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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse, Day 60- Offshore/Abbott of the Eternal



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    ((OOC: If morale drops too low we can always have Oak tell some jokes ))

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    Puulp the Koa-toa Priest waits patiently as Urixes finishes his conversation with Cardan Byrne. As the Tiefling’s old friend departs for the evening, the fishman boldly approaches, clapping a clammy hand upon the Warlock's shoulder and congratulating him on his victory at the Grey Maw.

    “My people had a victory of our own, you may haff heard…bringing in extra supplies, with the large-dwarf friend of yours!” the elder Koa-toa croaks, his throat swelling with pride. “Yes…our young one, Rhu Rhu, was very taken with ze adventure…and za experience of being on zis Ship. The little one would very much like to come with you!”

    “Zere are a couple udders who have expressed interest as well…za Pag siblings. But, well,” the Priest’s bulbous eyes look away from Urixes, playing at being embarrassed. “…zey are two of our stronger warriors. Ze may still have need of strength, before we reach waters we can call our home. But maybe,” the fishman licks his teeth, leaning in closer to whisper. “…maybe, with the right additional “compensation”, my people could spare the help? Eh? You scratch my back, I scratch yours? Za Pag sisters, zey will be worth every gold…but if I’m being honest, my people need za gold a *bit more* at za moment…

    Your Three Potential Koa-toa Recruits!:

    Rhu Rhu Yaanos- Male. Intelligent but hot-tempered. Eager to learn Common. Expert fisherman

    Yr-Us Lin Pag- Female. Brash and Irritable. Afraid of sea monsters. Master Bone Carver

    Di-Lin Ik Pag- Female. Overeager but a hard worker. Constantly Hungry. A born Number-Two.

    OOC: I believe this is one of those things that would be solved in about two minutes over an actual table, but takes a long time to 100% explain to everyone PbP. Time to break out my handy dandy leather notebook!


    Leadership Positons will always need to be filled, regardless of the situation of the Ship or Crew. There *IS* no Crew without a command structure. This will typically be done automatically for the Wild Bunch:

    CAPTAIN- Arabella Stellanova, Female Half-Elf; Rogue/Bard

    1st MATE- Calthus Zorkul, Male Dragonborn; Oath of Glory-Paladin

    2nd MATE- URIXES

    3rd MATE- Shin, Male Kitsune; Way of the Open Hand-Monk

    Similarly, the Roles of PILOT, GUIDE, and WEATHERWORKER will always need someone performing them, as well as the Role of QUARTERMASTER.

    Right now, ARNO is working alongside Derbin and Refi in the role of “Guide”, but Rhu Rhu *can* be added to the Team, and will occasionally give Advantage on certain Navigation challenges! (Currently, MICHAEL is performing the role of QUARTERMASTER, which is what necessitates hiring additional COOKS):

    PILOT (Ship Speed++)- Derbin Brightbeard, Male Dwarf; Artillerist-Articifer

    WEATHERWORKER (Extreme Weather)- Refi Truespring, Female Gnome; Order of Scribes-Wizard

    GUIDE(S) (Navigation)-


    Rhu Rhu Yaanos, Male Koa-toa; College of Lore-Bard

    With Saphos Fapplerock’s death-to-Wyverns, there is now no CABIN BOY aboard the Ship. The main penalty to come from this will be communication not getting to your group as quickly, learning about events late, or occasionally receiving some information in a jumbled fashion (messages, personal requests, secret notes, etc):

    CABIN BOY (Messenger)- NONE

    With 4/5 Deckhands, there is an occasional chance of minimal lost MORALE or SUPPLES (but nowhere near the calamity that would’ve ensued had it been Crude by her lonesome running things!):


    Crude, Female Rak’ta; Path of the Totem Warrior Barbarian

    Cardan Byrne, Male Half-Elf; College of Eloquence-Bard

    Aaron Edgar, Male Human; Storm-Sorcerer

    Di-Lin Ik Pag, Female Koa-toa; Arcane Trickster-Rogue

    With 3/5 Gunners, fights involving the Canons against Giant Sea Monster will take an accuracy penalty, *and* a damage penalty. Given how hard Cannons hit, this can leave you and the Whispered Curse at a *great disadvantage* during Ship Attacks or Giant Sea Monters attacks:

    GUNNERS (DEFENSE++) (3/5) –

    Calvin Jenkins, Male Human; Path of Wild Magic-Barbarian

    “Blacktooth” Bart Sanders, Male Human; Arcane Trickster-Rogue

    Yis, Female Rak’ta; School of Conjuration-Wizard

    4/5 Strikers will provide close-range defense, provide a modest amount of FOOD per day, and occasionally grant bonus FOOD to the Crew. A full team of Strikers may even sometimes stop an attack before it has a chance to start!:

    STRIKERS (FOOD+, DEFENSE+) (4/5) -

    Killian Grant, Male Human; Brawler-Fighter

    Ril, Male Aarakocra; Blood Hunter

    Whistler, Female Kenku; Acid Draconic-Sorcerer

    Jared Edgar, Male Human; Hunter-Ranger

    4/5 Carpenters are enough professionals not to rely on Oak’s Charisma to get the hard jobs done. They should ably turn SUPPLIES into HULL, although with one more a rare event will provide the opportunity to occasionally fix HULL without SUPPLIES at all:

    CARPENTERS (HULL++) (4/5) -



    Fiver Greenfield, Male Lapine; Artillerist-Articifer

    Yr-Us Lin Pag, Female Koa-toa; Psi-Warrior-Fighter

    You guys are currently 5/5 Riggers, improving the Ship’s Speed and Dexterity; able to move fast, and at a moment’s notice!:


    Natali the Gravedigger, Female Half-Orc; Nature Domain Cleric

    Bluurg, Male Grung; Assassin-Rogue

    Rax the Ravager, Male Rak’ta; Battlemaster-Fighter

    Deep Lake, Male Tabaxi; Way of Mercy-Monk

    Vix, Female Chameleon; Thief-Rogue

    You guys are currently at 2/3 Cooks, keeping up Morale and Crew Health, but no potential to occasionally double-up on FOOD, make special finds in nature, or cook meals with special daily bonuses:

    COOKS (MORALE+, CREW HEALTH++) (2/3) -

    Carlee Burrowes, Female Halfling; Alchemist-Articifer

    Zephyr, Male Genasi; Divination-Wizard

    You guys are currently at 3/3 CLINIC, proper staffing for up to and including a virulent, serious outbreak of disease among the Ship:

    CLINIC (CREW HEALTH++) (3/3) -

    Hugo Luson, Male Aasimar; Twilight Domain-Cleric

    Slevin De’tres, Non-binary Changeling/Male Dwarf; Light Domain-Cleric

    David Edgar, Male Human; Oath of Conquest-Paladin

    You guys are currently at 2/3 Entertainers, keeping Morale to a slow, steady loss rather than complete freefall, but with little opportunity for Bonus Morale Events:



    Eilibis Fellmirr, Female Eladrin; College of Eloquence Bard

    Finally, when each of you get an opportunity, please send me a PM with your current list of items, books, magical trinkets, gold and jewels, and whatever else your character is hauling. I'll write it down in the Manifest, so we can all be on the same page when the treasure *really* starts flowing. I was fairly good at giving out loot last year, but *not great* at keeping track of it: I know there were bonuses from Baron Reynard; that gold was found in the hidden cave beneath Villam; that Jack pried jewels out of Clavicle-Crusher 88…but I’m *sure* there are many more items I’m forgetting! I *promise* to keep close track of it for the group from here on in!

    Leave an agree if these Ship Assignments work for you! For now, let's pull the 500gp to hire the Koa-toa from the Ship's Treasury: we'll have a better idea of "money" and potential ways you guys can spend it when we get to Chaff, and the Captain knows you're good for it.

    As you guys do that, I'll prepare tomorrow: Day 35!

