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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse, Day 43- Pirate Haven of Chaff



  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    The Captain immediately picks up on the change in Oak's tone. Taking her feet from the desk, she leans over her clenched fingers, and lowers her voice (the whisper is when you can tell she is serious):

    "Mr. Oak. You and your group here look like they have had a *rough time* of it, and I'm personally glad you're back safe. The Expanse is full of strange dangers, and I've only heard rumors about what you all must have faced out there..."

    "Now let me tell you what I've been dealing with. Four deaths aboard ship, three of them unnatural. My quartermaster went missing somewhere; chasing her shadow. There was an attempted abduction of our Pilot. Public revelations came from the map, which was stolen and recovered while you left, but has led to a clusterfuck among the crew. A wizard decided this place has made him a Prophet; whispers of a mutiny; the Mad Shitter...", Captain Ari is basically yelling by the time she gets done, her fingers torturing each other through her clenched hands. She catches herself from her anger, and leans over to whisper again.

    "...and nearly all of my best men have been lost on an island, looking for keys we'll need to actually complete this voyage...and l dont know...shit about it, until it literally gets wiped from the map. So yes, Mr. Oak...I want to know. I have a unique and personal interest in knowing." She stares at Oak, a look maybe similar to the one you gave Rax just earlier today.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack stops to watch the island disappear, the sight of the whale distracting him from the situation they're in. He cracks a smile and waves towards it enthusiastically, mouthing a "bye!" after it.

    The captain's voice brings him back. Oh yeah, they were about to get chewed out. He follows after her sheepishly, trying to keep Oak between her and himself. Just to be sure. Oak's a sturdy fellow, she can't bite his whole head off in one go, surely.

    Then Oak speaks and Jack shuffles one more person down the line, to keep them between himself and Oak. She can't bite two people's heads off in one go, surely.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    OOC: Captain Ari wants to know exactly what went down, but telling her everything may not be in all your best interests (*or* even hers). However! If you try to pull too big of a lie with her, you'll need to make a Charisma check, and if you stumble over a fact she's already well-aware of, she will 100% remember you lied to her

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    Normally Oak would have been stunned into silence, but something about what they just came from still has him in bit of a mood. He doesn't look down, he lets his eyes meet the Captains, but he does give a slight nod. "Fair 'nuff Captain."

    "I'd start at the beginning, but I think the story might be better off if we explain what you saw, and work our way back from there. Those ships out there, they were a hidden fleet that the Chameleons have been search for to escape the island. As you can see, it's been found, so they're leavin'."

    "As for us specifically, we were sent after a Demon that's been plague'n the island, managed to get ourselves captured by them same Chameleons along the way due to some poor luck. That's how we learned what they 'ere after." Oak speaks calmly, the recap of events is almost cathartic. "Suffice to say, we found the demon, didn't off them, but managed to convince them that leavin' is best. I won't pretend that might not come back to bite us in the ass later."

    Oak pauses, leaning on his axe a little, "Now, not to switch subjects but if there be problems on the ship, might be something fer me. Might have some words o' encouragement fer 'em." He lifts the axe up and eyes the edge of it as he says this, to emphasize his point.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Captain Arabella raises her eyebrows in astonishment at Oak's Giant Great Axe. "Jesus. Did you pick that up at the same *super-murder* store you got BoBo here at?" At "BoBo", Captain Arabella jerks a thumb up in Bearman's direction. "And, were you all, umm... planning on just bringing him aboard?" Captain Ari looks around the group quizzically, with a certain amount of annoyance. She huffs and puffs, but finally relents, with a dismissive turn in her chair," any case, I do need the help of the Wild Bunch with developing issues, but most of them will require more subtly than your new, gigantic, fuck-off Axe, Oak..."

    Captain Arabella grumbles, and turns her backs to you all to rattle around in her liquor cabinet..she throws a handful of snifters on her desk for any interested, before *popping* the cork and helping herself straight to the dark liquor bottle. Slamming it back on the desk after a brief swig, Captain Ari curls her lip and looks with appreciation at the new (more confident, but more defiant) Oak. "Alright, Mr. Oak...what *I* heard was, Rax the Repugnant tries to have you all killed, the same night he was supposed to leave and secure his safe passage from me by securing two artifacts from the Elwood. You all leave at the same time, right after the Rak'Ta's village goes aflame. You all fall off the radar, until Hugo was finally able to get ahold of just you, five nights back. And then show up today... trailing the whole God's damn lizard civilization behind you..."

    Captain Ari leans back in her chair, searching over Oak's words. "Now, Rax had mentioned a Witch in the woods... what's all this about a Demon?" She leans in with keen interest...

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    While Oak and the Captain are distracted Jack casually takes one of the snifter and tops it up. Waste not want not! He looks around, spots a chair on the side and sits down, with liquor in one hand and jerky in the other, watching the two like one might a theatre act, enjoying his snacks.

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    "This is 73, though they might pick up a new moniker later. Don't worry, we freed them from the demon, and they are as trustworthy as Rax... wait I mean as safe as Jack... no I mean as dangerous Shin. Yes, that's the one.

    And Rax did try to kill us, but don't worry. We ended up working with him to stop a war, and that got us on the same page. Rax then took over the witch, we handled the demon. Multi tasking."

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    "I dunno, an axe seems to solve a good deal of problems. But....s'your ship." Oak shrugs.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "The demon is a ... complicated matter," Urixes says, reaching for a drink, "I was reticent to deal with her, but we had little choice. It was the only way we could be sure that the Rak'Ta would find their freedom. I'm sorry that we've caused so much trouble for you, Captain. I know the Curse is a heavy burden. I can tell you that no one here, wizard or otherwise, speaks with some divine authority from the island. Villam is gone." After a moment of thought, he asks, "Who among the crew is dead?"

    (( Do we know about the relationship between the map and the artifacts? Or if there is one? ))

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    Captain Ari takes another sip before going to properly meet #73. “…#73. Very nice to meet you…I’m assuming you’ll take orders aboard ship, and not cause any troubles as long as you’re a part of my crew?” Arabella wasn’t sure what she was expecting, but whatever it was, it *wasn’t* for the Bearman to shake it’s head like a dog and get spit everywhere. Captain Ari looks *less* than pleased. Dripping with bear saliva the Captain turns to Arno with a pointed finger. “Alright, Arno…we call this a *gimme*, got it? But the first time…#73 here eats a pair of shoes, or a pallet of rations, or they maul a member of my crewyou’re the one I’m gonna come looking for after him, got it?

    Captain Ari looks on unbelieving at Arno’s talk of the Wild Bunch working together with the Fox Gang: but it backs up many things she’s learned on her own, and she doesn’t question it further for the moment. “…hrrrmph. Well, thank you for you candor, Arno…”

    “…now, do not get me wrong, Mr. Oak, the Axe will probably come in very handy for what I have in store for you, but make no mistake, sir…I will tolerate *NO* lethal violence between the members of my crew, do you all understand me?” (She turns and tries to make this point very clear to *each* of you: you are not to kill another crewmember while aboard Ari’s ship!) We can’t very well man a ship without any men aboard, now can we?”

