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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse, Day 43- Pirate Haven of Chaff



  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Huh, that...ugh. Not feeling so good, what was...ugh, gotta get out of the water. Gonna..

    Arno*shark shoots out of the water, flying towards the ropes. Then with a *thwop* Arno turn back to their original form, catching the ropes expertly. Well, it's one of Arno's original forms, one of the humanoid ones.

    "Woo! Now that was a wild time." Looking around, Arno realized a lot more of the crew had thinning hair than they remembered. Odd, wonder what brought that up.

    Looking around, Arno's eyes meet Zephyr.

    "Great work out there! We might have lost Bern without the backup. Thank you."

    Leaning in closer to Zephyr

    "Would like to meet alone tonight. New insight into your visions, would like to discuss one on one."

    Arno sets a time and place for an isolated meet up.

    Geth roll 1d20+6 for perception

    1d20+6 19 [1d20=13]

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "I had hoped to spend some time centering myself," Urixes says to Oak. "But," he trails off, looking around at the gathering crowd, "Well, we can talk about that later. It seems you've had quite the adventure today. I'm glad to see it was successful. This will be good for the crew."

    (( Barring any other events, Urixes will make for the Wild Bunch's gathering spot tonight to debrief and plan for tomorrow. ))

    Geth, roll 1d20 for Perception Check

    Perception Check:
    1d20 15 [1d20=15]

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    Jack examines Bern, who seems to be slumbering rather restlessly this evening. Sweat sits upon the Bard’s brow, and he occasionally mutters to himself in his dreams.

    Hugo comes back into the Office, briefly. He checks the setting on Bern’s leg again; raises it back up from where it’s slipped slightly, back securely inside the sling. He takes the Lapine’s temperature and seems to nod. “Jack,” he says, slightly tersely (funny, Hugo had always struck you as a pretty pleasant fellow…). “Appreciate you keeping an eye on the place for me. Gonna be in and out, tonight, okay?” Hugo grabs an armful of supplies, and shoves them into a leather satchel. Rather awkwardly, he excuses himself again, and quickly departs.

    Jack wakes up later with a *start*. He looks around a mostly darkened room. Hugo is still gone. Bern is still unconscious. Fiver is….*AHHH!* The Lapine is sitting up in bed, staring directly at you. A minced pie sits in his lap half-finished, and he eats it with one paw directly from the tray. In his other hand, the Lapine seems to hold a lit cigar. He grins that hard-to-watch grin, when he catches Jack’s eyes.

    “Heya Bud! Jack..Jacky-Boy! Good to see you, brudda!” The Lapine motions with the cigar over towards the area of Hugo’s desk, where a cabinet sits behind a stack of books. “Hey, grab me a bottle of suds from in there, wouldya? Maybe join us fer a nip? Still nursing my leg here!” The Lapine slaps his cast and winks, twice, to make sure Jack saw it. You can see his "broken" leg, happily tapping the pillow beneath it. Ah, Fiver isn’t injured at all anymore…he’s simply milking it to spend his days in the Clinic, and off of work...

    Jack may converse with Fiver if they would like as we wait for the rest to catch up…but something big is happening later tonight, and Jack will be getting an excellent sense of it as it happens…



    Zephyr nods exuberantly at Arno’s request, needing to catch himself from drawing attention to the two of you. Arno can tell the Genasi is nearly giddy at having earned your confidence, and his eyes nearly glow at your talk of new insights. “Of course, but of course, my friend! You know where they keep the Rum, and spare casks of water? Just past the Gun Ports, at the Bow of the Ship? Meet me there, tonight…”


    You find the Genasi patiently waiting for you, just where he said he’d be. The Happy Prophet is sitting cross legged upon the floor, back to a cask, reading from his dream journal. He watches you with a careful eye as you approach, and stands up slowly to take you in. He looks like he’s trying to decide if he’s pleased, or confused.

    “Hmm. I thought as much earlier, but in all the excitement…do you…carry yourself differently these days?” The Genasi seems to be finding a delicate way to ask if you’re bigger on purpose or not.

    Zephyr pulls up a couple of half empty casks for the two of you to sit upon. “Don’t worry…I made sure to come alone. You said you had Insight, into my visions. Please tell me: what have you found?” He leans eagerly over the edge of the water cask, eyes glittering, hand stroking his beard as though trying to hold it down…

    Arno may converse with Zephyr as we wait for the rest to catch up…but something big is happening later tonight, and Arno will be getting an excellent sense of it from nearby…


    Oak came over to greet Urixes as they recovered the Legendary Manta that afternoon, obvious concern for his friend in his words. Once Urixes and Oak have an opportunity to check-in, please let me know where we would find you both this evening, and who with, followed by a Perception Check to see how much of the night’s events you find yourself aware of. Bern may make a similar Perception Check from his hospital bed, although won’t be in a position to be up and about this evening….

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack listens to Hugo and nods, "No problem." He watches him walk out curiously, the man looking out of sorts. Well, a lot of strange things have been happening lately, only to be expected really.

    He dozes off into the I'm-on-watch-and-not-fully-asleep** meditative state that he'd acquired over the years, snapping out of it with a short *snort!* and looking around, literally launching the freshly carved set of dice across the room as his eyes meet Fiver's, "AH GEEZ!" If the back of his chair hadn't been against a wall he'd be on the floor.

    In a lowered voice, so as to not wake Bern up, "I just finished making those you know." He gets up, shaking his head, and attempts to find his dice, but comes up one short. With a sigh he gives up on the last one and walks to the indicated cabinet, grabbing a bottle and walking back with it, waggling it at the lapine.

    "Trade it for what's left of that pie."

    **((OOC: He canonically turns into a wolf when unconscious, so he can't reeeeeeally fall asleep in public ))

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak stands silently looking at Urixes for a moment, but decides to let it pass for now. "Yeah, we can talk later." He chats idly with Urixes for a moment before heading off to find Killian.

    "I got yer fish." he says with a smile to the old man. Seeing they were still pulling it in, Oak takes a turn helping to pull it in as he stations himself next to Killian.

  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    I’ve just started a new job so I’m very busy, we’ve have to NPC Bern for a bit! Sorry gang!

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    Killian stands astride the fish, jaw slack as though he was staring at a miracle come to earth. The Old Hunter looks up at you from his place at the Manta's head, wooden teeth suddenly grinning from between billowing smoke cloud.

    "Aye...that you did, m'boy, that you did! Yer Wild Bunch pulled one of the Old Fathers from the sea....and gah, look at the sheer *SIZE* of him!"

    Whistler and Ux are roping the creature up, careful not to damage the Manta more than necessary. It stretches, fully, from one end of the Main Deck to the other. Whistler looks on in amazement as he works. "Sheer size of him," the Kenku whispers. Across from him, Ux the Rak'Ta is giggling maniacally, as though someone had dumped a full chest of gold over his head as a surprise.

    Killian smiles at his giddy companions. "...well, you heard em. Me, the other Old Hunters? We'll follow you, and the Captain, where you it into hell itself." The other two hunters nod in eager agreement.

    Killian extends a weathered, impossibly strong, yellow hand. As Oak moves to shake it, Killian licks his lips...for the first time since you've met him, he seems nervous. "Listen....know he'll be fine, Old Salt's tough as Davy-Jones-Bone's...but, man Bern. He took it like a champ, yeh? He's gonna be just fine...right?"

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    That evening...

