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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse, Day 43- Pirate Haven of Chaff



  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    OOC: can I use my gust cantrip to give a person's kayak a boost, helping them through the rapids? Either advantage or reduced DC?

    Geth roll 1d20 for slow and steady

    slow and steady:
    1d20 17 [1d20=17]

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited November 2020
    OOC: Sure! Let's call it you can give an Advantage in a treacherous situation (like the one Jack is currently in), or can reduce DC by 3 for one PC in a hard-work situation (like the one you just left). That is, if you'd just taken the Strength option in the Rapids, you could've reduced DC by 3, but the Dexterity option would've been the Advantage. For the future, please let me know at the beginning of your turn who you're granting this bonus to!

    mrpaku on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: In case it makes a difference going forward, Jack is proficient in water vehicles and navigation. Also, I beliiiieve endurance checks are Con, not Str? Not that it makes a difference with my rolls today :D ))

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    OOC: I gave the bonus to Oak so he'd succeed, cause I figured Jack might have another Jack attack.

    Also, you guys need to start making your ability rolls, I can't keep carrying you all. (He said, tempting all the fates).

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    OOC: I used Strength for today's main metric, picturing you guys 1.) Using your arms paddling down a fairly easy river, mostly trying to make good time and learning to keep pace with each other, and 2.) In the Rapids, you're spending good chunks of it needing to make sudden, emergency backpaddles, so you don't bash on rocks. In retrospect, that first Strength roll could've had an Endurance alternative. Noted going forward! :D

    Jack can add his +2 water vehicle proficiency to this and future kayaking rolls, and I'll make it clear when his +2 Navigation proficiency can come into play (you're on a straight-away right now, but that'll change here soon)

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: Succeeding on rolls sounds out of character for Jack. It's all up to Arno! I believe in you!))

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Arno and Urixes are clearly getting the hang of this. They carve back and forth between white water and rocks, fall into pools of churning bubbles with precision and a purpose. Some people take to the waters just as comfortably as they do the land, and the two of them weave through the roaring river like young fish frolicking.

    Oak has a bit rougher time here. His strengths clearly lie in the long haul and out on the open river. Here, where the paddling demands more nuance and less pure non-stop brawn, he becomes hesitant, unsure of himself. He manages the Rapids safely, but a few times he gets caught in a tailspin: here Arno steps in to help, pushing him back into the proper currents and keeping him moving with the group.

    Jack outpaces *ALL* of you on the Rapids…the same way a rock being kicked off a cliff would likely outpace someone on a race down a hill. He darts in full speed ahead: without care for his kayak, his well-being, the river water threatening to drown him in spots. You all watch and grimace as, the whole ride down, dangerous, jagged looking rocks and sharp and meaty tree branches hanging over the water threaten to either batter or stab Lucky Jack to death.

    You’re all making *fantastic time*, though!

    Geth roll 1d8 Cuts and Scrapes for Jack
    Geth roll 1d3 Kayak Damage

    1d8 4 [1d8=4]
    Kayak Damage:
    1d3 2 [1d3=2]

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular


    You can tell the sun is beginning to set from the light up among the treetops…the whistles of the birds have died down, and the ever-present bugs in your ears have let up (ever so slightly). The first chirp of a cricket is when you realize the evening has almost arrived. Who knows what night could bring, in such a place. The air grows cold and still…pleasant, but chilled.

    You see nothing out of the ordinary…but suddenly, Oak and Jack catch strange and exotic scents from nearby…make that *VERY* nearby. Arno and Urixes can feel a barely perceptible small wind, hear a strange, whining flutter…

    [ Your Passive Wisdom score must beat the Pixie's roll to notice them before they can cause mischief. If you'd like, you can make a Dexterity Check to slap about yourself wildly; a 15 connects, but failure here can be dangerous ]

    Geth roll 1d20+9 for Sneaky Pixies

    OOC: The evening has almost arrived. After this scene, the group may choose to camp for the night, or push forward. If you choose to continue forward, your group risks possible mounting exhaustion without Short/Long Rests, or maybe meeting something awful in the night. However, it may not always be the best choice to stop where you are; pushing on may occasionally present the better option. Choose wisely!