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    (( I'm totally on board with those assignments, and I'm glad to see Yr-Us in the carpenter role. As soon as I read her blurb I was envisioning the Curse growing more and more wild as time goes on, with timber being replaced by carved leviathan bones and such. ))

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    Denada wrote: »
    (( I'm totally on board with those assignments, and I'm glad to see Yr-Us in the carpenter role. As soon as I read her blurb I was envisioning the Curse growing more and more wild as time goes on, with timber being replaced by carved leviathan bones and such. ))

    OOC: I had not thought anything like this but it's literally all I can picture now. :o

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    Denada wrote: »
    (( I'm totally on board with those assignments, and I'm glad to see Yr-Us in the carpenter role. As soon as I read her blurb I was envisioning the Curse growing more and more wild as time goes on, with timber being replaced by carved leviathan bones and such. ))

    OOC: Very glad to hear you say that! One of the three Unique Large Ships you guys can potentially run into out on the Open Sea are giant, makeshift, cobbled-together-from-whatever Crafts that I've dubbed the "Millennium Falcons", so this is exactly where I hoped you guys would go with it! :D

    Update to come in about eight hours: couldn't properly do it credit at the moment (spent the last couple days morning-to-evening spit polishing the Expanse tables, but the ease of building encounters should benefit greatly!)

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    That night, Arno is literally shaken awake by their friend, the Seer Zephyr. The Air Genasi’s eyes are still wide, and the slight breeze coming off his body must be his kind’s version of a panic-sweat. Zephyr is already begging forgiveness as the Changeling opens their eyes.

    “Yes well…hello! I do greatly apologize my friend, but I’m afraid I just had the most disturbing dream!” Panting with fear and excitement, Zephyr flips to the latest entry in his dream journal, and begins to read stoically from the page. His hands act out the action as he goes along: “The Whispered Curse was sailing on a strangely darkened sea. Suddenly my sight began to pull back, as though I were flying or being pulled away. I could see the waters around the Ship filled with countless white marbles, bobbing along the top of the ocean. Then, my vision pulled back enough that I could see the place within which the Curse truly sailed…a fishbowl, alone on a table in a small, dark room.”

    “Suddenly, I knew that I wasn’t alone in the room. There was a Monster in there with me. As soon as it realized I knew it was there, It darted over to the fishbowl, picked it up, and went to *SMASH* it to the floor…”

    “…then I was back on board the Curse somehow. Everything, everyone, was sideways. Water and glass filled the air, reflecting off all the other water and glass, and the white marbles, until it was impossible to make out five feet in front of my own face. We were all falling, forever. Just before I awoke, I sensed the Monster outside the glass somewhere, looking in past the shattered glass, grinning at me.”

    The Seer closes his notebook with a loud *POP*. Nearby, crewmen grumble and turn over in their sleep. Zephyr’s shoulders go up in sudden embarrassment. Quieter, he leans closer to Arno’s bunk. “I felt, distinctly, that I hadto share this with you. I know not what it means,” Zephyr whispers, shaking his head in slight awe. “…but, I suspect we will find out shortly. It felt…imminent?...”

    “I should go, and let you get back to your rest. Farewell, my friend!” the Genasi hisses softly as he departs

    The Seer Zephyr has had a “Prophetic Vision” of the future: visions of raining glass, and monsters beyond the Pale. Arno, disturbed by the story, may seek to share it with the others. The Party will gain Advantage on the Day’s challenges due to Magical Foresight!


    No-Wind/Mirror Rain (Drizzle)/Ice Floes
    Arno shares the tale of their midnight visitor at an early breakfast that morning, before heading up to take their turn at the Wheel. The slight drizzle from yesterday has continued on, but the endless emptiness of the Open Ocean before them has been replaced by a steadily growing field of Ice Floes. Arno thinks back ruefully on the white marbles in Zephyr’s dream…

    Before noon, the wind has all but vanished from the skies. The air around you is dead and still. The Riggers do what they can to coax the remaining life out of the sails, but quickly enough, the Whispered Curse is moving forward on momentum alone. Those with weather-magic (Refi, Aaron) standby, waiting to be called upon, shivering in the rain.

    The field of Ice Floes encircles around the Ship as it passes West, and the Curse is now regularly *THWUMPING* its way through the smaller chunks of snow and rock in the waters below.

    The Crew are all on high-alert, so everyone notices the obscene shift in the atmosphere *right away*: the drizzle suddenly…changes…and looking around the sky now feels like looking down an infinite hallway of mirrors. Each individual drop of water reflects the view from another somewhere. In a single second of rainfall, a million different visions and views flashes before the eyes of the observer: they catch sights of the Ship, themselves, Ice Floes a hundred feet away, the sky. The effect is disorienting, to say the very least…


    Everyone please make a Constitution Save (No Advantage). The more generally successful the group is, the better chance they’ll have of keeping members of the Crew from contracting “Vertigo”!

    Jack is the first to notice someone else out here, as he gets a fractured vision through the rain of a large Galleon pulling out from behind one of the larger Ice Floes. Hollers ring out shortly afterwards; they’ve see you, too. Jeers and mocking laughter come from the deck of a Ship, somewhere nearby…

    The Ship travels through Ice Floes in the *DIZZYING* Mirror Rains. The wind has died, and you’re sailing along at a snail’s pace. There is an Enemy Ship out here with you, hidden in and among the Ice Floes. Fortunately, the rain obscures reality so badly that they can’t tell if you’re fifty feet away from them or within arm’s reach. Unfortunately, *your Ship* is in the same situation!

    Arno, please make a Survival Check to attempt to navigate the field of Ice Floes with *worse* than zero-visibility. And please make a Charisma Check to ensure proper communication with Refi and Aaron, using them to put “Gusts of Wind” into your sails with the proper timing to avoid wrecking, while staying clear of the enemy group (Both of these checks can be made with Advantage, due to Zephyr’s Prophetic Dream!)

    Jack, please make a Wisdom Save to attempt to focus enough past the Mirror Rain to “feel out” the location of the Enemy Ship (or ships). And please make a Perception Check to keep your sharp ears out for any signs of impending danger (Both of these checks can be made with Advantage, due to Zephyr’s Prophetic Dream!)

    Urixes, please make an Intelligence Save to use your magical senses to “filter out” the Mirror Rain, and help find a (hopefully safe) path out of the Ice Floes. And please make a Constitution Check to see if you can do this while also regularly “borrowing” the eyes of fish that swim along beneath the boat, using them to make sure not to dig the HULL against any of the bigger hunks of snowy rock (Both of these checks can be made with Advantage, due to Zephyr’s Prophetic Dream!)

    Oak, please make a Perception Check to learn what you can of the Enemy Ship (their type, their craft, their numbers), as their laughing reflections dance in the rain around you. And please make a Charisma Save as well: the jeers and taunts from the other Ship will continue, as they haunt and hunt you amongst the Ice Floes. *Make them* know you aren’t afraid! (Both of these checks can be made with Advantage, due to Zephyr’s Prophetic Dream!)

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    Jack's head swims from the visions around and he leans against a solid piece of wood to keep himself grounded, "Guys, I think... urk... I think a fight's a-brewin'."

    He tries to focus and figure out where exactly the ships are relative to one another, while struggling to keep his lunch down. It was a good lunch and he will not waste it!

    Geth, roll 1d20+8 for Con Save
    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Wis Save
    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Perception Check

    ((OOC: Nailed the important one, good ))

    Con Save:
    1d20+8 28 [1d20=20]
    Wis Save:
    1d20+1 9 [1d20=8]
    Perception Check:
    1d20+4 12 [1d20=8]

    Glal on
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    ((OOC: And of course I forgot about the advantage before I even finished reading the entry ))

    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Wis Save Advantage
    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Perception Check Advantage

    Wis Save Advantage:
    1d20+1 19 [1d20=18]
    Perception Check Advantage:
    1d20+4 9 [1d20=5]

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    "No Mr Fusspots, I'm need to fix this calliope...snk what?" Arno is roused from a deep dream by the Gensi. Taking the dreams details in, Arno thanks their friend. Whatever this monster may be, the Wild Bunch and crew will be sure to stand against it.

