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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse, Day 43- Pirate Haven of Chaff



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    OOC: I'll allow for both! :)

    Aloro won't meet Jack's eyes...but as she *winces* up expectantly, and the Werecreature continues not to bite her...she relaxes somewhat, if only from sheer emotional exhaustion. But she still won't look anywhere near Jack's face.

    "...wasn't supposed to happen!," She admits offhand to the WereJack, sorrowfully. "We were just supposed to be talking, and then he..." Aloro seems to wince away from the memory. She suddenly looks hopeless, and confused. "...I didn't mean for anyone to get killed! But he seemed to go half-mad when they didn''' then he took his whole heart out before he left!, cackling about "he'll be back around, soon enough!"

    Aloro, face-stained with tears, pleads up at the Werewolf with Jack's eyes. "I don't want to die...I'll go with you if you promise to keep me safe... because I'm *more* scared about what might happen if I *do* die, and they try to bring me back..."

    Jack smells the following on the Eladrin woman: Aloro's own blood, from her neck wound; Rak'ta blood that has been smeared into her robe, likely from Grit's actions to defend himself; what smells like a snake's tongue, and a bit of Honeycomb (a Wizard would likely know more); and a faint but dangerously familiar scent, that Jack has only smelled once before...that of the insidious purple snakes which live inside the cultists (the smell comes not from the woman herself, but lingers against her clothing, the smell slight but sharp and pungent)

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    Trying his best not to look intimidating the werewolf lets the Eladrin talk, ears flicking as she mentions the taking of hearts and being brought back. Thankfully people cannot easily read wolf expressions. He takes a closer look at the corpse to check its chest, then takes a deep sniff, the smell of purple snakes an unpleasant reminder from the past.

    "Cultists..." he murmurs quietly, then looks to Aloro and nods, furred hand resting on the hilt of his sword, "Don't worry, I'll protect you. Let's meet up with my friends and we can figure out what to do about this mess. It doesn't sound like either of us wants those snake creeps back."

    Figuring she's not about to double-cross him (and in no state to run away, even if she tried) he turns and steps towards the door, looking at her over his shoulder to make sure she's following before proceeding. He's keeping an eye on her, but trying not to spook her any further.

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    Urixes eyes Crude as they head to the stairs. "You're not yourself today," he says, the anger already leaving him. "I know I haven't been very attentive to you and Grit, but I've had other things to deal with and you two seemed to be getting on well. What's up with you?"

    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for Nature Check

    Nature Check:
    1d20+2 16 [1d20=14]

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    Crude looks down around her ankles, trying to play the situation off quietly to Urixes. "Very ssstrange day, Massster Hand. Grit and I are adjussting beautifully to life at zee, but...we feel all of za crew doesss not approve of us aboard. Zat zey fear za Rak' Outssssidersss are taking over za place,....."

    Urixes, Crude just shared more with you than she maybe ever has until now. And there was specifically something...a flare to her throat glands, a certain brightening of her general color, even a sharpening of the pupils...this Rak'Ta has laid eggs, recently. She's trying to keep it a secret.....

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    "Bookcase into a secret room, very nice Captain. Nice working with someone who apricates the classics. Though is it too classic? Or is it so classic that it's obvious so everything thinks its not there, unless you know an experienced pirate would know, ow, migraine. Sorry captain, I'm usually used to doing, not thinking. Though, looking at these holes, luckily they seem too small for any evil purple snakes, which is unfortunately a very relevant concern for us."

    Geth roll 1d20+6 for survival

    OOC So much paranoia, and yet I'm sure Arno would still try and talk the cultists into doing the right thing and jointing up, if they would just be straightforward with them.

    1d20+6 16 [1d20=10]

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    The hairs on his neck stand up as he runs, but Oak is too mad to actually take the time to stop and think what that might mean. Emotions were running wild, and when his anger took hold, the Shifter often found himself ignoring common sense when it came to signs like this.

    The water casks looked innocent enough at first, but Oak identifies a cask that is out of place, tracing it back towards a wall where he finds dripping sheets jammed in. His eyes narrow, suspicious of this oddity on the ship, and he find himself looking behind him suddenly. Something was off here, but what made the most sense to do escaped him. He sniffed at the sheets first, wafting in the scents and trying to discern the ones that weren't usual for a sailing vessel out on the water. He pulled his axe out, lightly using the point of an edge to try and pull the sheets back and expose whatever may lie underneath.

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    Both doors have (standard) wooden 2x4s which swivel in as door locks, in case of emergency. They’re nothing that would stop, say, a charging Oak, but they’d probably buy you precious time in the event you came under siege!

    You’d be safe from evil snakes inside the hidden closet, holes and all…they wouldn’t be able to sneak in through cracks under the door. There *is* a hole in a deck plank, over by the Captain’s nightstand, but by shoving the stand over just a few inches….there! Snug as bug, right?


    The debris has been cleared from the Main Deck, and throw into the sea. Bern and Calthus have been moved to the Forecastle, to rest on beds. Those remaining awake took them there, but only Killian and Refi returned. Refi stomps up towards the Wheel, looking irritated and nervous. Killian approaches the Captain’s open door.

    “…looks like most of em’ got sleepy, Captain…nearly everyone’s hard out. We managed to get Zook awake, Natali awake, that Genasi Zephyr… and that’s it. They’re in with Shin and Fiver, keeping an eye on the others, seeing if they can get em’ to wake up.”