    Fiver grumbles a bit…but finally consents, and hands over (a little under, as he shovels in another, desperate mouthful) half of one of Michael’s delicious mince meat pies. Looking indignant and offended, the Lapine begins to chug greedily upon the bottle. He looks back at Jack, eyes performatively hurt. “It still *HURTS*,” the rabbit mopes, once he comes back for air, trying to drum up sympathy for his leg. “An’ Carlee only said she’d sneak me one of them pies….gonna go to bed with a *hungry belly* this evening…”

    You hear a knock from behind the barred door, three thunderous *RAPS* against the wood. Making sure he recognizes the face behind the peephole, Jack sees Killian the Old Hunter. You let him in, and he smiles thankfully at you. The burly old gentleman doesn’t have a cigarette burning at the moment: instead, he holds a pouch gingerly in one hand, and a fur rug, wrapped around a bundle. He greets Jack and Fiver, and then places the assorted bundles next to the foot of Bern’s bed, tucked away noticeably but safely.

    “Thanks fer’ watching him, boys. He’s a tough old git….be surprised, if we didn’t’ wake up to him playing tomorrow morning! You’ll make sure he gets that stuff, ya? Got his instrument, couple of his pictures in there. Pouch has his pipe, his light…some fresh snuff I brought over. Just make sure he gets it. ‘Preciate it.” The Old Hunter doffs a non-existent cap at Jack, and departs, looking older than you’ve seen him look…

    “Queer fella,” Fiver the Lapine says, matter-of-factly, *SLAMMING* a few extra drinks from the bottle. “Sure’s *SHIT* wouldn’t wanna meet Im’ in an alley though, even though he’s old as the Expanse. Even Rax’ed have trouble taking im’ one-on-one, I think…heh! Unless some arsehole managed to git off a luck shot an’ maim him! M’irite? M’irite?” The Lapine winks several more times, in case Jack didn’t realize he was talking about him.

    Which reminds the Tinkerer, “Oh yeh….that’s a fine new piece you got there, in yer belt,” Fiver looks down appreciatively at Jack’s pistol. “That was…Victor’s? Or Gary’s? Right? One of em, anyways ….a *fine* piece! Don’t know how they could've afforded it, on their salary...” The Lapine rubs at his chin hairs, clearly jealous of your hardware. Hesitantly, the Lapine reaches out an eager hand towards the Flintlock gun. With a measured tone, Fiver asks Jack, “Ye’ mind if I take a look?”

    Jack, do you hand him your pistol?

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak grips the older man's hand tightly and gives it a shake. "He'll be fine Killian. He's tough, like the rest o' ya. May need some good shore leave when he gets the chance though. The Wild Bunch will make sure he's taken care of right proper."

    Instead of releasing Killian's hand, though, Oak pulls the older man in closer and lowers his voice. "Now, I need a favor out of ya. The outsiders, those lads need some guidance and direction to make 'em solid mates. If we're gun' make it where we are headed, we need all able hands. I need you and the Old Hunters to show them the way. Think ya can raise them up right?" Oak's face reflects the serious nature of his request, and he gives Killian's hand a little bit of a tighter squeeze as he talks. He isn't intending on intimidating the older man, but he also didn't want this to be something Killian took lightly. He was extremely serious in what he was asking the Old Hunters to do.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack chews on the left over pie greedily, nodding to the lapine sympathetically, "It is a very good pie." Doesn't stop him from finishing every last crumb, though. "Was a very good pie."

    Hand on the saber handle he peeks through the door, relaxing once he recognises Killian and lets him inside. Pretty sure the old deckhand isn't a cultist.
    Or is he?
    No, probably not.

    He follows him back to the beds, eyeing the bundle curiously, "No problem mate!" He pats the bundle and adjust his chair so the bundle is in his sight, "I'll shoot any snake cultist that tries getting through." The youth nods to the Hunter as he departs; everyone appears to be out of sorts tonight, perhaps they need a day off themselves? He should bring it up with the captain tomorrow.

    Sitting back down he listens to Fiver, entirely missing his insinuations and playing with the pistol as he's buttered up. He looks over the piece, then tosses it (carefully) to the other, "Gary's, I think. Packs a punch and a half, but strays a touch to the left."

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Don't really carry myself at all, I'm too heavy for that. Though Oak could probably carry me a bunch of different ways.

    But that's not important now."

    Arno chews his lip a bit, not really used to speaking in less than plain words.

    "I have recently come into some information, that has given me a bit more faith in the visions you've received. However, something with Urixies has reminded me of something. We currently cross the paths of many powerful entities. At least 3 demons and then..." Arno guards himself again, trying to hold close to the vest. "What I'm saying is, there are a lot of players, who would see us as pawns. Some good, some bad, some beyond those definitions entirely. And they are not above nudging our minds, giving a whisper that we might mistake for our own. That's why I wanted to talk to you alone, to try and get more info on what your visions are and maybe even who gives them to you."

    Arno holds up a rusty reddish fungus.

    "This is dreamroot. I believe if you ingest it, it will give you a sharper and stronger vision than you've ever had before. It may reveal greater clues and protect the whole ship, as you can describe what you see to me while in a waking sleep. You don't have to take it now, or ever of course. I only offer it in confidence so you can make the choice without pressure. The only thing I really ask is you keep sharing what you glean, but also that you always question it. These whispers may be just the bait to lead you to a trap, and I can't even tell you if you risk body or soul."

    OCC Since Arno has an herbalism kit and druid background, just having a hallucinating isn't really a stretch, though please tell me if I overstep. I'm thinking even Arno may not know if this will work or not, but if it doesn't it would still put Zephyr in a state that will be more open to speaking of the visions and where they come from, so it would be good intelligence gathering and determining whether he's trustworthy (or the source of the visions is) or a conman. This also might need a persuasion or deception, but Arno isn't trying to poison the guy or anything. I'm thinking more success being "I am fully confident this will work" and failure more like "Hey, I found this bag of drugs in the bathroom of the club, let's try them and see what happens." Arno wouldn't hurt anyone, but he's also a bit careless.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited March 12

    Killian feels your grip, and meets it with one of his own. He smiles up wryly at the Shifter’s request. “…I think I catch yer meaning, young man.” He keeps your eye and finishes the handshake, eyes game and wild. Scratching his chin in the afternoon, the Old Hand thinks. “…tell ya what. I’ll pull some string tomorrow, let me see what I can do. Keep in mind…I ain’t no miracle worker. *Best* I might be able to do with Refi is keep her from barking. But…gimme a few days, think I might be able to figure out something that’ll help us all out…”

    Killian has taken your request to heart- he will be attempting to bond the Old Hunters with the Outsiders, through drilling and training exercises over the next few days…assuming he can get them on board, that is!

    DM NOTE: Urixes @Denada and Oak @AustinP0027 may meet up on the Orlop Deck together this evening (ie, now) to compare notes about your current mission and plan an agenda for tomorrow. You know Jack to be in the Clinic keeping an eye on the wounded Bern, and Arno to have disappeared…somewhere, you’re not sure (they’ve been doing that, lately…) Fusspot and #73 are both there right now, watching the place. Mister Fusspot is clearly agitated, and probably misses Arno and Jack. #73 on the other hand, looks nervous, as though he were a child about to tell a parent about a lamp they had broken…



    Fiver catches the piece with one hand in his bed…pulling it in, the Artificer *clicks* the lock back and forth, examines the hardware. The Lapine cocks a whole, palm-leaf sized ear when you mention it pulls to the left. Taking a small kit of screwdrivers and doodads from within an overall pocket, Fiver begins to poke at the pistol. He suddenly *HOOTS* upon discovering what he was looking for. “Ahhh…there’s yer problem. Sight’s all wonky, doesn’t even line up proper…gimme a second...” Fiver unloads the gun, takes out several screws. The pistol falls to pieces in his lap, nearly finding themselves covering in mince pie….but Fiver is quick to produce a dry, silk cloth, which he rolls the components into. Humming tunelessly to himself, the rabbit seems to take a unique pleasure in fiddling with the gun: bringing it to optimization.

    It takes but a few minutes. With a satisfied *whistle*, Fiver turns the last screw into place, securing it tightky. With a flip into his palm, he cocks the thing: points it around the cabin with one closed eye. “Think that should do it! Gary probably didn’t even know the sight was off…wonder where he got ahold of it? Maybe gambled and got lucky up in Chaff…say, brudda, when we get to the Island of Pirates, what’s the first thing *you’re* gonna do?”