    As the mirror rain begins, Arno feels...excited. A good sleep, weird weather, and a ship beneath their feet. Now this feels nice and piratey!

    "Gunners to the ready, sails trim, we've got this mateys! We've put down a ghost ship and a flight of wyverns, let's show this new boat we're hard enough."

    Geth roll 2d20k1+7 for survival

    Geth roll 2d20k1+2 for charisma

    OOC : Can Arno cast "Locate Object" as locate boat, giving us the direction of their location and direction of movement? I figure as we are in a bit of a funhouse, we can barely tell if it is on the left or right, but if we know for sure it might give our gunners a surprise shot at them, or even a chance to board.

    2d20k1+7 26 [2d20k1=[19], 10]
    2d20k1+2 13 [2d20k1=[11], 6]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Geth roll 1d20+1 for con save

    con save:
    1d20+1 20 [1d20=19]

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    OOC: Arno can absolutely choose to cast "Locate Boat"...but, the spells effectiveness will partially depend on how well Oak nails his Perception Roll to "learn what you can of the Enemy Ship (their type, their craft, their numbers)"

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    Urixes is deep in concentration, standing near the front of the ship with arms slightly outstretched, his eyes focusing on nothing and everything...

    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Vertigo Check
    Geth, roll 2d20k1+2 for Int Save
    Geth, roll 2d20k1+1 for Con Check

    Vertigo Check:
    1d20+1 7 [1d20=6]
    Int Save:
    2d20k1+2 21 [2d20k1=[19], 5]
    Con Check:
    2d20k1+1 12 [2d20k1=[11], 4]

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    He should be thankful that there is no wind, but the dizzying rain makes up for the poor conditions. Oak finds himself squinting over the side of the ship, trying to find some point of orientation.

    Instead Jack finds one, albeit briefly, in the form of another ship.Oak rushes to where Jack pointed, and strains his eyes, trying to utilize his new sight to give them some advantage in this magical rain.

    Geth, roll 1d20+6 for Con Save
    Geth, roll 1d20+3 for Perception
    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Cha Save

    Con Save:
    1d20+6 8 [1d20=2]
    1d20+3 12 [1d20=9]
    Cha Save:
    1d20+1 12 [1d20=11]

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    @AustinP0027 don't forget your advantage. But wow, could have used some better Con saves.

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    edited September 2021
    OOC: Ah thanks. I read the "no advantage" part and assumed it was tied to everything.

    Edit: Oof. Geth decided it didn't matter.

    Geth, roll 1d20+3 for Perception Adv
    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Cha Save Adv

    Perception Adv:
    1d20+3 6 [1d20=3]
    Cha Save Adv:
    1d20+1 3 [1d20=2]

    AustinP0027 on
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    Slevin De’tres, up to watch the rain, suddenly falls sideways, and nearly slides over the side of the Ship before Jack reaches out to grab the “Dwarf”. Slevin thanks Jack wordlessly with a weak grin and a nod, sliding towards the doors and escaping from the disorienting weather to the Lower Decks.

    Eyes do little good in the funhouse-maze of the Mirror Rain, so Jack tries to focus his senses elsewhere. Hairs prickling on the back of his arms, he sinks into the mindset of a beast, and uses his predatory talents to feel the vibrations: in the air, in the water, in the shouting of the enemy bouncing off the raindrops.

    The voices are harsh and mocking, but the words the men use are cultured, and bear the distinct mark of the upper class. Professional pirates, then…and they’re to the Northeast of you, about… seventy feet out! You’re headed right towards them! Harried, Jack turns to call out a warning to Arno at the Ship’s Wheel. But over his own yelling, he just misses hearing the noise that follows in the distance: the unmistakable sound of Lead Shot, being loaded into Cannons…

    Arno *CRANKS* the wheel left to drive the Ship west and away from the Pirates, and Oak is thrown bodily sideways and hard, down to the Main Deck. Fortunately for Oak, Rax the Rattled is there to break your fall. Unfortunately for the lizard, he is unaware that he is to break the Barbarian’s fall until the very last moment, when the huge shifter *CRUSHES* him into an unconscious heap.

    As Hugo rushes over to assist the pummeled Rak’ta, Oak pulls himself up and returns to the railing near Jack, trying to focus only on the area the young Shifter is pointing in. It’s near impossible to see anything in this damnable rain, even if you know what you’re looking for, and if anything Oak’s keen new eyes make the Mirror Rain more distracting. But Oak manages to pick out a few key items from the distant enemy: glittering gold, adoring their ships, their weapons, their clothing; Rafts, several of them, being dropped in the water from a Large Galleon (the Rafts and Galleons are similarly shining with gold); faces, healthy, well cared for, and almost universally human or elf; upon the faces, smug contempt, and now, slowly building anger as the Whispered Curse pulls away from them, and cuts out of line of sight between little icebergs.

    Unseen, the enemy crafts are drawing close enough across the waters that you can make out their words, mocking: “Where you going, friends?” “Your Ship looks a bit damaged…had some trouble?” “Hey, what’s the matter? You never heard of the…” “Come back, we just want to talk…” “Why are you running? What are you running from?...” “Do you all need help? Stop for just a moment, friends! We’re here to assist!...”

    Something about those voices makes Oak’s blood run cold. He isn’t the only one: from nearby, Jared Edgar whispers to Whistler the Kenku, “Ya’bool, neda berro, te’ok nonce eto-mingo!.” (“Good *Lords*, I’ve never heard such kindness from someone I was so certain wanted to kill me!”) The Kenku whistles, quietly, in agreement: “Min-go.”

    A madhouse floats in the airs around the Ship. But, there is method here, Urixes remembers. He has had humans describe to him the feeling of inching through the dark, attempting to move in blindness and grope their way forward without sight. It is much the same here, but instead Urixes allows himself to go blind to the rains; to simply not see that which is in front of him. A sort of…self-inflicted illusion.

    And it works. He sees it clearly for a single moment: a path opens, a hundred feet west and then with a sharp turn to the north. Urixes hollers up to Arno, calling out the specific distances between the points. Then, closing his eyes, the Warlock slips under, casting his consciousness beneath the boat, to find a wandering school of mackerel traveling the ice floes. His consciousness finds the fish nearest to the Ship and begins to move through them, watching for icebergs directly in the Ship’s path, jumping from one to another. But the Curse is starting to gain momentum…Urixes is having a hard time keeping up, finding new hosts as the old ones fall out of sight of the Ship…

    Suddenly, Urxies’s concentration *SNAPS*, and he finds himself knocked-down to the planks below. At first the Tiefling believes he’s under attack, but as he frantically looks around, he makes almost immediate note of the Aaracokra Ril, smashed into a mast nearby. It seems the birdman had attempted to find his way from the Crow’s Nest to the Main Deck, and lost track himself while flying through the rain

    Jack manages to sniff out the location of enemy ships: to the Northeast! Arno *SPINS* the wheel, cutting away and to the West. Refi and Derbin are already wrapped around the railings with both hands, but Rhu Rhu obviously hasn’t spent much time on dry land. The Koa-toa is *CHUCKED* across the Captain’s Deck, flying all the way from one side to another before cracking himself against the railing! Derbin moves to rescue the fishman before he falls from the side of the Ship.

    Refi is muttering directions in Arno’s ear. She’s trying to help, but still clearly out of sorts, and more anxious than you remember seeing her before. “Bit to the Port side….watch the edge there, don’t wanna cut too close…oh, bloody hell, can’t make out the next twenty feet for my own ass…saw it just fine thirty seconds ago! *ARRGH*, I used to be able to *do this*…”

    The Old Girl is right, the rains a second ago showed the next fifty feet just fine, but the current mirrorfall is mostly either mean looking men and elves dressed for a pirate ball, or glances at your own backsides. But then…if you’ve already seen the next fifty feet, why do you need to bother looking at all? In fact…

    Ship’s Wheel firmly held between their arms, the lives of 35 crew, 18 Koa-toa, 3 dwarves, and a donkey in their hands, Arno the Changeling closes their eyes tightly, working from memory. A bit to the port side…pull it back straight….keep steady…watch the starboard side (*OOF*! Well, that one came from below…must’ve been the edge of an iceberg….pull it back to the port side, now…)

    “They’re doing it,” says a pleased-to-popping dwarven voice nearby. “I told you….it’s the Sway.”

