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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse, Day 43- Pirate Haven of Chaff



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    You cling to the walls, trying desperately to get a handhold up and out. The island continues to rock and shake. Behind you, the whirlpool grows into a greedy, slurping sinkhole. You see as one of the defeated Rak’Ta, coming to brief consciousness, notices his situation and immediately tries to claw his way to safety but is failing, falling…

    The giant head of one of the Spinosaurus emerges out of nowhere and leans over right into the Pit, grabbing the Rak’Ta gently as it can between its teeth and tongue just as he was about to be lost. Clung to the giant creature’s neck, hung on for dear life and directing it, is Dux. The Spinosaurus carefully returns the battered Rak’Ta to a safe distance, and then turns back to begin saving the rest.

    Once most of the Rak’Ta have been taken out of immediate danger, the creature swings its tail over to each of you, one by one, and lets you climb aboard. Dux nods to you all in turn as the group mounts the dinosaur, and she nips at Strike in a gesture that is somehow at once both chiding and grateful when they greet each other. Dux instructs you to hang on tight.

    On the ground, a ways from the Pit and among the just saved Rak’Ta, you recognize the bone armor of the Chief. The hardened Rak’Ta has been badly hurt in his throw from the dinosaur. He only just now, trembling from injury, gets to his feet. As the island threatens to throw him back down, he reaches to grab at the back of his bone cuirass….*wrenches* loose something. Until now you’d thought the redsteel skull was merely ornamental, but loose from the armor, you can clearly see that what the Chief holds is the hilt of a sword. Grasping it in both hands, the Chief raises the handle high above his head…before falling and driving the hilt as HARD as he can into the ground.


    The shaking stops. The island goes still once more. On the ground, the Chief has collapsed; is literally smoking right now, as though cooked from the inside. Directing the dinosaur over, Dux and Strike dismount as quickly as they can to attempt to go help the Chief. It doesn’t look like he’s long for this world…..

    OOC: Everyone (except Strike) advances to Level 3. Please update me on character changes (update your D&D Beyond sheets or send me a new one, in Jack's case) so I can throw them on the new physical character sheets I did up for the crew! What's left of the Chief is about to task Strike with a mission.

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    Dux attempts to tend to the Chief’s wounds, but they’re internal and severe. It’s pretty clear to everyone here that the Chief doesn’t have long to live. The Rak’Ta you battled stand just aside; shamed, and nervous for the health of their Chief. They make sure to lower their arms when you dismount, nod in a clear sign of respect and appreciation. The Chief, coming to but barely, seems to realize his situation as much as anyone present. He waves away Dux’s attempts to help him and turns to Strike.

    “What…hav… you DONE?” The Chief wheezes (So he speaks Common after all).

    “Ze island….did you…?” Strike asks tentatively.

    The Chief shakes his head slowly, painfully. “No…merely put it to sssssleep…..It will awaken sssssoon…and angrier. Our people have never ussssed the Red Skull. It hasss been part of the agreement, for generationsss, sssince the beginning.” The Chief licks idly at a steady trickle of blood coming out of his eye. “I wassss told, zis day would come……what would you have usss do, Strike?”

    Strike doesn’t hesitate. “Leave. All of ussss. Take our people, and leave the Expansssse.”

    The Chief considers his words, as though for the first time. “…and leave Villam to wander? Break the pact, and Villam roamssss the Expanssse? It will awaken hungry…”

    Strike cuts in. “And it will turn it’ssss hunger on usss again if we remain. *You* musssst be the lasssst. We, our people, can leave…sssstart anew, outsssside the Expanssse. Villam, Sess’innek, can be the resssst of the world’ssss problem.”

    The Chief coughs in a way that sounds like he’s breaking ribs. “…the people, they have ssscattered. Many will not lisssten to zis. Many will not be able to accccept zis change. They will think Dux hasss gone mad. They would not follow you, young one, ssssstrange one….” Strike lowers his head, acknowledging the truth of the Chief’s words. “….at leasssst, not without the resssst of the blade…”

    You knew this day would come ” says Dux, with a dawning realization.