    Captain Arabella turns to listen to Urixes. “…hmrrph. Well, you helped put a good deal of it to bed aboard the ship just now for the moment…they seem scared *shitless* of you, at least the half that doesn’t think you’re some kind of visitor from the Deep.” She puts up a hand before anyone can say anything further. “…However much truth there is to the last bit…I don’t know, and I don’t *want* to know right now. But, you got them off my back, and that I’m grateful to ya’ for.” She grumbles, and looks around at the room at Oak and Arno and Urixes. “Even though I can tell you aren’t telling me half of what occurred…”

    Captain Arabella takes a deep drink, and after she does so, she pulls a pair of *thick* books from underneath her desk, and separates them out in front of her. You can make out their titles upside down from where you now stand: (SHIP’S MANIFEST and SHIP’S MAP)

    “Now, as to the rest…three people died, *violently*, while you were gone. Two of ours; one of Governor Mitchum’s. Their throats were cut…some….organs were removed. Hugo examined them all, and doesn’t think whoever did it knew much about surgery, or has much experience with knives.”

    “One person died by natural causes…our weatherworker, the Firbolg Magna. She old, and she was sick, and had come to the Expanse to die….but she didn’t make it all the way, and passed in the night last week. Her death has *spooked* the crew, to say the least...she was seldom seem among the newer recruits, but well-beloved with those of us who had been here for any amount of time. And of Quartermaster Valtari went missing a few days back…she’d spent the last week whispering to anyone who’d listen that someone who looked just like her was following her, and she couldn’t take it anymore…”

    Captain Arabella sighs, and leans across the table towards all of you, attempting to garner your full attention:

    “I need the Wild Bunch to help me with three tasks: things that are undermining our ability to work as a unit aboard this ship, and might endanger our very lives if we can't find a way to turn it around.”

    “Among two of the murdered bodies were found notes, written in blood on the walls: the message for both read, “KILL CAP BEFORE SHE KILLS YOU”. We fear this may the first whispers of a MUTINY. I want the Wild Bunch to Investigate this, and attempt to find out who’s behind it. Our guess is the culprit may be a new religious zealot aboard ship: Zephyr, a Genasi who believes the Expanse has given him the gift of Prophecy. I’d start there, if I were you.”

    “The deaths, Villam, the delay, the tension among the crew…has all led to a loss of MORALE aboard the Curse. It won’t kill us outright…but if we get to the Grey Maw and the Crew is morose and despondent, no one gets their jobs done, and we all die out there. I would like your help to find a way to increase the spirits among the crew. It'll be incredibly difficult, because they're a diverse group, with several different cliches across the ship: the Rooks, the New Bloods, the Buccaneers, the Outsiders, and the Old Hunters. Get to know them, and see if you can help them learn to get last their differences and work together"

    “Finally, and this deals directly with the second point…there are currently three MISCHIEF –makers aboard, who are part of the reason morale is falling apart. There is the Mad Shitter…who has been ruining people’s coffees and teas since we came aboard, one disgusting discovery at a time. The second is known as the Pusher…a fiend aboard ship who waits until someone is on the rails, overlooking the water, and then shoves them in (we’ve had to pull three out so far, just this last week). And finally, there’s been someone poisoning the Galley food with narcotics, who has come to be known as Naked Lunch: the individual drugs the crew member with just enough to make them woozy, then finds them among their tasks on the ship later, and robs them of their clothes and valuables. We have three instances of Naked Lunch hitting so far, as well.”

    Captain Arabella stands up. “Now, I can tell you guys just had a hard couple weeks on Villam: so please, take a rest, get some sleep tonight, and come see me in the morning. I am not expecting you to come back and clean up all the messes that occurred while you were gone overnight. And moreover, I sure as *SHIT* am not expecting you to get it done alone. Which is why I called in a favor with someone who gladly volunteered when he heard who would be involved, and who I think may be able to help…”

    Captain Ari puts his fingers between her teeth and *WHISTLES*

    OOC:RP between yourselves as your new temporary Cast Member arrives! In the morning, you will all come find Captain Arabella in her office, and she will present you with the following to assist you with your objectives: [SHIP’S MANIFEST] and [SHIP’S MAP], as well as some spicy gossip!

    Your next couple weeks aboard ship will involve working on your onboard job, downtime, and tackling Captain Ari's list of concerns, as a group or individuals!

    As to Urixes’s question about the map: you don’t know if there is a relationship between the artifacts and the Map itself yet, because you’ve never actually seen it: just heard it described to you. Marlowe the Magnificent and Iron Mike have current possession of the map, and shared with people at the table during fancy dinner that the map seemed to have *many* functions, however: it seemed to operate as a constantly changing physical reference, a weathervane, a reference to obscure planes…and other things they hadn’t been able to decipher from it, just yet…

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  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    “Hm. Ill omens all around, I should think.”, says Bern, solemn old git he is.

    Half-elves, as a rule, tend to err on the elegant side. Bern on the other hand, only has a touch of... whatever sort of elf... in the glint of his silver eyes. He’s round as a gold mine dwarf though, with cheeks as rosy as a halfling jester.

    He’s the sort of pirate that takes the time to trim his beard and cut his nails, to pull his long white hair back with wax and change his skirt (of which he owns an extravagant amount of four) every day. His current boots have more days at sea that the Wild Bunch’s combined career!

    But it’s not really his skill as a sailor that’s the making of him. No. It’s his music.

    Bern arrives at the captain’s call with a steady gait. He nods. He knows he’s not a leader of men, but nor does he fear her authority. He’s been at this awhile, and it comes easy to him.

    He starts to sing.

    “Strike the bell, you orc / now we’re going westward / strike that bell if you’re an elf / out here you’re not alone...”

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    "Now that is unfair, 73 is a pure cinnamon bun who is too perfect for this world. But she does raise a good point, no mauling anyone. Unless they try to maul you first. Or unless the Captain or Oak tells you to. "


    "Wait, the mad shitter is a person? I thought it was just a new swear you invented. Well 73, I think I need to teach you the secretes of keeping an eye out."

    Arno will take 73 under their wing, teaching them to be perceptive, to keep on a task while also seeing everything around them. Arno'd also like for 73 to join in the evening rounds in tiny animal form, keeping an eye on Zephyr, Pretty Kitty, and the ship in general for any odd goings on.

    ooc: I think the gift of prophesy thing may not be a lie, so much as Zephyr may be getting tricked by something or someone else.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack, sitting on the side and just outside of direct line of sight, tries to catch the doppelganger's eye, silently miming people as they talk, his face an exaggerated caricature of how Jack sees them- rage for the captain, cheery exuberance for Arno and so on. He's not quite sure what to do with Bern, so he settles on a Popeye-like pirate.

    Mister Fusspot has fallen asleep in the helm on his lap, a ball of feathers sticking out its top.

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    "Mischief-makers?" Oak says, "Sounds like what you have are crew who dun got their wits about them. Pushing people off the ship? Lose one soul and that's a hanging if ya get caught."

    Oak shakes his head, "Damn lot of Addle on the ship from what I hear, starting mutinies and pushing people off. Some folks just need to keep their hands busy so their heads dun get to working."

    Looking at the rest of his group, Oak continues, "I can take a look for them folks who be causing trouble. I'm not sneaky, and I dun think sending me to talk with groups is going to end well short of my knocking heads to tell them to work together."