    Suddenly, you see something on the deck up above….

    Jack’s gun has been tinkered with by Fiver the Artificer Lapine…and you now have full proficiency with your Flintlock Pistol! Jack’s story will continue shortly…



    Zephyr looks thrilled that it looks like you’re deciding to trust him. He listen intently to what you have to say…

    The Genasi holds the Dream root inside his palm after Arno hands it to him. He seems to be hesitating…but then his hand closes firmly over the plant, and he nods at Arno with conviction.

    “…I will do it. But, *not* tonight! I will come to you, when I am ready. But first, I will need to prepare myself fully: in mind, body, and spirit. There are items I must procure…someone I must talk to, if I am to do this properly. Don’t worry!” Zephyr sees Arno’s hesitation, at the mention of bringing in someone else. “…you trust them! And they you! I promise, I will not share a word of this, even with those who come to hear my words!”

    The Genasi goes to depart and prepare…but before he leaves he turns around, as though having forgotten something vital. “Before I go! A vision, from last night…I have not read it properly like I should, but I believe it is in your interest somehow! Listen,” The Gensai pulls out his dream journal, and repeats the following to Arno:

    “The Whispered Curse was a Ship, but it was also a Man: torn asunder in the middle, and bleeding. You and the others walked on board the Giant Man from Villam, examining it in every cavity for golden treasure. It sailed out to sea, and as it did, it *tore apart* under your feet, and the Whispered Curse drifted into a pack of sharks, blood flowing.”

    “Jack and Urixes tried to stitch the Man back together, while you, Arno…you walked towards the middle of the thing, looking for a heart…but it was gone. You turned, and asked me, “Where lives the hearts of Men?”, but I didn’t have an answer for you. And just then, Oak returned from the Bow of the Ship…from up along the Neck. He was weeping. “The head is missing,” he kept repeating to me. “*The HEAD is missing!*”

    “…I don’t know what it all means, quite yet. And, I am sorry, if I burden you with this, but maybe it will help you?” The Genasi looks down at the Heartroot again, as though holding dread purpose in his hands. He looks back at Arno, resolutely. “Three days. On the night of the third, I will be ready, and I will call you.” Zephyr bids Arno farewell, and departs....

    Arno sits for awhile, considering what they had learned. But before long, their attention is diverted by something overhead…

    Zephyr will attempt to show Arno the truth of his words in three days-time, alongside someone they “trust”. He will contact you in secret before then with a time, and a place. Arno’s story will continue shorty…

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
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    Oak shakes Killian's hand one last time, then releases it. " It's 'prreciated Killian."

    He leaves the old man to head off into the ship.

    Time Shift

    Oak enters the Orlop deck to meet up with Urixes, and possibly continue the conversation that had started earlier.

    While he waits, he decides to practice with his returning harpoon. He hadn't taken a moment before now to attune the thing, and after today's events, he couldn't wait around any longer, it was too useful in the situations they found themselves in on the water. He found a nice sturdy barrel that he set against the wall. Raising the harpoon, he held his breath for a moment, aimed, then threw towards the barrel side. The harpoon connects, though it isn't as dead center as he would have liked.

    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for Dex Check

    OOC:I've never actually attuned to this thing, so better start trying now. It's 3 short rests, so not sure how many I need to roll since we're not in battle territory at the moment.
    Edit: 1 success.

    Dex Check:
    1d20+2 11 [1d20=9]

    AustinP0027 on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Thank you my friend, for your trust and...the head. THE HEAD IS MISSING!"

    Arno breaks away from Zephyr, charging up the ship.

    "Captain?! Captain! Where's the captain?" Eventually a few sailors meekly point the wild-eyed changeling in the right direction, as they charge at breakneck speed to their leader's location.

    But can they make it in time?

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    Urxies isn’t quite himself tonight. He feels…lethargic. Distracted. He makes his way through a mostly-empty Galley that evening, headed down to the Wild Bunch’s hideout hidden along the Orlop Deck.

    The Tiefling stomps down the stairs, through an *eerily* quiet Gun Deck. He’s just turning the corner to head towards the bottom when he runs nearly headlong into Hugo, the Ship’s Doctor. The man nearly *DROPS* his bag of medical tools at your feet in surprise. He begins to profusely apologize to Urixes. “Ack! Almost took you out! Look, I’m so sorry…I’m just, I’m in an awful hurry! Please understand! Excuse me!” Before the Warlock even has a chance to fairly get his wits about him, the Doctor is already gone, practically running down the Gun Deck.

    Noting the curious encounter, Urixes wonders what the man is so worked up about. A question for another time, perhaps. Urixes walks the rest of the way down the stairs, towards Oak and the companions of the Wild Bunch…


    Fiver tosses the gun back and he notices you looking up. He joins your gaze to his. Flicking lights, orange and red, dance in the distance between the wooden beams of the Main Deck. “Izzat?” The Lapine sniffs, three times. He *sneezes*, repeatedly. After the last inhale. his eyes dart over to you, panicking. “Cripes mate…it’s a fire!

    Things Jack Knows
    It’s absolutely a fire: coming from the Main Deck, underneath the Main Mast, and burning *hot*. It doesn’t sound like a call has been put out: has no one noticed yet? But then, the ship *has* been unusually quiet tonight, something Jack is just now noticing. The usual merry and lively sounds of the walls around him alive have been mostly muted, or gone altogether tonight. Jack is about to respond to Fiver’s panic when he hears some strange *THUMPS*, coming from below, right around the area of the Ship’s Capstan. The *THUMPS* continue unabated for nearly ten seconds, before the sound stops just as soon as it started. You hear a faint noise, as though someone were slowly letting the air out of a balloon. Jack, time is of the essence here: where do you intend to go tonight, and what are you hoping to do when you get there?


    #73, full Bear Man form, shuffles over to Oak as he practices with the Harpoon. The Doppelganger is silent as he watches you, seeming to be building up their courage. Finally, the Bear Man coughs, and tries to get your attention.

    “Mr. Oak…sir? I’m glad to see you made it back alright! Mr.Derbin, the Ship’s Pilot, he’s been keeping me safe and keeping an eye on me, just like he said he would. And he’s great! Been teaching me a lot! It’s just, um…well, Mr. Oak? I know Arno told me to keep my head down and not bring any attention to myself, and I didn’t try to do anything, honest! But, there was a Gnome today…a Rock Gnome. He said some bad things about you all. REAL bad. And, he was laughing about Mr. Bern getting hurt. And, well…I may’ve *barked* at him, Mr. Oak, a bit loudly! I didn’t touch him, I swear! But now, I’m scared…that it’s gonna get you all in trouble.”

    The Doppelganger chews at their claws nervously. Mister Fusspot, nestled halfway under his left-wing above, takes in the whole sight with a keen interest. Suddenly, familiar feet clomp down the stairs towards the Stern of the Ship: from out of the shadows, Oak sees Urixes slowly approaching. The two have barely gotten done greeting each other when something catches both of their attention, from up above…

    Things Oak and Urixes Know
    You see flickering lights, coming from the area of the Main Deck. The brightness is *unmistakable*: a large fire has broken out underneath the Main Mast of the Curse! The Ship is still quiet, and it sounds like you may be some of the first aware of the situation. Do you rush to the Main Deck? Or are your concerns for Jack and Bern in the Clinic? And is Arno alright somewhere? Oak and Urixes: where do you intend to go tonight, and what are you hoping to do when you get there?