    The Chief nods. “….our ansssscestors were given the hilt by the Keeper of the Island, at the beginning. They were told that this land would keep it’ssss prosssperity sssso long as the hilt was held in reverence, and the Ritual maintained. The Keeper *alsssso* told them that if the hilt ever had causssse to be ussssed, we may wisssh to renegotiate the bargain. “Sssswords to Plowssssharesss, and back again/A broken weapon for Warriorssss to hold in peace/A blade for the peacccceful to hold in War”. “

    The Chief’s eyes look glassy and far away. “…the Keeper livesssss through a door, in the Dark Glen. They’ve been expecting you, for sssssome time now, Sssstrike…if you return, with the blade ressstored… people will lisssten to you.”

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    [The island has been nearly deserted, except for the people assembled here. The Rak'Ta have fled in almost every direction, hiding in the caves and forests. The pirates have all fled back to the Ship. Only the Exotic Weapons dealer, pushing a large wheelbarrow of his goods nearby, seems to have missed the news of what just happened. As the Chief finishes his explanation, Valtari the Quartermaster and Conrad the First Mate run up to your group, out of breath.]

    "Heya!" Valtari says cheerfully. "Heard you guys burned down the village and caused a mass panic since I last saw you! Nice!"

    "Captain Arabella sent us to find you," Conrad says. "The crew's spooked. We're pulling up anchor and getting off this cursed place."

    "Any of you seen Rax?" Valtari peers at the nearby Rak'Ta. "He's the last one we have to find, after you guys."

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    ((Dice expression help in the spoiler! I think most everything works here with Geth, who at one point also responded to the name "Minion" for dice rolls, but I don't know if that part still works.))
    • XdY to roll X dice of Y sides.
    • Prefix N# to roll the dice N separate times.
    • Operators allowed are +, -, *, and / which follow order of operations. Division rounds down. Use parentheses if needed. Full format is any number of terms combined with the operators, where term is a literal number or a roll. N can be a term itself.
    • Combinatorics are possible as well. N-choose-K results can be of the form NcK, the value will be the number of combinations to choose K items from a set of N items, and return a random one of these sets in the details. (i.e. 4c2 might result in 6 [4c2=1,3]) Permutations are possible in the form NpK. These terms are useful for generating sequences.


    Append the following modifiers as desired, if using multiple then they must be added in the order below. Some combinations may be invalid.
    • rZ - reroll die if result is Z or lower
    • roZ - reroll die only once if result is Z or lower
    • mZ - count result as Z if roll is lower than Z
    • eZ or oZ - extra / open roll when the die is Z or higher, extra grants one bonus roll only
    • kZ or lZ - keep the highest / lowest Z rolls, drop others
    • tZ - target number Z, count rolls that meet or exceed Z as successes (if Z > Y, implicit oY)
    • hZ - hits Z, count rolls that meet or exceed Z as successes, max roll grants bonus roll (implicit oY) (WoD)
    • xZ - hits Z, count rolls that meet or exceed Z as successes, max roll grants bonus success (Exalted)
    • uZ - under Z, count rolls that are equal to or under Z as successes
    • ! - when at the end of any roll, turns on verbose mode (shows all dice rerolled and modified)

    Some D&D roll examples:
    • 2d20k1+5 for a roll with Advantage and a +5 modifier
    • 2d20l1+5 for a roll with Disadvantage and a +5 modifier
    • 1d12ro2+3 for a Great Weapon Fighting style damage reroll where you reroll once if the first result is a 1 or 2 (in this example the character has a +3 modifier to their damage roll)
    • 1d20+1d4+5 for a roll with Bless and a +5 modifier
    • 1d20-1d4+5 for a roll with Bane and a +5 modifier
    • 5#1d20+1 for rolling 1d20+1 five times

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    Jack is looking very relieved when the dinosaur returns to pick him up, pulling his feet out of the sucking mud with some difficulty and holding onto the tail for dear life. The fight was exciting, but that ending he could have done without.