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    Severe Heat: Characters wearing heavy clothing or armor of any sort take a -4 penalty on their saves. A character with the Survival skill may receive a bonus on her saving throw and may be able to apply this bonus to other characters as well.

    A character who takes any nonlethal damage from heat exposure now suffers from heatstroke and is fatigued. These penalties end when the character recovers the nonlethal damage she took from the heat.

    Nonlethal damage from heat exposure cannot be recovered until the character gets cooled off (reaches shade, survives until nightfall, gets doused in water, is targeted by endure elements, and so forth). Once rendered unconscious through the accumulation of nonlethal damage, the character begins to take lethal damage at the same rate.

    Light Wind: A gentle breeze, having little or no game effect.

    You sleep a peaceful night aboard ship, happy to be back at your bunk in the FORECASTLE. You all return in the morning to her Office to find a slightly hung-over Captain Ari. She greets you somewhat grumpily, and pulls back out the handwritten copy she’s made you all of the Ship's Manifest and the Ship's Map. Carefully, she slides it across to Oak.

    “There, that should be enough to get you started. Now, try to keep whatever you get up to as *quiet and on the down-low* as possible. Be careful who you talk to and how; a lot of these people don’t like you. And, we don’t need any more stress on *any* of the crew, that means you guys included."

    “If you need somewhere to meet after hours, my office is open. And come to me with any questions you have, on people, or the ship, or the voyage. Also, if you have any ideas on raising morale that you need assistance with, float it by me…I’ll see what I can do.”

    “Jack and Oak, you’re back at work on Carpentry…Master Aloysius needs you two to go out and reinforce the hull. You’ll be hanging over the sides on ropes: Jack, I need no screwing around out there, alright? Alright. Dismissed”

    [Jack and Oak, please roll a 1d20+2 to see how your first day back with hammer and plank goes; maybe you’ve learned some new skills, out there on the Villam river. Maybe Master Aloysius will be impressed!]

    “Arno…I’m sure you heard about our Weatherworker Magna’s passing. Derbin and Refi are *still* going to begin your training as a Pilot, but they’re gonna need you to step up a little bit sooner and take on more responsibility. I *hope* you’re up to it.”

    [Arno, please roll a 1d20+2 to see how your first day at the Ship’s Wheel goes: Derbin the Dwarf pilot will be giving you a loving tutorial on the wheel, and Refi the Gnome Sea Artist will be acting annoyed that you don’t know more about weather patterns and cloud formations.]

    “Urixes…I’ve got some bad news for you. Your former Deckhands, Victor and Urixes, have gone MIA. We’re wondering if they weren’t on the island when it went under…now, even if they turned up, I’d have to throw them in the Brig. So…I think you see where I’m going with this…that look you shot the crew yesterday, that shut them all up? I need that kind of energy among our Hands, all the time.

    “So…effective *immediately*, I am promoting you to Master Deckhand. We just hired your staff…they’re all brand new, two of them Chameleons who signed on from the island, one of them…Dead-Arm Steve, I believe Jack here knows him…is a new transfer. If you have any questions or need any supplies, please ask Urox…he’s our bo’sun, but he’s been acting as the Ship’s Quartermaster while Valtari is missing…”

    [Urixes, please roll a 1d20+2 to see if you can wrangle your new staff and effectively take on the role of Master Deckhand. Your job will be to manage the two chameleons and Dead-Arm Steve to complete necessary tasks and busy work aboard the ship, get supplies where they need to go, route messages and switch out people on watch…it’s a big responsibility! Good luck!]

    “Bern…I don’t have to tell you what a morose looking bunch of sailors we have up there. Between Magna, the murders, the missing…I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen this many thousand-yard-stares aboard ship. We’ve gotta get the attitude on this ship turned around and *FAST*…so I want you and Eilibis to head up the Main Deck and try to cheer them up. No mournful ballads today, *please*…I swear, one more tragedy around here, and they’re gonna start checking themselves into the Infirmary…”

    [Bern, please roll a 1d20+2 to see if you and your partner Eilibis can do a lively performance on deck to lighten the mood some around here. You’ll be entertaining the working men and women of the crew, this morning many of which are getting scared about what’s to come, and aren’t feeling safe even in their beds at night. Does your music soothe the savage soul?]

    “Alright then,” says Captain Ari. “So, unless there’s any other questions for me…?”

    [Make your rolls for your day job, *then*, please mutually decide on a place you’d like to meet after work to discuss how you plan to approach your objectives. Also, where does #73 spend his day?]
    Note: The second post of the thread has also been updated to include the following information on the ship and crew.