    “Fantastic,” Captain Arabella mutters. “No injuries? Any idea of what happened to them yet?”

    “Think I may have that figured out, Captain.” Hugo the Doctor has returned above deck. “I’m just back from the Galley. Checked the general stores…looks like someone dosed the water and the coffee with a *heavy* dose of sleeping potion. I was lucky: the cook, Michael, called it an early night, and seems to have avoided being poisoned…he is, to put it gently, incredibly furious at the event occurring in his Galley. He is rectifying the situation as we speak.”

    “Well, that explains *that* then…gonna need to post a damn watch on our drinks and food, now…bout outta fucking men…” The Captain angrily mutters. “*Just* a sleeping potion, then? They’ll all be alright?”

    Hugo thinks, then slowly nods. “Physically, yes. Eventually. Wouldn’t be surprised if we manage to roust them all, in a few hours here.”

    The Captain frowns. “They why do I feel like you’re about to add a “but”?”

    Hugo smiles, rather weakly. “…But…it was a heavy, heavy dose. I very much doubt anyone who ingested this amount will be able to function tomorrow, beyond heavy amounts of liquids and food to restore them. Something akin to an incredibly bad hangover, if you would.”

    “Fucking terrific,” The Captain deadpans. “Alright…alright, here’s what we’re gonna do…Killian, go look over every corner of this Ship, identify *every* hand not currently drugged, *every* hand who’s gonna need medicine and a big breakfast tomorrow…and *especially* anyone who’s missing. Let anyone conscious know I want them on Deck, before dawn. You got it?”

    Killian snaps to a salute. “Aye, aye! Captain!” And he’s off.

    “Hugo, you’ve got a whole Forecastle full of sick pirates to attend to…when you get there, send the same message about dawn, and then I want you to send me out Shin…I want someone with sharp eyes up there keeping watch. Last thing we need is to be caught with our fucking pants down even worse than we are.

    Captain Arabella continues to issue orders and attend to the state of the Ship late into the night, as Arno keeps careful watch over her…

    Arno’s story will continue on the Main Deck in the morning, with the others not affected by the sleeping potion. You can be assumed to have gotten some rest in the night, except for *one thing*, which occurred around 3am the next morning…



    The Great Axe pulls the layers of wet sheeting back, slowly

    Oak has seen these before. Many of them; in a swampy meadow back on Villam. They’re Rak’ta eggs. These are much smaller than the ones you had seen, so they’ve likely been freshly laid. But they also look much healthier than the ones Strike had been mourning.

    Someone wanted these hidden, but did a terrible job of it.

    Oak, do you replace the sheet? Smash the eggs? Take them? Please make your decision, then it can be assumed you hear Urixes and Jack nearby, and may join them along the Gun Deck



    Urixes and Jack meet along the Gun Deck. Jack, Crude the Rak’ta accompanies Urixes; you know her to be Grit’s mate. Urixes, Jack has an Eladrin in tow: injured; unshackled but clearly being marched in front of him (why else would your friend turn into full Werewolf?) Oak will soon be approaching from the Bow of the Ship, having heard the two of you (ie feel free to include Oak in your intereactions as he walks up) Once notes have been compared, we will advance to tomorrow morning along the Main Deck…after a strange occurrence, which wakes you suddenly in the night…

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    Oak exhales loudly. Rak'ta eggs. This complicates a good number of things, and the secrecy of it makes it even worse that it might have already been. He had been trying to pull this crew together, but things like this, done in secret, are exactly the type of thing that tears them apart. He feels anger creeping up, his hand tightening on a handle of an axe. His thoughts drift to smashing them and having one less headache to deal with.

    But as soon as that thought enters his head, his heart rejects it. That wasn't who Oak was. He may be consumed by anger, but it was always in defense of his mates, or charging down something that wronged him. These eggs had done neither, and while their existence may make his life harder, he had no right to end them.

    Still, he couldn't leave them either. Not everyone on this ship had the same moral compass he did. Whoever hid these did a poor job of it, and needed better protection as well. Realizing why the sheet was warm now, he gathers it up in a bundle, carefully placing the eggs within it, with enough cushion between them that him carrying them shouldn't be as much of a risk. Strapping his axe to his back, he takes his carefully wrapped package with him, towards the sounds he hears nearby, the Wild Bunch that he can recognize.

    OOC:To the Gun deck, eggs in tow.

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    OOC: hey who had that +1 shield I gave out a while back? Cause you no longer have a +1 shield. As of about 5 minutes after michael figured out the water was poisoned he needed that magic for something else.

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    That would be me.

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    Jack practically walks into Urixes, not expecting them to be right there, "Aah geez! You spooked me, like the snakes aren't bad enough..." Oh wait, he's still a werewolf. Um.

    "So about this. I can explain." He spots Crude and winces internally- well, this is not going to be a fun conversation. Just to be safe, he gives a sniff at the arriving pair, making sure there's no snake business involved.

    "...actually, later, right now we have a murder to deal with." The werewolf nods to the Eladrin behind him, "She saw it happen, seems our cultist friends are still around." He leans in closer to whisper to Urixes, not wanting Crude to overhear, "They killed Grit and took his heart. Something about him Coming Back." Pulls back again, "Also, I caught a whiff of Pipes', err, pipe. Different blend of smoke, but definitely the same pipe."