    He seeks out Mister Fusspot ((OOC: I'm assuming he wasn't in the arena with us?)) and brings him back to the group, standing next to Arno in case Other Mother wants to fuss. He's quiet as the Rak'Ta talk, feeling much more comfortable around arguments than this collage of emotions that he doesn't really know how to process.

    So, he focuses on giving attention to the little griffon instead, hoping the other people in the group will take charge. He only reacts when Rax is mentioned, baring his teeth in a not-entirely-human fashion for just a second.

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    Dinosaur rescue! This is the best day ever.

    As Strike runs to the chief, Arno turns to the now waking Rak'Ta in her arms. "It was an honor to fight you and test your strength. You showed great...MR FUSSPOTS!" Arno drops the Rak'Ta and starts looking for the micro griffin. In all the excitement, the little guy got away. With Jacks help they find him, atop a stack of debris, finger in his mouth.

    "Jack, how many fingers do you have at the moment? 1,2...9. Must be someone else's. Let's keep this from Oak, ok?"

    As Strike and the chief exchange words, Arno offers to Strike "I will help restore the blade, if you will allow. Though I feel like there are some blank spots I'm missing at the moment. And I have a feeling Rax will be going in the same direction we are. Valtari, we can grab Rax and bring him to the ship, if you can have the Captain wait for us."

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    Urixes listens solemnly to the conversation between Strike and the Chief. Finally, he speaks up. "You have little reason to believe an outsider," Urixes says softly, as though sharing a secret, "But hear me: These old ones, these slumbering ancients of the Expanse, can be killed. I know they can. I will help you restore the blade. Then you can gather your people and go, and leave death to those who are destined to it."

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    Valtari nods, in full committal to Arno's words. "... Captain Ari's plan was to load em' up, right now, then spend the next week-ish sitting off the southern cape, to calm the men. What I understand, we need Rax, for his information, was whut I was told, but after all of this (she shakes her head in disillusionment and anger)..... In *any* case, we'll wait for you." Valtari lowers her jovial tone, and leans over towards Arno suddenly and with disarming sincerity. "I saw you; you know." She turns and looks right at Arno, touches them gently on the shoulder. "At dinner, just now. *You're* a brave one."

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    Oak stands aside from the group for a few moments. The battle over, his fights to regain composure, taking deep breaths with his eyes closed, feeling his features shift back. He feels the beast inside of him clearly, a ping of strength as it seems to have fed off the battle, but it's pull on him is lessening even now, and eventually, he is able to open his eyes and see clearly. He feels slight exhaustion, but strangely it's less than he is used to feeling when his anger ends.

    Oak walks over to join the others, coming in as Arno is committing to helping. Valtari says they'll wait, so whatever it was that Arno was agreeing to must be important. Whispers of Rax's name cross his memory, but he had been too preoccupied to really register what they were being asked to do. That said, Arno was agreeing to it, so Oak was going along. "Aye then. If there's a job to be done, then this is the crew that'll be doing it."

    AustinP0027 on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    The light fades from the Chief’s eyes, and he goes limp. The Rak’Ta fighters take a moment of silence, before rising up as a group and lifting their fallen leader. As they leave with the body, Dux turns to Strike and your group.

    “I cannot go with you,” she says. “I mussst sssstay here, and try to reassssemble our people. And zere is much work to be done convinccccing ze ozzers, if we are to ssssucccceed.” She looks again at the departing Rak’Ta. “…I believe your actionssss here tonight may have helped, to zat end.”

    “The Elwood isssss *incredibly* dangerousssss. Our people do not tread zere. Only tourisssstss dare enter, and occasssssionally vissssiting Rak’Ta; I believe Rax and sssssome of hisss Rak’Ta from the sssship were planning to make an expedition zere, before….all zis. The journey to the Dark Glen will take you about one week. I have never made za journey myself, but I have heard zere issss a way down to the Sssssouth beach from the Glen…but it izzz only one way.”

    “You may meet an Orc insssside the wood....he is a reclusive wizard. His name is Zog. He issss…very wary of sssstrangers, but if you show him your Red Lizard Tooth, he will know to trusssst you, and may be able to offer assssisssstance.”