    I will update your general progress on the map each night. At each campsite, the DM will be secretly rolling for a weather change. I will also ask one of you (or whoever sets up the camp first can decide) to roll a d30, to determine what (if anything) occurs at your campsite while you all rest there.

    Jack and Oak, with their Carpentry skills, can repair 1 HP of damage to any Kayak, given one hour of time to do the work. This means that (between them) they can repair up to 2HP of damage to the groupa kayaks per Long Rest, before it cuts into the group’s ability to provide a proper night watch (Strike is here to help out with the eight hour night shift). Jack and Oak can continue to work into the night if they choose, but lose the advantages of a Long Rest, and can only take several Short Rests instead. A kayak reduced to 0 HP breaks irreparably on the very next hit

    Sneaky Pixies:
    1d20+9 12 [1d20=3]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Arno turns to Strike "You wouldn't happen to have the mending cantrip, would you?"

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Arno sees the Pixies with ease, marveling at the way the manage to shimmer while also keeping to the shadows, truly a paradox of beauty.

    Being a friend of feyfolk with her Druidic training and knowledge, she calls out in Sylvan "Hello friends, how are you this fine evening. We are looking for safe passage through this wood, perhaps, that's not yours, put that down...perhaps you could help? If there is...yes Jack is very funny but he's not a toy...something you'd like from us maybe we can trade?

    Geth roll 1d20+4 persuade the Pixies to not be trouble

    persuade the Pixies to not be trouble:
    1d20+4 21 [1d20=17]

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    The Pixies stop buzzing around you all. The one pulling open Urixes's pack right now stops midway through relieving him of some rations, and flies up to join the others in front of Arno, impressed and wary of the well spoken visitor calling out to them.

    "Tis' our woods! Yeese trespassing! What y'all want?" Says their leader, arms crossed defiantly in front of her.

    "Yeese got shinies?" Says a Pixie that buzzes near her. "We luv shinies."

    "Quiet you," buzzes a third, who wields a tiny sword and shield and buzzes near Arno aggressively. "You have ta pay the toll! Pay up!"

    "The tell us whucha doing here," says their Leader

    [These Pixies are demanding you pay them a Toll. If you impress them with your offer, they may provide you safe passage. Of course, they're vicious little pranksters, and may attempt to trick you no matter what you do here]

    OOC: Strike doesn't have Mending prepared today, but he can after a Long Rest! We'll call Mending good to repair 1 HP to a kayak that has Greater than 0 HP

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack looks bruised and battered, but excited. This was much better than the slog before! Then he spots a dent in his kayak, one big enough to be visible from the inside, which is no small feat. Hmm. This will require some fixing later... Ignoring the stream to his own peril he leans forward, feeling the damage when the scent fills his nostrils and he grows alert.

    "Mister Fusspot, keep an eye out..." he murmurs to the small creature currently attempting to destroy his backpack. Well, he can smell them, but it's not until Arno's call that he spots them. Huh. Tiny people, how strange. Ow! He turns his head, just in time to see the one that pulled his hair flit away and out of reach.

    He puts a hand protectively over the griffon, earning himself a bite for the trouble.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak sighs as he looks over the kayaks. He had assumed that today would be easier going and then of course Jack went off and, well, was Jack.

    Oak was looking at the worst dent when the buzzing drew his attention. Arno addressed them in a language Oak didn't understand and the buzzing became something else, small folk that seemed to be angrily point a toothpick looking weapon at Arno. Oak held himself back for now, his hands gripping his pack to prevent mischief and also keep him from doing something rash like squishing these things like a bug.

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "um, guys, apparently there is a toll. But, they take shiny! Anyone got something really flashy!"

    To pixie "just how shiny do you like?"

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack digs through his backpack, Mister Fusspot making indignant noises for having been deposed off his throne, "Oh, here we go..." He reaches in and pulls out something small, holding it in his closed palm and turning to face Arno and their swarm.

    "How about something... magical?" He waits until he gets their attention before continuing, "I got these from a taxing battle against giant toads that were destroying a whole city. The city is gone now, but, so are the toads." He shakes his palm with a rattling, However out of the rubble I dug these out- the Luck Dice!"