    His nose wrinkles in recollection.

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    "Damn it," Urixes mutters under his breath, his scowl deepening even further. "I thought we were done with those things."

    He gives Crude a look, and sighs. "Crude, you'd better come take a look at this."

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    ((OOC: Gosh, don't sugar coat it too much, Urixes... :) ))

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    Crude, on Urixes’s signal, walks back down into the room with the Capstan. She is gone for quite a while. During that time, Oak comes into the room, carrying the Rak’ta eggs astride his arms. Almost at once, from above, Hugo the Doctor walks down onto the Gun Deck and stumbles upon the group’s situation. He looks half apologetic; half afraid (for himself? Or someone else?...) Luckily, Jack is able to drop from his werewolf form before the Ship’s Doctor comes upon the group.

    Oh…oh, I see. Please understand, we…*I*, was not attempting to deceive! But the situation such as it is with the crew…I feared smaller minds may have found the eggs, and decided to add to the “Rak’ta are secretly taking over the ship” hysteria. Worse, possibly even destroyed them. Crude and Grit, I can assure you they both meant no harm; this was *all my* idea!”

    Crude stumbles up from the Lower Deck, eyes unfocused and walking unsteadily. She takes in the Doctor in an almost absent fashion…but the eggs which Oak holds, she takes notice of *immediately*. Darting over, the Rak’ta grabs them from the other side and begins to caress the tops. She looks up at Oak with a sort of mad glee, clearly taking loving note of the care with which the Shifter cares for her young.

    Rocking the eggs, Crude requests of Hugo. “Doctor…pleasssse take care of my mate. He issss…dead downssstairss, and hisss heart hasss been taken from him. In the morning, I ssssshall need dispose of him, asss he would me.”

    “Good…GOOD! YOU HAVE TO! Otherwise…” Aloro seems frantic; half-mad at the sight of Crude. But she can’t contain her shouted approval, when the Rak’ta mentions “disposal of the body”.

    With a predator’s calm, Crude walks over, and in one movement she places her right claw around the woman’s neck, exactly where the claw wound still lightly bleeds. Nearly squeezing, the Rak’ta hisses up at the Aloro. “…sssso you met, zen. Take care, child…I will sssoon be back to finisssh what *he* ssstarted…”

    Releasing the woman, Crude addresses Urixes and Oak now. “Pleasssse. My mate hasss been murdered. Pleassse protect me and my young.” Hugo, half dead on his feet from exhaustion, wanders down to the Capstan to examine the victim: another in a long set of tasks for the evening…

    To speed things up a bit, it can be assumed you and Hugo found a solution for Crude and her eggs for the evening ; and that you and the Captain have arranged to have Aloro properly secured somewhere, for her own and other’s protection (likely the Captain’s office for both, at the present moment). Everyone can be considered to have gained a long rest before morning upon deck. During the night, everyone feels a certain dread wash over them…



    That night as you slept peacefully…or drifted in and out….or possibly just nodded suddenly, unintentionally during your insomnia…you felt a sudden shiver* run up your spine. For a moment, it felt as though your thoughts, your vision, had all been rinsed in a sudden wash of dark, gray energy. The strange *BUZZ* of dull electricity gets into your eyeballs; assaults your senses. You see the Ship beneath your feet, even the walls suddenly turn ethereal…then back…..then ethereal again.

    Almost soon as the strange sensation starts, it stops again. You can’t be sure if it was a dream, or a vision, or if you’ve been the victim of some sort of strange magic. You eventually rest again, but something, something specific, and *AWFUL*, tugs at the back of your mind with a certainty…

    Everyone, please make a Perception Check to see how much information you “felt” from the secondhand shock of the spell, and an Arcana Check to determine if you understand the *specific* nature of the effect you felt…

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    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Perception
    Geth, roll 1d20 for Arcana, Jack's Best Skill

    ((OOC: Ha-HA! I have stolen Arno's dice! ))

    1d20+4 22 [1d20=18]
    Arcana, Jack's Best Skill:
    1d20 19 [1d20=19]

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    Geth roll 1d20+4 to see into the ether
    Geth roll 1d20+6 to know what the heck just happened.

    to see into the ether:
    1d20+4 23 [1d20=19]
    to know what the heck just happened.:
    1d20+6 19 [1d20=13]

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    Geth roll 1d20+6 for looking into the beyond
    Geth roll 1d20-1 for magic?

    OOC: give me back my dice jack

    looking into the beyond:
    1d20+6 9 [1d20=3]
    1d20-1 11 [1d20=12]

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    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for Chasing Dreams
    Geth, roll 1d20-1 for Magic what now?

    Edit: You've got to be shitting me.

    Chasing Dreams:
    1d20+2 22 [1d20=20]
    Magic what now?:
    1d20-1 19 [1d20=20]

    AustinP0027 on
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    A sight and sound familiar in (nearly) everyone's Dreams that morning...

    Perception (DC 16)
    You see three hearts, sitting on a table in a familiar room. Several robed figures, at once, pierce the hearts with steel daggers. Then another figure, holding a bone staff, strikes the Deck below their feet. The room goes black and white: the figure is immediately struck with dark, necrotic energy, and falls to the ground, as his fellows grab for him...