    “Zere issss a river within the Elwood, that windssss itsssself much of the way to the Dark Glen. Down at the docksssss, right beneath the ssssstairs leading to the beach, you zill find kayaks. There ssssshould be more than enough for you all. Help yoursssselves- zay are lightweight, and could sssseat two of you, in a pinch. And here, you’ll need this,” Dux produces the Red Skull hilt, taken from the Chief’s body. She presses it into Arno’s hands. “Don’t losssse it. We will meet again. Do not die.”

    OOC: The group is headed to the Elwood, their first official “dungeon” of the campaign. If you need to stop by the ship, the exotic weapons shop, or anywhere else on island to take care of something before you go, now is the time. Once everyone meets at the entrance to the Elwood, they will be embarking together on a dangerous trek into unmapped territory: rest and resource management will become crucial, as you all attempt to survive in the wilderness and make your way to the Dark Glen.

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    Jack shakes his head at Arno, holding up his injured hand, "Not one of mine! And good idea." He doesn't actually take the finger away from the griffin, instead he covers it up with his palm on the pretense of petting the creature. Poor little guy had a nasty scare, he deserves a snack!

    Once the speeches are done he defaults to helping Arno and Strike with their task. They were helping Dux before already, plus this sounds the right sort of weird to pique his interest- the hag didn't mention anything about lizard-eating islands, but old people can be forgetful.

    "Hey Arno, do we bring Mister Fusspot with us? Only I'm not sure the crew can take care of him proper. Plus, there could be important life lessons to be learned on this trip." Are micro griffins deadly enemies of snakes? That would be a good bonus.

    Hmm. A week. "We'll need to grab some extra food and water and such. I have snacks and all, but not a week's worth. Do you suppose Michael would come with us to cook? Probably not... Maybe some bed rolls? Torches? Long sticks for traps? I've read books about ancient tombs, they're always full of traps and spiders and big rocks that fall on you." Those hearing him can be fairly certain he was not reading historical books.

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    Strike nods solemnly at your group. "What you have done here tonight.....zanks are not nearly enough. I owe you my life." Strike opens his mouth wide, showing the group his teeth in his attempt at a smile. "I will go now to get za kayak and zen wait for you, at the entrance to the Wood. " He departs- you'll find him later at a rough campsite, just outside the Elwood

    OOC: Stopping by to see Michael is an excellent suggestion. His potent potables will come in handy on your journey, and he may be able to stock you up on foodstuffs

    mrpaku on
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    did I hear someone say foodstuffs

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    OOC: Change of plans: Michael will be coming to you instead, making a late-night visit to Strike's campsite once you all arrive. Jack and whoever has gone with him can be assumed to have gathered their gear, and you can all be assumed to have gathered your kayaks. If you're ready to move on, leave an agree to this post.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: Jack, roll a luck die to see if you remembered Oak's most precious possession))

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    Rumors and scuttlebutt run thick on the ship like a good stew. Michael had heard of the wild bunch's excursion into the wilds of the island with Strike. He'd missed them in the hustle and bustle of the ship being prepared to up anchor and round the cape, but he knew with their luck they'd not make it too far without help. With everyone else busy preparing the ship, while drunk in much of the crew's case, his help it would have to be. After serving this evening's feast Carlee had taken the duties for tonight and let Michael away from his post in the galley. His original plan was to take in some evening fishing, but a trip to the Elwood would have to do. He gathered his sundry goods into a pack grabbed a harpoon off the main deck and set out after the wild bunch.

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    Strike is propped next to a roaring fire, curled up with his back against his kayak. Behind him, the trees slowly rock in the night breeze. He hisses a greeting as you approach.