    He's really getting into it now, opening his palm to reveal a pair of carved stone dice, gleaming in the setting sun. "They can influence the future. You roll them and, if the total is 7 or higher, you've boosted your luck. But you can also roll them for your enemies and getting 6 or lower is -really- bad for them." Toothy grin, gently holding the micro griffin aside so it doesn't attack the dice as he drops them on his lap, the two bouncing around, then coming together with a *clack*!

    Geth, roll 1d6r5 for Loaded Die
    Geth, roll 1d6 for Loaded Die

    He looks at his lap and grins, "I guess I'm feeling lucky today." He snatches them up and holds them securely, "So. Shiny enough?"

    Loaded Die:
    1d6r5 6 [1d6r5=6]
    Loaded Die:
    1d6 2 [1d6=2]

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    The Pixies look on at at Jack's performance in initial annoyed trepidation. However, once they begin to gleam what the dice can really *do*, and their magical nature, they become increasingly impressed at your offer. This is no mere gold you tourists have offered them...this is actual treasure...the Pixies confer amongst themselves...

    Before he can react, two Pixies flyby in a hurry and snatch the dice from Jack's open hand. The Leader of the Pixies nods rather self importantly, once, before flying over in front of Arno. She gently grasps one of Arno's fingers and shakes it in a clear agreement to your terms. "Wonderful trickeses!" She claps in spite of herself afterwards. "Such a treat!" Behind her, some of her Pixie companions are moving back leaves and branches over some underbrush.... revealing a dark and hidden path through the trees, which will save you nearly a mile of River. "*Safe passage*! But just from us, mind- don't ya go expecting this sorta treatment from Pixies further in. They see you, they'll stab you dead." The Pixies Leader indifferently examines the back of her nails. "...I would."

    The path underneath the trees comes out directly back onto the river, once you knock down a few branches. Looming overhead in the distance, just a few miles East now, you can see the hill (Weathertop) Strike described to you previously, poking out above the treeline.

    OOC: Now is the time to decide whether to Camp, or push forward during the night and risk possible Exhaustion (based on winning/losing high Constitution rolls). I've decided for PbP sake that we're gonna do Road Trip rules in regards to Camping (ie if someone in post says "I need to stop", you're ALL stopping). This should save time, and the DM having to check with all four of you each time you wind down. The Player choosing that the group is stopping to make camp gets the added benefit/dread responsibility of rolling a d30 to determine events after you all make Camp. Every camp stop gets a rough map "update", based on your proximity to known landmarks

    DM Note: I was two seconds from posting a vague "maybe they like money?" last night for the Pixies, before Jack popped in with what I thought was one of the few "right" answers for the situation. The Pixies had every intention of robbing you guys of 30+GP and leaving you all in a swamp for the night, before Jack gave them Tricksy Tools 8-)

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC:I vote we camp. Oak would like to get to work on the Kayak and repair it up. Plus, not sure our rolls so far give me confidence we'll avoid exhaustion.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: Jack is treating Oak as a de facto leader, but the player also agrees. I'm fairly confident both Jack and his kayak need some R&R))

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Day 1 Progress-

    OOC: Take your time RP-ing and setting up your first real campsite in this forest together; just off of the river, but in the direct shadow of the (Weathertop) hill. You guys get two free, "in-complete-safety" RP-ing hours with the others in the crew each night, before the rolled *other* events intercede. It is assumed Night Watches get passed between characters not otherwise occupied. Someone in the group still needs to roll from the "Random Villam Campsite Encounter" table, (1d30)...unless the group would prefer I roll it moving forward

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Geth, roll 1d30 for Who's A Lucky Boy

    Who's A Lucky Boy:
    1d30 24 [1d30=24]

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited November 2020
    WEATHER:Moderate Winds (50% chance of extinguishing flames, candles, or similar

    OOC: A [24] Campsite Roll gets you all...a free, not strings attached, *Long Rest*! Take your time as a group, repair your boats and selves, eat leftovers and commiserate... *seemingly*, your night has occurred securely and safely, without any incident at all tonight...
    You all discover the next morning that the water in Your waterskins has been replaced by an over-sweet, very fruit heavy wine- small, handcarvern notes in the wood handles of your waterskins leave tiny hearts everywhere- the Pixies are doing you a favor! *Enjoy your drink!*- it seems to convey- (You will need to find a fresh source of water soon, in order to not incurr penalties)

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    edited November 2020
    "Well, they were just adorable. Hopefully they won't murder us in our sleep."