    In the distance, far off now but ever closer, something rises from the depths. It sees you; it sees *all* of you

    Arcana (DC 17)

    The Undead Galleon has been summoned. It will arrive in roughly twelve hours time (from 3am)

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    (( Guess Urixes was all vision-d out for the night ))

    Perception Check:
    1d20 14 [1d20=14]
    Arcana Check:
    1d20 9 [1d20=9]

    Denada on
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    [DAY 23- THE OPEN SEA]

    Thunderstorm: The combined effects of precipitation and wind reduce visibility by three quarters, imposing a -8 penalty on Spot, Search, and Listen checks. Thunderstorms make ranged weapon attacks impossible, except for those using siege weapons, which suffer a -4 penalty on attack rolls.

    Thunderstorms automatically extinguish candles, torches, and similar unprotected flames. They cause protected flames, such as those of lanterns, to dance wildly and have a 50% chance to extinguish these lights.

    Creatures must succeed on a DC 15 Fort save or be blown away (Tiny or smaller creatures; knocked prone and rolled 1d4 x 10 feet, taking 1d4 points of nonlethal damage per 10 feet), knocked down (Small; prone), or checked (Medium; unable to move forward against the force of the wind).

    Airborne creatures are instead blown back 2d6 x 10 feet and dealt 2d6 points of nonlethal damage due to battering and buffeting (Small or smaller creatures), blown back 1d6 x 10 feet (Medium), or blown back 1d6 x 5 feet (Large).

    In addition, thunderstorms are accompanied by lightning that can pose a hazard to characters without proper shelter (especially those in metal armor). As a rule of thumb, assume one bolt per minute for a 1 hour period at the center of the storm. Each bolt causes electricity damage equal to 1d10 eight-sided dice.



    You meet Captain Ari up on the Main Deck, bright and early. The Sun is just now beginning to peek over the horizon. Arno stands with her, grinning at and the Wild Bunch as you all arrive (you each notice that Arno has grown taller, since the last time you really got a good look at them). The Captain and Arno both stand strategically between Aloro (the wounded/possibly murderous Eladrin) and Crude (the widowed, has-threatened-vengeance Rak’ta).

    Arriving almost exactly in time with the Wild Bunch are Bern, leg patched up but looking rough and ready as ever after his night’s rest (he almost seems *abnormally* healed, after his near fatal encounter with the Giant Manta) and Michael, the ship's cook, looking more *furious* than you’ve ever seen him before.

    Killian the Striker has remained nearby in the night, to help with the watch and to keep an eye on the Captain. Captain Ari now instructs him to take Aloro and Crude…carefully, and keep an eye they don’t get near each other…up along the Quarter Deck, where Refi has been tending the wheel throughout the night. The Old Salt nods, understanding the need for secrecy…..

    Captain Ari looks like she hasn’t slept a wink. She drinks from a steaming cup, but seems to have to occasionally catch herself from falling into it. “…Beautiful morning, in it?" She asks raggedly. "Just our fucking luck. And I’m assuming you all felt that... thing in the night. Any ideas of what happened there?...And what about the murder Jack and Urixes found? You guys put any of this together?” The Captain nods a bit, then catches herself and takes a deep sip from her coffee. “What are we looking at here, Wild Bunch?” Rain pounds down along the deck. In the distance, you hear lightning crackle...

    The Wild Bunch may take an opportunity to share details: from their encounters yesterday, and their sudden spell-stricken dream this morning. This conversation may occur in privacy, shortly before the others arrive



    As Dawn comes, those unaffected by yesterday’s sleeping sickness roll in one at a time. The numbers are *depressingly* slim. You each look around, at what remains of the healthy crew...besides Killian (Human Fighter), Refi (Gnome Wizard), Crude (Rak’ta Druid), and Aloro (Eladrin Wizard) up at the Ship’s Wheel, you see the following Crew Members here and ready to assist):

    - Fiver, the Lapine Articifer

    - Shin, the Kitsune Monk

    - Zook, the Rock Gnome Monk

    - Hugo, the Assimar Cleric

    - Zephyr, the Genasi Wizard

    - Natali, the Half-Orc Cleric

    “Is this it?” Captain Arabella asks, after some time has passed (she’s trying to put up a brave front, but you’ve been in her confidence long enough to see that she’s shaken and trying to hide it)

    The Crew is *minimal* today. Those taken ill with the sleeping sickness will soon be waking…but they will be in no shape to fight, and suffer a disadvantage on all rolls for or against them. Many of you know that a specific danger is *imminent* in about 9 hours time. The Captain will be assigning people to shipboard tasks (the Wheel; the Wounded; the Watch)...but she's very open to your suggestions (especially once she hears what is incoming...) You have precious little time today…how do you choose to spend it? Please decide as a group! Feel free to ask any questions about the state of the Ship or Crew that you may have

    Luckily, Captain Arabella has a group she’s come to rely on during their short time aboard the Whispered Curse: a group of misfits and muppets she’s come to trust with her very life during this short time together at sea. THE WILD BUNCH!