    “All sssettled, zen?...Good. We sssstart out at dawn. Fifty feet in from here izzz the river…it izzz treacherousss, but the clossssest zing we have to a path. With Sssstrength, we sssssshould get to ze Glen in ssseven dayssss.” Strike takes a drink from his waterskin. “Zere is no map of the placcce, zat I know of. But I have learned much of the area: from Dux, and Jonasss, and….Vuurot…”

    “…by Night Two we sssshould come to a high hill, covered in large rocksss which sssitsss just above the treeline (Weathertop). By za next morning, we ssshould arrive at the (Falls). After zat, za river runsss underground…getsss lossst inssside a hill (Underground Currents). We zill need to be careful, not to get lossst inside the cavesss…”

    “Oncce we emerge from the cavesss, we zill have brief resssspite before the (Black Forest), where za treesss live ssso thick, you can’t sssee two feet in front of your face. After we passs through zere, we zill come to a (Giant Dead Great Oak)…I wasss told, I would *know it*, when I ssssee it. Here, we will disssembark. Then head Ssssouth, through a (Haunted Bog), after which we make our way Ssssoutheassst, until we come to a great chasm, and an ancient (Rope Bridge). From zere, za Dark Glen sssshould be jussst to the Eassst.”

    Strike's Rough Map-
    Red Circle- You Are Here
    Red X- Destination

    [Any area not otherwise detailed can be considered dense, dangerous forest]


    mrpaku on
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    Michael arrives after everyone else has settled in to the campsite, using a harpoon like a walking stick. He announces himself as he approaches, "heard you folks were taking a trip up river tomorrow! Thought I'd drop by to see you off with a few supplies I've put together here", with that Michael begins unpacking. He pulls forth an array of flasks, some empty and some full of liquids red and green, but more importantly he takes out trail rations, distributing them to the bunch (10 days rations), as well what seems to be some leftover ribs from the earlier feast which he spits over the fire to heat up. "I've got some more food to make for morning, and a few more brewing experiments as well. I'm also going to need someone's shield. I've got some improvements I can make", if you've taken any notice of it you'll see tool marks in the haft of the harpoon, fresh carving of runes running down its length, "I've just about finished the preparations on the harpoon here"

    OOC: so I've got 4 standard healing potions, one of which I very pointedly hand to lucky jack, 2 flasks full of acid I very pointedly do not give to lucky jack. In the morning I will have a +1 shield for one of you, and a +1 returning harpoon. As well as a number of consumables for your first day in the form of treats that last for 8 hours and will give you 2 temporary hit points and at least 3 healing elixers that restore 2d4+3 hit points. As well as one additional potion i will roll for the effects of now:

    Geth roll 1d6 for my experimental elixer

    my experimental elixer:
    1d6 1 [1d6=1]

    Sleep on
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    edited November 2020
    That'll be a fourth one of those healing elixers.

    Those 4 healing elixers will only last until Michael's next long rest, he'll be up late cleaning the galley tomorrow so he's hoping you guys make it far tomorrow.

    Oh also i alarm tonight's campsight unless someone needs a cure thrown their way.

    Sleep on
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    Jack had already resigned himself to trail rations and his face positively lights up when Michael arrives with fresh supplies. Unless he can avoid it, once the ribs are dished out the chef finds himself hugged from behind with a whisper of "You're my favourite...!"

  • SleepSleep Registered User regular
    Michael reaches back and scratches jack's head somewhat playfully, messing up jack's hair, "Wouldn't be the first big dog with an infatuation for the chef now would ya"

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    There's just a good natured "'m not a dog..." murmur in response.

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    Oak listens silently as Strike explains the path they are about to follow. He watches the faces of the others as he listens, curious to gleam any thought of the journey from their expressions. But, that is interrupted happily by Michael appearing. Even if you hadn't been on multiple ships, any of them knew that good food would make for a good start to a journey. And Michael was known for great food. Oak examined his wares, grabbing a couple rations and handing over his shield, which was a little beat up from the fight they were just in. "Here ya go. Don't think I can thank ya enough, Michael. Will be good to start these lads out on the right foot for this proper journey."