    Arno has a rough time finding sailors out this evening: most have seemingly vanished from above deck. There’s a strange wind along the Curse tonight. It’s one of Urixes’s deckhands, Crude the Rak’ta: Arno bodily grabs them as they stand along a railing, and they nervously point you in the right direction. The Captain’s Office! Arno is off with a *BOLT*, barely stopping to breathe! They don’t even hear Crude’s noises of confusion behind you…and the hissed warning that you should stay out right now, because…(the sound is lost on the wind…)

    Arno runs up the stairs on the stern side of the Main Deck, *CRASHES* through the door into Captain Arabella’s office…and finds herself face to face with an old dinner acquaintance.


    Governor Mitchum sits across the desk from Captain Ari, gloved hands clenched together like claws. He pushes his glasses up and sneers as he sees who has entered, and his face turns white with rage. “This one! Captain! I thought you assured me this one was in the Brig, after the *dreadful* assault upon my person!

    Captain Ari looks at Arno, clearly perplexed and slightly irritated at the interruption. She turns back with venom to Mitchum. “I assured you of nothing of the sort, Governor. Arno here is too valuable to keep chained in any case…*AND* there’s still some conjecture, as to what actually transpired that night. You see, I’d already left dinner…”

    “Lies.” The Governor fumes.

    “…and from what Baron Reynard reported, from where *he* was sitting, it looked like you spilled on yourself, so…”

    “The man lies!” He pounds the desk in front of him, and his hat nearly flies off his head. Gathering himself, he rights the hat, and pushes the glasses back up his nose. The menace of a man *spits* through gritted teeth, “If you refuse to keep order aboard your own Ship, Captain, that’s your business. But mark my words: the first time that thing hisses or spits or makes for my person, I will have my men through that door before you can say…”

    “Yes, yes, I’m sure. Arno will be on their very best behavior, won’t you Arno?” Captain Ari winks at you cheekily when the Governor isn’t looking. “So, Arno, what brings you so….loudly, into my office this evening?”

    With a growl, Mitchum slowly takes his eyes off the Changeling and turns it back towards the Captain. “If you don’t *mind*, Captain…we were in the middle of a discussion? If it’s not too much trouble from your employer.” The Governor’s voice *drips* disdain and condescension.

    The Captain catches herself, and looks chagrined. “…alright, alright, Governor. Caught me out, fair enough. Let’s finish up here, unless you got something too sensitive for Arno’s ears? Arno, let us wrap up real quick?” It’s less a question than a firm request.

    Governor Mitchum breathes deeply, like a waking dragon. “…No. Nothing of a sensitive nature, today. However, as to the current expense…” (Governor Mitchum engages the Captain in a long and boring, one-sided talk as to the living expenses, costs, and conditions his men currently live in. The conversation seems mostly to be a matter of routine, but you sense that Mitchum tries to drag the process out as long as possible, to put you out personally.)

    Arno stands there, bored and wondering if they misjudged Zephyr’s prophecy ability. You’re just beginning to think maybe he’d made some kind of clear mistake, when your attention is yanked suddenly elsewhere…you start to smell smoke, slowly coming in through the door…

    Things Arno Knows
    It’s absolutely a fire: coming from the Main Deck nearby, underneath the Main Mast, and *burning hot*. It doesn’t sound like a call has been put out: how has no one noticed a fire in the middle of the Curse?! But then, the Ship has been unusually quiet tonight. Bizarrely quiet even: other than Crude just now, Arno doesn’t think they’ve seen anyone around the Ship since they ran here from their meeting with Zephyr. Something very funny is going on here, Arno can feel it. Arno, where do you intend to go tonight, and what are you hoping to do when you get there?

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack yawns, dozing on a chair isn't quite the same as crashing in a bunk. He catches the pistol and aims it at a wall, smiling, "Oh, that looks better, thanks!" His eyes are drawn up at the ceiling, his tired mind not quite processing what he's seeing until the lapine calls it out.

    "Oh, that's bad... um." He jumps out of the chair, stares at the ceiling, then look around the room, "Right, help me get the bard out of here, we need to alert the crew." When Fiver opens his mouth to complain about his leg his cheery demeanor drops, "I said MOVE!"

    While the other is getting himself out of bed he races to one of the portholes, undoing the latch and pushing it open, then sticking the pistol out it and firing a shot into the water with an echoing *CRACK!*. He pulls it back inside and sticks his head out, yelling as loud as he can, "FIRE ON THE MAIN DECK!" before turning back to help the other rouse and get Bern out.

    ((OOC: Fiver isn't a big fellow, is he? If it takes both of them to get Bern out he'll do that, getting him above deck. If it looks like the lapine can help Bern out on his own he's going to go below instead, his Shifty Things About senses are a-tingling ))

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak almost wants to laugh as #73 tells him about barking at Derbin. It's the exact type of response that Oak himself would have given the Gnome if he were there in person. That said, he recognizes that #73 feels badly about this and is worried that someone is going to get in trouble, so he holds back his natural response to comfort the shapeshifter. "Ah, dun worry there lad. Would do the same if I were in your shoes, and now that little rat knows to keep his trap shut 'fore someone shuts it for him."

    Oak turns to Urixes as he enters, but pauses, a bright light growing and catching his attention. "Fire?" he says almost unsure, but then after a beat. "Fire. Main Deck." He goes to take a step towards the door, his hand extending to throw it open when he pauses. "Why hasn't the call gone out yet?" His eyes narrow, and he turns back to Urixes and #73. "Somethin' ain't right here. You two, go check on Jack and Bern and get everyone to the main deck. I need to check on the others."

    Without waiting for a response, Oak throws open the door and heads out, instead of up towards the Main Deck, he heads across deeper into the ship. Something wasn't right with this fire, more so when you include the fact that they had noticed it as far away as they were but no one had called out an alarm yet.

    OOC:I can pick a location if you want, but Oak's idea is instead of running up to the main deck, he's staying deep in the ship to see who else sticks around instead of running up.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited March 15


    Of course Fiver complains and tries to stay behind, complaining bitterly of his broken leg. But, *he* hasn’t ever seen Jack in a mood before. The Lapine is out of his sick bed like a *SHOT* at Jack’s holler, and throws Jack an involuntary salute, before darting over and pulling open one of Hugo’s cabinets (Hmmm…the rabbit sure does know his way around the Doctor’s things, Jack notices. And former military man? You wouldn’t have guessed it, from his…*everything*)

    From inside the cabinet, the clearly recovered Lapine pulls out a large wooden crutch, which he places under his left arm. Though only five feet tall, Fiver’s legs are built like Oak’s arms: wiry, and thick. As he settles himself over by Bern’s bed, he looks over at Jack expectantly. “Little help here?” Fiver waits for Jack to load the aged Bard over his other shoulder, and across his back.

    Fiver frowns at your plan while you get the door. “Yeah, I can get him to fresh air…yer heading below deck? Yeah, I heard it too, but…hey man, it’s yer hide, right? Ha! They said you were crazy, man! They were right!” The Artificer departs with the Bard slung heavily over his shoulder, singing a dirty shanty as he makes his way above Deck, towards the bow of the Ship.

    Jack makes his way below deck, towards the Capstan and the banging sounds he had heard…


    Jack, before you arrive at the Ship’s Capstan…please make a Perception Check...


    a few minutes later…

    Sensing something amiss, Oak begins to search the bowels of the ship. It’s usually dark and quiet down here, but tonight the mood is downright foreboding. Strange; it looks like some of the candles that light up the areas around here have been snuffed out, and it wasn’t your group that did it…(Covered Candles have been extinguished in the Ship’s Stores Area, and the Spare Sails/Rigging/Cables Area, as well as your usual hideout along the Orlop Deck.)

    Oak searches the lower decks for signs of life. He is around the area of the Spare Rigging and Sails when he hears someone walking down the stairs on the other side of the room, quickly but quietly. Oak recognizes the shape before he recognizes the face: Zook the Rock Gnome, your fellow carpenter who is more than a bit of an asshole. The Gnome halts in his tracks when he sees you.