    1. Ship’s Lantern/Ship’s Bell

    2. Navigation Room

    3. Balcony

    4. Great Cabin

    5. Captain’s Office/Captain’s Quarters

    6. Kitchen

    7. Galley

    8. Forecastle

    9. Anchor

    10. Infirmary

    11. Officer’s Quarters

    12. Rudder

    13. Ship’s Wheel

    14. Ship’s Berth/Gun Deck

    15. Gun Ports

    16. Rum and Fresh Water Casks

    17. Brig

    18. Ship’s Magazine/ Ship’s Capstan

    19. Spare Sails/Rigging/Cable

    20. Orlop Deck (Cargo Hold, Spare Lumber & Sails, Spare Rigging & Cable)

    21. Mizzen-Mast

    22. Main Mast

    23. Fore Mast

    24. Fighting Top

    25. Mizzen Nest

    26. Fore Nest

    27. Crow’s Nest

    28. Ship’s Stores

    29. Ship’s Figurehead


    1. Flying Jib Boom

    2. Jib Boom

    3.Bow Spirit

    4. Head

    5. Forecastle Deck

    6. Fore Mast

    7. Main Deck

    8. Main Mast

    9. Ship’s Wheel

    10. Quarter Deck

    11. Mizzen Mast

    12. Poop Deck

    A. Long Boats (x4)

    B. Chains (x4)

    1. Arabella (Half-Elf Female, Captain)

    2. Conrad (Half-Elf Male, 1st Mate)

    3. Ishamel (Goliath Male, 2nd Mate)- KILLED; SK

    4. Galelor (Half-Elf Nonbinary, 3rd Mate)

    5. Calthus (Dragonborn Male, 4th Mate)

    6. Saphos (Gnome Male, Cabin Boy)

    7. Valtari (Tiefling Female, Quartermaster)- MIA

    8. Uroz (Half-Orc Male, Bo’sun)- Acting Quartermaster

    9. Derbin (Dwarf Male, Pilot)

    10. Refi (Gnome Female, Sea Artist/Navigator)

    11. Magna (Firbolg Female, Weatherworker)-DECEASED

    12. Zephyr (Genasi Male, Master Gunner)

    13. Natali (Half-Orc Female, Master Rigger)

    14. Killian (Human Male, Master Striker)

    15. Aloysius (Goliath Male, Master Carpenter

    16. URIXES (Tiefling Male, Master Deckhand)

    17. Calvin (Human Male, 1st Gunner)

    18. Shin (Kitsune Male, 2nd Gunner)

    19. Black-Tooth Bart (Human Male, 3rd Gunner)

    20. Twitchy Joe (Human Male, 4th Gunner)

    21. Aloro (Eladrin Female, 5th Gunner)

    22. Yis (Rak’ta Female, 6th Gunner)

    23. Drox (Rak’ta Male, 7th Gunner)

    24. Zik (Rak’ta Male, 8th Gunner)

    25. Busk (Chameleon Female, 9th Gunner)

    26. Sein (Human Male Gunner)-KILLED; CULTIST

    27. Bluurg (Grung Male, 1st Rigger)

    28. Rax (Rak’ta Male, 2nd Rigger)

    29. Shax (Tiefling Nonbinary, 3rd Rigger)

    30. Deep Lake (Tabaxi Male, 4th Rigger)

    31. Vix (Chameleon Female, 5th Rigger)

    32. Ril (Aarakocra Male, 1st Striker)

    33. Whistler (Kenku Female, 2nd Striker)

    34. Fenel’zir (Githyanki Male, 3rd Striker)

    35. Ux (Rak’ta Female, 4th Striker)

    36. Eleonora (Female Elf Striker)-KILLED; SK

    37. Fiver (Lapine Male, 1st Carpenter)

    38. Zook (Rock Gnome Male, 2nd Carpenter)

    39. OAK (Human Male, 3rd Carpenter)

    40. JACK (Human Male, 4th Carpeneter)

    41. Victor (Human Male, 1st Deckhand)-MIA

    42. Gary (Human Male, 2nd Deckhand)-MIA

    43. Crude (Chameleon Male, New Deckhand)

    44. Grit (Chameleon Female, New Deckhand)

    45. Dead-Armed Steve (Human Male, New Deckhand)

    46. MICHAEL (Human Male, Master Chef)

    47. Carlee (Halfing Female, Junior Chef)

    48. BERN (Half-Elf Male, Master Bard)

    49. Eilibis (Eladrin Female, Junior Bard)

    50. Hugo (Aasimar Male, Ship’s Doctor)

    51. ARNO (Changeling Nonbinary, Training Pilot and Weatherworker)

    52. #73 (Doppelganger Nonbinary, ???)

    [The rest are Captain Ari’s notes on the Guests aboard her ship, the notable of which include: Governor Mitchum and his Constance (accompanied by Pretty Kitty), Baron Reynard, David, Aaron, and Jared Edgar (The Governor’s Personal Guard), Iron Mike and Marlowe the Magnificent (the eccentric scholars in possession of the Map), and then 12 assorted Soldiers/Guards from Far Aeston and Villam (including 3 killed: two were cultists taken out by the Wild Bunch; 1 was murdered during the recent string of serial killings.

    DM NOTE: Please don’t get overwhelmed by the *giant* list of locations aboard ship or the *huge* crew: I do not expect you to memorize all these details, just to have a point of reference for the cast and location for both the present section, *and* for the rest of the game!

    Captain Arabella will be your primary point of contact for questions or concerns related to your current missions. Clarify any details and bring your findings through her. She will also be keeping an updated copy of the Manifest handy in a pinch (i.e., *I’m* going to keep my *own* version of the Manifest, current with any clues your group has 100% verified, so if you need to double-check something, all you have to do is ask!)

    The Wild Bunch has been tasked with rooting out a potential MUTINY, raising the ship’s MORALE among 5 opposing factions, and stopping the MISCHIEF MAKERS who are making everything slightly worse. You have twelve-fourteen in-game “days” to solve these problems before the Whispered Curse reaches the Gray Maw, and Captain Arabella needs this place firing on *all cylinders* as a unit if you hope to survive (think the loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2). How you solve these issues will be largely up to you!

    Your days will roughly consist of the following:

    1. I’ll be rolling for new weather and potential challenges for the day!

    2. The Wild Bunch will all work at their respective jobs (this will usually be one simple roll for the day, but unique challenges or events may transpire that need a little more from you…)

    3. After work, the Wild Bunch (individually *or* together) may attempt to Investigate a certain part of the ship; Talk to a certain individual or group; See if you can find where someone goes on their downtime…(the possibilities are kind of endless, here). The Wild Bunch may *also* find this time useful to attune to items, read books, work on their skills, or attempt to haggle for items from the New Quartermaster

    4. After finishing working on your objectives for the day, the Wild Bunch will meet up and compare notes and ideas at their chosen hangout location aboard ship (this could be Captain Ari’s office, but you may decide you like somewhere else better). Afterwards, they can retire for the evening.

    5. I’ll update the Bunch’s copy of the Manifest and give you guys a summary of your accomplishments/facts learned/mission progress that day. Then, the next day begins! (No, I've never heard of Persona, why do you ask?)

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    “Alright,” Bern whispers to his young cohort, “I’ll be the rude one, you the proper. Blue Knight Errant.”

    Bern squints at the crew at work, then spits over the side. He’s doing an impression of the ideal pirate, and everyone knows it. Eilibis straightens her jacket a pace behind him.

    The old sea dog puts his hands on his hips, “Oohh! When I was young, ‘tween my legs was slung a giant, gleaming—”

    “Horse!”, Eilibis interjects.

    “And on that gallant steed I’d ride to meet my bride...”

    The song only gets ruder as it goes on.

    Geth roll 1d20+2 for Merriment

    1d20+2 14 [1d20=12]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak's hand return back to where he started this journey, holding a hammer and fixing part of the ship. It's simple work, and it's relaxing. The monotonous beating of the hammer against the nail soothes him a bit, and let's him ignore the pressures of the things that the Wild Bunch needs to look into later. Even the heat of the sun beating on his neck can't dampen the calm he gets from a good day's work.

    Geth, roll 1d20+2

    1d20+2 15 [1d20=13]

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    For the record Bern won’t be wearing any armour for a good long while. What he will be doing is casting Prestidigitation on the regular for himself and others to chill a cubic foot of whatever, cloth, hats, bottles, for up to an hour. He can do this to three things at a time. Right now he has a chilled handkerchief to mop his brow.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    edited February 8
    Jack is happy to help fix up the ship- it's nice to be able to get back to at least a semblance of routine after the week they'd had! Hearing Bern's voice echo from the other side of the ship he shoots a grin at the Shifter working beside him, "Hey, this one sounds familiar! I think I sang that one on the island." He joins in the singing, mainly for his own enjoyment but in part to entertain the sailors around him- surely if anything rouses pirates' spirits it's a good shanty!

    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for Carpentry Once More

    ((OOC: Say, what happened with the red skull sword? Last I remember it was used to unlock the shipyard, what happened with it after? ))

    [edit] OOC: well, at least he's not falling off

    Carpentry Once More:
    1d20+2 10 [1d20=8]

    Glal on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited February 8
    [Arno, Jack, Urixes and Oak would all be doing their own jobs in and around the various decks, and could easily hear Bern and his Bawdy Ballad from where they’re all at]

    The Crew of the ship tries their *very* best to ignore Bern and Eilibis and continue to stew in their depression. However, feet start tapping against wills, and crewmembers start to hum along to the tune. Soon enough, people are *chuckling* along to the bawdy song…some even know the proper callbacks and sing along. A few sullen spirits continue to sulk, and decide to find their work to do elsewhere, but many are drawn up on deck by the sound of laughs and scattered clapping. They stare out at the performance from inside doorways and staring up from the Ship’s Berth. Pirates in the most minimal allowable clothing mill around, clutching sopping sweat rags, forgetting their cares and worries for a small while…

    [Bern and Eilibis have *slightly increased* the Overall Morale aboard the Curse! (I’ll be keeping track). In addition, Bern’s background aboard ship grants him access to the following information, likely valuable to those wishing to fill out their knowledge of the Manifest:]
    You’ve known Eilibis awhile now, and she’s very good at what she does and you two are excellent musical partners. However, you wouldn’t say the two of you are close…*especially* recently. She doesn’t much care for the Wild Bunch: she thinks they’re a bunch of Captain’s pets, and spend too much time among Old Money. You don’t know where she goes for her off hours…but you do know that she spends a lot of time around the BUCCANEERS.