    “My Gods,” breathes Refi, awestruck or bewildered.

    From nearby, the Sorcerer Aaron timidly interrupts: “Missagneme’? Der’beardo? Y’wannu shell..”

    Shit, he’s right!” says Refi, snapping out of it. “They’ve got their Winds up! Doesn’t matter how pretty we get out of here, if we let them catch us…” The Wizard and the Sorcerer finally get to work, placing magical Winds to the Sails…

    The Whispered Curse makes their way to the West through the Ice Floes, artfully navigating past hazards and across the waters (although once, accidently clipping the side of a larger-than-thought iceberg from underneath). The Enemy Ships (a Galleon and a team of rafts, all gilded in gold), make a desperate last bid to make for your Ship, recklessly plunging through craft through ice and rocks: masochistically battering their own beautiful crafts in a bloodthirsty last bid to get within striking distance!

    But Arno and Urixes have put enough distance between the two groups, and their effort is a failure. However, it’s not fast enough to be fully out of danger: once the gold gilded pirates realize you’re nearly out of their grasp, their syrup-drenched malice turns to open curses and foul words. In the moments soon after, their cannons *FIRE*! (Whispered Curse- (AC 15)
    Geth roll 2d20+6 9-Pound Cannon#1 (Disadvantage)

    Geth roll 2d20+6 9-Pound Cannon#1 (Disadvantage)

    Geth roll 2d20+6 9-Pound Cannon#1 (Disadvantage)

    Your have escaped the (Undetermined Golden Pirates) out of the Ice Floes! The experience in the Mirror Rain has shaken some of your Crew. The following crewmates have contracted “Vertigo”, and will need a number of days to recover: Ril (will need a break from his Striker position), Rax (will need a break from his Rigger position), Rhu Rhu (will need to be below Deck for a while before returning to his Guide position), and Fiver (has spent enough time on break and drunk recently; can hammer boards below Deck or something, the lazy bugger)
    Geth roll 1d6 “Vertigo” Ril

    Geth roll 1d6 “Vertigo” Rax

    Geth roll 1d6 “Vertigo” Rhu Rhu

    Geth roll 1d6 “Vertigo” Fiver

    Torn from underneath by the icebergs, the HULL has sustained 2 damage! (Plus 1, for each Cannon that connected) Spooked badly by the sights and sounds of the professional, murderous Pirates Gang, your Crew has lost 2 MORALE!

    Off for a get-together this afternoon, but rolling for Day 36 now so I can think on it while I’m out. Should be an update later this evening; feel free to RP between each other until then!

    If you’re curious, “Vertigo” hit completely at random: there’s currently 35 crewmen, so I rolled a d35. Completely coincidental (and I thought kind of hilarious!) that nearly all of Rax’s Ravagers got sick. Please note, “Vertigo” could also have potentially struck any of you…but Jack and Arno’s Constitution Saves would’ve automatically made them personally immune, whereas Oak or Urixes would’ve gotten one more chance to shake the condition, or been hit with 1d6 days of: ½ Movement Speed, and Disadvantage on Dex Checks and Attacks

    And yes, I am very proud of my DISEASE table! Also eager for you guys to find this games version of a Gacha Box when you hopefully trigger a HIDDEN CACHE soon!

    Geth roll 3d20 Day 36 “Wind/Weather/Location”

    Geth roll 3d6 “Day’s Events”

    Day 36 Wind/Weather/Location:
    3d20 45 [3d20=19, 14, 12]
    Days Events:
    3d6 7 [3d6=2, 4, 1]
    9-Pound Cannon#1 (Disadvantage):
    2d20+6 34 [2d20=13, 15]
    9-Pound Cannon#1 (Disadvantage):
    2d20+6 34 [2d20=15, 13]
    9-Pound Cannon#1 (Disadvantage):
    2d20+6 23 [2d20=11, 6]
    Vertigo Ril:
    1d6 5 [1d6=5]
    Vertigo Rax:
    1d6 2 [1d6=2]
    Vertigo Rhu Rhu:
    1d6 4 [1d6=4]
    Vertigo Fiver:
    1d6 4 [1d6=4]

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    WHISPERED CURSE- DAY 36- No-Wind/Light Snow/Open Water
    The rain turns to snow overnight. Huddled Koa-toa along the Orlop Deck bunch together tightly in the chilly night air. The trio of Dwarves have decided to drink among the crewmates this evening in the Galley. Having hidden away from the day’s events, the three little men are cheery and upbeat, swapping stories with the crew. Their favorite tales are of flying though the Expanse on the Sun Prince’s ship, watching Volcanoes explode while floating safely above, and being served Mulled Wine by werewolves in longcoats.

    The next morning the dead air remains. The Ship coasts forward under its own momentum, but only slightly. “Was’ afraid of this,” Refi tuts to Arno up at the Ship’s Wheel, quietly cursing the elements as she rubs her hands together for warmth. “It’s the nature of the Expanse…weather tends to follow, one day to the next out here. Happens more often than it doesn’t.” Refi climbs up the railing, putting up a hand to shield her eyes as she stares out at the grey horizon. She turns back to Derbin and Arno, looking worried. “We’ve got me an’ the Edgar-boy to put the wind to ur’ sails, but that’s only get us so far. It keeps up like this, we’re not gonna make it to Chaff on schedule…and that might be a problem, way things have been…”

    Things are going similarly poorly down on the Main Deck, where Jack is nearly *CRACKED* in the head by a rope line swinging past from the Nest far above. Instead of giving Jack a concussion, the hook at the end of the line barely-misses, arcs up into the Main Sail, and catches along the fabric. Under the weight of the hook, the ropeline begins to tug back towards the deck, t-e-a-r-i-n-g along the sail’s seam as gravity drags it down…

    “No, nonononoNO!” cries Natali-Gravedigger, the Master Rigger throwing herself down the rope ladder in an effort to rush to the dropped hook. “I’m so sorry!” she bleats to Jack, clapping him on the shoulders as she runs past him. “I swear, that’s never happened before! It’s all because…”

    A familiar lizard gets to the caught hook before she does, reaching up and delicately linking it with his own before gently removing it from the sail. Rax the Ravishing gives the item back to Natali, the frill on his neck rising in pride. “Itsss becaussse you are ssshort *my* help. Which issss, underssstandable…I am quite amassing.”

    Rax!” Natali yells happily, reaching over and playfully slugging the Lizard in the arm. “But wait…I thought you got a bad case of the “Dizzies”…the doctor said…”

    “Yesss, well, it wassss za doctor who helped me. Hugo had ssssmelling ssssalts he wasss able to lend …haff nearly got back my sea legs, and mosssst of my head.”

    “Oh, Rax…I’m so glad to hear that!” Natali exclaims, clapping her hands together. But She hesitates. “Wait….”most”?”

    “Hrrm, yessss. Za vertigo isss gone, but Hugo sssaid I still sssussstained a minor concusssssion. Hit my head. Very. Hard.” At the final word, Rax catches Oak’s eyes across the Deck, the Rak’ta’s tongue *flicking* involuntarily as he glares at the hefty Barbarian.


    Puulp and his entire school of Koa Toa make their way up to the Main Deck around midday. They’re clearly worked up and excited about something. The Fish Priest loudly seeks out the location of Urixes from everyone standing nearby until Cardan finally points him towards the Stern of the ship. The old priest waddles quickly to the front of the craft to find the Tiefling.

    “Hello!”, the Koa toa throatily greets the Warlock. “We haff discussed my group departing your ship, once we had found signs of my people? That time has now come! If you will look to the horizon…that rock zere? An outpost of Koa toa, built as a safe stop nearby to za Grey Maw! We will leave you here, and wish you and your fleshies well-luck!” The fishman extends a slippery webbed hand once more to the Tiefling, looking every bit the proud, triumphant leader-of-his-people.