    Oak, the Group’s Taciturn and Reluctant Leader. The calm, sensible one of the Bunch, Oak has a subtly kind and patient nature…that is fully overshadowed by the unreal feats of strength these pirates have seen him capable of when he finally decides to let loose


    Arno, the Group’s Eager and Open Heart. The sociable one of the Wild Bunch, their empathetic nature has reached nearly *legendary* status among the crew of the Whispered Curse, as someone able to build bridges and gain the respect of even the *hardest* of characters


    Urixes, The Ancient One Reborn; "Lord of the Deep". A Tiefling out of time and out of place, the Tortured Warlock has found his home once again: along the planks of the Whispered Curse, and *this time* among a group of outcasts who has come to consider…his family


    Jack, The Wild One. A wolf taken to the world of men, Jack less navigates this strange life then *barrels through it giggling*. The reputation of Lucky Jack, Force of Nature and Limbtaker, Ol' Snake Eyes himself, has taken on it’s *own* growing legend among these hearty men and women


    Bern, The Old Salt. A Bard to a thousand different crewmen over his time, and Old Hand on the Curse who has spent his life on these waters; now drawn to the Wild Bunch like a Gambler to a Lucky Penny


    Michael, Master Chef. An Articifer and Capable Hand these past years, who has come to call this place home and will take up arms with those eager to defend it with him

    (OOC: Apologies to Michael, who I still need to draw, and everyone else, who my partner will eventually color!) DM NOTE: EVERYONE ADVANCE TO LEVEL 5! Please send me your new character sheet/updated link, and *please make sure* all items and equipment are current! Please discuss preparations you wish to make for the incoming event. Let me know when you’re ready, and we’ll move the plot along: the next event today will occur in exactly three hours, along the Main Deck

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    OOC: sheet updated on first page.

    I've got my poisons and power bars made up for the day, I switched up an infusion.

    geth roll 1d6 to see which elixer i mixed up today

    On my spell prep the only change from the standard is protection from poison instead of alarm.

    Ha that's the alter self elixer, must've mixed it up special cause I know I'm rolling with the wild bunch today and might need to do some shapechanging

    to see which elixer i mixed up today:
    1d6 6 [1d6=6]

    Sleep on
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    mrpaku wrote: »
    Luckily, Captain Arabella has a group she’s come to rely on during their short time aboard the Whispered Curse: a group of misfits and muppets she’s come to trust with her very life during this short time together at sea.

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    zekebeau referred to Arno and Jack as Muppets in an exchange we had, and it still makes me giggle everytime I think about it, because it's 100% accurate

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak cracks his neck as he stands in front of the captain. He knows he should feel tired, that vision had kept him up in the night for a while before he managed to settle back down to sleep, but something about it energized him. Finally, something that doesn't have to do with politics. He stretched his arms a little as he surveyed the other members of the crew who had managed to roll out of bed, the others likely impacted by the sights that they all seemed to have known. The assembled group is light, and that's going to cast a shadow on the conversation they needed to have, but there wasn't any running away from what was coming, so might as well meet it head on.

    "Simplest way of sayin' it Captain, we're being chased." His eyes cast out to the waters surrounding them as if he's searching for something. "Something we ain't goin' to be able to outrun, so best we prepare for a fight." A peal of lightning strikes off in the distance, and he feels his drawn to his axe. An odd sensation, not one he has experienced before, but somehow a welcome feeling at the same time.

    "We have part of the day, then they'll be on us. So let's get to preppin' them who can help, and figure out how to keep safe them who can't."

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    Michael sounding off proper after Oak, "I believe undead galleon was the best description I could come to for what's coming, and I'm fairly certain whoever summoned it is still on board captain"

    You'll all notice michael looking a bit different than normal today, with a number of flasks and vials secured and bandoliered about his person.

    Sleep on
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    Captain Arabella chews over this new information. "...well, that would explain the Ship I saw. Shit. Shit." With a frustrated curse, she chucks her cup of coffee fully into the sea.

    "Shin! Fiver!" The Lapine and Kitsune are at her arm with a quickness. "*Batten down the hatches*; we've got incoming!" The two nod, Fiver shooting her a quick salute, and then go to gather rope. "Zephyr!" The Genasi runs up. "I want you to head below deck...take Zook with you...and I want you to load every goddamn gun we've got!"

    As they both depart, she turns and speaks in confidence to Oak and Michael, quietly. "Whoever pulled this shit knew when we'd be at our weakest, because they put us there. You say they're aboard? Do you know who? We've got most of the Crew either along the Forecastle or in the Officer's Quarters at the moment...I was gonna try to pull em' all into the Galley later, get a warm meal in em'..."

    Do you have any ideas for suspects you wish to share with the Captain? Do you attempt to track them down, hidden as they must be among the sickened crew? Or is your time at the moment better spent preparing the Ship and protecting the sick?

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    "Trust me captain I'm gonna figure out who messed with my food stores, and then I'm going to introduce them to the waves personally", Michael lay's his hand on the lower of two flasks affixed to the bandolier across his chest from left shoulder to right hip.

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    Oak's eye narrow quickly, and he responds "Zook". His hand reaches into a pocket, pulling out the scrap of paper. "I found him down in the bowels when the fire broke out. He talked soon enough." He quickly adds "Don't worry Cap'n. Didn't offer no violence, just like ya asked."

    "Point bein', he was some part of a group wantin' to cause trouble." Oak holds out the strip for the Captain to take.

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    Got to stay awake, keep the Captain safe, no dream time, no...sleep...zzz...ACK! What, where...oh, right protect the captain, no sleep yet.

    "Not much of an idea, though I wasn't doing as much investigating as the rest of the bunch it seems. I pretty much ran straight to you after Zephyr said he had a vision we'd loose our head."