    Also, as an Old Hunter, you are privy to the following info: the OLD HUNTERS consist of a dying breed aboard ship who *love* the ocean: who truly *live* for it. As is the manner of the older generation, most think this younger generation is rather ridiculous, and couldn’t have rolled with you back in your the glory days.

    The Old Hunters consist of the following crewmembers: Killian, the Master Striker, a man who Bern would trust with his life (but, who rolls his eyes at the Wild Bunch’s antics); Refi, the Ship’s Artist (who just finds the Wild Bunch irritating, especially Arno); Ux, a Rak’ta from Far Aeston (he seems to hate the Bunch just to be contrary to other Rak’ta); and finally, Whistler, a Kenku who just came aboard in Villam (she could care less either way about the Wild Bunch)

    The Secret Meeting Area of the Old Hunters off-hours is the around the [GUN PORTS], where they drink and swap stories about giant fish they’ve caught, and taller tales. Their respect doesn’t come easy if ever, but they’d *probably* find a way to come around on anyone who could bag a [LEGENDARY CATCH].

    The Old Hunters are not fans of the OUTSIDERS. You could probably guess as to some of the reasons why. The Old Hunters in turn are hated by the NEW BLOODS, who think most of you are riding on former glory and should have retired *years* ago.

    OOC: Please note: just because someone likes you (The Wild Bunch), or you think they’re your friend (the Wild Bunch’s friend), *does not* necessarily make them trustworthy/not-a-serial-killer; just more amenable, and less likely to openly root for your failure. /dad

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited February 9
    Aloysius, (the Gentle Goliath who is the Master Carpenter here aboard the Curse), looks over the edge, where Oak hangs down the Port Side. The giant looks over your work and *nods* with pride. He cups his hands “*Looking good there, boyo! Nice and straight! Wish I had three more of you!*” Then the Goliath sits for a second (he fans himself with a massive 2x4, looking faint).

    Aloysius then goes to the Starboard side to check on Jack. “Aw geez…*YOU’VE GOT THE BOARDS BACKWARDS! THE BOARDS! NO, NO…THE LINE IS FINE! THE LINE IS PERFECT, BUT THEY’RE… TAKE OUT THE BOARDS, AND *FLIP* THEM!” Aloysius pantomimes taking something out, turning it over, and placing it back in, as though explaining it to a child. He then stumbles away from the edge muttering, going to take a brief break from the sweltering heat (and Jack) in the Galley.

    The only fellow carpenter on shift today is Zook, the Rock Gnome. Zook *smirks* to himself as Aloysius storms grumpily by. The Gnome is usually in a corner away from you both, talking trash about Oak and Jack when they’re just (not-quite) out of earshot. Usually he’s busy discussing your failures with Fiver the Lapine: however, there’s no Fiver here today (the Rabbit still having that leg treated down in the Infirmary). Zook doesn’t say two words to either of you all day: he *grunts* a welcome back, and pointedly ignores you afterwards, except to *leer* at Jack’s failures.

    [OAK has impressed Aloysius! You keep *this* sort of quality work up, and he might even take a shine to you!

    Conversely, Aloysius is watching JACK like a hawk right now, and not in a good way. Jack can tell he’s on thin-ice with this guy: the Master Carpenter is likely lookingfor you to slip up again, and you’re worried what will happen when you do…

    Zook is an asshole to you guys. He always has been. He’s become *worse* even, since you got back.

    If you want to learn more from these gentleman, you’d have to find your way to their Good Side. Of course, you may *also* discover different things, by getting firmly on their Bad Side….]

    OOC:The Red Skull Saber, after activating the mechanism inside the Dark Glen, *rolled* back out of the depression and landed at Jack’s feet, ready to be picked up. Jack currently has possession of the sword (check back to that page in the Demon Forge for vital stats!) It is a [KEY ITEM], but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it: it’s a badass pirate-looking sword, after all!

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Taking the Captain's orders in, Arno makes a decision.

    "73, you're with me. I think I know a way to help both of us out."

    In a corner of the ship, Arno begins the lessons of the shapechangers.

    "I'm going to do my best to teach you like I was taught. There will be 3 lessons today, which you must learn. Lesson one, the lesson of saving face. These uni-forms can get a bit uncomfortable when you change too much, I think it's a bit of jealousy mixed with confusion. Now you've been okay staying in this form, but I'd like you to concentrate on keeping it the whole day, without change. Don't think I didn't notice you mixing up the fur color during dinner, and you need to pick an eye color already. Focus is important, it lets you understand the uni-forms, feel their struggles and concerns. Nothing can change, you are what you were this morning.

    Lesson two, the lesson of focus. Am I saying lesson too much? I feel like I am. Where was I...oh yes, the lesson of focus. You must start learning the traits and subtle expressions of those around you. You've learned language, but we are shape changers. We are fluid bodies, and must use our bodies to speak as much as our mouths. But we are not fluid bodies today, because of lesson one. But yes, focus on those around us, and do not say a word. No one sentence, without my permission. Watch peoples faces, to see the tick of the corner of their smile. Watch their hands, to see when it clenches in anger and when in fear. Watch their feet, so you don't step on them. If you need to speak or are unsure of what their move communicates, tap me on the shoulder.

    Lesson three, the lesson of perception. You need to notice the sea, the breeze, the way people move about the ship and where they go. You will keep your eye out for where people go and who they talk to, who fights and who hugs. But most importantly, you will keep an eye out for anyone trying to push anyone overboard. I'm going to be making myself a prime target throughout the day, so if anyone tries to push me over the side, make sure you remember their face. Maybe try and hug them so they can't go anywhere.

    Follow these instructions, and you will gain the wisdom of the shapechangers. Oh, and snacks. I'll bring snacks along" Arno magics up some goodberries to share for the day, as they tend to be sweeter than the usual rations. Not like every meal is a gourmet one.

    Geth roll 1d20+2 for Ships wheel

    Ships wheel:
    1d20+2 5 [1d20=3]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Arno seems distracted by 73, who seems to have trouble picking an ear shape through out the day. Further, Arno's constant effort to stand on the railing and loudly proclaim "oh how slippery these things are" is really getting on Refi's nerves. Sensing a stern talking too in the future, Arno uses a 2nd level spell to create water, causing a cooling mist to spread out and relive some of the sweltering heat. Hopefully this is enough to stay on a few good sides.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack's mood is somewhat dampened by his failure, but after a lifetime (well, one of them at least) of them he's used to that and lets it roll off his back. Sure, he failed now, but he's sure to do better next time! He smiles to the Goliath and nods, "Got it, got it, no worries!"

    When both the master carpenter and Zook are out of hearing range he leans near Oak, speaking under his breath as they work, "So, you have a plan about what the captain talked about? Only I'm not the best at subter..." Pause, "Being tricksy."