    He looks at first startled…then, an impish grin curls around his lips. He addresses you, in a simpering manner. “…Oh, heya, Oak! You hear your friend Jack call out a couple minutes ago, over the sound of a gunshot? Just checked; turns out we got a *fire* up on the Main Deck! Seems the hands are slow to respond, so I was running down to get buckets...” The Rock Gnome looks around, as though searching for your companions. He pulls buckets into his arms from nearby, hefting two along his shoulders and two in each hand. Then, he turns back to look up at the Shifter.

    “Got here as fast as I could…say, you just coming…or just going?”

    Oak, Zook is obviously up to something. You’re not sure his motive for framing the situation as having “stumbled upon you” down here but you’re *positive* it can’t be for anything good. A Charisma Check may help you here, if you were to try and convince him you came here for the same reasons he did, *or* (instead!)if you were to encourage him to fuck around and find out

    Urixes, Bear Man*73 and Mister Fusspot are with you inside the darkened Orlop Deck. Do you go to find Jack and Bern in the Clinic? Head above deck to examine the fire? Do you send #73 and Mister Fusspot to assist in any capacity, or encourage them to get to safety on their own? And Arno, do you head to the fire on your own? To find your friends? And are you concerned for the safety of The Captain or the Governor, or do you leave them to look after themselves?

    CURRENT MAP (updated for stairways)- THAT EVENING

    Green- Arno

    Blue- Bern (Fiver)

    Orange- Jack

    Brown- Oak

    Purple- Urixes (#73, Fusspot)

    Red- FIRE

    mrpaku on
  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Urixes nods at Oak as he rushes out of the deck, then turns to #73 and Mr. Fusspot. "You two find Jack and help him, I'm going to see what I can do about this fire."

    As he heads back toward the door, he turns around and says, "Be careful. Something's not right about tonight, and not just the fire. Look out for each other."

    (( Urixes will head for the fire ))

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
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    "Yeah, heard the call for the fire," Oak responds, "so ran down to grab some buckets, same as you."

    Oak stares hard at the Rock Gnome, wondering why he was actually down here. He feels his demeanor shift, too much about this is off, and it is grating on his patience. He was frankly sick of having to manage politics lately, and with just one man in front of him, he let that stoic demeanor drop. He steps towards the Rock gnome.

    "Though, is that same as you? You seem surprised to see someone else was here, and you were moving awful quiet-like to get here. Neither of them add up like you said. So maybe, Zook, you got a confession to air?"

    OOC:I went with fuck around and find out and apparently Geth appreciates that choice.

    Geth, roll 1d20+3 for Intimidation

    1d20+3 23 [1d20=20]

    AustinP0027 on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Well well, Fiver is full of surprises... "Coming, coming..." He helps Bern out of bed, grunting as they lift the man up and heads out with the lapine, shaking his head, "You never listen to sailor stories? The really good ones, with betrayals and mutinies? Times like this, the obvious is never the real threat, I don't want some cultist blowing up a powder keg under my bed."

    He heads below, trying to keep quiet.

    Geth, roll 1d20+3 for Perception Check

    Perception Check:
    1d20+3 19 [1d20=16]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Arno looks a bit chagrined at entering a private meeting, rather than thwarting an assassination attack. But the Governor's bile filled rage soon takes away any embarrassment. This could be the attacker after all, he did bring Pretty Kitty onto the boat.

    "I've got news, but for the captain's ears only." The changeling turns to a Goliath, and stands still and staring at the captain's side. The Gov clearly would like to snipe at Arno, but is unnerved by this sudden change from the fool he's used to. The extra foot of height doesn't hurt either. The Captain gives a looks that clearly communicates "What the fuck man?" but tries to hurry through the meeting, likely curious what could cause Arno's state.

    As the meeting progresses Arno...drifts. This is boring! There was supposed to be something big going on, like ninjas, or more snake cultists, or the Governor would turn into a demon and try to bite off his head. Something exciting! Arno starts thinking about dinner, the special smoked meat that was served. Arno can almost smell it. Wait a minute.

    "Fire! Can't you smell the smoke?" Arno rips open the door, the fire nearly singeing the changling's eyebrows.

    Drawing a Scimitar, the Changeling points to the Gov. "Nice distraction, but I won't be leaving the captain's side tonight. You seem to have forgotten. I have range."

    OCC Arno will cast a 2nd level create water spell, causing rain to fall in a 35*35 foot square, right on the fire.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited March 17

    Goliath*Arno casts a Rain Spell, dousing the flames along the Main Mast and quickly flooding the immediate area with a thick, dark smoke. The smoke begins to disperse along the Main Deck, slowly seeps into the Captain’s Office, billowing in around your feet.

    The Governor looks up at the scimitar-wielding Goliath with something akin to an offended, unholy *fury*. “You dare?

    The Captain sees the look in the Governor’s eyes. She tries to calm him down, “Now wait just a minute there, my crew is allowed to be concerned about the safety of their Captain just as…”


    You all sit for a few moments. No one comes through the doors of the Great Cabin. The seconds tick away awkwardly. Eyes still firmly on Arno and their sword, the Governor backs up towards the door, nearly tripping over his chair as he goes. His hand has a death grip on the cane at his side. Just before he reaches the door, the knob finally turns….the door opens, and out emerges Mitchum’s daughter Constance. She wears an overlarge night shawl, and holds Pretty Kitty in her arms. Yawning, the girl seems to not well take in her surroundings. “Father? What’s going on?...Why has everyone gone asleep?”

    “Constance, dear…back to your room *AT ONCE*!” Governor Mitchum keeps a wary eye on Arno.

    “But Father…I saw something come into the cabin. They took something from the safe, Father…”

    “*BACK*, I said!” Governor Mitchum grabs her as he pushes past into the Great Cabin, shutting and bolting the door behind the two of them.

    Captain Arabella is speechless. With a shocked look at Arno, the Captain wanders towards the door and appraises the state of the Main Mast. “…loose papers, stolen two-by-fours. Pinch of powder. Someone definitely set this as a distraction. But it was a pretty half-assed attempt…” Capain Ari looks out over the bare handful of pirates who had shown up to put out the fire, shaking her head in disgust. “…or not. This isn’t nearly enough people. Something *IS* going on tonight…”

    “Arno, I know your concern was for my safety…but you just pulled a sword on the financier of this trip. He wanted you brigged before he even saw you tonight. And he’s got *squads* of trained soldiers at his disposal.” The Captain rubs her brow, trying to think. “I need you learning the wheel, and I need you out here watching my back for whatever is going on…but what do I do when Mitchum sends his men looking for your head? Because if I have to put sailors between him and you….” The Captain trails off, leaving the implications to linger….

    Arno, Captain Ari is probably right: Governor Mitchum simply hated you before, but he may be coming to jail, or even try to *kill* you next time! A battle between his men and the pirates would be bloody, and cost many lives. On the other hand, you can hardly keep the Captain safe inside the Brig…right? What do you tell the Captain; how do you intend to deal with the looming threat of Mitchum? In addition, please make a Charisma Check, to see if the Captain is reassured or made wary by whatever plan you propose…

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    Jack heads down the stairs, towards the Capstan in the underbelly of the Ship. The place is much darker than usual…candles have been snuffed out almost completely back here. That eerie silence persists along the planks of the Curse as your crewmates slumber.

    As Jack comes upon the Capstan, he sees a shuttered window nearby open; wide and flapping in the night wind. Jack gets a sudden chill up his spine, and feels as though someone is walking on his grave for a fleeting moment. (Did something unseen just move past you in the night?)

    The Capstan itself is bloodstained along many of the handles. At the base of the Capstan, a body lies: battered and broken. You can tell from here the body belongs to a Rak’ta. A familiar scent hangs in the air.