    OOC: Does Jack use a Shield? I can't remember if anyone else does. Either way, Oak's shield can be used to do the infusion, but if someone else actually uses shields, he'll probably offer it up (especially now that with lvl 3, Bear totem means half dmg from every source by psychic)

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: Jack does not use a shield, however Arno does have one))

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    OOC: For organization's sake, this is how the DM is marking it; trade back and forth later as you'd like. Dawn on the river comes shortly: with breakfast tomorrow, everyone gains 2 temporary HP for Day 1

    (Standard Healing Potion- 2d4+2 HP)
    (Healing Elixir- 2d4+3 HP)
    (Vial of Acid- 2d6 damage)

    Jack receives a +1 Returning Harpoon, a Standard Healing Potion, and a Healing Elixir

    Oak receives a Standard Healing Potion and a Healing Elixir

    Arno receives an improved +1 Shield, a Standard Healing Potion, a Healing Elixir, and a Vial of Acid

    Urixes receives a Standard Healing Potion, a Healing Elixir, and a Vial of Acid

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Dawn comes shortly. Michael and Strike both work to roust the lot of you, after your long night. Michael cooks you all up a delicious breakfast, and sees you off with a wave as you sit to eat. He has to get back to the ship; they’re about to pull up anchor, and Carlee will have missed him by now.

    Strike guides you into the Elwood across a tangled and overgrown path, fifty feet to the river. You sink into sand and thin roots up past the ankle as you walk there, your kayak held overhead. Branches knock against your arms, and the forest feels like it’s pressing in on you.


    The river itself…is rather beautiful, in a sort of “undisturbed” way. There is overgrowth everywhere here, on ground, on the water, and overhead; random fallen logs, and sudden currents. There’s usually enough room for two of you to ride side by side, but not always, and you need your full attention not to get caught among weeds, or to run aground on the banks. Bugs are…well, everywhere, and try to get in everything. After a rather rough start for you all, the river starts to open up, and the trees clear out a bit overhead. It’s easy going for the most part, this first bit of the journey. But it presents unique challenges, for each of you…

    Oak, without any discussion from the Bunch, takes the lead here. His Strength, and his unique approach at leadership, make him the obvious Point Man. But leadership brings its own challenges: Oak’s strength may make getting downriver easier than it would be for most, but how well can he coordinate his crew out here on the river?

    [Oak, please roll a Charisma check to properly coordinate the crew; a roll of 13 or better will help keep things smooth and easy-going as the Wild Bunch drifts downriver. In addition, please roll a Strength check; a 15 or better by Oak will contribute towards the group’s ability to make Extra Progress today.]

    Arno takes in the majesty of the forest and river, and all of the life living within it. A deer drinks down near the East bank here…it backs off as it sees your group, runs behind a tree. Every inch of this place teems with something. Arno’s Passive Wisdom skill informs her that some of these trees…not a lot, but a consistent few here and there as you coast downriver…are sentient, and aware of your presence.

    [Arno, please roll a Charisma check if you want to try to communicate with the trees. A roll of 16 or better will endear you to living forest in this area. In addition, please roll a Perception Check; a 16 or better will reveal something rather odd and alarming…]

    Urixes *also* realizes that some of the trees here are living, but lacks Arno’s latent abilities to attempt to communicate with them. He struggles a bit to keep up with Oak’s pace, not being one of the more hardy members of the Bunch. As he huffs and takes another deep dig with the paddle, he looks up among the tree branches overhead…there, he sees a partially broken skull, stretched inside a cage of leather strap, adorned with bones and feathers and strung among the branches…clearly a warning…or a signal, or…wait…

    [Urixes, please roll a Strength Check to see if Urixes’s struggles in the kayak hold the group back from Extra Progress today; a 13 or better means Urixes keeps up handily. In addition, please roll a Wisdom Check to see if you recognize/remember the Broken Skull Sign from somewhere; on a 14, you remember something…]

    Jack similarly struggles to keep up with the group, being used to short bursts of action and not all this sustained, heavy work. Tiny snakes, green and harmless, suddenly wriggle through the water near Jack’s arm, sending shivers up his spine. As he looks away in disgust, he sees subtle moving shapes behind the trees, on the West bank. Jack recognizes them immediately and looks around at the crew…he’s noticed these guys, but no one else has, so far. The pack leader pokes it’s head out from behind a tree, before disappearing back into the pack…

    [Jack, please roll a Strength Check to see if Jack’s struggles in the kayak hold the group back from Extra Progress today; a 13 or better means Jack keeps up easily. In addition, please roll a Wisdom Check to see how much of the wolf pack’s intentions you’ve understood, as they roam hidden and at a distance; the higher your score, the more info you pick up from your natural instincts and primal understanding]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack huffs and puffs, struggling to keep up with Oak. He likes to think he's in pretty good shape, but their barbarian is practically carving through the river ahead. He nervously murmurs the charm that Dux told him under his breath at the snakes, likely too busy rowing to perform it properly, but it keeps him calm. Well, calmer.