    Arno goes about setting up camp, clearing areas for bed rolls, telling a colony of ants to please not crawl over them as they would end up getting squished (giving them some bread crusts as compensation), and using their goodberry spell before bed to get 10 berries as emergency rations for the days ahead. Oak and Jack need time for repairs, so Arno tries to get everything as comfortable as possible for them.

    Hmm, I should change things up a bit for tomorrow, this seems a bit more nature danger than sword danger. Food, drink, calm animals, make sneaky stuff not sneaky, find things. A thought occurs, and Arno casts Find Object, focusing on Raz's cutlass (he'd pointed it at Arno more than enough times). How far ahead had he gotten, or was he here at all?

    Arno also remembers his distant cousins in the woods, and decides some secret call signs would be fun...prudent. That's what it would be, prudent.

    Whispering to each party member in turn, Arno takes the callsign "Oddball." And gives the following:

    Oak: Bearbear
    Jack: Wolfie
    Strike: wildcard
    Urixes : grunt
    Mister Fusspots: deathstrike

    OCC: Just FYI, Locate object lets you know the direction and direction of movement of the object if within 1,000 feet. So I'd know if Raz was ahead of us and still moving through the night, for example.

    Also, I did plan to have 'create water' after the rest, but I think I saw the spoiler before I made the changes. Sorry, wasn't trying to metagame.

    zekebeau on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack glances at Oak, "Camp? Camp." He unloads his kayak, then looks at what everyone else is doing and follows their lead. He'd spent most of his 'human' life either on ships or in inns, so sleeping outdoors is new to him. Well, when not also wearing a much thicker coat, but that was a much simpler pre-snooze affair than this.

    He sets his tent up near Arno's, placing the little griffon in the grass between them so either can spot the little monster making a break for it while the other is distracted. After a couple of false starts his own tent is up and... functional. It won't blow away in the wind, though it might let some rain in, should it fall.

    Sitting around the campfire he looks at his plate sadly, remembering those ribs. "...we should have brought Michael with us. Bet he could make something with the river fish." He's still eating the rations, mind, there isn't a mood low enough to make Jack skip a meal.

    "I don't think the pixies will kill us, I gave them a really good shiny!" He thinks a bit about the stories he'd heard about them, "They might spook some animals into our camp, but then the killing is incidental."

    "Oh, keep an eye on Fusspot? He's been feistier than normal ever since we met our tiny overlords. I think he's jealous of their wings." He hops to his feet and walks over to help Oak repair the damaged kayaks. The damaged kayak. His damaged kayak.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak just nods at Jack, setting his back down. "Great Job Arno." he makes sure to say to the other man, appreciative of how he was able to get them out of a potentially annoying situation with the fairies.

    Seeing that Arno had begun setting up camp, Oak does the same, setting down his bed roll near the grouping, placing his pack next to it, then heading over to the kayaks. He pokes and prods at their exterior, finding the spots where wear and tear were beginning to move from a cosmetic issue to a structural issue, then grabs tools and beings to patch. "It may not be pretty, but it'll hold, and that's all that matters" he says to Jack as the younger man comes to join him. He spends a hour repairing, content with the work they've done, then finds his way back to his bed roll, sitting down on top of it to rest.

    "I'd expect we're in for a few more encounters that are going to be worse off than what we saw today." he says to no one in particular.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Rax's Cutlass (spoilers for Arno)
    You suddenly sense the object pass by you in the night- heading South, but very slowly. The Cutlass sat for two hours, in a place not a football field's distance away from your camp...before it picked up and left again, headed directly South

    The dark passes peacefully- you all actually had a great night's sleep (with the possible exception of Arno), out here in the wild, and entirely undisturbed by civilization. Arno smiles and laughs when they find the Pixie's gifts in the waterskins this morning...silly Pixies, this isn't what the Wild Bunch needs right now! Arno discretely pours out the waterskins into some bushes, and (just as subtly) replaces their contents with sparkling cold, delicious, clean water.

    Strike admires the handiwork Oak and Jack have applied to their repairs. "Izzzz...fantastic! Very impressssive....I sssshall take zese ssssskillsss to heart. Now....sssshall we get ssstarted?"

    In the distance, the great hill rises up above you all...