    Jack, you’re fairly certain you have just come upon a murder scene. A Rak’ta lies broken under the Capstan. You felt like you sensed two presences just now when you came into the room. You *also* feel as though one may have just tried to sneak past you in the night. You may choose to make an Investigation Check to learn more about the crime scene before others arrive, and/or you may attempt to see if you can find the creature that just tried to sneak past you before it gets away (another Perception Check)

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited March 17

    Zook acts like a big man up on the Main Deck, when you’re out of earshot, or offship. He is *considerably* smaller when presented with an Oak unbridled, and out of fucks to give. The Giant Shifter fairly seethes how sick he is of the little man’s sniping, and cuts straight to the heart of the matter.

    The rock gnome begins to noticeably quake under Oak’s glare. The buckets along his back and arms bump into each other. He seems to notice, and try to stop it, but it only seems to make it worse.

    Stuttering, the Gnome attempts feebly to hold his ground against Oak’s counter-accusation. “I didn’t…I wasn’t…I ain’t gotta answer *nothing* to you, Shifter!” He’s doing poorly…the gnome is so afraid of you, he’s biting his lower lip in fear at this point; it’s bleeding slightly right now. “We ain’t gotta answer to the likes of you, al’rite? Just cuz yer the Captain’s boy…tha’ don’t make this yer Ship! You’ll find out, right soon…” with a skitter and a trip up the stairs, Zook flees from Oak, fairly *running* up to the Main Deck with the buckets…

    Oak notices something on the stairs that the Rock Gnome left in his haste to depart…a scrap of paper. Oak reads it:

    [Water cask will get them, if the coffee doesn’t. Move tonight- after lights out. We’ll leave a light on. Remember this – C]

    Oak, you notice that the fire above Deck seems to have gone out…do you continue towards the Ship’s Capstan, looking for trouble? Do you head up above deck, or up the stairs to check the Clinic? Once you decide your destination, please roll another Perception Check, to see if you stumble upon something as you search…

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
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    #73 and Fusspot rush off towards the Clinic. Urixes heads above deck, along the stairs…

    On the way, you run into the Lapine Fiver, holding the injured Bern aloft his shoulders. “Aya, Urixes…y’all rite?” He leads the way up above deck, to the raging fire along the Main Mast…

    You both haven’t gotten far before Urixes sees the Captain’s door *flung* open, and you see a Goliath (who looks somehow familiar…) throw out a hand, and summon a churning torrent of rainwater down upon the fire. It is put out in short order, and a thick cloud of smoke fogs over the Main Deck.

    *Coughing*, Urixes looks around himself. The bell never sounded, and only a handful of people have arrived to assist with the fire. You see your Deckhand, Crude the Rak’ta…Killian, the Master Striker…Refi, the Gnome Weather-Worker…and Shin the Kitsune is here as well. Shin seems downright furious at the lack of assistance. “Where the hell is everybody? Hey…*HEY*!...WHO’S GOT THE WATCH UP THERE?” He looks expectantly up at the Crow’s Nest, but no one responds. “What’s going on tonight? Where *IS* everybody?”

    Refi examines the Main Mast, now wet and sodden with debris. “…whoever did this, didn’t want to burn it up *TOO* bad…look, even without Arno’s rain, this fire would’ve burned itself out before too much damage was done.”

    Shin looks irritated. “Then why light the fire in the first place? Can’t have a night of sleep, without someone getting bored in this place?”

    Urixes, do you choose to make an Investigation Check of the attempted arson? Do you have any thoughts on why so many people seem to be below deck tonight that you wish to pursue? Do you want to question any of the people in front of you, as to how they found themselves here so quickly (Charisma Check)? Do you choose to meet up with Captain Ari and Arno in Arabella’s office? Or something else entirely?

    mrpaku on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack stops, looking over the scene, the scent of blood in his nose. His gut was spot on this time... he glances at the dead Rak'ta sadly, feeling some connection to them after the events on the island. They too were just victims of a hag. He's about to step closer when his instinct kicks in again. Someone was here. Someone was just here.

    Stooping down he looks around, peering into the darkness, but even enhanced his human senses just aren't built for this.

    No other way then.

    His body begins to change, his limbs elongating, nails turning into claws and his entire form growing by a foot in height, the overall effect making him look even lankier than before. There's a series of muffled, meaty *cracks* as his head reforms in particularly unpleasant ways, fur sprouting from the newly wolven muzzle and flowing down the rest of his body, every inch of exposed skin now covered in a tawny coat.
    A Jack has appeared!


    Despite all this, there's something recognisably Jack about the way he holds himself, like he's simultaneously trying to both challenge you to a fight and shrink from sight. He grunts uncomfortably and reaches back, fumbling to free the tail from his trousers with a sigh of relief.

    Right. There's a murderer to catch. The scents are almost visible now, the room itself looking fully lit by the moonlight outside. With a deep inhale he begins his search.

    Geth, roll 2d20k1+3 for Perception (sight and scent)

    Perception (sight and scent):
    2d20k1+3 23 [2d20k1=[20], 10]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
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    Zook tries what he can to seem tough, but in the face of the larger Shifter with a giant axe strapped to his back, and a general fuck off look on his face, it fell flat. His threats were idle, but they did prove that the Gnome was up to something. As Oak started to step forward to chase the man down, perhaps encourage him to share more, he saw the scrap of paper. He picks it up and reads quickly, feeling his jaw tighten. "Those fucks."

    Oak runs up the stairs and towards the bow, where the casks of water were stored. He traveled quickly, a red mist descending over his vision. Someone had mucked with the coffee and water, and they were planning on hurting others. He wasn't going to stand for that on this ship, and god help anyone that he caught in the act.

    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for Perception

    1d20+2 10 [1d20=8]

    AustinP0027 on
  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
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    Urixes scowl deepens as he takes in the scene on deck. "This is all wrong," he growls, eyes darting between the smoking mast and the smattering of people around him. Eventually his gaze settles on Crude, and he steps toward him. "Where is Grit?" he demands, knowing that the pair are never far from each other. "Why isn't he with you?"

    (( I think Urixes would be growing irate, starting to feel like he's an unwitting pawn in someone's game, which he very much does not like. Adding an Intimidation check here because he's not interested in being friendly right now.

    Edit: Maybe his general concern for the Rak'Ta causes him to soften his demeanor, although he's still super mad you guys ))

    Geth, roll 1d20+6 for Intimidation Check

    Intimidation Check:
    1d20+6 10 [1d20=4]

    Denada on
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    Well, this is embarrassing. "I had...sources that I absolutely trust who said an attempt would be made on your life. I may have been a bit, just a tiny smidge, overzealous. On the other hand, have we checked to see if the Governor is made out of evil snakes yet? Nevermind, the point is you are still in danger and we have no idea where the attack is coming from. It could be the Governor, it could be Zook...*gasp* what if Jack was a secret evil mastermind this whole time!"

    The Captain gives a look, having learned to let Arno run till the point eventually appeared somewhere in the journey of their thoughts.

    "Yeah, no, I heard it. So, we have danger around each corner, and things crawling through the shadows and causing mischief."

    The Captain cocks an eyebrow.

    "Constance said the safe was robbed by something, and it would have to be shadowy for pretty kitty to have not howled and bit it. I bet the Governor will come in here any minute and accuse me of stealing it despite the fact that I was right here, waving a scimitar right in his face! Oh yeah, that's still an issue. Aha! A ruse. You say you put me under "house arrest" by locking me in an animal form, and that I can not go more than 30 feet from your side. That way I can guard you, and be in a form that can see the invisible in case something comes our way. Oh, Giant Centipede is good, it can "see" using the hair on it's back. Much like my great uncle Morton. Here, this can be the "enchanted collar" you put on me. Think that can work?"

    geth roll 1d20+4 to persuade

    to persuade:
    1d20+4 20 [1d20=16]

    zekebeau on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    zekebeau wrote: »
    *gasp* what if Jack was a secret evil mastermind this whole time!"
    ((OOC: Spoiler that stuff, come on! ))

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited March 19

    Jack can remember *exactly* the last time he smelled a scent like that: in the Dark Glen, from the stem of Pipes the Chameleon. Whoever is now smoking from his pipe has replaced the spices he used with your standard pipe tobacco, but the notes of clove cling even still. The pipe was lit up very recently: you can still smell the sharp scent of struck flint in the air.