    The Captain spits out a mouthful of coffee. "You're fucking kidding me! That's why?"

    Arno blushes a little, "Captain, Zephyr seems to know way more than a crewman on the ship should. Either the visions are real, or he's using a bunch of gossip and tips to spin a tale and seem special. But if so, it's very good gossip and tips! Personally, I'm more worried that the visions are real, but sent by something unfriendly. But don't worry, I have a plan to find out more by giving him drugs."

    Another mouthful shoots out.

    "Don't worry, he wants the drugs." Captain still worried. "They're good drugs." No less worry. "I mean, helpful. It'll get him in a waking dream, so I can either get info on the vision giver or pump a trickster for info." Slight less worry.

    [Once the other bunch reveal the dream about the undead ship] "G...G...G...Ghost pirates! That's bad, real bad. Maybe something we can do to stop the curse if we find the one responsible? And what about the Governor's guards, Edgar seemed in decent shape, could they be pressed into service? I know my stock is a bit low with the Gov, but maybe Edgar would be willing to talk?"


    "Wow, even Rax the Resistant got got? I figure if anyone would be checking their drink for poison, it'd be him."

    "Zephyr, friend, curious if you have any new guidance you might be willing to share? This is gonna be a tough day."

    "Refi, I know this is going to be a rough day, but need your advice. We think this g...ghost ship was called by a spell, I think that means it needs a focus? Any chance you have a spell or item that might help us locate it, or advice how to find it? I kinda focused on defense and healing before I knew about the...trouble. Oh, and the weather control spell, I know you got one! I can help with keeping us on course, if we can get a bit better weather for speed and shooting our guns, we'll be in better shape when they come!"

    OOC updated character link, with current spells.

    Also @Sleep any chance Michael can flavor any buff spells and enchanted food, and refer to them as Jack Snacks?

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Wait, where's 73! They get confused, were they in the sick bay?"

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack yaaaaaawns toothily, slowly coming to. Getting up early is nothing unusual on a ship, but after the night he's had, followed by creepy dreams, well, it doesn't really feel like he's slept at all.

    He's dragging himself along as he meets up with the rest for a briefing with the captain, trying and failing to conceal his yawning, "Hmn... what's got you in a tizzy, Michael? Not an early riser?" Another yawn, then look around. Where has Mister Fusspot been hiding all night?

    The youth steps forward when Captain starts asking for more information, "Grit had his heart removed, Aloro said the person talked about them coming back." Scratching the back of his neck, "I smelled those purple snakes, so, I wager it's our cultist friends still trying to do whatever they're trying to do." He steps back, then remembers at the last moment, "Oh, also, I smelled the pipe of a chameleon fellow we met on the island. Oak killed him, so, I suspect someone's 'inherited' their role."

    By the time the rest of the crew (what of it has dragged themselves out of bed) has risen Jack has woken up and is back to his cheery self. Between pestering Arno and insistent whistling he's found the griffon and has been digging various snacks from his pockets for the beast, eavesdropping on the conversation happening behind him. Even in this form his hearing is pretty good.

    "Oh, um..." He stands up, pushing Fusspot on his shoulder, "Sorry, couldn't help but overhear. I could... help... with tracking down suspects? If that pipe fellow is still aboard, bet I could find them. And I have a pretty good idea what snake cultists smell like by now." Jack shuffles uncomfortably, lowering his voice further, "Only problem is, can't really do it like... this." Hand gesture over himself.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    After a long night of fitful sleep, Urixes joins the Wild Bunch with the captain on the deck. His tired face is replaced by a furrowed brow and a grimace as he takes in the captain's briefing and the rest of the Wild Bunch's description of the dream that he missed. "I must prepare," he growls, "I'll ward the area where the crew are being kept. If anything tries to get in there, I'll know. And I must summon some help. The Grasp of the Deep is good for some things, but I need eyes."

    OOC: Urixes has been updated, and will use his newly found rituals to cast Alarm on the entrance to where the crew are being kept, with the Wild Bunch and whoever might be guarding them designated as creatures that won't set off the alarm. The alarm will mentally ping Urixes if any creature Tiny or larger touches or goes through the door. He'll also use Find Familiar to summon a familiar for himself. The spell description lists ravens and owls as options, but I think a small albatross would be more thematically appropriate if that's okay.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular

    #73 returns to the Main Deck, having spent the strange night asleep in the Clinic. He smiles his unnerving bear-smile at Arno as he walks aboard deck, ready to provide assistance! (DM NOTE: #73 and Mister Fusspot both join the ranks of the un-poisoned, and may be placed to provide assistance during the raid! However, don’t expect Bear*#73 to join the fray with you: they will defend themselves and others, but *strive* to stay non-violent otherwise, likely due to Arno’s guiding influence!)

    Captain Arabella takes the scrap of paper from Oak. “Thank you, Mr. Oak. I appreciate your restraint, and your ability to…” She reads the note, and frowns. Less frowns than scowls, hatred and betrayal coming across her face in the rain. Her pallor darkens noticeably, even in the dim morning light. Thunder crackles in the distance.

    “C…Oh, fuck. I’m pretty sure I know who C is.” The Captain looks nervous, but for the moment she keeps her suspicions to herself as she listens to the rest of you give your reports.