    OOC: Everyone receives the benefits of a Long Rest: all the kayaks are at full HP. The Falls lie ahead. The question now is... you're nearly a day ahead of schedule, and the hill (Weathertop) is just in the distance: do you explore it, or Journey forward along the river? The River here is very much like the one you found yourself upon yesterday morning; you could make good time again, if you simply choose to set out....

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    The sounds and smells of the woods around them make for a very nostalgic night for Jack and, though he doesn't remember any dreams, he wakes up feeling refreshed and energised. Well, more energised, in his case.

    It's barely the crack of dawn and the rest are still asleep, or at least as far as he can tell, so he takes the chance to take a short, exploratory stroll around the campsite, both to take in the woods and, when he's certain he's out of sight, to take in the scent, his features momentarily gaining a sharper, lankier appearance.

    By the time he returns the rest have started waking and he nods to the hill forming the prominent backdrop to their camp, "Mornin'! Hey Strike, you familiar with that place?" He turns his head to look at it once more, "It's not very far, I wouldn't mind taking a look..." The polite way of saying he wants to take a look.

    ((OOC: What kind of person sees a side path and skips it to mainline the quest? Monster I say))

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak opens his eyes, remembering where they were and escaping from the peaceful dreamless sleep he had been in. He slowly pulls himself up out of his bedroll, looking around to check on his party members and ensure everyone was still present and accounted for. He catches Jack returning to the clearing, a concerning sight, but Jack seems to still have all his remaining fingers and toes, so Oak keeps his thoughts to himself for the moment.

    He stands and starts packing his things back up as Jack asks about a hill behind them. "We're already making good time. We might just want to keep pushing down river."

    OOC:Oak wouldn't be team dad if he didn't recommend the conservative option. The player very much wants to side quest, the character has to recommend against it, however.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Jack picks up scents on the Wind: of something very similar to a Rak'Ta (or...sniff...sniff...huh, that almost has a bit of Arno in it), and of the wolves glimpsed earlier. The latter were probably somewhere East of you just recently, travelling; the former, was somewhere to your West at an undetermined time earlier, and it's scent mixes in with a sort of sickeningly sweet, clove smoke

    Strike has just finished pulling his chainmail back on. He siddles up in between Jack and Oak, leaning on his quarterstaff as he looks up at the hill. "...Famoussss sssstop. Zum Ancccient Ruinssss...NOT from the Rak'Ta. A sssshort hike to za top, I believe, and zen zere is a view of the entire Elwood. Zere iz also a wissshing well...some weathered sssstatues... ancient bricksss in the ground..."

    "Getting zere and the hike would take at leasssst the morning, maybe more...I agree with Oak. I believe we sssshould pussh on. But, with how much you have done for ussss....I will follow your lead. I will go where you will, and help assss I can."

    OOC: In this situation, I would say a Popular Vote decides the group's direction. However, since there's four of you, and since having DM be the deciding vote seems boring, each Popular Vote will be weighed, with one character getting to decide a tie. In this case, Oak's responsible and forward thinking instincts along the River trail would be the tiebreaker. In the future, it might be things as simple as Urixes having a very strong feeling about something, or Arno trusting their natural instincts completely, or Jack getting a scent and you guys basically having no choice but to follow him

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Geth, roll 5d12 for Jack's FOMO Damage

    Jack's FOMO Damage:
    5d12 25 [5d12=8, 2, 6, 6, 3]

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "Where is Belhorn?" Urixes asks the camp as he wakes from a deep sleep, his gaze sweeping the area. His look of confusion and concern slowly turns to realization. "No... that was another... excuse me," he says distractedly, then begins gathering his things back into his pack. Once they're all awake and ready to depart, he joins the group in considering the hill. "Perhaps it is best we keep moving. We need to make sure we're ready when the ship returns." He puts a hand on Jack's shoulder. "We can return and explore when the island isn't trying to eat us."

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "A wishing well! Let's go Jack. Raz is only a little ahead of us and moving slowly. It's just the morning, and the island isn't eating anyone at the moment."

    We'll actually follow Oak which is smart, but Arno loves new stuff.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    "But, but..." He gestures helplessly at Oak, "Adventure...!" Oh. He puts away his tent, looking bummed out, but cheers up some after he eats his rations. Food is food.