    ((OOC: In their off time Jack would like to attune to the saber. Also, are there any sort of fighting practices happening? I'd like him to get some practice in with that pistol so he doesn't shoot Oak's, erm, someone's ear off in battle ))

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak hammers in another board. "I hadn't got a plan just yet. Figure, if I'm going to track down someone stirrin' up trouble, I'll head first to where that trouble seems to happen and see if I can pick out something that ain't right."

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "Hmm," Urixes grunts, surveying his new crew, and dealing with the realization that he was supposed to be leading them, "Alright then. We've got our assignments. Get to it. And uh, keep your heads cool. Dying won't get you out of work."

    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for Deckhanding

    1d20+2 22 [1d20=20]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    with Urixes rep, that joke probably sounds like a much darker threat to the crew mates.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited February 9

    OOC:For taking the Young Doppelganger under their wing and showing them the ropes, ARNO earns Inspiration! (According to my records, that’s Urixes and Arno with Inspiration, Oak, Bern, and Jack currently without: *please* let me know if that’s incorrect!)]

    #73 has found a small blank book from somewhere during the night and takes notes, quietly absorbing Arno’s lessons as you both walk towards the Quarter Deck (the scribbles aren’t legible to anyone but the Doppelganger, but *they* seem to understand them). #73 reads their sideways scribble back to Arno, actively chewing on the quill as they do so (Arno offers them a Goodberry instead, which they take *happily*) The list is as follows: 1. Maintain This Same Shape All Day (???), 2. Focus on People Silently; Follow Arno’s Lead, 3. Learn About Life Aboard the Curse; Watch for Pushers.

    Your day together learning the Ship’s Wheel is…rough, to say the least.

    Arno is *loving* it up here, taking in the basics of steering and the winds. Derbin very much enjoys your spark, and laughs merrily as you run back and forth along the deck. Refi’s lip curls, and her eye twitches.

    #73 follows Arno’s lead, which further distracts from the driving lesson. The Doppelganger remains completely silent, but they *DART* from one end of the Quarter Deck to another like a fresh new puppy. They take in the people around by staring deeplyat them as they work aboard the ship, for sometimes minutes at a time. Your crew mates, already wary of #73, eventually feel their eye’s unceasing gaze, and move along elsewhere with scared haste.

    At one point, Refi finally gets up with a *huff*. She turns and icily addresses Derbin the Dwarf. “I can’t sit here and cook alive while you babysit *them*, and they babysit *it*.” Standing up, the Matronly Gnome stretches and yawns dismissively, making sure Arno makes note of her disdain. “They’re too flighty for this, Derbin. You can’t butter up a hurricane, or make friends with a Behidra. We need to get someone else.” With a flip of her hair, the Old Gnome storms away down the stairs.

    Derbin the Dwarf is undaunted. He waves a hand which suggests “Good Riddance” in her direction. “Ahhhh…*her*. What can you do, right? Look, don’t take it too personal, Arno…I know she’s a bit harsh, but that’s just her way of caring about the crew, ya know?”

    The Chipper Dwarf grins at Arno. “Well, *I* believe in you. You’ve got the Sway, you just don’t have the skills quite yet. We don’t all get it in one day, ya? And you shouldn’t expect to! So don’t be down on yourself! Hell, I know people who’ve been at this for years who wouldn’t wanna be the one left holding the wheel!” Derbin claps Arno on the back reassuringly, and gives you his broad smile. “Don’t worry! You know how I know you’re the one? This mist you made for us? Magna, she used to do the exact same thing…”

    [ARNO feels certain that Derbin the Pilot is a standup kind of guy! He seems to be eager to see you succeed in your new role, is pleasantly amused by #73’s presence, and speaks highly of the Wild Bunch! He also seems to have dropped a hint…that he aligns himself with the BUCCANEERS aboard the ship…

    Arno is *also* fairly convinced that Refi the Sea Artist…hates you? You hear that she treats everyone like that, but there’s being catty and there’s being cruel, and Refi seemed to treat Arno and #73 with passive, simmering malevolence]

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited February 9
    OOC: Jack may attune to the Red Skull Saber for his downtime, if he would like! There are currently several types of fighting practice occurring aboard the ship…but Jack will either need to make an Investigation check to find them (let’s say, you can look once a day), discover them from one of your contacts, or stumble upon them naturally, since he’s been away awhile (and not exactly the most popular aboard ship).

    Urixes can’t remember if he’s ever been a leader of men. He seems to remember some mild…cowering. But nothing specific.

    Your new, *very* sudden charges are Crude and Grit (a male and female Chameleon, just come aboard from Villam and chosen to stay rather than depart with their kind), and Dead-Arm Steve, the man who (loudly and repeatedly talks about) being *pierced* with an arrow and losing feeling in his arm, because of your good friend Jack (Steve has moved jobs aboard ships several times now, due to an ongoing “attitude problem”…)

    Urixes is thrown into the utter Deep End at managing the day to day tasks aboard ship. He’d watched Victor and Gary, learned what they had to teach, but he hadn’t ever expected to have to train their replacements. Grunting at life’s strange turns, Urixes gives his order:

    Huh…well, it turns out Crude and Grit are simply amazing workers…they move *quickly* and work efficiently, soon putting most of the rest of the crew to shame. Dead-Arm Steve, (though clearly embittered and nursing a grudge), is almost a *library* on shipboard personalities and concerns. Through the man's endless complaints, Urixes is able to gleam from the petulant whining the needs and concerns of the ship, in a bizarrely effective manner...

    Crude and Grit carry out your orders with an immediate, ruthless efficiency. Soon, nearly everyone on ship has met and/or been helped in some way by your new deckhands. Urixes’s new charges have access to almost everywhere aboard ship, and (despite their lizard appearance) before the day is out, their necessity is treated as an afterthought by much of the crew, and even some of the guests.

    Near the end of his very first work day, Urixes has mostly found himself with little to do for his last several hours. Noticing the Chameleons begin to slow at one point, Urixes thinks quickly: he encourages Dead-Arm Steve to fetch a bucket, fill it with water, and begin drenching his drying co-workers, and to *not stop* until Urixes tells him to. Dead-Arm Steve, muttering, goes to fetch a bucket. Urixes takes a sigh of strange satisfaction: management has been achieved.

    [URIXES, two of your new subordinates are amazing at their jobs and already becoming a fixture aboard the ship! They’re hard workers and bright, but they’re clearly not used to the open sea…if these two were to find a home anywhere aboard, it would be likely be with the ROOKS. They also listen to Urixes like he’s the Voice of God (they heard about you, and the Wild Bunch, and the Elwood…)

    Dead-Arm Steve, on the other hand, is useful as a chattering lackey who knows most of the shipboard gossip, but highly-likely not to be trusted (and you get the sense that he works with Urixes more from a sense of fear and obligation than respect). Dead-Arm Steve let drop about sixty times during your talks today that he is a proud member of the BUCANEERS ]

    DM NOTE: That’s the workday for the Wild Bunch! Now…where aboard ship does the Wild Bunch go to discuss strategy for your PM activities? Check the map, you have many different options: wherever you choose will become the Wild Bunch’s Unofficial “Hideout” and safe place on the Whispered Curse…should it not already be taken, or occupied by another group that you can’t convince to leave

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC:Was thinking it'd be fun but probably unmanageable to be in one of the Nests to meet.