    “…let me know if you need somewhere for you and Zephyr to…well, *do* your experiment. It seems a strange avenue to explore…but I trust you, Arno. Just make sure not to accidentally kill him...he’s a weirdo, and I don’t trust his whole deal, but he’s a helluva Gunner, and we’re *already* running short on Crew…”

    [Re: Ghost Pirates] Captain Ari nods. “That’s real good thinking. I’ll make it a point to check in with the Governor, next time I get back into my office. I don’t know that I could…"talk" to the Edgars, but if I get the opportunity to let em’ know you want a word, I absolutely will!”

    “The cultists. I see.” Captain Ari looks worn down at Jack’s revelation. She looks older than she did even yesterday. “So the murders weren’t just…they needed the hearts for, *whatever* it was they did to cast their spell.”

    “…Jack, I may need you to do me that favor, sooner or later today. Use that, special nose of yours. Just so we’re fucking sure, before we start pull out arms on crewmen. Not just yet, though. If what I think is happening is happening here…”

    From out of the dark gray clouds, a small sea bird sails down gracefully, to perch on Urixes’s shoulder!


    The Captain grins, for maybe the first time this morning. She nods gratefully at Urixes’s offer to Alarm the door to the Forecastle. “*Good!* That should come in very useful, keeping those poor suckers safe today! Excellent work, Mr. Urixes!”

    “Now,” The Captain whispers quietly to all of you. “Here’s what I’m thinking. We don’t say a word to Zook at the moment…let him think we’re none the wiser. I believe any attempt to force their hand at this point might just....So, in a few hours here, I was gonna pull all the sick into the Galley and have Michael get em’ nice and fed an’ hydrated. While that happens, I’m gonna want you all to sit…subtly…between Zook, and whoever you think he’s working with, and the rest of the crew. They’ve already showed they’re willing to hurt fellow crewmen, *KILL*….so I want you all as a wedge between them and anyone they could try to *take* to force the issue. We’re gonna separate the hostages out from the hostage takers, as delicately as possible.”

    The Captain licks her lips. “Now guys, I use that *particular* terminology because, I believe…we are in the midst of a fucking mutiny! The “C” from Zook’s note…I believe it’s my 2nd mate, Conrad. I think he’s the one behind all this.”

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited March 26

    During the morning hours, Captain Ari approaches the door to the Governor’s private quarters, and *raprapraps* until she gets a response. Arno is nearby when an Edgar brother…a different one, (David this time), finally answers it.

    The Edgar brother rambles in his usual dialect (translated for Arno-sense) “Yeah? Whadya want?” (Arno, this man doesn’t seem like someone who imbibed the same sleeping potion the knocked out your fellow crewmates. He seems aware, and alert…not to mention armed.)

    Captain Ari attempts to loudly talk to the man. “Your boss! *We have a situation!* Can you go get him to talk?”

    David Edgar looks partially confused and irritated, but Arno senses it isn’t simply at the Captain’s intrusion. (translated for Arno-sense) “Can’t help you, sorry! Boss-man gave one order today: we keep this place locked tight and secure!”

    Captain Ari, clearly not understanding the man, attempts to shout sense to him. “GOVERNOR MITCHUM? YOUR BOSS? EMERGENCY!”

    David Edgar nods, pityingly. (translated for Arno-sense) “Yeah…he *said* you’d say that. Sorry, Captain…wish I could help you, but I got my orders.” He nods once politely towards Arno, then shuts the door (you both hear the lock *CLACK* into place).

    Arno, you have learned that the Governor’s men will not only fail to be pressed into service, but that they have been ordered to seal up their private area aboard the ship!



    Zephyr looks like he has slept poorly. But the Genasi puts on a brave smile for Arno.

    “Little enough that I remembered from my slumbers that was not the Ghostly Ship, my friend! But there *was* something I saw…you would approach me today, and I would pull a card from the deck for you..."

    With a small flourish, the Genasi produces the Tarot Deck into his hand. Fanning out the cards, he begins to shuffle them with expert ease, hand over hand. When he finally goes to pull a card from the near-center of the deck, he pulls it away and looks at it. The Genasi smiles indulgently: he looks as though he would have been surprised had he pulled any other card from the deck. He shows the card to Arno:



    The Genasi looks around at the rest of the Wild Bunch, reverently but with a slight hint of fear. “This card…I believe it means your time has finally come, my friend. You and the others, you have struggled against much oppression and ill doubt from the crew of the Whispered Curse. Today is the day they discover that you not only belong here…but that the Ship, the Expanse, they have *called* you here.”

    Zephyr smiles at Arno. “Good luck, Arno Never-Changing! I look forward to seeing you on the other side of this!”


    Refi nods. “A focus…and I think I saw what it was. There was a Bone Staff, the cloaked figure used…it seemed to destroy him or so I thought, but then, Necromancy…”

    “I can try to help you find it…I have a Detect Magic spell that I can use. I’ll let ya know what I find. An the Weather trick…it was an old training wheels tools I got from your predecessor. I’ll be watching the Wheel, best I can…let me know when you need it, and I can shift this storm a bit. But I’ll need ten minutes, and you get *one* of em, so careful how you use it!”

    Arno, Refi will attempt to use her magic to detect the Bone Staff, likely source of the incoming Undead Galleon. She still has access to one Control Weather spell, but use it wisely!