    He nods to Urixes, then perks up when Arno speaks. There's still a chance! "Come on Oak, it won't take long? We'll be back in a flash! No? Oh..." Crushed once more. He draaaaaags his feet to the kayaks. Back to the rowing. Rowing, where's the fun in rowing, they could be throwing trinkets down wells instead!

    After having spent time with him the past weeks everyone in the group can tell Jack is already over it and is just putting on a sympathy act.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak shakes his head. “Sorry Jack, best we get moving. Doubly so if Rax is ahead of us.” He trails off, not bothering to bring up anything else about Rax. He carries his things over to the kayak and begins packing it up. “Let’s get a move on. We can make some real progress before lunch.”

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited November 2020

    With a couple explanations, some quiet coaxing, and a few- (tasteful!) pats, (Jack is *not* a dog, after all) - Jack hesitantly joins you all on the journey downriver, sadly ignoring the large, ominous hill in the distance.

    This stretch of the river very much resembles the first patch you found yourself on yesterday morning, with some key exceptions. It runs a bit faster; a bit more treacherous. The trees open up a bit more overhead, allowing a clear view of the Hill. There are larger, more frequent patches of whitewater. And in more than a few areas of the river the water calms for a stretch and pools next to the shoreline. There are also some carvings in a few of the trees along here…if you didn’t look closer, you might think it was just a wild animal’s scratching’s, and not runes carved in.

    About halfway in, the water begins to slowly and suddenly churn around your kayaks…

    [Please roll a Strength Check *or* an Endurance Check to gauge your progress on the water this morning. Arno may apply Gust as an advantage to either of them, for any of you they so choose (including themself). Jack may apply his +2 Watercraft bonus. Extra Progress may be made on Greater Than a 15. Less than a 5 will damage your kayak (1d2).

    Urixes can make an Arcana Roll here to identify the runes -if he succeeds (ie matches or beats the 15 just rolled by the Grasping Hands), *everyone* is aware that the runes denote some kind of undead danger, and you can each add a +2 to noticing the Grasping Hands with your Passive Perception. Your Passive Wisdom score must beat the Grasping Hands roll to notice them before they grab at you, trying to harm you or pull you in with them. On a failure, you guys will have to beat a Strength or a Dexterity Roll of 15 to knock the Grasping Hands off of you. Failure will bring damage, or possibly being dragged under!]

    Geth roll 1d20+2 for Grasping Hands

    Grasping Hands:
    1d20+2 15 [1d20=13]

    mrpaku on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: I'll wait for the potential bonus providers to go first, but while I'm here- can you confirm passing the Passive Perception check doesn't by itself confer any bonuses and we need to also pass the Passive Wisdom check? I can't tell if they're being used interchangeably or not, but they are not the same score for those with trained Perception))

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited November 2020
    OOC: After some reading, consulting, and double checking on the Internet, I've decided that we're going with just Passive Perception in this instance. So, *for the record*, you're all rolling a (Strength or Endurance Check, for the River, DC 15), Urixes is rolling Arcana DC 15 to see whether he recognizes the runes (granting the +2 bonus needed to push Jack's Passive Perception into a tie with Grasping Hands), and then Oak and Urixes (and possibly Jack, depending on Urixes's roll), both coming in at under 15 Passive Perception, are rolling Strength or Dex against a 15 not to take damage/worse from the suddenly emerging hands. Arno is in the clear, because of course they are. Thank you all for your patience, sorry for making that extra confusing, and special thanks to @Glal for another DnD 101 lesson! :D Fifteen.

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC:Are they both just straight checks? Or is the second one a Str/Dex save since it's avoiding damage?

    Just asking because those are different modifiers for me.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited November 2020
    OOC: Check to the first (your +3 STR), Saving Throw to the 2nd (your +5 for STR or Urixes's +2 for DEX; trying to avoid a trap)

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Urixes will get advantage from Arno gust

    Geth roll 1d20 strength to not crash

    strength to not crash:
    1d20 6 [1d20=6]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Geth, roll 1d20+3 for Strength Check
    Geth, roll 2d20k1+2 for Dex Save (Danger Sense)

    Strength Check:
    1d20+3 5 [1d20=2]
    Dex Save (Danger Sense):
    2d20k1+2 9 [2d20k1=[7], 2]

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