    How about something like the Orlop Deck? Just thinking what area under the ship might be less traveled and maybe unoccupied.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: I imagine there's not enough space in a nest for all of us (and it'd be hard to meet there in secret), however it would mean we couldn't be easily overheard. Not sure we could easily tell if anyone's eavesdropping on us below decks, however it's likely the easiest place to meet covertly? Orlop deck makes sense to me ))

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    edited February 9
    “Well, that’ll do us.”, Bern says to his fellow shantyman, “Put a word in to the Buccaneers will ye? We’ll have to come together for this next bit, I saw it in the way a seagull lay dead on the water. For my part, I’ll make sure we who should have popped our knee high boots decades ago keep their opinions on the youth of today to themselves as best they might.”

    I’d like to get/keep Eilibis onboard with the idea of everyone coming together for the next few weeks at least, because of necessity with a side of superstition. My leverage is trying to get the Old Hunters to lay off folks, if the Buccaneers do the same.

    Geth roll 1d20+12 for Persuasion

    1d20+12 18 [1d20=6]

    Endless_Serpents on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited February 10
    Eilibis smiles up sadly at the Old Sea Dog. “…well, I’ll talk to em’ for ya fer sure, Bern. But they’re on edge right now the same as the rest. Maybe worse, even. And look, it’s nothing personal, you understand!…not with you Old Hunters anyway. It’s just…you Hunters sorta *wanna* die out here on the ocean, ya? Well, us Buccaneers can’t spend a commission if we’re dead. And this Crew right here, full of green sailors and young fools? The boys and I are afraid *they’re* gonna get us all *killed*…”


    [Bern has learned that the Buccaneers have few issues personally with the Old Hunters…but they think the Rooks are likely to get this ship capsized at sea!]

    “So yeah, between that and what’s been happening here, we have a real good reason to be on edge! *Damns*, the Buccaneers haven’t trusted any new crew since the beginning when that traitor took up in Far Aeston…shit, *SHIT*,” Eilibis looks nervously around, trying to make sure no one just overheard. She pulls Bern closer and whispers to him, “Look, Bern, just forget I mentioned anything about that, alright? Please? It’s…not my place. But hey, if you’re *really* interested in trying to get all of us on the same page? You don’t wanna talk to me…you wanna find Calthus, the Dragonborn 4th..well, 3rd now…mate. The boys, they all listen to him. You can usually find them up on the Forecastle Deck, after work.”

    Eilibis gives Bern a large hug to try and make this all seem less suspicious, and then cheerily departs from the Main Deck. She turns to the Bard one last time before she goes down the stairs. “Great set today, partner! And, you’ll keep that between us, yeah? Like I said, not my place on this one…”

    [Bern has learned that the main person to talk to among the Buccaneers is the Dragonborn Calthus. He also discovered something else he probably shouldn’t have: the Buccaneers are partially on-edge right now because of something to do with a Traitor who came aboard in Far Aeston…]


    One by one, you all end your shifts, and each sneak your way quietly down to the Orlop Deck.


    This is the lowest deck aboard the ship. It’s the main cargo hold, contains spare lumber and sails, as well as spare rigging and cables. There are also some crates and barrels stocked with salted meats and vegetables shoved wherever there is room (the Stores nearby were stocked to overflow capacity while the ship was docked at Villam). This area doesn’t receive a lot of regular foot traffic: you would certainly get the odd pirate who needed to get supplies coming through here, but typically the only people regularly visiting the Orlop Deck on off-hours would be Michael and Carlee from the Kitchen, and Crude and Grit (Urixes’s new Chameleon deckhands).

    Mister Fusspot drops down from Jack’s shoulder, and then *FLAPS* up overhead, to find a small perch between a few of the logs that make up the infrastructure. The Tiny Griffon *CHIRPS* happily to itself from it’s small hiding spot in the rafters.

    #73 is still in the form of a charming, chubby, unnerving Bearman, and gleefully suggests to the Wild Bunch that he could watch the entrance for you, if you’d like!

    [DM NOTE:The Orlop Deck is the *perfect* “secret hideout” aboard ship. It’s just a giant cargo hold, mostly full of spare ship supplies right now, but Jack and Oak are carpenters…if you guys wanted to fill this place with desks, chests, hidden stashes, benches, and/or Murphy beds, you could probably get your hands on the materials, one way or another!

    The Wild Bunch may use this space as their main meeting area. Mister Fusspot and #73 will keep watch, down the hall and overhead, to warn you of any intruders. Should anyone try to sneak up on you/eavesdrop on this place, you’d likely know about it, or have a good chance to detect it!

    This place will be your group’s base of operations. You will meet here *immediately* after work to quietly compare notes on the developing investigation, or coordinate your efforts. You may also meet *once* more before retiring to your bunk in the Forecastle, to subtly inform each other of events transpired/things learned during the evening.

    The Ship is yours! 8-) ]

    mrpaku on
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Bern takes off today’s shirt, freshens up a bit and puts on another. He pats down his trousers and slowly bends to polish his boots with a rag. He’d have to buy a new hat, he reckons, or take one off some passing merchant captain.

    “A traitor, eh? Could be, always could be, but just as easy not.”, he grumbles to himself, “A proper sea demon, or ghost, or a curse. All sorts can kill.”

    Bern’s going to hang out with the Old Hunters at their secret spot. Make sure he’s got his allies before he thinks about confronting any Buccaneers. Speaking of, if not tonight, he’ll have to chat with those... err... Vile Brunch? That young lot.

    He snaps his fingers, “Bloody getting old. If not for the omens, I’d think I wasn’t needed.”

    At the secret spot.

    “Ahoy.”, the old sea dog says with a devilish grin, “What a sorry set of barnacles. How about we set this ship right? I know just the pirates, and they are despite any other notions, pirates, who can help us do it.”

    Bern’s gonna want to get the Old Hunters to think it’s a good idea, and an Old Hunter idea, to push the Wild Bunch to do what they want, and what they want is what the Captain wants and the Wild Bunch are already setting out to do. Savvy?

    OOC: I’ll leave who’s actually there tonight up to mrpaku, naturally. I wanna get with the party quick, but this was the most obvious thing for Bern to do next.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    edited February 10
    Oak finds a crate and sits down on top of it. His first thought was that they need some real seats if they are going to keep meeting here, maybe something they can store stuff in as well to keep it out of the crew's eyes. His second thought, after a day's worth of work, was that maybe he didn't let Jack him him build it.

    He looks over to Bern, who had joined them in the little secret hideaway to plan next steps. Oak didn't have reason to doubt the man, the Captain clearly trusted him the same as the rest of them, but he was still new to the group like #73 was, so seeing him around was going to take a little bit of time to get used to.

    "I'll leave navigatin' the different groups to ya. I figure I can help best by tracking down them that's causing trouble. The pusher, the shitter, the poisoner, three folks who need sorted out right quick."

    "Though," he pauses for a moment, " if we need more info might be time to chase ol' Rax down. I'd say Arno built a bit of comradery with him back in them caves. Could be useful."

    OOC: Sorry Jack! "Lucky" Jack is back top of mind for Oak....

    Also, can we get the list of Factions in the 2nd post or manifest info? Just to track what the groups are?