    The Whispered Curse pulls up alongside a small, stony hill, the only noticeable points of interest being two pine trees that now gather snow near the top of the rocky peak. The Koa toa gather into a tight-knit group near the Main Mast, trading a strange series of hand gestures and throat noises with Din-Lin and Yr-Us as some sort of farewell ritual.

    Puulp the Koa toa Priest approaches the Wild Bunch one last time, hissing a sincere thanks to each of you individually and passing a blessing with religious arm movements as he moves from one to the next. “May za Kraken watch over each of you! May your eggs hatch and crawl from za Dark Places! May za parasites of za Great Beyond come to live behind your eyes! May you eat many small fish, and feed a Great One with your death!”

    “Of course,” Puulp considers just as he pulls away, placing a pensive, beady head in a clammy palm. “….you have done much for us. Maybe, you would like to accompany za people down to our home? Zere are caves withi,n zat weave thru za structures, lacking water so your type may breathe za thin air. It iz but a simple Outpost, but I am sure they can provide…?” The Koa toa looks at each of you in turn, eyes unblinking. “…a place to rest? Maybe, something to eat?”

    The Whispered Curse has arrived at a Koa toa outpost, apparently carved into the rocks and caves beneath a spit on an isle. The Koa toa school will disembark here, save your three new hires. Puulp the Priest has invited the Wild Bunch all down to the Outpost in person: as he himself said, to maybe give you a place to stay, and something to eat. Do you join the seemingly nice, somewhat creepy fishman and his people, and head down to the caves below? Do you want to get a sense for the Priest’s intentions (Charisma Check (DC 15))? Do you want to look over the side of the Ship into the waters below, and see if you can get an idea of the “Outpost” from up here (Perception Check (DC 16)- Oak gets Advantage from “Mile Sight”, Urixes can get Advantage from nearby Fish-possessions)? Have you learned anything new about the fishmen since your encounter with them on Arnishian Rock, maybe from your fellow crewmates, or books, something that could help here (Intelligence Check (DC 13)?

    Two windless days have cost the Ship forward-progress

    Natali the Gravedigger’s misfortune with the ropeline has cost the Ship 1 HULL (24/50)

    Due to your fully-staffed Clinic, Rax has recovered *early* from his bout with Vertigo!

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: I have to say, I appreciate the running joke of shifters dunking on Rax ))

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Jack is still looking spooked from having a hook nearly taking his head off, "Oooh, a visit? I'd love to have a look!" He leans over the edge of the Curse, looking over the stone outpost, "Did you carve it right into the rock? Neat!"

    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Perception

    1d20+4 16 [1d20=12]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    Jack looks down into the water:


    The (rather large) outpost is beautifully sculpted, carved right into the rocks below. The stone is almost unnaturally smooth in places, as though it had been rubbed by a thousand years of tides. The waters around the area are strangely murky for out here on the Open Waters. Wildlife is scare to non-existent, and the ocean is filled with (very) recently churned sand and debris. The young shifter tries to find the source of the disturbance, glancing about the sea floor...

    ...there, near the bottom of the Koa toa structure...a gigantic hole, messily-carved out of the spongy rock, and big enough for, easily-EASILY, four wagons-strapped together to fit through. It looks like something, something absolutely massive, dug its way out from inside the underwater structure, and escaped out to the sea. Whatever it was is probably still out here right now, somewhere nearby. The thought *prickles* the hairs on the back of Jack's arms

    Suddenly, from within the giant-creature hole, Jack makes out familiar, fishy forms, watching him as he watches the ocean. Once they see Jack take note of them, these Koa toa all scatter back to their watery shadows, trying to hide before the "fleshie" can notice them. From the momentary glance Jack had, they didn't seem threatening: if anything, Jack got the impression of a property owner hiding from a knock at the door, trying to pretend that they weren't at home...


  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "Oh, koa-toa city, I've never seen one of those before. Any chance they have something we can use on the hull? Oh, is iron kelp a thing?"

    Geth roll 1d20+2 for charisma

    1d20+2 7 [1d20=5]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    OOC: would a plesiosaur be able to move the ship? Conjure animals can call one for an hour, if it could pull us would that put us closer on track?

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Urixes exchanges goodbyes with Puulp and his people, proud to have once again helped people find hope in the dangers of the Expanse. "We're already behind schedule, but perhaps that's all the more reason to rest here. If we have to wait until the weather changes, at least we could do that where there's food..."

    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Charisma Check
    Geth, roll 2d20k1 for Perception Check

    Charisma Check:
    1d20+4 14 [1d20=10]
    Perception Check:
    2d20k1 12 [2d20k1=[12], 3]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak is inspecting the sides of the ship as they pull into the Koa toa outpost, frowning at the damage they received going through the ice flows, making mental notes of all the places that need addressed once they got to Chaff, and what areas he might need to inspect sooner to make sure they didn't have a leak. He caught sight of Jack starting down into the water, which drew his attention as well.

    Geth, roll 2d20k1+3 for Perception

    2d20k1+3 22 [2d20k1=[19], 14]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    "Fancy joining me on a visit, Oak? This place looks neat, I wanna have a look." Ooooh, "You think Michael can make us sandwiches? You can't go explorin' without sandwiches." Indeed, what if you grew peckish?

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    "I'm guessin' the caves they want us to go into lead down there. Seems worth explorin' a little while we are here." he pauses for a moment, "Plus, bet the crew could use a rest after that chase. So won't be in a hurry to head off to Chaff just yet."

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited September 2021

    Arno tries to get a read on the fishman. Puulp stares right back at the Changeling, head lolling for one side to another. The Priest is eager, but inscrutable. His eyes have a strange hunger to them...

    The Koa toa nods his head effusively at Arno’s question. “Zis outpost is known for having leftovers wash up from travelers journeying to and from za Grey Maw. Odds are very good zere is *zumething* the Koa toa have which may help your journey!”

    It looks like a Plesiosaur could totally tug the Ship along, helping you guys keep better time on those days that are zero-wind (or worse yet, a strong, oppressive headwind). However, it would take SUPPLIES to build an appropriately sized-harness, and having the big-guy around would have other effects on events as well, some good and some bad (such as: lower level enemies might be scared off by the mere sight of the creature, but by that same token, friendlies might turn tail and run before you have a chance to convince them of your good intentions, etc. )

    ”Yiss! Yiss! Until za weather changes!” Puulp agrees wholeheartedly with Urixes. “My people would be *most* pleased to meet you all! Come, come!” The Koa toa beckons towards the single, indescript cave on the island. The Warlock isn’t sure, but he thinks he gets a good feeling from the inhuman Priest. It’s not a clean feeling, mind: the way in which the Koa toa stares at the Wild Bunch seems to fall somewhere directly between an insatiable hunger and a…well, romantic sort of lust? But at least, the Tiefling is *almost-fully* confident that these fishmen have no-interest in consuming your group or feeding you to Dark Gods (at least, for the present moment)

    Nearby, Oak takes a long, hard look down into the water as the Wild Bunch discusses joining the fish school down in their underwater Outpost. He sees everything that Jack had taken in: the devoid of life, dust-filled sea; the *massive* creature hole dug out from inside the bottom of the Koa toa structure; the Koa toa manning the Outpost, hiding warily from the peering eyes of your Ship, trying to avoid detection…

    The Barbarian notices other things underwater as well. The Koa toa structure must have suffered a good deal of recent internal damage, due to the eight or so currently-visible leaks siphoning water into the place. The giant-whatever-it-was spent some time trashing the interior of the Outpost, before finally, forcefully leaving for the ocean.