    Movement among the trees catches his eye and, snakes forgotten, he refocuses his attention on the woods around them. Pack. Hunting?

    Geth, roll 1d20-1 for Strength Check
    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Wisdom Check

    Strength Check:
    1d20-1 9 [1d20=10]
    Wisdom Check:
    1d20+1 5 [1d20=4]

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    OOC: Either hunting, or just very wary. You can't be sure of what, or why. Maybe you guys?

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
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    Oak enjoys breakfast. It's important to take in a good meal before you take on a good day's work. He takes point on their journey, but realizes quickly that it's not easy to pull together a group like this. Raw brawn keeps them moving ahead, however, through the thick overgrowth surrounding them.

    Geth, roll 1d20 for Charisma Check
    Geth, roll 1d20+3 for Strength Check

    Charisma Check:
    1d20 10 [1d20=10]
    Strength Check:
    1d20+3 22 [1d20=19]

    AustinP0027 on
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    Before leaving:

    Arno bows to Valtari "I've been called crazy, foolish...mainly synonyms for those two. But this is the first I've been called brave, and I thank you."

    On the trail:

    "Oh, good afternoon everyone, hope you don't mind us passing through."

    geth roll 1d20+2 for tree talk

    geth rol 1d20+5 for perception

    tree talk:
    1d20+2 16 [1d20=14]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    geth roll 1d20+5 for percetion, for real this time

    percetion, for real this time:
    1d20+5 25 [1d20=20]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    As they are in the river and the wolves are on the shore Jack is content to keep the information to himself for now, unless something changes (they decide to land, the wolves become clearly aggressive, etc). Some part of him feels like he'd be ratting out family.

    "So, um..." Pant, pant, "Are we there yet?"

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    WARNING: JACK, further struggles to maintain with the group during the Long Haul journey may lead to temporary disadvantages, only cleared through Short or Long Rests


    Oak darts forward like a man born to the water, arms working like clockwork to whip the paddle to one side and the other as he carves his way like a powered steamship downriver. He occasionally loses track of the fact that his companions aren’t as powerful: multiple times during this first leg of the journey, he has to stop and turn back to help flip an overturned kayak, or hack Jack out from a tangle of weeds. Or help Jack disembark again from getting run aground. Or, even just slow down… all of that said, they make *very* good time this morning, and on into the afternoon. The group’s ability to coordinate, however, could use a bit of work…

    WARNING: OAK, further damage to the kayaks may lead to their hinderance or destruction; requiring repairs or alternative transportation


    The trees can’t speak, of course…but they communicate with Arno anyway. They all give you a collective nod which only Arno recognizes…and with a swish and a whirl, they all at once point left, indicating an upcoming turn in the river (Arno’s guidance from the Trees adds to the Extra Progress the group makes today)

    What They see next is rather disturbing. Only Arno would think to watch after the deer, forty-five feet downriver, and *long* after they’d gotten out of range. After it thinks you’ve left, you see the deer wander out from behind the tree….but it’s up on two legs, standing fully upright. Scratching it’s back with a hoofed arm in a completely unnatural fashion, it reaches and procures a pipe from somewhere unseen, attempts to light it, as it walks away and disappears into the trees…

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "Hmm," Urixes grunts as he squints his eyes at the skull totem. He racks his fractured memory, trying to piece together what life he saw this in. At least the concentration distracted him from the burning in his arms and sides...

    Geth, roll 1d20 for Strength Check
    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for Wisdom Check

    Strength Check:
    1d20 8 [1d20=8]
    Wisdom Check:
    1d20+2 9 [1d20=7]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    That's odd, I always pictured deer as snuff users instead of pipes. WAIT A MINUTE!