    AustinP0027 on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited February 10

    Killian *GRUNTS*, the handrolled cigarette perpetually in his left hand leaving a trail of smoke in its wake. He turns his head to blow smoke out the port hole, then looks back towards Bern. “S’not like you to throw your weight behind new recruits *so quickly*, Bern: we en’t even left the Outer Rim yet. You think this little…Funky Such of yours…they got what it takes to wrangle people, *out here*? I dunno, my man…”

    “Dunno, man,” repeats Whistler the Kenku, somberly.

    Refi, the Gnome Weather Worker, leans against the other side of the ship, sipping gingerly from a bottle of wine. Her sudden judging eyes peer up at Bern, playfully but spitefully. “…did Arno get to you?” Ux the Rak’ta nods in agreement behind her. “They do that, you know…*I* think they have some kind of mind-control power.*Ugh*, I don’t even feel comfortable, with them back on the ship…”

    Killian feels bad for setting the group against Bern. He turns back to you, apologetically but firm. “Look man, I get what you’re saying…we gotta get this place together, if we wanna get through the Maw. Me, you, Refi here…we’ve all done this before, but it was with a much better crew: more experience, more *GRIT*. Stronger. Men and women who could….*WRESTLE* an Icthyosaur into a boat with their bare hands, chain it up and bring it fresh back to the ship, you know?” Killian looks up towards the deck, in the direction of the working Wild Bunch. “Do you think any of those green changers could pull something like that off?”

    “Pull something like that off?” the Kenku chimes.

    Refi laughs, meanly. “Arno would try to tame the Icthyosaur, and keep it below deck!” Ux chuckles along with her.

    Killian turns back to Bern and tells him quietly, “You know how this group is. They’ll go along to get along. And they’ll leave the Prime Brunch alone, *especially* if the Captain tells em’ to…but they won’t respect em'. You want me to keep em’ in line cause you got a job to do? Fine. But if you want these Old Salts to actually follow orders when it comes down to it, and we have gigantic cliff-dwellers bearing down on us, trying to crack the ship like a *nut*? They’re gonna need to impress these old *gits*…”

    [Killian has promised to let the Wild Bunch do what they need aboard the ship without interference, but he’s putting himself out there for Bern to do so. Whistler, Refi, and Ux would need to see something *big* from the Wild Bunch to earn their genuine respect…]

    OOC: Bern can be assumed to have joined the Wild Bunch on the Orlop Deck later on, to speed things along (if he’s ready to leave and has no more questions, that is!) I’ll be noting factions and vital info once every “evening”, after you all meet up to update the Manifest: this will be its own post, as well as updated in the ongoing Manifest on the 2nd post of the thread!


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    Bern changes tracks for the benefit of the others, save Killian.

    “A little frightened Refi? A bit put out at their antics Whistler? We’re the most true sailors here, we shouldn’t feel outdone. We’re the Old Hunters, and we can mould these lot into something worthwhile. They’ve got that black powder spark just as we do, but they need pointing in the right direction.”

    He waits a beat.

    “I’ll do just that, and when you see, I suspect you’ll take ‘em under your wing too.”

    “Wing too.”, he says before the Kenku can, “But a drink first friends, let’s not argue over fresh fish.”

    Bern shares around a bottle of rum.

    A bit later Bern tries to guess where the Wild Bunch would go to make plans, as all sailors do. He notes the shape of clouds and how many migrating birds are heading across the horizon. Fourteen. Green birds. West. In the evening.

    He wanders below deck and finds the Wild Bunch by chance, or not.

    He’s not a quiet man. His steps are heard well before they see him.

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    CARPENTERS can be found by day in and around the Main Deck

    GUNNERS can be found by day on the Gun Deck/Ship’s Berth

    RIGGERS can be found by day Everywhere around the ship, but specifically in the ropes above

    STRIKERS can be found in the Navigation Room receiving instruction during the day, when you can find them at all…

    DECKHANDS can be found Everywhere aboard ship, by day and night (Urixes would know specifically at most times), but they would tend to congregate around the Forecastle Deck during the day

    The PILOTING CREW can be found by day on the Quarter Deck


    Eilibis (Bard)- Buccaneer - (Trustworthy??)

    Killian (Master Striker)- Old Hunter- Respects/ed by BERN

    Refi (Sea Artist)- Old Hunter- anti-Wild Bunch

    Ux (4th Striker)- Old Hunter- anti-Wild Bunch

    Whistler (2nd Striker)- Old Hunter ??

    Aloysius- Master Carpenter- ??

    Zook, 2nd Carpenter- anti-Wild Bunch

    Derbin (Pilot)- Buccaneer - Respects/ed by ARNO

    Crude- (Deckhand) Rook – (Trustworthy??)

    Grit (Deckhand)- Rook – (Trustworthy??)

    Dead-Armed Steve- (Deckhand) Buccaneer - anti-Wild Bunch

    OLD HUNTERS meet around the Gun Ports on their Off-Hours. Bern knows that they brag amongst each other about a LEGENDARY CATCH. Killian is their ringleader

    OLD HUNTERS don’t get along with OUTSIDERS

    NEW BLOOD resent the OLD HUNTERS

    BUCANEERS don’t trust ROOKS

    CALTHUS, the new Dragonborn 3rd Mate, is the unofficial leader of the BUCANEERS ! They can be found during off-hours on the Forecastle Deck! Bern has also learned that the professional pirates sharpen their knives over a TRAITOR

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    Jack makes his way down to the lower holds, sliding down ladders and hopping down steep wooden steps two at a time, humming a quiet tune. He pokes his head in this room and that until he finds the arranged spot. Looks empty. Let's test it out.

    "Hello?" Ello, elo, lo. Seems clear. He finds a barrel and clambers up it, sitting atop the container and letting the small griffon flit into the rafters as he takes out a dagger, a piece of wood and begins to whittle. So far he's given away two sets of dice, best make a new one for the next opportunity, dice appear to be a hot commodity lately.

    He's still sat there, working on a die and swinging his feet when people start coming in, "So, what's the plan? Maybe I could go make some friendsm bring them on our side? I'm pretty good at it!" There is zero sarcasm in his voice.

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    During their time down on the Orlop Deck, JACK attunes to the Red Skull Saber...
    Jack, this blade was once stolen from Sess'ineek the Demon, and sanctified by Ilmater (The One Who Endures) in the ritual to bind him. But, it has spent the better part of a millennium broken and torn between two realms...despite it's *unique* beauty, you can sense some of the original corruption has seeped back into the blade. The saber seems to hum at the feel of your heartbeat in particular, (This blade's full properties will begin to activate in the presence of fading/or search for hidden Blood! *However*, in it's present, unevolved state, there is the potential for the hungry blade to turn on its master, at critically inopportune moments...)

    OAK, in turn, takes time to appreciate his new Humming Greataxe...
    The Axe is oddly quiet today... it was something new for Oak to be thinking about the personality of his weapon, but there it was! Oak felt something there, though, sleeping among the grooves and indentations that made up the design along the edges. It felt like...the air in a thunderstorm, crackling with danger and possibility, (The GreatAxe's full properties will begin to activate in the presence of a Thunderstorm, or other Lightning sources. *However*, you'll need to be holding it during any attempt to feed the Axe, and using *yourself* to channel lightning can't possibly be good for someone...)

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