from the present opines, This awkward and unconvincing half-elf eventually becomes a good enough actor to turn into Baron Reynard…

    Urixes hears clomping boots descend the stairs, followed by good humored laughter. “*Bravo*, Fiendish! I didn’t even know your people appreciated the Fine Arts!” Urixes is on edge before the man even finishes stomping down the stairs to join you on the Main Deck. There is a moment of confusion in Urixes as the leather-clad, rather handsome young man comes into view. Urixes for a moment doesn’t recognize him…and then it clicks into place. Robert Mitchum, the future Governor of Far Aeston, has aged *horribly* in the last thirty years. You wouldn’t even have recognized him as the same man, were it not for the familiar arrogance and haughty stride. “..and this is all over a breakup, with another *Fiend*? Like, smoochie-smoochies, between genocides? Wonders never cease…this voyage is teaching me things, ladies and gents…it is absolutely…”

    “You shuddap and levim alone, Mister Mitchum!” Sitting atop the rail, Jennie Goldenmane chides the future Governor to hold his tongue. Robert Mitchum backs down, no one ever *dared* mess with Jennie, Urixes remembers…. The dwarven maiden turns and addresses Urixes directly, “Well *I* thought it was *lovely*…thank you for sharing that song with us!” Urixes’s heart swells as he sees the familiar Dwarven Cleric again, one of the kindest hearts he had ever met in any…but then, he feels a sudden wash of sadness at the sight of her face, which almost drags him out of the pleasant dream...he has to look away, to keep himself from remembering…

    “Zought it was all rubbish,” Rax says honestly, sat along the longboats. “…no offensssse, of courssse. Zought a fiend could *at leasssst* zing…but rilly, za sssoftssskins do it better.”

    The man who would become Baron Reynard shakes his head dismissively at Rax’s critique. “Everyone’s a *fucking*critic… don’t worry about him…and as to the…well, your former Demon *cough*cough* friend,…buck up!” Cardan Byrne reaches out, and gently touches Urixes’s shoulder. “We’ve all got your back now, right? In fact, if you’d just hum a few more bars with me, I’ll bet I could show you…”

    [Urixes has remembered happy moments of his past life as an aspirant Bard, granting him access to the *Heroism* spell!]

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    The mist remains heavy the next morning, although the pressing sun gives the fog an almost pleasant, ethereal presence. Oak takes the lead, as the Wild Bunch hikes carefully along the edge of the ravine towards the rope bridge.

    You arrive soon enough. A bridge of wood planks and woven rope stretches across the ravine. It looks aged, but not worn down. Oak gives it a firm shake to test its durability: the bridge rocks and sways in the mist, but everything seems to be sturdy enough.

    The Wild Bunch heads across the bridge carefully, one after another in the thick fog. Jack has been wary since this morning, remembering the smell of the Worg Riders in the night. Eyes, ears, and nose already at the alert and anxious, he hears the Goblins and their mounts approach even before they’ve departed the wood: discretely, he informs the group to get down, and remain still. Together, the group attempts to remain motionless and silent.

    From the way you came, you hear through the mist a stampede of paws. You can sense the Goblins *HALT* at the edge of the bridge…there is a long pause, as they peer into the fog, seeking you. After what must be a full minute, the creatures snort, and stampede off again, this time towards your campsite.

    When you’re sure it’s safe, again you slowly start to work your way across the rope bridge…


    There is a roughly beaten path just past the bridge back into the Elwood, headed east for about half a mile. As you go in further, the way becomes darker, the trees become more dense, their giant trunks older and more weathered than the rest of the forest. Soon, what little sun there was begins to fade out, and you’re walking through the woods in the dark and thick of fog.

    You finally arrive in a large valley encircled with trees, which slopes down to the South. It’s dark as pitch most places, but with your nightvision, you can make out to the North a mountainous shape towering over the valley. The fog here has mostly cleared out overhead, but still rolls heavily around your ankles. Occasionally, the fog will gather and swirl in front of you, generating strange shimmers and illusions on the surface of the mist. From somewhere near the center of the Glen, there is a dull, but consistent light in the dark, barely cutting through the fog. To the far South, you hear the sound of rushing water. Everywhere you walk in here, the tangled undergrowth crinkles and snaps strangely…

    [DM NOTE: You have arrived in the Dark Glen. The fog has lightened enough for you to vaguely see around this place, but it still swirls everywhere among the Glen, and may cloak or conceal at any given moment. You may head in any direction to explore alone, or as a group]


    1. Entrance to the Dark Glen- Where you and the Wild Bunch came in

    2. Dense Undergrowth- The tangle underneath your feet is dense, and crackles strangely as you walk along… (Make an Investigation Check at any point to examine the undergrowth)

    3. Ruined Tower-Mortar and Brick of an old design, the door broken and interior darkened…

    4. Bas Relief- There is an Ancient Carving, beautiful but crumbling, carved into the hidden spire of rock known as the South Claw…

    5. Wading Pool- A small pool, knee deep…perhaps the glow emanates from here?...

    6. Rushing Water- Just out of sight through the trees to the South, the familiar sound of falls…

    7. Deep Pool- A massive pond, the mirrored surface black and the depth unknown…

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Okay, I've decided I'm done with creepy fog. It's nice when setting a mood, but we've got a time limit.Let's see what's waiting for us.."

    Arno casts destroy water, a 30 ft cube of fog disappeared, starting from the entrance and likely reaching a bit of the big pool.

    Arno looks at the crunchy ground "Well, that's good to know.."

    Geth roll 1d20-1 for investigate the ground without fog

    investigate the ground without fog:
    1d20-1 0 [1d20=1]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "... I'm blind! No, wait, just an eyelash. Ugh, it really doesn't get worse than this."

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack takes a look around, slowly approaching the lake, "Oooh, pretty." His skin suddenly feels dry as the fog around him vanishes. Well that's unpleasant. Taking a swig of water from his catnine he crouches to examine the undergrowth clinging to his feet.

    Geth, roll 1d20 for Investigation, Jack's Speciality

    Investigation, Jack's Speciality:
    1d20 7 [1d20=7]

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