    And as to the waters below you…they’re dirt-filled, but not necessarily empty. Here and there, all along the ocean floor, are the scattered body parts of mutilated Whale Sharks. A severed fin, carelessly torn aside here…most of a head, strangely bloodless, over there…

    Oak takes a deep breath, and stares into the Open Oceans all around the Ship as far put as he can see, peering through the waters, looking for any other signs of life. There is very little to be found. Small fish occasionally *DART* between rocks near the sea floor, terrified, but for almost the *whole mile* around you, everything has gone to ground. All of the wildlife in this part of the ocean is in hiding right now…


    Fifty feet into the island’s cave, your group comes to a (once) beautifully carved stairway, clearly of an ancient Elven design. Periodic waters rushing in have sculpted the ancient ivory into something else entirely, and the stairway leading down is now covered in piercing coral, overrun with barnacles, and carved in all places untouched with strange, intricate, unreadable runes….

    The runes are a *living record* of the Koa toa tied to this particular place: a sort of “who’s who” of fishmen who gave their lives, ascending their kind towards a “Greater Purpose”. It includes the individual fish’s place of birth, lifelong journeys, surviving brood, and the cause their death ultimately went on to fulfill. Some spent their lives on minor things, like still-unheard of Gods, or calling storms to wreck Ships in order to feed their people. More than a few have given their lives for Ghaunadaur. Many of the ones who died in relation to this place were seeking “Blood”, for the “Egg”…

    Puulp and his fish school lead the way, guiding the Wild Bunch down the elaborately carved set of steps. The stairway seems to be the central hub of this Outpost, branching into a dozen different corridors off the main path as you all work your way underwater. The structure leaks freshly in half a dozen places: sometimes a simple drip, and sometimes a *ROARING*, overhead deluge which floods the steps and must be carefully avoided on the march down. The Koa toa contingent *chatter* amongst themselves before you all, obviously surprised at the state of the place (Urixes and Arno pick up a sense of steadily building awe and excitement amongst the fishmen, like they had accidentally just arrived in time for Christmas)


    Suddenly, from under the water spouts and beneath the shadows, Koa toa guards of the Garrison pop out, holding hand-carved javelins and *HISSING* at your group in consternation! Puulp *immediately* jumps to put himself between the newcomers and the Wild Bunch, gurgling and bubbling an explanation! (Urixes and Arno watch the fish men argue. The leader of the newcomers is confused, and feels betrayed that Puulp would bring….huh,…*just*, Jack and Oak here? Puulp churns out an explanation as quickly as possible, while insisting the guards put down their arms. “These are the good kind of shifters!”, he argues. “*Not* Prince’s Dogs, *Not* Wild-Kind: something different, and *potentially groundbreaking*!”)

    The Outpost guards babbles and smack their jaws together, debating disbelievingly amongst one another. The fishmen slowly, finally begin to put down their javelins, one by one. A lone fishman, Lin-Jal, approaches Puulp and beckons him to come closer. The priest and the fishguard share a hissed whisper for a quick moment, and the Priest begins to visibly tremor with excitement at the secret news. As Lin-Jal tells her men to stand down, Puulp turns back to the Wild Bunch with barely contained, religious ecstasy:

    “My friend, Urixes…Shifters and Changers…a blessid event has occurred! Zis place was built around a precious artifact…za lost Egg of a Kraken. It was once zought petrified and dead, zimply a treasure for Elves….but our people came here, built ze Outpost around it…and it haff *finally* been made *whole* again! Za little God climbed from its shell not two daze ago, and blessed za place wiff its prescence…before departing to za Ocean, to grow big und’ strong!

    “Zere is to be a great feast zis evening! The Koa toa will celebrate za birth of a new, infant God! Will you ‘und your crew join us?”


    The Wild Bunch has decided to take a stop at the Koa toa hideout, “PAG-SVENT MAW-JAB”. The Underwater Outpost is *mostly* flooded at the moment, due to the recent birth of a Kraken Hatchling from a Ritual Egg, long thought dead and dormant, built into the center of the Outpost’s base. The "tiny" baby Kraken now roams the waters nearby (hey, its probably a good thing you all stopped!)

    The Koa toa, in celebration of being blessed by this "Holy Event", are preparing a feast this evening! And you’re all invited! You may spend some time with the fishmen beforehand, wandering their (mostly submerged) Underwater Way Station, seeing if the Koa toa can assist at all with your Ship or journey. Dinner to follow!

    KOA TOA OUTPOST: YOU MAY EACH CHOOSE ONE “CHALLENGE”, AND CHOOSE TO PURSUE ONE “NEWS AND RUMORS” at the celebratory dinner to afterwards (Urixes and Puulp will have to stand in as “translators” for the strange, guttural speech of the Koa toa, although Arno likey understands a bit here and there):

    CHALLENGES-(Choose one, and roll for the associated Check)-

    -HULL- The Whispered Curse has been beaten all-to-hell. Can you explain to the fishmen what repairs the craft is in dire need of, and which parts of the Ship *not* to touch (Charisma Check or Intelligence Check)?

    -FOOD- Food has been going quickly aboard the Curse. This group of Koa toa looks well fed: but is the food they have palatable to the Crew? And would they even know their black-slime from a jellyfish if you asked them for it (Charisma Check)?

    -SHELTER-There’s a damn *Kraken* out there. You need to stop for the night for the well being of of the Ship and Crew…but can this simple rock *safely* hide the Whispered Curse? And is there anywhere safe for your Crew to disembark and sleep down here, without lying half in a puddle of water, or being watched by creepy, beady eyes (Charisma Check or Survival Check)?

    -SUPPLIES- Priest Puulp said all sorts of shipboard debris washes up down here. Can you describe to the fishmen the sort of material you’re looking for that might be helpful, or sniff out where it might be located yourself within this sunken place (Charisma Check or Intelligence Check)?

    NEWS AND RUMORS-(Choose One. BUT FIRST, roll a Constitution Save to keep down/enjoy the Koa toa feast (DC- 11). IF you succeed on your CON Save to keep down dinner, gain *Advantage* on the next Challenge roll)-- ((OOC: News and Rumors are your basic tavern-talk: Sit, listen, and learn of recent events in the Expanse, or pursue queries of your own. A good way to find new Quests, Jobs, or HIDDEN CACHE opportunities! Almost always a Charisma Check or similar, unless you already know the right words to say, have a name to drop, just the right questions to ask, or if you somehow stumble upon them organically)):

    - Learn about the Egg: a Kraken Hatchling was just birthed in this place! The Koa toa seem pretty thrilled about the situation! What exactly happened here? (Charisma Check or Nature Check)

    - This place clearly once belonged to Elves an age ago, before it fell underwater. What occurred, that it is now in possession of the Koa toa? And why did the Koa toa seem to be hiding scared from you all when you arrived? (Charisma Check or Intelligence Check)

    - Rumors have been *swirling* the past few days of events that happened one stormy night a few days back, along the precipice of the Grey Maw. What have these Koa toa heard of that fateful event? (Perception Check or Charisma Check)

    - There is talk of the movement of Fleets and Legendary craft in the waters these last few months, all moving with purpose around and about the Expanse. Do you try to take note of the names mentioned? (Charisma Check or Intelligence Check)

    - You have your own questions to pursue. Ask the Koa toa something of your recent experiences, and see if they have answers to share...(Charisma Check+ Relevant Ability or Skill)

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak crosses his arms as guards pop out to keep his hands away from his axe. They seem to be gesturing to him in some way, and he doesn't like that, but they have come as guests and he intends on respecting that so long as they behave as well. The situation resolves itself soon enough and they find themselves being brought inside to celebrate a Kraken being born. The Shifter isn't too sure how he should feel about that, but he also knows to keep himself from reacting as it seems that the Koa toa are ecstatic about it.

    So, they were brought inside as a feast is being prepared. Oak spares little time in getting Puulp's attention, inquiring to see if there was anyone who could help him fix up the ship. The hull needed repairs, and with the news of a Kraken in the waters now, the Shifter is reminded of the pressing need. Anything he could get from the Koa toa would likely be able to help them even a little bit.

    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Charisma HULL
    Geth, roll 1d20+6 for Con Save

    Charisma HULL:
    1d20+1 11 [1d20=10]
    Con Save:
    1d20+6 21 [1d20=15]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    OOC: why would anyone be bothered by a large flesh eating dinosaur pulling our boat?