    The Captain has Killian gather all the sick and poisoned inside the Galley for an early breakfast. The room is absolutely *packed* with fellow crewman, crammed shoulder to shoulder along tables.

    Captain Ari looks around at each of you, nodding in turn when she catches your eye.

    The Crew of the Whispered Curse looks (to be fair) *godawful*. Men and Women slump along the tables, eyes bloodshot and nodding wearily. Each seems half ready to nap on the table, or *ravenous* in wait for Michael’s meal.

    You’ve each been told to try to move in, and separate Zook, Conrad (and whoever might seem to be with them) from the main group. The Wild Bunch attempts their best individual efforts, but in the end it doesn’t seem to have mattered. At one end of the Galley, right next to the door leading to the Main Deck and all at the same table, sit Zook and Conrad both. And there are others around them, who seem to have their heads lowered; whispering amongst each other conspiratorially…

    - Conrad, the Half-Elf Ranger

    - Zook, the Rock Gnome Monk

    - Uroz, the Fighter Orc

    - Zik, the Rogue Rak’ta

    - Dead-Arm Steve, the Human Barbarian

    - Fenel’zir, the Githyanki Sorcerer

    Conrad, usually brash and headstrong, seems slightly nervous. The others seem to be coaxing him on.

    Make a (time-sensitive, today!) Perception Check to watch your fellow poisoned crew members and see if you discover anything. Make an Investigation Check if you wish to examine the table of (probable) mutineers to see what you can discover. Michael will be serving breakfast shortly. Make your move if available, and then the clock will skip up to the handful of hours just before the Undead Galleon arrives, affording *one last* opportunity for any preparations before.…

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Ey, holler' tha hill, neither wai the donnybrook go, we's gunna kiss 'e fish come th' ded. Be need'n hands down'n" [Arno says tell their boss whichever way the fight goes, the undead would sink the ship. They may still be needed when sun goes down.]

    "Captain, they say they're in lockdown. Govenor is spooked pretty bad I'd wager, though hope he lets them out after we bring this mutiny down. And I really hope he wasn't pushing for it."

    OCC [color] could Arno use intuit to see who at the table may be having second thoughts on the mutiny? Seems like the group may not be as united as they'd hope, would be nice to stand a few down before it starts.

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    OOC: Arno can make a Perception Check to "feel out" if maybe anyone at the Mutineers table isn't 100% on board with this. Convincing them will likely take a Charisma roll, and a good one

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak walks into the Galley and finds a spot against a wall, his eyes searching out among the sick. He feels sympathy for them, cursed to sickness out of something they couldn't control. His eyes sweep back and forth, watching the general crowd.

    He spots the table with Zook at it, as well, and starts walking towards it. As he closes in, he finds Conrad amongst the same table, along with a handful of other folks. He stares down Zook as he approaches, looking away to the rest of the faces just as he reaches the table. "Morning mates. Bit of a rough night for us all, eh? Hope you lads weren't bit by it too hard." His glances across the group, trying to take in whatever glances or looks he can find, but then continues on his way. "See you 'round the ship. Specially you, Zook. Got a job to do and all, right?" He gives Zook one last glance, then heads off to get himself food and sit down at a table.

    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for Perception
    Geth, roll 1d20-1 for Invesigation

    1d20+2 4 [1d20=2]
    1d20-1 15 [1d20=16]

  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited March 26
    Dead-Arm Steve wears a shirt beneath his vest, something you've never seen him do. You can see bandages that the shirt is clearly meant to cover, and three red stripes angrily bleeding through them.

    Fenel'zir is buried in his cloak at the table, seemingly unconscious and suffering the same as the rest. But you catch something through the hood as you walk by, which isn't an effect of the sleeping potion...the Githyanki has had his hair turn *completely white* in the night. He shakes as he sits for breakfast, subtly but uncontrollably

    mrpaku on
  • SleepSleep Registered User regular
    In the galley the food is nothing fancy today, just plentiful and filling, Michael walks from table to table serving out bowls from a large pot filled with a good stout gruel, along with a plate of rashers he brings to each table, with clean water and coffee to wash it down.

    When he makes his way to the table where Calthus is resting his head Michael stops for a moment, and leans on to speak to calthus while he pulls one of the vials from the bandolier he's still wearing, a semi viscous orange liquid. As he gives the vial a quick shake the liquid folds with the color blue before coming back to a resting orange. He pops the cork out of the vial, pulls a wand out of a sheath on his wrist gives the vial a quick stir with it then submerges the tip fully in the vial places his thumb on the end and uses the wand as a pipette to transfer this strange liquid to a rasher he puts right on the top of calthus bowl. As he hands the bowl to Calthus he says more audibly, "we're going to need your abilities too much for me to let this bench you for the whole day, few bites of this and you'll be right as...", trailing off as he looks at the weather outside, "This will fix you right up, and then when you've finished breakfast, I'm going to need you to help fix up a few of your fellow crew as well. We've got work today.", he taps the large viscous opaque flask on his left hip with his wand. (Protection from poison on calthus and direction that I need carlee burrows to be his first stop after that bacon).

    As michael makes his way through the tables he's paying as much attention to the crew as he can

    Geth roll 1d20+1 for perception
    Geth roll 1d20+3 for investigation when michael gets to the turncoat table

    1d20+1 18 [1d20=17]
    investigation when michael gets to the turncoat table:
    1d20+3 20 [1d20=17]

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