    The scent leads out the open window nearby, into the night air. (But how did the Magic Pipe end up back at the Whispered Curse?)

    You smell blood…*A LOT* of blood. The Rak’ta (Grit, from the smell of Urixes that lingers faintly about them) was beaten rather ferociously, and from the puddle forming around him it looks like he was cut *DEEPLY* at least once. But it’s not just him you smell: Jack can make out the distinct scent of two other’s blood all around the Capstan; leading out the window;…and just over here, by that misplaced crate…

    …Jack, in your werewolf form, you smell something behind the crate. Someone. You can almost see their breath (they are breathing rapidly, *heavily*)…but no matter how hard you peer into the darkness, you can’t see them. You know that you’ve smelled them…her…before...

    Jack, an Invisible Woman is hiding from you behind the crate. You can’t see her, but you can smell her. She is ten feet away, and likely on edge, due if nothing else to your sudden transformation. What does WereJack do?



    Oak, enraged at those who had tampered with the ship’s main supplies, rushes up towards the Bow of the Ship to check the situation himself.

    As he runs along the Gun Ports, Oak gets a strange prickly sensation on the back of his neck. It feels as though someone is watching you, from somewhere in the shadows. But either in your haste, or through their skill, you neither see nor hear anyone. The ship is still dead calm, with the exception of some arguing you can hear coming from up above on the Main Deck.

    Oak finally arrives to the Water Casks…but he finds no one there. He starts to examine the casks, for tampering or foul play, but he isn’t sure of exactly what to look for.

    Hmm…here is something strange…one of the barrels of water seems to have been pulled out into the center of the walkway, away from all the others. Oak examines it to find it nearly empty…but a dripping trail along the water-soaked planks nearby draw your eye back towards the wall. Following the wet path where it leads, Oak pokes his head back behind the last row of water barrels. You see what look to be several sheets taken out from the Clinic, all sopping wet. They’ve been jammed in and along the bow of the Ship, out of the way. A slight steam rises from the sheets, as though they’d been recently doused with hot water.

    Oak, do you examine whatever it is the hot, soaking sheets cover? Do you make your way above deck towards the remnants of the fire to find your friends, or go find Hugo and tell him someone has been pinching his sheets? Or…do you feel like whoever was just here might be back soon, and wait for them?



    Fiver stumbles up aboard Deck, Bern the Bard slung over his shoulder. He grins at each of you in turn, and limps over to join his friend Shin. Killian runs over in deep concern for his mate. The pair of Fiver and Killian gently place Bern down along the deck, and Shin grabs some nearby sandbags to shove under his head and leg.

    Shortly after they come up, Hugo comes upon the deck as well, looking concerned, and *very* aware he is late to the party.

    As Urixes dresses down the Rak’ta, Crude won’t meet your eyes. She knows she’s disappointing you, but there’s something bigger holding her back. “I…I don’t know. I…” It looks as though she was going to lie to you, but couldn’t bring herself to do so. “I’m ssssorry, bossss, I’m jussst….ssssorry.” She puts her head down in shame.

    Refi, spry for an Old Bat of a Gnome, has climbed up the rigging around the Main Mast, and made her way to the Crow’s Nest. “Found our watch!” She shouts down to you all. “Looks like it’s Calthus, the 4th Mate!”

    Killian grumbles, and fumbles with lighting a fresh cigarette. “The Dragonborn asleep on the job? *ABSOLUTELY NOT*…a professional, through n’ through, that one!...only way he’d be asleep on a watch is if he were dead.”

    Shin looks over expectantly at Urixes. “Well, what do you think, LorddaDeep? It’s just us for the moment, until the Cap decides to get out here…what do we do?”

    Urixes, you have all the people before you at your current disposal (keep in mind their personalities and respective talents). Do you keep the group together for safety, or split them to better meet the needs of the Ship? The following are immediate concerns: the safety of the Captain (Captain’s Office); the safety of the slumbering crew (Forecastle, some Officer’s Quarters); the source of the sleeping sickness fallen upon most of the crew; the wounded and unconscious Bern; the safety of the drifting Whispered Curse. How do you tackle these issues? No pressure!



    Arabella’s consternation slowly turns to mischievous glee at Arno’s idea. The Captain grins, wryly. “Think the Old Bastard’ll be even *more* on edge if he finds out you’re sitting with me on the other side of his door…and the collar bit just might sell it for him! Know his daughter’s got something like this, on the little furball of hers…I’ll just have to tell him I had one I bought in Chaff an age ago, never had a reason to use it or mention it before. We have just that kind of relationship, “ Captain Ari says, voice lacking humor or any sort of warmth at the thought of the Governor.

    “Course, we still need you up learning the Wheel with Derbin and Refi, that’s crucial…need to figure out some sort of, work release system, maybe bring in some of the Strikers to “guard” you when you’re above deck for a bit. We’ll figure this out!” The Captain turns to Arno happily, and goes to put her hands on your large shoulders. She seems to have just noticed how…big, you were able to get. “Arno, I just want to say thank you, for having my back on all this. You, the Wild Bunch, you’ve gone beyond your duty on this mission already, and I trust the lot of you with my life. Just know: the Captain remembers.”

    Suddenly, the door to the Private Quarters *SLAMS* open. Instinctively, Captain Ari goes to push Arno behind her…then she eases a bit when she sees who walks through the door. Arno peers over her shoulder….ah! You haven’t seen any of the Edgar boys since that delicious, unfortunate dinner before the Villam festival. Before you stands Jared Edgar, the middle, worldy looking son. If he’s here to arrest you, he didn’t bring backup…or clean the sleep out of his eyes…and his belt is still partially unbuckled.

    “Aya, gittum MarveOUS and Mickeyspiing da’mint, perro ain’t ken nada da Nick. Guv splain’ les’ tim- now, other tha boat’jack.” He looks at the Captain, blearily but expectantly.

    Captain Arabella shakes her head slowly. “…nope. Still nothing. Couple words, maybe? Can I help you with something?”

    Jared Edgar, babbles, irritated. “Gissen! Ken’ye balko udder twiks, or jest’ clip-clop? Goy dun clinked da catchup! Dabbed da charter!” As frustrated with you as you are with him, Jared Edgar angrily grabs a spare sheet of paper from the desk, and a bit of charcoal. He scribbles quickly onto the piece of paper, and then *THRUSTS* it at the Captain. It reads: MAP STOLE AGAIN- SHIP CHECK, EARLY

    “Ah, see now that I understand!” Captain Arabella says pleasantly. Jared Edgar nods, and returns to the Private Cabin, now aware of his unbuckled belt. As he departs, Ari turns back to Arno. “...alright, so he’s short-handed tonight, or he’d probably be making a move *RIGHT NOW*. I’d say we don’t hear from the Governor again until the morning. Buys you some time, yeah? Tell you what…meet me up at the Ship’s Wheel, bright and early in the morning. I’ll call the Governor up, we can pull a big TO-DO about it, make a real example of you, yeah? And in the meantime…I get to sleep with both eyes some nights, and you might be able to sniff out things I haven’t. Sound a plan?”

    Captain Arabella extends a firm hand.