    I'll take shelter and ask about the egg if I pass con save. I'm actually curious why they are excited by the kraken. It just broke their house and is likely to subjegate them later, not the biggest celebration event.

    Geth roll 1d20+7 for shelter/survival
    Geth roll 1d20+1 for constitution

    1d20+7 16 [1d20=9]
    1d20+1 12 [1d20=11]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    "wow, baby kraken, you all must be so proud. Did you get any pictures? They grow up so fast and then head off leaving an empty nest. Will it come back to visit you think?"

    Geth roll 1d20+2 for nature check.

    nature check:
    1d20+2 17 [1d20=15]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited September 2021
    Arno tries to follow along with the chatter of the ecstatic Koa toa. Its not their native tongue, of course, but they manage to get by well enough through body language. Communicating the basic concepts of “Ship, Sleep, Safe” and “People, Sleep, Safe”, the Changeling soon gets a steady stream of gurgling responses from the fishmen. Urixes, slowly and a bit shakily, is able to translate the odd verb Arno doesn’t understand from context.

    As your scaly new friends tell it, on the island above, there is a bigger-than-it-looks inlet, which is on the opposite side from the cave entrance, and could safely obscure the Ship from anyone not specifically aware of the location. You get word up to the Ship, and they’d have a safe place to park for the night; maybe even have some work done to the Hull…

    Even better, it sounds like there’s still some large, dry-space down within the Outpost as well; a room the Kraken’s *thrashing* missed! Arno follows the Koa toa down a long hall where the water runs waist deep, wading their way upwards until they finally reach what seems to have once been…a very large, multi-story Elvish prison. Cots sit behind unlocked steel bars, the sheets long ago dissolved and overgrown with algae. Its humid in here, and no high-end Inn: but it is also safe, a respite from endlessly rocking waves, and if you were to break what furniture remained around, you probably could get a good little bonfire going in here for the night (not too hot though: you don’t want to fill what breathable air there is *completely* with smoke)


    Digging into a strange-shaped mollusk smeared in unidentified gruel at dinner, Arno inquires as to how the proud new parents are doing. Puulp is practically *panting* at a chance to explain:

    “Za Egg has lain here for many-hundreds of years, dormant! It haff been fed on blood, and death, und’ ritual by our people, all ziss time, to no-avail!” The Priest looks down, as do his brethren, sadly at their meals: it has been a dark time for these people.

    Then Puulp pulls his head up, *snapping* his jaw happily. “But zen…if *ziss* Egg has awoken, hatched after a hundred years…zen za Gods listen once more to the Koh toa! Za curse of our people haff been *broken*!” A *CHEER* goes up from the table, a score of raspy fish-voices celebrating their liberation with bone tools scraping the soapstone.

    Puulp further explains to the Changeling, “When za Hatchling emerged, it swallowed up half za Koa toa of zis Outpost. It was, a last sacrifice…zose scalies breathed za *final life* into za Kraken, transfiguring zeir souls into One, and allowing the creature to be fully born! You zee,” the Priest explains patiently, describing his ancient-religion with a fresh love and genuine wonder, “Zey do not truly die…instead, zey are reborn, *gloriously*, as but One Aspect of a New God!” The Koa toa sitting nearby nod to one another knowingly, happily sharing their jealousy of those who have ascended…

    The Koa toa believe they feed and maintain the Circle of Life: they eat and maim and torture and sacrifice in the name of their dark creator “Gods”; their unshakeable belief and dark ritual creates the very “Gods” they worship (or so they believe); their now-summoned “Gods” (usually) destroy ½ to ¾ of the very-same Koa toa whose existence called them into being, “becoming” One with the New God; the survivors of this apocalyptic event, now completely-assured in their beliefs and heroes of their people, *thrive* and bring their story to other Koa toa, propagating the cycle…

    If you ever wish to increase RENOWN with the Koa toa people, one good method is to point/involve one or a group of them in the direction/schemes of a very large sea monster. Faith will typically do the rest!

    mrpaku on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    edited September 2021
    Jack is poking his nose into the various nooks and crevices as they're lead down, down, down, clearly impressed with the underwater structure, "I've been sailing the seas for a good while now, but I've never gone under them! Did you build this? How do you get the water out when you're finished?"

    His attention perks up when the talk of krakens comes up. Ooooh, those are classics sailor tales those are! Would be exciting to see one as a baby, that would make them less deadly, right? Right.

    Having already eaten his sandwich on the way down Jack is hungry once more and is pacing anxiously, waiting for dinner, "So this food, it's nice, yea? Think we could get some for the rest of our crew? I bet most of them have never had delicious Koa Toa cuisine before!"

    Geth, roll 1d20 for Charisma Check

    He falls upon dinner ravenously, barely caring about the taste, just wanting to feel full again.

    Geth, roll 1d20+7 for Costitution Save

    ((OOC: Somehow it's fitting that Jack is able to keep anything down ))

    Charisma Check:
    1d20 3 [1d20=3]
    Costitution Save:
    1d20+7 25 [1d20=18]

    Glal on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Geth, roll 2d20k1 for Challenge

    It takes a good while before he lifts his head out of his plate, temporarily sated and looks to Urixes to help with the translation.

    "So, um. This Prince people keep talk about, what's he all about then? I din't hear of him before we got here."

    2d20k1 14 [2d20k1=[14], 11]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
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    "Hmm, yes I see, how fortunate we are to arrive with such timing. Though, and please forgive me as this is a bit new to me, are you certain that blood and death were what the young god needed to be born? Again, I mean no offense, but if you provided sacrifice and ritual for hundreds of years, but it only now awakened, perhaps it was something else you did that finally broke the curse. Perhaps, making peace with our ship and bringing new strength to your school was what awoke it, and this is a new dawning of your gods will. The expanse is going through a period of great change, and perhaps the gods themselves are changing, and this new Kraken is a sign that working with surface folk may be the way going forward. But of course, it is just a thought I had, and I hope you don't mind me speaking my ignorance aloud."

    Geth roll 1d20+5 for persuasion that murder and torture bad?

    OOC Hoping to nudge them a bit toward less evil? This seems to be a big event and change, and I'm not trying to get them to start a whole new religion, but perhaps interpret it a bit different so we don't have to start tugging our collars in the future? Would hate for them to think we are all buds and start inviting us to their slave killing rituals.

    persuasion that murder and torture bad?:
    1d20+5 14 [1d20=9]

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    Oak sits at a table, taking a bite out of something he isn't sure he can describe, either in appearance or flavor. Still, as long as he has been on the open waters, it wasn't the strangest thing he had eaten. Once when they were stuck in the middle of the sea with no winds for a week, someone pulled up something very slimy with far too many appendages that tasted like rubbber. He had eaten that without complaining and he was going to do the same here.

    He did take the opportunity to try and gather information, though. It seemed like this dinner had out the Koa toa in a sharing mood, and he hoped to capitalize on that.

    "I heard stories 'bout the Grey Maw recently, some strange event. Wonderin' if you folk had seen or heard nothin' about that."

    Geth, roll 2d20k1+1 for Cha

    2d20k1+1 19 [2d20k1=[18], 9]

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    The Koa toa burble delightedly at Jack’s questioning. Puulp speaks up with pride, “Za Koa toa people are experts at aquatic architecture! We haff secret methods to drain and funnel water, za type which would make a dwarf eat hiss own beard!” The Koa toa nod to one another conspiratorially, keeping their construction secrets to themselves for the time being.

    Talk of “food for the crew” seems to confuse the creatures for some reason. For a couple minutes, Puulp and several of the fishmen seem to get into an argument, although Jack can’t quite make out about what. Finally, they reach some sort of consensus, and Puulp turns back towards the young shifter. “Yiss! Sustenance, for your people! Our fishmongers cultivate a special roe, which keeps for a good long while, and under medium-heat turns into a delicious sauce!...”