    Whispering to Strike, Arno asks, "How much do you know about the snakes from outside our world? Dux said they could only enter willing hosts, but could they enter a deer? Or maybe it's Zog, does he have a deer form?" Arno holds up the tooth "Umm, Zog, if you are out there, we're not here to bother you. Though things are going a bit crazy with the island, we can give you a heads up on what's going on if you'd like."

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    WARNING: URIXES, further struggles to maintain with the group during the Long Haul journey may lead to temporary disadvantages, only cleared through Short or Long Rests.

    Urixes has definitely seen this symbol somewhere before. The highly particular way the skull is broken, and the straps are tied through it,, you had something, but it's gone now


    Strike looks at Arno in confusion. "But Zog cannot turn into a d....oh. OH!" He lowers his voice to a whisper only the group can hear. "I did not zink we would run into zem, zis close to za village. Zey usssually ssstay very far away." Strike hesitates with this next part. "Zey are...almost cousssinssss? Of mine...and of yourssss," he responds pointedly to Arno here. "Occasionally one of your kind...and one of MY any cassse..."(Note: Strike misunderstands here, but Arno probably knows that a Lizardfolk Chameleon comes from the pairing of a Rak'Ta and a Doppelganger, *not* a Changeling)

    "Zey drink essssenccces from za dead, ssteal tonguesss and brainsss to take sssshapessss and voicessss. Za way you, Arno, have come to our people with open heart and mind? Za Chameleon comes in disssguissess, with maliccce and sssubjagation in it'ssss purpossse."

    "We know zey come from the center of the foressst, but not much elssse. Zey have never had an interessst ssspeaking with usssss among the Rak'Ta, Zo we have tried...zey are only uncovered very rarely, asss spies, and alwaysss take zere livesss when found out by za people of the village." Strike says this next part very solemnly. "Trussst nozzzing. Ssssstay aware. And...we sssshould try to ssstay clossse together. No one sssshould probably be going off alone..."


    OOC: The crew efforts have resulted in a Regular amount of progress- you're not shaving days off, but you guys are keeping good time so far


    Ahead, you all see sharp rocks and choppy waters. The river here turns white with foam in places, as the rapids churn and roil among the dips and valleys within the river…

    [You can make a Strength Check or a Dexterity Check here. Strength is the “Safe but Steady” path (11 or better is a Success); there’s less chance for damage to your craft or an ugly catastrophic failure, but also a minimal ability to make Extra Progress. A Dexterity Check (15 or better is a Success) can bring a good deal of additional progress, but can result in a particularly nasty result on a failure. Jack may apply the Acrobatics advantage (gained for 24 hours from his tattoo last night) to either outcome he would like, in this situation. Everyone’s Kayak currently stands at 3/3 “HP”]

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    OOC: Note: The purple snakes could not possess a deer, but they could absolutely enter a changer, which then turned into a deer

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    edited November 2020
    Jack keeps an eye out for the pack tracking them, but at some point loses the wolves amid the trees and doesn't spot them again. He plashes some water over his face to keep cool, feeling relieved as the river slowly picks up pace on its own. Hey, this isn't so bad now! Quietly taking a scoop of water he comes up beside Urixes and flicks the cool droplets at the back of his neck, grinning.

    Geth, roll 2d20k1+3 for Fast And Unsteady Wins The Race

    ((OOC: Jack is going to be dead under a broken kayak before the first day is done :D ))

    Fast And Unsteady Wins The Race:
    2d20k1+3 9 [2d20k1=[6], 3]

    Glal on
  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    edited November 2020
    A splash of water pulls Urixes out of his introspection, and the memory of the skull totem fades into the deep. Before he has a chance to scowl at Jack, however, Urixes is pulled swiftly into the rapids...

    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for Dexterity Check

    Dexterity Check:
    1d20+2 15 [1d20=13]

    Denada on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak noted that their kayak's were getting beat up as they fought their way through the underbrush, so he slowed progress down to ensure safety over progress.

    Geth, roll 1d20+5 for Strength Check

    Strength Check:
    1d20+5 10 [1d20=5]

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