    Arno, your plan to “house arrest” yourself next to the Captain’s side in animal form may prove both a boon and a burden in the days ahead. Due to his troops nearly all being asleep at the moment, the Governor can’t make a move on you yet: so the night is still yours. Do you wish to go find your friends, or is there any final lead you wish to pursue before being “jailed”? You may in addition make a Wisdom Check, to see if you can learn the language of the Edgar family

    mrpaku on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack slowly turns his head, looking around the room, taking note of what his nose is telling him. That scent of clove isn't bringing back the best of memories, did the hag decide to follow them after all? Something to discuss with others later. For now, he turns his head to the crate, straightening out to his full height, but not approaching.

    "You can come out from behind there now, I know you're there." He nods to the corpse, "Did you have something to do with killing our crewmate?" The voice is still his, at least, while he's calm. And right now the last thing he needs is for the wolf to lash out at someone who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Which isn't to say he isn't also listening to the voice telling him to be ready for anything. And pointedly ignoring the one screaming at him to turn back now now now.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Urixes turns from Crude, takes in the scene, and scowls. "Alright," he says after a moment, "Shin, you and Fiver look after Bern. Killian, can you help Refi with Calthus? Crude, you're with me."

    Stopping before he leaves, he turns and addresses everyone, a touch of magic enhancing his voice. "Something foul is happening tonight, and we're going to get to the bottom of it. The Expanse already wants to kill us; we don't need to help it along. This cancer eating away at us must be cut out."

    (( Urixes will head back below decks with Crude to search for Grit ))

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Really?...I mean, of course, it's a great plan that I had total confidence in, I just thought I'd have a harder time convincing you."

    Arno looks out the door, Oak and Urixes already investigating. This might be the last bit of freedom in a while. But Zephyr's words echo "The head is gone."

    "And I'll start guard duty right this minute. I've got 4 hours in my form, then I need an hour to rest, then I can do another 8 hours in my form again. Then hour rest, 8 hours form, over and over, watching over you relentlessly, even while you sleep. Especially when you sleep? Yes, because that is always when assassins' or vampires or pixies strike. Every...single...time!"

    Geth roll 1d20+4 for understanding Edgar

    understanding Edgar:
    1d20+4 23 [1d20=19]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    OOC looks like all that time watching Letterkenny paid off.

    "Tag' a gop to yar mogs, terry mess 'o bet me mudders, 'aint dis duffer solo." Arno calls after the Edgar, warning him to get his men on alert, there are strange goings on about that have nothing to do with Arno.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    There is a beat before you get a response. Then, the Invisibility Spell drops, and a shaking young Eladrin steps out from the shadows. You recognize her as Aloro, one of the gunners you had met earlier. She’s bleeding, from a deep claw scratch around her neck.

    “Please.” She whispers. “Please don’t kill me. I didn’t think…I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She looks over towards the body of Crude, broken under the wheel. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. Please, don’t kill me,” she keeps repeating. The lass is nearly blubbering (Jack can’t tell if she’s more afraid of the werewolf towering over her, or the dead body under the Capstan)

    Jack, Aloro will come with you willingly, out of an *overwhelming* fear. She is injured across her neck from an obvious lizard scratch, but it looks to be nothing fatal at the moment. She will become *horribly* afraid if anyone makes any sudden movements, or if anyone tries to touch her. Jack will run into Urixes and Crude the Rak’ta almost *immediately* after your walk up to the Gun Deck. Do you attempt to question the girl at all, or see if you sniff out any additional clues from her person? (Persuasion Check/Perception Check, respectively)

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited March 21

    Shin and Fiver give Urixes a hearty *HARUMPH* and take up watch over Bern, covering him with a spare tarp up to his neck. (The scoundrels can be trusted to watch the Bard; if not with much else)

    “…right.” Says Killian, cracking his knuckles. “You can count on us!” He begins to scale his way up the Main Mast to Calthus (Killian will report back later, should he hear or see anything amiss)

    “We’ll keep it safe topside!” Refi, the Gnome Weather-Worker yells down. “Just make sure you don’t go and get yourself killed; leave us all alone up here!” (Refi is her usual pleasant self)

    Crude darts to Urixes's side as always, still at his easy command. If she feels shame having denied your question earlier, she doesn’t show it now…although she does seem somewhat trepidatious about heading below deck…

    Urixes, you and Crude will head down to the Gun Deck and almost *immediately* run into WereJack and Aloro the Eladrin Gunner. Do you notice anything, or anyone else, as you come upon the Lower Deck? And do you notice anything unusual about Crude today, other than her strange mood? (Perception Check/Nature Check, respectively!)

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    Arno can now directly translate the Edgar’s Strange Dialect! This unique talent may come in handy, with the Governor’s three primary guards!

    The Captain smiles. You can tell she’s quietly pleased at how much you take her safety to heart “…*as you say*, Arno! Right then, got a busy day ahead…HUGO!” she calls to the ship’s Doctor standing aimless out along the Main Deck. “GIT IN HERE!”

    Hugo walks up the stairs towards the Captain’s Office, looking utterly exhausted. “Yes, Captain?”

    “…You’ve got a big day ahead of you, Doc….it starts now. So get below deck, brew up some fresh coffee, and start rousting people. Gonna need you to find out what the fuck just happened to our crew, and why they weren’t shipshape when we needed em’. You got it?”

    “Yes, Captain,” Hugo sounds blearly, and like he *very much does not* have this…but he stumbles off with purporse, arm held over his medical bag.

    “And have your WITS about you…understand?” The Captain hollers after him. The response is a weakly waving hand, as the Doctor departs.

    “Perfect fucking time, for the Doctor to start acting weird *too*,” The Captain complains. Shaking her head in frustration, she turns back to Arno. “Gonna be little enough time for rest tonight! But when you need a breather…here, let me show you…” The Captain looks hesitant, but finally resolute. She shows you her desk, her cabinet, the bookshelf behind it. Then, she shows you a book among the middle row; black-bound with unreadable silver letters. As the Captain pulls out the book, the whole bookcase seems to lean forward…and with a small push, Arabella is able to move the bookcase aside, and present the darkened, enclosed hidden compartment behind.

    “Hidden panel!” She presents proudly. “Swings forward, when you need it to. You can see the whole room from some holes I’ve drilled down…see how I didn’t fill out those bottom few rows? If you’ve ever in here, and need to suddenly lay low…this would be the place.”

    Captain Ari takes a deep breath, and walks over by the cracked door. “...Hugo shouldn’t be too long. He’s distracted, but he’s one *helluva* doctor. I’ll post up here, and keep things moving.” Captain Ari suddenly stretches, and takes a deep…she seems to catch herself in front of her new honor guard, and tries to hide the yawn. Turning back, she confesses, “…Might need to catch an hour or two myself, just to stay readied.” Almost as an aside, she asks Arno. “Arno…you ever *know* that you’ve got, a long long day ahead of you?

    Captain Arabella has shown Arno the secret space behind the bookcase, just in case. Captain Ari will be facilitating recovery plans this evening from *very* nearby, but may need to catch a nap (or two) before morning. Arno, during your night’s watch…do you attempt to listen in at the door to the Private Quarters, leading to the Governor and VIPs? Do you further examine Captain Ari’s hidden crawlspace? Do you, as honor guard, examine the place for weaknesses, or tactical shortcomings? (Perception/Investigation/Survial, in that order)

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack wasn't sure what to expect, but it wasn't a bleeding and terrified Eladrin. Some of the anger drains from him, though outwardly it only shows in his ears flattening more. He looks her over, noting the scratch, then sighs, calming himself before asking quietly, "Aloro, what happened here?"

    He abandons his lowered stance and stands up straight, looking taller, but less like a wolf about to pounce. He takes a closer look at the gunner, surreptitiously taking a sniff.

    Geth, roll 1d20 for Persuasion Check
    Geth, roll 2d20k1+4 for Perception Check

    ((OOC: If he can't do both, go for perception. Jack wasn't expecting to find Aloro here and is assuming there must be more to this ))

    Persuasion Check:
    1d20 17 [1d20=17]
    Perception Check:
    2d20k1+4 23 [2d20k1=[19], 5]

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