    Jack has (eventually) managed to convince the Koa toa to part with 1 unit of FOOD!
    …but, maybe not everyone has Jack’s lead-belly Constitution. Rolling a 1d6: on a 1, 1d3 members of the crew will fall ill with “Food Poisoning”

    Geth roll 1d6

    Geth roll 1d3

    Jack mentioning “The Sun Prince’s Dogs” has changed the nature of this conversation!

    The Koh toa become silent at talk of the Sun Prince. Once more, Lin-Jal and Puulp begin to bicker, arguing over bringing these particular guests into the Outpost. Finally, Puulp dismisses the fishgirl’s concerns, and attempts to explain to Jack:

    “The Sun Prince is a Captain of his own…of sorts. He “sails” za skies of za Expanse in his Glass Sun-Ship, “Elysium”. And his business is…well, business. Trade routes, getting ports in working order, cornering goods markets, hiring and moving labor, buying up property…”

    The last izz actually the reason my people were hiding out below, trying to stay out of sight of the Curse. You see, the Sun Prince owns *this property* as well. Za Koh tao were informed of ziss some years back, when an envoy was sent down from Elysium to inform us of za sale. Apparently, the last remaining rights belonged to an Elven heir who had lost them to an Orc in a game of cards; who had transferred them to his wife after his death; who had been forced into selling them to maintain the blacksmith’s shop her husband’s death had left unable to turn a profit without a smithy…it was all, very complicated. We obviously knew none of it until zey explained it to us.”

    “In any case, we haff since been “renting” from za Sun Prince to live here. But…lately, we haff fallen behind on making payments. Urixes, *that* is why I haff been so eager to get our hands on gold, and why the location of za treasure you haff shared izz za first thing my people will pursue come tomorrow morning. I hope, now, you understand why… So, when za people saw Jack and Oak peer over, zey assumed the Sun Prince’s Shifters had come to collect early. Zey… would hound us without payment, harass the waters for miles around…or worse, attempt to claim the Kraken’s Egg as some sort of “deal” to pay zem for za privelege. Zat we could not abide!”

    Jack, it sounds like the Koa toa are being taken advantage of by the Sun Prince’s emissaries: through a lot of legal-mumbo-jumbo, obscure threats, and some fancy lies about “property rights”. A child could probably convince them that the Sun Prince’s legal writs and ownership assumptions aren’t worth the papers they’re printed on- but can Jack? Charisma Check (DC-12), on a success, you convince the Koa toa that the Sun Prince doesn’t own *SHIT*, and the fishmen will reward you with the goods they’ve been hoarding towards their rent payment…

    …they are confused by your strange philosophy and logic, Puulp the Priest most especially. He asks Arno to repeat themselves again. And again. Once more, please.

    The Koa toa listen raptly, as the Changeling puts forth alternate explanations for the Kraken hatching. The response is…conflicted, to say the least. Puulp tries to translate what Arno has described into their speech, but hands keep jerking up to interrupt, demanding clarification. The Priest tries to explain, describing what he thinks the Changeling means, or is trying to say…but each new explanation just leads to more questions, and an increasingly frustrated and confused gathering of Koa toa.

    Arno can’t quite make out the specifics, but they get the general gist of what is going on: there are two distinct “schools” of thought happening between the Koa toa here. One of them *does not* understand what Arno is saying at all, and can’t seem to even grasp the concept they’re trying to put forth. Gods…changing? What? No no…surely, a much simpler solution is that the Gods simply chose not to eat your Ship so that the Koa toa could arrive here to bear witness, nothing more. Probably, you are simply a morsel saved for a later date, having now served your purpose in the greater Circle. Yes, yes, that must be it! The Gods work in mysterious ways, after all…

    But the other half of the group, the ones that keep interrupting to question, look pensive and disturbed by all of this. Something about what Arno has suggested here has planted a niggling seed of doubt among them, which Puulp’s insistent assurances don’t seem to be assuaging.

    Finally, exasperated, Puulp turns from his school back to Arno, trying desperately to change the subject. “You had spoke of za Egg…do you wish to see it up close?

    Arno, the ideas you put forth here today will generate a “Progressive School of Thought” amongst this group of Koa toa, which may spread with time. Did you just spark the embers of a revolution? Or set the wheels of something *horrible* in motion? Maybe, both?

    In addition, Puulp the Priest will descend with Arno and Arno alone to take in the rare, beautiful sight of the Broken Kraken’s egg. Will you gaze upon the artifact in rapt awe, pondering on its significance to the Kuo-toa people (Wisdom Check (DC-13) to gain RENOWN with the Kuo-toa people)? Or…do you try to snag a single, small piece of the priceless artifact, while Puulp is distracted in prayer (Sleight of Hand (DC-12) to gain an ARCHAEOLOGY FIND)?

    Word reached here fast, as gossip often does. The Kuo-toa have heard *all about* what happened that night at the Grey Maw. As the fishmen jabber the story over the top of one another, Puulp tries to translate along as quickly and accurately as he can:

    “From what the tales they haff heard, za Sun Prince is said to be cleaning up his competition around za Expanse; consolidating his enemies. Last month, he killed all the members of za Trader’s Union, cutting off hiss only competition in labor. They haff said just last week he openly attacked a Supply Ship of za Queen’s Army, an open declaration of war between za two biggest factions on za sea. And now, apparently,” The Priest looks over at Oak, with some concern and trepidation. ”…it sounds as zo he has taken credit for za Witch’s fall at za Grey Maw!”

    “The story that has been told is, za Sun Prince arranged a meeting with the She-Witch Faye and Iquim the Watcher both at za heights of za Grey Maw. You see, Faye and Iquim are…were… the Keepers of “The Teeth”; the Isles which sit at the very center of the Expanse.”

    “Once zere, zey say, the Sun Prince sent out an ambush of shock troops to greet zem. And zen, a great battle ensued! At za Prince’s side, a flock of Black Dragons, spraying magical breathe…a Storm Giant, throwing lightning bolts…a Small, Cursed Child, who shot full-sized fire elementals from a magical pistol. Za story goes, za Witch was *finally* thrown to za ground, and a Shifter they have dubbed “Oso del Trueno”, who was eleven feet tall, with teeth of red metal, *BIT* Faye’s head cleanly-off. And, at za zame time, the Sun Prince’s top lieutenant POLYMORPHED into a Purple Worm to kill Iquim, destroying the Grey Maw is za process!”

    Puulp the Priest seems to be close to giggling, or whatever the fishy version of giggling would be. At a loss, the Kuo-toa turns back to Oak, and simply shurgs. “It is, za way of rumor, I am afraid. Za Sun Prince has many eyes and ears, not to mention mouths, around za Expanse. It does make sense, he would attempt to profit off the situation…”

    Oak, please place an item in your Inventory called “Oso del Trueno”. The next time Oak finds himself wanting to make a strong impression, and/or earn some *immediate* RENOWN with a new group, produce Faye’s head, while letting them know that you are “Oso del Trueno”. You only get to dramatically out yourself as Faye’s famed-killer once, and when everyone knows who you are, a *target* may appear on your back with certain sets of people. *Choose wisely!*

    Also…though jumbled, that story was *eerily* accurate in places, wasn’t it? A little…*too* accurate? (Wisdom Check to put the pieces together)

    1d6 6 [1d6=6]
    1d3 3 [1d3=3]

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    "Before today I didn't know I would ever see such a sight, but now I can't think of anything I want more. Yes, can we please go see the Kraken egg? I'll just take a bit of this to go before Jack scarfs it all down."

    Arno looks upon the shell, a force of the sea that echoes through legend.

    Geth roll 1d20+4 wisdom check

    wisdom check:
    1d20+4 5 [1d20=1]

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    Arno looks upon the egg in rapt awe. Unfortunately, it is not quite awe.

    "Oh look at the size!"

    "Do you smell that, I wasn't expecting that, like a really good cheese, or a bad meat..."

    "Can I touch it? It is part of a god and I know it is super important, but I really want to touch it, so that's why I asked instead of just doing it, but can I touch it?"

    OOC Arno does have surprising insights, but is not gaining renown this day.

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    Geth, roll 1d20 for Wis

    1d20 10 [1d20=10]

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